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The Daily News Does Their Annual Spanking of Quinn and the Councilmembers that Pocket Lulus

  What About Quinn's Tool Box

We do not understand why the news breaks up all the tools that Quinn uses to control and payoff councilmembers. Including: Member items (remember Seabrook and the slush fund), redistricting (almost all incumbents who can run got good districts, Quinn made other deals with political leaders all over the city).

Quinn’s funny money(NYDN) About half of the City Council’s 51 members say they disagree with Speaker Christine Quinn’s blatantly wrong practice of giving cash bonuses, called lulus, to favored members. The lulus, in theory assigned for committee chairmanships and the like, range from the yearly $28,500 Quinn pockets down to $4,000. That’s over and above the very healthy $112,500 the pols earn in salary for their part-time positions.

Closing Subway Entrances?

Subway ‘shut’ threat(NYP)  It may soon take more than a MetroCard to get into some overcrowded subway stations. The MTA has told community leaders in Midtown Manhattan that it could one day be forced to follow London’s policy of shutting subway entrances for short periods to ensure safety if it can’t secure funding to improve passenger flow at the most congested stations.

How Mayors Are Made

Tragedies Have Been Very Important in the Election of New York's Last Three Mayors
The Making of Mayors
Koch used the 1977 blackout and looting that followed. He campaigned demanding that Looters be put in jail.  In 1993 Giuliani used the Crown Heights Riots and the high crime rate to defeat Dinkins.  In 2001 New York voters elected unknown Bloomberg against very liberal Greeen after the WTC attack.

Political Corruption

Elected Officials and Their Friends Hours After the Member Item Checks Arrive

Huntley and Cook Go Shopping On Our Dime
Two local Dems tax-$$ embezzlement ‘shopping spree’ (NYP) New York state Assemblywoman Vivian Cook allegedly funneled thousands of dollars in public money to a corrupt fellow legislator — and was then rewarded with lavish shopping trips underwritten by taxpayer funds 

Silence In Albany About Reforms To Stop the Stealing
“I have an agreement with a member of the New York state Assembly,” Huntley told a judge. “This person ensured that state funds would be directed to PIN for what is known as ‘member items,’ ” Huntley explained. “Once PIN received the state funds, I alerted this person, and together we used PIN’s funds for personal shopping.” Although her name was not mentioned in court, Cook has been identified as the state Assembly member who earmarked the tax dollars for Huntley’s private organization, according to several sources.*  Shirley Huntley's theft of taxpayer money shows everything that's wrong with Albany(NYDN)  Former state senator scammed $87,700 through a bogus nonprofit

Real Victims Blame Huntley and Cook for Another Reason Schools Fail
The government money that Cook and Huntley was supposed to underwrite the nonprofit, which promised to provide information and hold workshops on leadership and parenting skills for public-school parents.Isn’t giving a voice to parents, and all constituents, precisely the job of elected officials like Huntley?

Both Huntley’s and Cook’s alleged activities were uncovered by a team of FBI agents and prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn that is probing political corruption in southeastern Queens. Among others already ensnared in that probe are Jimmy Meng, a former New York state assemblyman from Flushing who pleaded guilty in November to soliciting bribes. Edul Ahmad, a Queens businessman who loaned $40,000 to the embattled Rep. Gregory Meeks, pleaded guilty in October and is awaiting sentencing for a $50 million mortgage-fraud scheme.

NYP Looks At the Pols Non Profit Rip Off Game
NY’s profitable ‘Nonprofits’(NYP Ed)Former Bronx City Councilman Larry Seabrook, recall, was convicted last year in a similar scheme with nonprofits he controlled. He was sentenced to five years in prison last month. Huntley and Seabrook are out-and-out crooks; the UMEZ racket, by contrast, is perfectly legal. But they have something troubling in common: They all use “nonprofits” to steer bundles of taxpayer cash to government-selected recipients — without taxpayers seeing much gain for themselves.

Mental Health Of Liu's Bundler Delays Trial
Judge Postpones Trial Tied to Liu Fundraising(WSJ) A trial involving allegations of donor fraud in city Comptroller John Liu's campaign was postponed Friday because one of the defendants, a fundraiser, is suffering from an undisclosed medical condition. Judge cited a report he just received regarding Mr. Pan's "mental-health condition."* Conspiracy Trial For Two Former Liu Aides To Be Delayed (NY1)

Rangel Forget to Report Income to the House Again
Rangel bares new me$$(NYP)  “My accountant discovered that my spouse had invested in a fixed annuity contract in 2002,” Rangel explained in a letter to Karen L. Haas, clerk of the House of Representatives.

Board of Election Crisis

BOE in Crisis Were is the Media Again?
True News Told You On July 16th that the City Council Controls the Appointment of  BOE Commissioner. City Council Eric Ulrich checked on the rules and found the council and BOE were not following the state law on the appointments of commissioners.  Now Quinn, the Board and City Council are in a panic on what to do.  The media as always is protecting the BOE and Quinn.So far this year they allowed votes that were not complete for certified to be cast in the electoral college voting process. The media also ignored the fact that Manhattan elected officials were serving in office before their votes were certified.  Brewer Who Threw Her Council Investigation of the BOE Mishandling of Last Years General Elections is Also Silent of the BOE City Council New Commissioner Scandal.

 Last week True News reported that City Council Eric Ulrich used the boards illegal appoints to get revenge on county leader Philip Ragusa by knocking out BOE commissioner Judith Stupp. Now Ulrich and other have become aware that most commissioner were illegally apointed by the BOE.  Now there is lost of confusion on how to appoint them legally.  The question is will the council use this opportunity To reform the BOE to stop the corruption there?
More on the Panic Over the Council Illegal Appointed Commissioners

Campaign 2013

Quinn the Acting Koch
Koch personality was in his DNAHe was realy you nutty uncle.  Quinn is trying to Kochlike through her consultants, acting teachers and big daddy Bloomberg.  New Yorkers witness Quinn's real presonality when she served as the mayor's puppet during her years as speaker. There is no candidate among the current crop of mayoral contenders who obviously fits that description of "Larger than Life". But Christine Quinn seemed to make a bid for it this week, beginning with that memorable New York cover, followed by her actually very sporting reaction to what a more self-serious or attention-hungry candidate might have blown into a very stupid controversy.

Groundhoggin’ the spotlight (NYP) She’s already acting like her honor! In Mayor Bloomberg’s absence, Council Speaker Christine Quinn — who hopes to succeed him at City Hall — performed Groundhog Day duties on Staten Island yesterday.

NY Magazine Like the NYT is Pushing Quinn
Chris Smith says other #2013 contenders need to pick up labor endorsements quickly.(NY Mag)

Bloomberg Has His Candidate Who Will Be Cuomo's?
Chris Christie tried to use Andrew Cuomo's reputation for prickliness to get big Sandy aid package from President Obama

Leroy's rolling in it(Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger:City Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans), chairman of the Council’s powerful Land Use Committee, has drawn some interest from real estate industry donors in his campaign for borough president. Comrie’s financial disclosure for the race was filed nine days late with the City Campaign Finance Board, due to what the councilman said was a technical difficulty. The results now show he received about 17 percent of his donations from the real estate sector, the second-highest percentage of candidates in the race. The borough president has an advisory role in zoning, variance and land use applications in the borough.


He Did It His Way . . . New York, New York
Mayor who saved NYC(NYP Ed)  * Ed Koch, 1924-2013(NYP Ed)
* The King of New York(NYT) By JIM SLEEPER Even when wrong, Edward Koch was brave and earnest in ways I didn’t at first comprehend.* Edward I. Koch in His Own Words(NYT OpEd) * His Honor, Mr. Koch(NYT Ed) * A Man of Certitude and Joy(NYT) * Bill Clinton to speak at Koch funeral

Iconic Mayor Koch dies of heart disease at 88(NYP) * He made us whole(NYP) * Political pals & old rivals share their memories of city’s champ * Beacon in Big Apple’s dark days(NYP) * Personality as big as the Apple he served – & saved(NYP) * AL D’AMATO: ‘He was loyal to his family, his friends, and his causes’(NYP) * 3-Term Mayor as Brash, Shrewd and Colorful as the City He Led(NYT) * In New York, Echoes of a Talkative Mayor(NYT) * At the Movie Theater, Paying Tribute to a Mayor(NYT) * Tales From the Pressroom About a Man Who Relished Publicity(NYP) * Feisty Mayor Ed Koch Dies(WSJ) * City Turned Under Koch Leadership(WSJ) * 'How'm I Doing?' 10 Memorable Koch Quotes(WSJ) *   Bloomberg Remembers Koch as 'Quintessential' Mayor(WSJ) * Ed Koch was one mensch of a great mayor(NYP) * Mr. Mayor: Ed Koch, Resurrecting the City(Video)* Koch: The last word (Fox 5)

MAYOR FOR LIFE: In so many ways, long after his three terms of service to New York City, Ed Koch was like the city itself *Mayor and Movie Critic (WSJ)Koch's apartment was an escape from politics(NYDN) * Koch pal Myerson a constant by his side(NYDN)* ED Koch: Mayor for Life(NYDN) * Ed Koch Documentary Opens In Theaters On Same Day As His (WCBS) * Koch Remembered For Speaking His Mind And Rocking The Political (WSJ) * Mayor Koch’s Friends: What You Saw Was What You Got(WCBS) 

Ed Koch's New York in Film(Atlantic)
From The Warriors to Wall Street and No Wave to new money, the film-buff mayor oversaw a city transformed.
 'Koch' documentary opens on day of Koch's death(WABC) * 7 Things to know: Ed Koch famous lines(WABC)* Rest in peace, Ed Koch -- mayor made an indelible impression (SI Advance) 

Most Happy Koch (Vanity Fair) Iconic New York mayor Ed Koch died today. Read his Proust Questionnaire from last month's Vanity Fair, and learn when the perpetually smiling gadabout was happiest in his life. * Ed Koch: The Mayor of Media(NBC)* Mayor Koch Appeared In Numerous Movies, TV Shows(NY1) * NYer Of The Week: Mayor Ed Koch Spent A Lifetime Fighting (NY1) * Wayne Barrett on Ed Koch  * "Mr. New York" Ed Koch, 1924–2013(City Journal) * A Liberal Sane Enought to Say "Nuts"(NYP) * How Ed Koch Betrayed NYC's Middle Class(Gotham Gazette) * Mickey Carroll recalls ’12 peppy years’ with Koch (TU) * Bloomberg To Give Eulogy At Koch's Funeral(NY1)   * REAL FRIEND TO THE VERY END: The former mayor's last days were filled with family, pals, and a film called 'Koch'(NYDN) * Ed Koch +  (Wayne Barrett, City Limits) Over his 22 years of post-mayoral life, Ed Koch proved he could transcend not only an electoral loss but a moral mistake, and rise, like his city, to a brighter morning.* Greenwich Village Locals Remember Their Former Neighbor, Former Mayor Koch(NY1) * The Rise And Fall — And Rise! — Of Edward I. Koch(Wayne Barrett)

Koch's Last Interview About A Message to Obama About Israel

"I Admire Your Legacy Mr. Mayor" Bloomberg
Hizzoner infuriated friends & foes alike (NYP) “If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, you should vote for me,” Ed Koch liked to say.  “If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues,” he’d add, “you should see a psychiatrist.”

NYC Needs A Koch Museum . . . He Was As Important to the City As Most Former Presidents to the Nation
Manhattan or bust(NYP) ‘Outer burial’ was always a no-go for Ed * Koch’s epitaph: ‘My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, (NYDN)
Pricking mario (NYP) Former Mayor Ed Koch gets the last word — even in death!
Gay? Nay? Who’s to say (NYP) Famously outspoken, Ed Koch was never at a loss for words — except when it came to his personal life. Long rumored to be gay, Koch insisted his sex life was nobody’s business and for decades shut down prying queries with a withering “F--k off.” ...
A man of ‘the people’ (NYP) For more than three decades, Ed Koch was a ubiquitous pop-culture presence, appearing..* Best Ed Koch quotes(NYP) * Playboy Q&A killed gov bid . . . and prez run, too(NYP) * Village treasures ‘spirit of New York’(NYP)
1.07% Led Koch to Become the City's Mayor in 1977
New York City Democratic Mayoral Primary, September 8, 1977
Party Candidate Votes % ±%

Democratic Edward I. Koch 180,248 19.81

Democratic Mario Cuomo 170,488 18.74

Democratic Abraham D. Beame 163,610 17.98

Democratic Bella Abzug 150,719 16.56

Democratic Percy Sutton 131,197 14.42

Democratic Herman Badillo 99,808 10.97

Democratic Joel Harnett 13,927 1.53
Majority 9,760 1.07


Labor Board Refuses to Halt Strike by School Bus Drivers(NYT)* Labor Board Backs Strike By Drivers(WSJ) * Labor Officials Refuse To Force End To Two-Week-Old City (WCBS)

Baruch tax-test cheat scandal (NYP) Another day, another cheating scandal at Baruch College.  The CUNY school last week shut down a tax-preparation program for accounting students after The Post inquired about the possible sale of answers to a recent certification test.

Plan B handouts to students have skyrocketed in NYC's secret birth-control project(NYP)____________________________________________________________________________________

NYCHA boss: We don’t need any more oversight(NYDN)

Sandy Update

Gov. Christie took big $hot at Gov. Andy for more Sandy aid(NYP)* Sandy Family at Risk of Eviction Over Pet Rules(SI Advcance) * A charitable foundation says it is launching a mold cleanup program in flood-damaged neighborhoods on Staten Island.  * Three Disaster Recovery Centers To Close Saturday  * City Seeks Owners of Sandy-Damaged SI Houses: The city is trying to locate owners of three condemned Stat.. *Breezy Point Man And Superstorm Hero Will Experience The Big Game Up-Close (WCBS)* Parts of Liberty State Park reopen after Sandy cleanup(Fox 5)* City Seeks Owners of Sandy-Damaged SI Houses(NBC) * .nytimes photographing Irish Minister of State touring burnt out Breezy Point neighborhood.

NYC Government

Water main break floods 23rd Street subway station, shuts down local businesses(NYP) * Water Main Floods Subway(WSJ)

Postal Service Considers Sale of Bronx General Post Office(NYT)

Health Care

St. Luke’s Hospital quietly shut down pediatric unit during Hurricane Sandy(NYP)


Cuomo plans non-Indian casino in falls - City & Region - The Buffalo News

NYC Foreclosures Up

NY’s AG gets $1.9M as foreclosures rise (NYP) While foreclosures nationally fell 3 percent last year, New York City filings climbed 19 percent, or 13,116 properties, according to a new report. The outer boroughs were the hardest hit, with Queens seeing a 164 percent rise year-over-year and... 


FDNY boss warns rank-and-file not to 'retaliate' against court-ordered minority hires(NYP)

Brooklyn College Hate Speech

Boycott this(NYDN) Not one of the 17 professors in Brooklyn College’s political science department will step forward to explain how and why their group came to co-sponsor an event whose themes are likely to verge on anti-Semitism. How’s that for the courage of their convictions?

Grand Central At 100

Grand Central Centennial: Sam Roberts Details How A Train Station Changed America (PHOTOS)

Grand Central Terminal At 100: Legal Battle Nearly Led To Station's Demolition Fifty years after first opening, Grand Central Terminal earned landmark status. The designation should have ensured its prosperity and longevity, but in 1970s it came dangerously close to being leveled. NY1's Jon Weinstein describes the protracted battle over the terminal's fate that lead all the way to the Supreme Court.  *Grand Central Terminal turns 100 years old(NYP)* Celebrating Grand Central, Then and Now(NYT) * At Grand Central, a Century of Connections(WSJ) * Video: Digging for Grand Central's Future(WSJ) * Time-Lapse: Terminal in Motion (WSJ) * Photos: Century of Grandeur(WSJ) * At Grand Central, a Century of Connections(WSJ) * Grand Central Terminal At 100: Koch Remembered As Grand (NBC) * Grand Central Terminal At 100: Terminal's Lost And Found One Of The World's Most Efficient

FILTY AND FURY: Homeless return to debase Grand Central Terminal(NYP)

Darts and laurels

For Bring Up the Corrupt Independence Party To Carrion
Laurel to Errol Lewis for Asking Errol Louis asked former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion if he thinks that anyone running on the Independence Party line is a party to a fraud.  Louis cited a recent Daily News investigation which showed that 169 of the 200 voters contracted though they were unaffiliated and not part of a political party.

Carrion did not answer the question at all.  First he cited that even Rupert Murdoch was fool by the true nature of the independence party.  Then the mayoral candidate then when into how the party has grown and made a difference in three elections (Bloomberg who paid for his Independence Party Line). Carrion continued that almost 40% of the voters in the nation are now independence because they are tired of old labels.

Lewis then asked Carrion if he thinks voters who though they were unaffiliated are now part of a political party that might anointed you as their candidate, which chiefly has bypassing democracy in all kinds of ways
Carrion answered that the same party has also help Schumer, Gillibrand, Pataki and Marty Connors. He said candidates seek that party line because there is a growing share of voters that say yes I feel contable for voting as and Independent for the candidate and the ideas. That is encouraging the candidate said given the cynicism that exists in our city politics

True News Awards the Patty Hearst Stockholm syndrome Award to An Article in City and State about Hipsters Losing Power to the Orthodox Jews
A Dart to an article this week in City and State title RosaParks And Redistricting In Williamsburg by Alexis Grenell that blames the Orthodox Jews for blocking the hipsters of Williamsburg from willing a council seat and talking over the world.  Beside the premise of her charges being totally wrong, comparing a bunch of rich kids (check out the rent in Williamsburg), who want power now to a saintly woman Ms. Parks who put her life in danger and worked her who life for civil rights is sick.  The writer Grenell who is a political consultant  has like Patty Hearst invented the fact that the Orthodox Jews put themselves into the 33rd Council District to protect the man who has really block her friends political future. 

The Hipsters of Williamsburg future has been kidnapped by Speaker Quinn who controls redistricitng and her partner Brooklyn Boss Frank Seddio who many of the Hipsters and those who used to be known as reformers have developed a close relationship with abandoning most of what the Brooklyn reform movement stood for.  This Hipster friendship with Seddio who is rolling them for suckers, has not only lead to them losing a district leader position (Vito did that redistricting), a shot at picking up a council seat, but is also threatening to destroy a 40 year old Brooklyn reform movement that brought many qualified people into elective office and to judgeship's.  There are lots of signs that Seddio is working closely with Lopez.  Moving Lopez's house into a district he is looking to escape Albany from is the most obvious example how the two are still working together. There are many more unreform moves that both of them are making against the people of Brooklyn.  Before you throw stones at the Jews blame yourself Ms. Grenell for being out played by you pal Boss Seddio and his pal Lopez.  Also blame City and State for publishing your incorrect article. 

Coney Island

From carnies to condos — the story of the new Coney Island(Brooklyn Paper) Five years ago, documentary filmmaker Amy Nicholson turned her lens on an old-school Coney Island carny and his crazy revolving attraction on the W. 12th Street shoreline. The result was “Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride,” a fascinating look at politics, profit, and power in the People’s Playground.(Brooklyn Paper)

Groundhog Day

Staten Island Chuck Predicts That Winter Is Nearing Its End (NY1)
Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring
The heck with Staten Island Chuck. Meet the REAL Groundhogs of New York City.(NYT)
Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck Agree Spring's Coming Early This Year(NY Mag)


Sunday Update
Top G.O.P. Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races(NYT)
White House Offers Evidence of Presidential Hobby(NYT)
Nice work, madam secretary(NYDN)
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* Compromise Set On Contraception(WSJ)
Behind the Scenes, Clinton as a Dogged Diplomat(NYT)
Harry Reid 'confident' Sen. Menendez 'did nothing wrong'(NYP)

First Pull-Ups, Then Combat, Marines Say(NYT) The announcement ending the ban on women in combat only sped up a re-examination of fitness standards in the Marines Corps and other branches of the military.

Kerrey, in Reversal, Decides to Quit Job at New School(NYT)

Sam Harris Sparks Epic Gun Debate With Bill Maher And Cory Booker: ‘Gun Nuts Have Many Good Points’

Capus crusade over (NYP) Longtime NBC News chief Steve Capus is stepping down six months after a restructuring undercut his power and strengthened that of his new boss, Patricia Fili-Krushel.

Ex-NBC chief shaking up CNN(NYP)

WATCH: The best of this week's late-night TV(Politico)

Bill Maher explains why Sarah Palin leaving Fox News is actually bad news for the left (Huff Post)
Law and Order

Suspect in mugging spree against Asians held on bond(NYP)
Suspect In String Of Violent East Harlem Robberies Arra(NBC)

Teen Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Allegedly Pushing Child Off Bronx Roof (NY1)
: Bronx Youth Accused of Throwing Boy, 9, From Roof (NYT) * Child on life support after five-floor plunge; teen charged with hurling tot from ledge(NYP)

Teen Charged With Throwing 9-Year-Old Boy Off Roof In The (WCBS)] * Teenager charged with throwing boy off Bronx building(WABC) * Teen Charged With Throwing Bronx Boy, 9, Off Roof: Poli (NBC) 

Bronx boy, 9, clings to life after being tossed off roof by 17-year-old neighbor, police say(NYP)

Teens sought in smart phone grab(nyp) 
Teen-shoot cop warned he’d blast granny, too: suit(NYP) The NYPD officer who gunned down an unarmed Bronx teen last year also threatened to shoot the boy’s grandmother, a lawsuit filed yesterday charges.

Father Guilty of Manslaughter in Shaken-Baby Case(NYP)

NY cop dies of heart attack during ‘buy and bust(NYDN) * NYPD Sergeant Dies Of Heart Attack While On Duty(NBC)
 Police hunting for suspect in Brooklyn rape 

Police shoot armed suspect on Staten Island(NYP)
Brooklyn Rapist At Large(NY1)
Sicko allegedly raped woman in B'klyn alley and stole phone so she couldn't call for help(NYP)
Police Release Photo Of Suspect In Manhattan Laundromat Robbery(NY1)
Pct. protest over cuff kid(NYP)* Vigil, Rally To Mark Anniversary Of Bronx Teen's Shooting Death(NY1)
* Vigil, Rally Mark Annivers(NYDN) * Rally to honor teenager shot by NYPD officer(WABC)

 Mob rat gets the cheese – no jail(NYDN)