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If the Mayoral Candidates Are Not Stopped By Real Journalists From Their Serial Promises and Cluelessness In Understand Budget Limitations NYC Will Become the New Greece

NYC Gets Greek Love From the Mayoral Candidates

So far in this early campaign season we have mayoral candidates that will promise anything to get elected attending debates in where their comments go unchecked.  All your getting so far is a bunch of promises that even Harry Houdini would not even have the $$$ to pay for.  You also have dozens of policy and self absorbed one liners which are not only untested but were written by political consultants to gain public support, not solve serious problems.

Problems like unemployment, hospitals closing all over the city, fixing an education system that leaves most children unprepared for college and how to pay for services with increasing pension costs and shrinking tax base mostly case by the city's fleeing middle class go unanswered as candidates attend these narrow interests forums. Journalist who job is to inform the public have self limited themselves to copying one liner sound bites and presenting it as news.  Last night in front of the Council of School Supervisors and Administrations, a union group, almost all the answers by the candidates were anti-Bloomberg and tailored to the unions positions. The panel, hosted, featured very few disagreements, with many responses drawing nods of assent from the other candidates.  When the moderator of last night event were strict on time they asked no follow up questions.  So candidates just promised and promised without giving a hint what they would do to turn the schools around.NYC mayoral candidates on school issues. Are they addressing the real questions?  * NYC Mayoral Candidates’ Education Views, Simplified(Epoch Times)

PromisesPromises But What Services Will We Cut to Pay For It
de Blasio We MUST provide Pre-K for every child who needs it if we want to actually address the equity issues in this city. Tom Allon attack him on the way he wants to pay for it, taxing the rich which Allon thought would push them out of the city. Talking Education, 2013 NYC Mayoral Candidates Keep Bashing Bloomberg, Not Each Other(NYDN) * Thompson says Boys & Girls Hs used be great before Bloomberg ( don't think that was true; mickens pushed out kids) * Liu brag abt going to Stuy, Bronx Sci. Quinn: "I was not smart enough 2 go to Bronx Science or Stuyvesant, let me be clear abt that."* Have schools made progress under Bloomberg. Quinn, going first, says yes, to hisses. I and my wife Jenny are both proud products of New York City public schools. As will be our son, Joey.Liu: strongest no; Bloomberg not a success if unlook at results on national tests (NAEPs) tru!

Catering to the Union Education Audience
at education forum: "The goal of teacher evaluations is not to get rid of teachers; it's to help teachers improve & succeed." * .: "We have to start stepping away from standardized tests." Says evals should be based on portfolios, classroom observation * Quinn puts on Council speaker hat to say of Bloomberg's cost-cutting plans:"we're not going to allow excessive attrition this yr, period Prospective Candidates For Mayor Discuss Education(NY1) * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got hissed by audience members at an education forum when she said "Yes, I think we made progress under Mayor Bloomberg." [David Seifman] * Catsimatidis was represented at last night's mayoral forum on education by an empty chair. [@AnnieKarni] * Mr. Liu was among five mayoral candidates at an education forum hosted by the principal’s union last evening where he joined former Comptroller Bill Thompson in saying the schools have not improved under Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon said the opposite, however, while Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said “yes” for Mr. Bloomberg’s first term but “no” since then.* RT : Carrion, former teacher and Dem, blames an 'out of touch' teachers union for impasse with City Hall

Parents Protest Thompson, de Blasio and Liu Blocking of Charter Schools From Opening
Moms and dads are planning protests today at the offices of three mayoral hopefuls — former city Comptroller Bill Thompson, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and current Comptroller John Liu. The trio vowed to block parent-driven charter schools from opening and to keep failing union schools from closing.* de Blasio hurls high hard at Eva Moskowitz ... "She cannot continue to have the run" of Tweed * Former City Councilmember Eva Moskowitz is pushing her Success Academy edu-franchise into Brooklyn

Breaking Koch

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, 88, is in the intensive care unit at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital, his spokesman confirmed this afternoon. * Developing: Former Mayor Koch Moved To Intensive Care(NY1) * Koch in Intensive Care(NYT)

Board of Election Massacre

Buzz Most Commissioners to Be Let Go

Shakeup at BOE General office: GOP Commissioner Nancy Schacker and DEM Commissioner Julie Dent are out as Commissioners. (Checking) Last week City Council Eric Ulrich Got His Revenge on Queens GOP leader Charles Ragusa this week by knocking out Board of Election Commissioner Judith Stupp. Ulrich filed his own papers for his pick for Queens GOP commissioner Michael Michelle and got it passed right under the nose of Team Ragusa. Are effords to make Broox Commissioner Naomi Barrera  executive director?  All the commissioenr changes are coming with the approval of Speaker Quinn and the City Council who must vote to approve each commissioner for 4 year terms. The position of executive director at the BOE has been vacant for two years since the last  Juan Gonzalez left after a ballot for a special election was tampered with.
BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence(True News)

City primary runoffs could be axed, BOE suggests (Queens Chronicle)

Campaign 2013

Yesterday  True News Said
John Liu Political Life Goes On Trial

Today NYT Reports
2 Campaign Aides Going on Trial, but Comptroller May Face Judgment(NYT) Sources say that the federal investigation into New York City Comptroller John Liu’s campaign finances is nearing an end, with wiretaps failing to yield enough evidence to support charges against him *Trial Pits Liu's Aide, Ex-Backers(WSJ) * Sharon Lee, a former aide to New York City Comptroller John Liu, is expected to testify that she solicited "straw donations" for her ex-boss's campaign. But a prosecutor also says "We don't expect her to say anyone instructed her." [Robert Gearty]as The New York Times pointed out, “[C]ourt filings have already presented an unflattering portrait of Mr. Liu … and his campaign finances, raising questions about his management style, his character and what he might have known about any misconduct. In essence, the trial could render a public judgment on him.” calls for free tuition at CUNY for the top 10% of graduates of every public high school.

 Quinn's Oppositions to Walmart Pays Off
Bags one of the city’s largest and most powerful unions
Retail Union Backs Quinn in Mayor Race(NYT) The endorsement, by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, is significant as the speaker of the City Council, Christine C. Quinn, endeavors to shore up her liberal base *Attention, Fairway Shoppers: Christine Quinn in Aisle Three(NY Mag)

Quinn Waters down Living Wage Bill
Stu Appelbaum saying she’ll be the “first living wage mayor.”* With Tweaks, Quinn's Living-Wage Bill Aims Lower - New York Times * The union went with Quinn even though she is close to Bloomberg, of whom Appelbaum has been quite critical.

The editor of a Jewish newspaper that photoshopped HIllary Clinton out of a photo is in the background of this picture of Christine Quinn at a Tu B'Shevat event. [Azi Paybarah]  Conventional wisdom is that Quinn, who is openly gay, will have a hard time appealing to the city's religious Jews. So the image of Quinn in a room full of them* Quinn feels bad for male politicians because of their limited fashion options. She also didn’t think her controversial NY magazine cover was sexist.

Quinns Gay Opposition
Two Gay Men Explain their Beef with Quinn(Gay City News)City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is facing opposition from a surprising quarter as she seeks the mayor’s office — gay men who charge the out lesbian has abandoned her progressive roots for political deal-making that advances her career and harms New York City.

MTA in Lhota farewell furor(NYP) The MTA’s invitation for a farewell bash celebrating former chief Joe Lhota may have violated rules forbidding state agencies from campaigning, good-government advocates warned yesterday. The e-mail invite sent to MTA staffers reads, “Come November, he could be elected New York City’s next mayor. But we remember him best as the Chairman who led us through Sandy.” An MTA spokesman said: “Nothing in this invitation implies any endorsement or encouragement of his campaign.”

McDonald NYers Hit By the Recession Mr Catsimatidis
NY1 Online: McDonald Makes Case For Mayor(NY1)Republican mayoral candidate George McDoanld disagrees with Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis' claim that the city largely avoided the pain from the recession. [Road to City Hall]


  New York Magazine conducted a number of man-in-the-street interviews to test businessman John Catsimatidis‘ vow to be a mayor for all New Yorkers, “whether you are a cab driver from South Asia, a bodega owner from the Caribbean or an aspiring actor from the Midwest.” Needless to say they got the full range of reactions. “Who cares? What [billionaire] cares!” one cabbie said, getting heated. “Like Bloomberg! Sandy [comes] and he don’t give anybody pennies.”*
It's official! I won the Queens endorsement


NY1 Online: Carrion Discusses Possible Run For Mayor(NY1)


  In his bid for Queens Borough President, State Senator José Peralta rolled out endorsements from his fellow Dominican-American elected officials in other corners of the city today, including Councilman Ydanis Rodríguez and Assembly members Nelson Castro and Gabriella Rosa, with the New York Dominican Officers Organization thrown in for good measure. “Jose Peralta shares my belief in the American Dream, because he knows what it is like to grow up in a family of immigrants,” Mr. Rodríguez said.

WHO WANTS TO BE THE MAYOR? In a preview of the 2013 mayoral race in New York City, City & State assesses the crowded field of candidates [], weighs the potential impact of independent expenditures this year [], takes a look at the coverage of City Comptroller John Liu in the Chinese-language media [], and tracks a protest movement against Council Speaker Christine Quinn []. 

Emily's List endorses Melinda Katz * Queens Borough President hopeful Melinda Katz and NYC Council candidates Yetta Kurland and Mercedes Narcisse have been endorsed by EMILY’s List, which backs Democratic, pro-choice women  candidates

A well-established assemblyman files for Lew Fidler's Council seat 

Defeated Brooklyn senator eyes council bid(CrainsNY)

  Cranking up stakes in uptown Council race(NYDN)

Another Mayoral Forum About Nothing
"You should only stop someone for probable cause......needs to be tweaked a little."--  *. says he was the only Candidate to back Obama in 07. The others, he said were "on the other side. * One of the biggest problems in education is poverty, says .*. says its a "scare tactic" to say will go backwards if a dem mayor is elected. Notes Rudy's 2009 comments. * . says, if he were mayor now facing schoolbus strike, he'd rebid the contract w/ the employee protection provision back in.* "Some kids dont know what its like" to have a Dem mayor, says panelist.   * what likes in past mayors: Koch: affordable housing; Dinkins: focus on kids; Rudy: fighting crime; MRB: management.* . 

says his son's hair is more famous than him. * . said he worked in Nicaragua & El Salvador in the 80s, sometimes against US policies.   * . says he's worked with & northern manhattan for 24 years. * . says of son Dante: "I did not know his hair would instantly become more famous than me. It was not part of the plan." * It’s divisive when we deny we are living a tale of 2 cities — when we do not acknowledge growing income disparity in this city.* "The mayor just wanted to say Mission Accomplished" re: , says . * . notes GOP oppose taxing the rich, as do some of his Dem rivals, angling for progressives.   * It’s divisive when we deny we are living a tale of 2 cities — when we do not acknowledge growing income disparity in this city.. says "mayoral control is a necessary model" * fire house closings and teacher layoffs: issues says separates her from . * in describing differences with MRB, talks about Giuliani era homeless policies, bill. * .: "Mayor Never divided along racial lines." * . says shes much "cuter" than Bloomberg. * When 1st question to is how she'll be different from , she pushes back, says she's proud of collaboration. * . says recovered every job that was lost in the recession. * . says concerns over bill is not about upsetting business community.   * Regret third term? says no. Says its not the same as what Giuliani wanted after 9/11. * "I hear is afraid of red hair" jokes . * Some boos when says he would continue charter schools.   * . says other Dem candidates for mayor have records that cannot compare to hers. * strong mayoral candidate = getting things done, not just saying what you dont like, says . * note about getting Queens GOP county endorsement: Queens GOP is not fully unified behind the county organization.   * It's both. Early involvement helps kids adversely affected by poverty. But an underfunded system hinders action.* 15 minutes and 2 questions in, Speaker Quinn's most used line: "Me and the Council..." * .: "We need a new commissioner."



Gov. Cuomo plans to empower the state Education Department to act as an arbitrator in negotiations between New York City and the United Federation of Teachers over a teacher evaluation plan unless an agreement is reached shortly

Gov’s teacher-eval ultimatum to Mike(NYP) * Governor Issues Ultimatum in Teacher-Evaluation Fight(NYT) * Cuomo: State Might Impose Evaluations(WSJ) * Cuomo May Force City Teacher Evaluation Deal(NY1)   * Cuomo vowed to sign a new law empowering the state Education Department to act as a binding arbitrator in the negotiations unless an agreement was reached “shortly.” *
Regents Chancellor Does Not Want State To Step In For City Teacher Evaluation Deal(NY1)

NYP Wants Cuomo to Push For Real Teacher Evaluations and Has Doubts He Will

(The union welcomed the news; the city had no comment).

Andrew’s admission (NYP Ed)  Gov. Cuomo is finally taking our advice: If the city and teachers union can’t agree on a system for rating teachers, he’ll impose one on them. It’s a big admission from Cuomo. He’d insisted that the law he pushed a year ago would prompt school districts to adopt such systems, claiming they’d lose state aid if they didn’t. We disagreed, arguing that unions would never agree to any plan with real consequences. And if Cuomo had been serious about evaluations, he wouldn’t have given unions a veto over the details.

"My decades of teaching in the city schools tell me that a big reason Asian kids are doing so well is family support (and “Tiger Mom”-style pressure)." [Mark Schulte]

Union Attacks City for Refusing Role in Bus Strike(NYT)* Union Claims City Turned Down Offer To End School Bus Strike(NY1)* School Bus Company May Cut Off Striking Drivers' Health Beniftis(NYT1) * Queens Mom Rushes To Pick Up Her Kids During Bus Strike(NY1)

Medgar Evers College President Resigns(NYT)

Political Corruption

 The Feds Have Sammy the Bull Huntley 
 Not One Editoral Today About Member Items Leads to Corruption
Huntley Speaks And the Guessing Game Starts As to Who is Next To Enter Club Fed

Assemblywoman Vivian Cook also funded the non profit that Huntley used as her personal piggy bank
Huntley Plea To Mail Fraud The Who Who Did It Has Made A Lot of Pols Very Scared (True News)
Ex-State Senator Pleads Guilty in Fraud Case(NYT) Shirley L. Huntley, a Democrat who represented Queens in the Legislature, admitted stealing more than $87,000 in taxpayer money from a nonprofit agency and using it for shopping. * Huntley Pleads Guilty To Defrauding State Of $87K - As expected, former Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley has pleaded guil...(YNN) * Fmr. State Senator Huntley Pleads Guilty To Fraud(NY1) * Ex-Sen. Huntley pleads guilty to mail fraud(NYP) * Former State Senator Huntley Pleads Guilty To Fraud(NY1) *Ex-Senator Is Ordered to Return $87,700(WSJ) * Assemblywoman Vivian Cook may have a connection to former state senator Shirley Huntley's problematic non-profit. [Courtney Gross]* Ex-Sen. Shirley Huntley pleads guilty to fraud (Queens Chronicle)

Wonder What Quinn Thinks About the Shirley Huntley Member Item Scandal?

JCOPE Got Ethics? Protecting Silver
The Post exposes the Joint Commission on Public Ethics as a watchdog with “no teeth” after one commission member named by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was overheard refusing to recuse herself in a case involving Silver’s chief counsel: One editorial board is not surprised to hear an open mic pick up comments from Silver's appointee to J-COPE discussing her refusal to recuse herself from a case involving the speaker.

NYS Government

Cuomo Being Squeezed By DiNapoli and Silver On His Gambling Site Plans
DiNapoli: Casinos no cure(NYP) “I generally have concerns about supporting government through gaming revenues,” state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said yesterday. “I don’t think it’s a panacea.” DiNapoli said that the economic benefits of additional resort casinos are being oversold with excessive revenue projections from their supporters. He also wondered whether the region already has enough casinos, citing those in Connecticut and Atlantic City. * Cuomo met with legislative leaders to discuss the possibility of expanding casino gambling in New York, agreeing that a new state gambling commission will pick developers if new casinos are permitted, The Buffalo News reports: * After holding their first leaders meeting of 2013, Cuomo and the three legislative officials had resolved some issues on casino gambling – including (according to the governor) letting the gaming commission make the final decision on location.* But Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said the casino-siting issue is “still evolving.”* Schwartz Draws Line On Casino Expansion(YNN) * Cuomo says he won’t push for casinos if process is “politicized” * I mean, it would definitely be "political" if casino lobbyists pitched lawmakers during a private fundraiser, right?  * A new group has formed to fight a possible casino in Willets Point.

Salary and Layoffs
According to a report released Wednesday, nearly 1,500 state employees received a larger salary than Cuomo’s $179,000, with the top earner being Antonio Alfonso, a SUNY Downstate Medical Center professor, at $1.06 million, the New York Daily News reports: * The state Thruway Authority plans to lay off 234 of its employees, saving the authority $20 million after it decided against imposing a 45 percent toll increase on truck traffic, LoHud reports: * Just over a month after putting the brakes on a plan to raise tolls, state Thruway Authority officials confirmed they will be laying off almost 8 percent of their workforce by April.* Q-Poll: Equal Pay, Minimum Wage Receive Strong Support

The state Teacher’s Retirement System voted to hire an outside firm to review Cuomo’s proposal to let the pension system smooth out its costs over the next 25 years. 

Illegal Resident
Democrats try making an issue of Staten Island assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis saying there are more pressing issues facing the legislature than giving tuition assistance to illegal residents. [Tom Wrobleski]

EJ McMahon: “Cuomo’s budget would, in fact, raise $325 million more next year, and $2.2 billion over the next four years, by extending a pair of almost new taxes - temporary measures, first enacted in 2009, that were supposed to expire by the end of the next fiscal year.”

State Senate
GOP boss awards Felder, a turncoat Dem, with plumb job.(Daily Eagle)  * Legislature Aims For Earliest Budget In 30 Years - Lawmakers plan to pass the budget by March 21, a full 10 days bef...(YNN)

Cuomo Poll Fall Reboot . . .  Hits Airwaves
Embracing his base. Cuomo tells : "It's not a leftist agenda" v*
Gov. Cuomo: What Left Turn? (NYDN) * As Cuomo Blanket Airwaves, CSNY Silent (For Now)(YNN)
*Cuomo hits the airwaves(TU) * Gun and Ratings (NYT) * A DailyKos blogger calls Cuomo “Republican-lite,” and “pure poison – with a smiling face.”

NYC Government

NYCHA Repairs
 Bloomberg is expected to pledge today that the Housing Authority’s scandalous backlog of 340,000 apartment repair orders will be history by year’s end.  Bloomberg says NYCHA is out nearly a billion dollars in fed funding sine 2001.Bloomberg says goal by the end of his term is to leave NYCHA better off than he found it. Current repair backlog at @nycha: more than 400,000. By Jan. 14, @MikeBloomberg says it will be below 50,000
What fees are going up in this year’s city budget?(NY World)
Parking Fees, School Lunches, Prison Calls

Residents Want Council Lines Redrawn (Queens Tribune)


NY1 Online: Panel Sounds Off On 2013 Manhattan Issues


What Ass? Who You Going to Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)Mayor Bloomberg Calls Sexism Questions ‘An Outrage’(NYO)  * Bloomberg Denies Admiring ‘Ass’ Out Loud, Ongoing Sexism(NY Mag)
"Overturning term limits is a Disgraceful" Bloomberg
'I never said it, and I don't know where it came from' Bloomberg said of published report. * Bloomberg Denies Commenting on Woman’s Derrière(NYT)

Today Bloomberg Took Action on Two Problems He Was Attacked in the Last Mayoral Debate

1. Mold In Sandy Damaged Buildings
is launching a $15 million program to clean up at least 2,000 homes contaminated with mold from flooding.  

2. NYCHA Repair Backlog
 Bloomberg is expected to pledge today that the Housing Authority’s scandalous backlog of 340,000 apartment repair orders will be history by year’s end.   

Gun Control

Gabby & NRA boss in Senate shootout(NYP) * Giffords Urges Gun-Control Action(WSJ) * Washington Beat: Giffords Urges Congress To "Be Bold" On Gun Laws(NY1) "few who watched the video would dispute that the gun advocates behaved in a way that was both shocking and cruel."(Buzz Feed) * Scarborough Laments ‘Nobody Listened To Me’: Defending Assault Weapons Makes You Look ‘Like A Jackass’ * WashPo's : "At Senate hearing, 's Wayne LaPierre tries to manhandle facts and logic" * Dept. Of Homeland Security Releases Controversial Shooter (WCBS)

Gun Advocates Take Back Seat to Calls for Stricter Laws at Newtown Forum(NYT) Scarlett Lewis, the mother of Jesse McCord Lewis, 6, a victim of the Sandy Hook school massacre Dec. 14, spoke Wednesday at Newtown High School before a Connecticut gun task force hearing. For one night at least, the legislative muddle of competing lobbies and gun agendas was washed away by the grief of Sandy Hook and demands for new measures. 
Obama: Best In Our City Girl Gunned Down
 Obamas pray for Hadiya's family, McCarthy pledges to find killer

‘Shear’ bravery beats guns: feds(NYP)

Cuomo Poll Numbers Gun Down 15%
New Gun Laws Erode Support for Cuomo(NYT) Though 59 percent of voters in a Quinnipiac poll said they approved of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s job performance, the number was down from 74 percent.*
Charts showing Cuomo's popularity, by party and region, and how they've changed from February 2011 to January 2013. [Azi Paybarah]
NY Ecomomy

NYers have no $afety net(NYP) Nearly half of New York state residents are teetering on the edge of “financial disaster’’ — with almost no rainy-day savings to fall back on.


Towering debate over plan to supersize Midtown (New York World) Deputy Mayor advocates East Side rezoning in showdown with Council demand for pause in the process*
New York Developers and Unions Seek Eased Limits on Midtown Projects (NYT)

Sandy Update

In Canarsie, a Flood Map Is Seen as Long Overdue(NYT) * Plan to Privatize LIPA Is Forming(WSJ) Cuomo is discussing a plan to privatize the Long Island Power Authority by issuing bonds to pay off the utility’s $7 billion debt and selling its distribution and transmission system to the highest bidder* PATH Train Resumes Hoboken-WTC Service(WSJ) * New York Sate Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is giving $743,000 to 18 groups helping homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy navigate the red tape of insurance claims. [AP] * Coney Island Church Damaged By Sandy Keeps Hope Afloat(NY1) * Howard Beach businesses bounce back after Hurricane Sandy (Queens Chronicle) * "Feds' new numbers don't seem to add up" "strikingly low" via * is launching a $15 million program to clean up at least 2,000 homes contaminated with mold from flooding. * State To Offer Free Health And Safety Inspections To Sandy-Impacted Businesses  * Mayor Provides Zoning Relief To Homeowners Rebuilding After Sandy(NY1) * "Am I black enough for you brother?" - Robert Jackson to . * .: running as a Republican but I was a Clinton Democrat for 20 years. I'm everything. * . is asked why there is no Dem Latino mayoral candidate. BT says there will be, but not this year. cc: Erik Salgado * . on : I'm going to take $0.99 a year cause I'm a grocer. Not wearing $5k suits. Committing up to $20k of his own.* says "i played the viola." taught him discipline. // me: i played the kazoo & violin. you guys? * "Some kids dont know what its like" to have a Dem mayor, says panelist.   *Higher Flood-Zone Rebuilding Is Allowed(NYT) * New Program To Help With Post-Sandy Mold Cleanup  * Higher Flood-Zone Rebuilding Is Allowed(NYT) * Wind knocks down shelter tent on Staten Island(Fox 5) * FEMA to shut Staten Island Sandy recovery center on Sun(SI Advance) * State Senate Hurricane Sandy task force visits Staten Island, (SI Advance) * NYC Announces $15 Million Mold Cleanup Program(NBC)* State Senate Task Force Offers Recommendations To Address(NY1)

At a news conference in Albany, a coalition of groups opposed to the controversial hydraulic fracturing drilling method for natural gas unveiled a new television spot that will air in the Albany and New York City markets, the Times-Union writes:  * In the Times-Union, Bob Poloncic, the chairman of the Vestal Gas Coalition in Broome County, makes the case for natural gas drilling in New York: * Today’s Q poll finds New Yorkers continue to overwhelmingly support raising the state’s hourly minimum wage, but remain sharply divided on fracking.

Health Care

 The Death of A Hospital

Hospital may be sold(Brooklyn Paper) The State University of New York Downstate Medical Center has found a possible cure for its massive financial headache: shutting Long Island College Hospital and selling the property for a cool half-billion.City Reportedly Creates Plan To Deal With Repairs Backlog (NY1)
Grand Central At 100

<i>Grand Central Terminal At 100:</i> Legal Battle Nearly Led To Station's Demolition
Grand Central Terminal At 100: Legal Battle Nearly Led To Station's Demolition Fifty years after first opening, Grand Central Terminal earned landmark status. The designation should have ensured its prosperity and longevity, but in 1970s it came dangerously close to being leveled. NY1's Jon Weinstein describes the protracted battle over the terminal's fate that lead all the way to the Supreme Court.*As NYC marks iconic station's centennial, Grand Central's grand secrets revealed by the longtimers who know it best(NYDN) * Grand Central Terminal: 100 years of rich history (CBS) One Day Until Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Birthday(WCBS)* Grand Central Bar Serves Up Cocktail for Terminal's Centennial(DNAINFO) * Grand Central Terminal turns 100! Take a look back at these STUNNING photos of the landmark transit hub through the years * 100 Years Later, a Railroad Landmark Is Revived(NYT)


Koch the Movie

New York City’s A-list politicians gathered in Manhattan for the premier of “Koch,” a documentary about former mayor Ed Koch, though Koch was absent due to his hospitalization, the News reports:

Going Postal

End of A Postal Era
After 45 Years, Mailman’s Last Rounds on 9th Ave.(NYT)


On Immigration, Obama Assumes Upper Hand(NYT) * Rubio Walks a Fine Line in Immigration Overhaul(WSJ)
Obama's Thunderdome Strategy - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
In Washington, a Season for Pragmatism? - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
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Geraldo Rivera-Cory Booker race, wow: 
The Battle of the TV Stars

Geraldo Rivera Looking To Run For Senate As Republican In New Jersey

Geraldo Rivera Says He's Considering 2014 Senate Run In New Jersey

Why Isn't Gun Control Working in Chicago? - Washington Examiner
Egypt's Protests Reveal Lack of Trust in Muslim Brotherhood - CS Monitor
Political Power Needs to Be Used(NYT Ed) Senate Democrats could have the wind at their backs, if only they would act with resolve instead of fear.
"NYS hasnt had someone of the stature & position of a US senator of the caliber of in maybe 40 or 50 yes" (Wash Post)
Senator John McCain warned of an LGBT "red herring" during the immigration reform debate. [Reid Pillifant] 
After leaving her post as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton hopes to try to have a “normal” life and undo “about 20 years of sleep deprivation.” 
White House Refuses to Provide Evidence of Obama’s Frequent Skeet-Shooting(NY Mag)
Fox & Friends Remains Baffled: How Is Obama So Popular When The Economy Is Still ‘Dismal’?
Pres. Obama Defends Deportation Record: 'I'm Not A King' 
Hagel vague on U.S. presence in Afghanistan(Wash Post)
Andrea Mitchell Asks Al Gore How A Global Warming ‘Prophet’ Could Sell His Network To Oil Producing Nation
GOP Senator Confronts Hagel With Reports That Iran Endorsed His Nomination, Hagel Clearly Not Pleased
GOP Senator Confronts Hagel With Reports That Iran Endorsed His Nomination, Hagel Clearly Not Pleased(NYT)
BREAKING: Congress passes bill to extend debt limit through mid-May and avert default
Vice President Biden meets with Senate Democrats about gun legislation (Wash Post)
Then and Now: Chuck Hagel on national security issues: (AP)
Hillary Clinton sets vision for continued U.S. dominance:(Politico)
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Biden to meet abroad with key figures in Syrian conflict(NBC)
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tried to throw Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel a lifeline during a contentious Senate Armed Service Committee hearing.
Video of TV's leading liberals scolding former VP Al Whore for being such a hypocrite - 
Republican senators slam Chuck Hagel at confirmation hearing(NYP)
Senator Menendez’s Ties to Political Donor Are Scrutinized(NYT)
WH: Hagel less than perfect but confirmation on track(CBS)
Senator Has Long Ties to Donor Under Scrutiny(NYT)
A Confirmation Ordeal(NYT Ed)Republicans did their best to disparage Chuck Hagel at his hearing, but the full Senate should confirm him as defense secretary.
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FBI probing accusation that NJ Sen. Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in Dominican Republic(NYP) * Federal Agents Raid Offices of Donor Linked to Senator Menendez(NYT) * Senator Bob Menendez Writes $58,500 Check for Not Doing Anything Wrong(NY mag)

Brooklyn College Free Speech and the Middle East

Brooklyn College president Karen Gould's statement saying the school doesn't support the BDS movement calling for a boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, but defends the free speech rights of two upcoming lecturers who hold that view. [Facebook] * Brooklyn College Students for Justice in Palestine urges supporters to contact the school, and read the following script. [Facebook] * Press Conf. today @ B'klyn College - Elected Officials denounce *official* sponsoring of racist lecture. * Bill Thompson "This organization espouses hate" * Officials Rally Against 'Antisemitic, Pro-Terrorist' Event at Brooklyn College(Politico) *Appearance by Group Advocating Boycott of Israel Roils Brooklyn College Campus(NYT)


NYT Hacked by China

Chinese Hackers Stole Every New York Times Employee’s Password(NY mag)

Wall Street Journal: Chinese hacked us, too

Inside the Anne Hathaway ‘Les Misérables’ Video Spoof That Went Viral

Goodby 30 Rock
Ben & Jerry’s To Honor ’30 Rock’ Finale With New Ice Cream(WCBS) * The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned From "30 Rock" (Buzz Feed)

WATCH: Al Gore, Jon Stewart Clash Over Current TV Sale

James Carville, Mary Matalin speak out about why they're leaving CNN(Huff Post) * Letterman Counts Down Hilarious List Of Top Ten Changes At CNN (VIDEO)
Law and Order

Prosecutors reveal Lamont Pride's chilling self-portrait snapped days before NYPD (NYP)  officer's slaying Prosecutors revealed a chilling self-portrait yesterday — one that accused cop killer Lamont Pride snapped days before the botched robbery of a pot dealer that led to the death of decorated Brooklyn Officer Peter Figoski.

More DNA Problems Found in New York City Crime Lab(NYT)

WATCH: Teens Attack Man With Nunchucks(Huff Post)* Man beaten with nunchucks inside subway station(Fox5) * Police Search for Teenage Suspects in Nunchucks Attack(NYT)

Shuttered Bronx prison to be used as job-training and reentry center for the formerly incarcerated(NYDN)

‘Cannibal cop': Cameron made me hungry!
Blame ‘The Mask’ (NYP) There really is something about Mary. Accused “cannibal cop” Gilberto Valle told a shrink that his descent into sexual deviancy began after watching Cameron Diaz’s big-screen debut when he was a kid, court papers reveal.

Dad of grade-school theft victim says cops were too harsh on handcuffed 7-year-old(NYP) * Family Claims Police Kept Handcuffed Bronx Boy In Precinct Following False Arrest(NY1)

WATCH: Daily News EXCLUSIVE interview with the Bronx bully’s victim who told cops they should have ‘never taken the cuffs off’ of his 7-year-old tormentor

Tawana Brawley served with court order to pay man she accused of rape(NYP)

Man convicted in murder of pregnant ex-girlfriend(WCBS)

B'klyn yeshiva leader charged with sex abuse(NYP)

Cop killed self because female boss made him trade sex for good schedule: wife's suit(NYP) *Lawsuit: NYC cop suicide over boss' demand for sex(WSJ)

Cop suicide over Boss sex: widow(NYP) * Script Read to Suspects Is Leading to New Trials(NYT)  * Jurors View Interrogation Footage In Brooklyn Officer's Shooting

Janitor arrested for butchering girlfriend and smothering her 5-year-old daughter (NYDN)
Police Search for Teenage Suspects in Nunchucks Attack(NYT)
Mishandling of DNA Evidence Is Found in Over 50 Cases at Crime Lab(NYT)
Closing Arguments Given in Shaken-Baby Murder Case(NYT)


Lawsuit: NYPD Sgt. blackmailed cop for sex(NYDN)* E.M.T. Convicted of 5 Sexual Assaults(NYT) * NY religious school rabbi faces sex abuse charges(WSJ) * Detective who fatally shot unarmed National Guardsman to (NYDN)The detective who shot dead an unarmed National Guardsman on the Grand Central Parkway will get to tell his story for the first time when he testifies before a grand jury * Jury: EMT raped and raped again(NYDN) * Yeshiva leader may have raped boy15 hrs ago(NYDN) * VIDEO: Victim Beaten With Nunchucks After Resisting Attempted * VIDEO: Victim Beaten With Nunchucks After Resisting Attempted
Man arrested for subway sex abuse, freed without bail(NYDN)

report: "21 killed by the NYPD in 2012"
Cops Seek Queens Rooftop-Cutting Robber(NBC)
'Papa Smurf' mob honcho pleads not guilty(NYDN) * NYPD: Queens burglary suspect cutting holes in roof(WABC)

 Fruit-flinging perp busted in Sheepshead Bay(NYDN)
Man gropes patient in ER(NYDN)


Pre-Trial Hearings For Alleged 9/11 Plotters Resume In Guantanamo (NY1)
'WHAT BRINGS ON SUCH HATE?' 9/11 families prepare to confront evil terrorist masterminds who killed their children * Gitmo Judge Orders Gov't To End 9/11 Pre-Trial Censorship 

Case Against Accused 9/11 Mastermind, Co-Conspirators Bogged Down In Procedural Issues(NY1)

Bangladeshi man to plead guilty to charges stemming from plot to blow up Federal Reserve Bank(NYP)