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Cuomo Seized the Moment to Use Gun Control to Adjust

Cuomo Moved From Center Stage to Liberal to Capature Obama Left Coalition That Won Him the Presidency in 2008/12

A Game of Chess 
Quick-draw gov top gun(Goodwin, NYP) Getting a gun-control package through the Legislature while the rest of the America is still talking puts New York, and him, ahead of the pack. Gun control makes a good example. The uproar over the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School created a mandate for politicians to do something. Just what isn’t entirely clear, given the nation’s strong gun culture and the fact that recent mass shootings were carried out by young men with known mental-health disorders. * Cuomo Gloats After Albany Fires Off Gun Control(NY1) * The Glens Falls Post-Star on Cuomo’s use of a message of necessity for the SAFE Act: “This was not an emergency. But the governor’s abuse of power is quickly becoming one.”* Cuomo Defends Gun Control Plan in Feisty Debate With Dicker(NYO)

Cuomo Runs the Senate Through Triangulation Leadership While Washington Gridlocks On Guns

Getting His Gun Bill As Quick As He Wanted Shows How Weak the Senate GOP Has Gotten Under the Coalition Deal.
For years the senate GOP blocked stronger gun control.  With the fear of losing control to the new democratic leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins in the senate in the background Skelos folded for his new master Cuomo.  If Obama get any gun control past the house GOP it will be a long long slog. * The Court of Appeals decided against considering an appeal by Republicans in the state Senate race between Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, paving the way for the counting of an additional 99 ballots, the Associated Press writes Court Clears Ballot Count(WSJ) * Some lawmakers vow to ignore Obama gun restrictions(WABC)* President Obama unveiled the most comprehensive federal gun-control plan in decades, but even some of his supporters tacitly acknowledged that major parts of what he is proposing are unlikely to make it into law. * Says the Syracuse Post-Standard: “(I)t’s regrettable that such a worthy end was achieved by such dubious means.”* Cuomo defending speedy approval of gun laws: he says the Legislature didn't have to go along with it.* How Often Are Messages Of Necessity Used?(YNN) * Senate Coalition: Public Backs Us(YNN)* Since striking a power-sharing deal with the GOP, the Independent Democratic Conference and its members hired nine new employees with salaries totaling about $349,000.* Big pay for rogue Dems(NYDN)

Cuomo Has Also Gamed Campaign Contribution Reform
Big Donors Dominate Cuomo’s Fund-Raising, Analysis Finds * A Siena College poll reveals that 71 percent of New York voters approve of the job that Gov. Cuomo is doing and widely support the proposals he laid out in his State of the State address, including a minimum wage increase A new report shows that 79 percent of the money Cuomo has raised since he took office has been in big donations of $10,000 or more from corporations, unions, or individuals, including a real estate mogul who’s donated $500,000, The Buffalo News reports:  * NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney says Cuomo’s big fundraising numbers “highlight some of the biggest problems in the system and serves as a good reminder for what needs to be fixed.”*  The name of Cuomo’s biggest donor, real estate developer Leonard Litwin, doesn’t even appear in the governor’s campaign finance filing because he used the LLC loophole to contribute $500,000 over the past two years.* says new gun law loophole that fails to exempt police officers from high-capacity magazine ban will be closed (ABC)

President Obama unveils his gun-reform proposals, setting off a battle in Congress(NYP) * In Proposed Ban of ‘Assault Rifles,’ Even Definition Is Tricky(NYT)  *The SAFE Act contains a provision that will provide more funding for school security, though a dollar amount is not yet known.

 NY limits on magazine size won’t slow determined killers, firearms experts say(NYP) State legislators say that they had very little time to thoroughly vet the recently passed gun control bill after Gov. Cuomo cut short the usual three-day “aging” period for lawmakers to study a bill before voting on it, the Times-Union writes * Where members of Congress stand on guns, according to their NRA ratings. Mental Health advocates have some concerns over portions of New York’s new gun control laws.

In speech today to US Conference of Mayors, VP Biden will be pitching the gun policy proposals and steps Pres unveiled yeterday.*Poll: Legislation to mandate universal background checks for gun buyers has widespread national support * 85% support background checks for buyers at gun shows. 57% oppose more teachers/school officials (Huff Post) * NBC Poll: 41% see NRA positive; 34% negative. 24% positive about entertainment industry; 39% negative  * Can mothers take on gun violence with the same impact as drunk driving? (WP)

7 Year Old Brings Gun to School
Sources: Queens Boy Brought Handgun To School 
Handgun found in backpack of 7-year-old Queens elementary school student(NYP)Gun Found in 7-Year-Old’s Backpack at Queens School(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg says a new NRA Web video that labels President Barack Obama an “elitist hypocrite” is “dumb PR.”* Another burglary potentially related to The Journal News’ interactive handgun permit map.* Boy Brings Handgun, Flare Gun Inside Queens Elementary School * 7-year-old takes gun to Queens school(NYDN) * Police: 7-Year-Old Brings Gun To Wave Preparatory Academy …(WCBS) * Loaded Gun Found in Boy's Bag at Queens School(NBC)

The Pro Gun Opposition

Public Advocates For Squadron, Yes Betsey Also Who Says Nothing Personal to Her Step Son Noah
Betsy Gotbaum, Ex-Public Advocate, Backs Stepson’s Opponent in Race(NYT) * . also picks up backing of Mark Green, meaning that he has everyone with title of "former public advocate"* Former Public Advocates Endorse Squadron For Their Old Job(Gotham Gazette)

WSJ Outs Giuliani Not So Secret Roll in Lhota Campaign, Joe I Am More Than His Guy
Giuliani Looms in a Lhota Run(WSJ)As Joseph Lhota prepares this week to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for mayor, one of his strongest assets and greatest liabilities—Ru dy Giuliani, his former boss—looms large over his expected bid for City Hall.*  Rudy aide Dem’s top money man (NYP) The top fund-raiser for Democratic mayoral candidate Bill...* Possible Dem rivals would trounce Lhota: poll(NYDN) * Joe Lhota Says He’s More Than an M.T.A. Chairman and a Giuliani Guy  

RT: : It's official. is a candidate to be the 109th Mayor of NYC following filings w BD of Elections and NYCCFB* Joseph Lhota Stands Out in New York’s Mayoral Race(NYT)Lhota officially enters race for mayor(NYP)* Lhota Brings Candid Voice to Mayor’s Race(NYY) * Joe Lhota is the only Republican candidate for NYC mayor who has been a registered Republican for more than a few years.* Without criticizing Rudy, makes it clear he has a different style. "I will talk to everybody."* . says he is socially liberal, will form 3rd party, education and jobs to be platform, talking w/ * NY1 Online: Lhota Lays Out His Campaign For Mayor

While the Other Media Did Stories About Quinn Having A Hard Time At the Sharpton Meeting Because She Said Kelly Mostly Did A Good Job, True News Said the Speaker Would Gain By the Stunt

Voters Want Kelly to Stay as Police Commissioner, Poll Shows(NYT)  A Quinnipiac University poll shows that 75 percent of New York City voters approve of the job that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is doing, his highest approval rating ever, while Mayor Bloomberg received a ‘B’ letter grade. Sixty-three percent say it would positively impact their vote if a mayoral candidate (like Quinn has done) promises to keep Kelly around.

Quinn Gain Support in the Rest of the City When She Stood Up to Sharpton On Keep Kelly
NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who continues to lead the Democratic field, was jeered at a National Action Network forum last night after reiterating that she would keep Ray Kelly as NYPD commissioner if she’s elected.* Quinn received the endorsement of the Empire State Pride Agenda, the statewide LGBT advocacy group, in her run for mayor, The Wall Street Journal reports*Kelly Earns All-Time High Approval Rating in Poll (WSJ)* Quinn Campaign Omits Expenditure In Filing Report(City and State)* Despite Loud Critics, Ray Kelly Is More Popular Than Ever(NY Mag)

Today Liu, Thompson and de Blasio As Lhota Enters the Race All Taken Shots At Bloomberg . . .  Thompson Call for More Cops and No New Taxes 

While A Councilman Takes About Cuts to the Budget in 3 Weeks
  1. So let me get this straight: in a few weeks the Mayor will submit to council budget full of cuts & we just lost $450 million for education?

Lost is the Mayor's Race Is the City's Steady High Unemployment 8.8%

City Jobs Lost in Storm Are Returning, but Unemployment Rate Is Flat(NYT)The State Labor Department reported that more than half of the jobs lost in November were added back in New York City, and unemployment remained at 8.8 percent.

But like most people shedding light on political issues, he faced some resistance. Reznick said he was contacted by the Campaign Finance Board alleging copyright infringement (they said he couldn’t use their logo) just a mere eight hours after the blog launched on Tumblr.In response friends joked, “If only government responses were that quick.”In keeping up with an age of increased transparency and citizen journalism, Jon Reznick has blown the lid off campaign finance expenditures with a brand new investigative blog called Follow The Money 2013. Reznick, the Treasure of the New York State Young Democracts, said the inspiration came from observing that most critics concentrated on campaign donations, rather than campaign expenditures,”…most people look at donors, I’m interested in where these campaigns spend, and how their products are priced,” wrote Reznick.


Liu Agreeing With the Feds?
NYC tutoring service under investigation(NYDN)
 The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office is investigating an after-school tutoring service for city public school students after a letter to the Department of Education by City Comptroller John Liu alleged corrupt activity, the News’ Juan Gonzalez writes: * The largest provider of after-school tutoring services for city public schools pupils, Champion Learning Center LLC, has been under investigation since last summer by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, the Daily News has learned.*
Child Care and After-School Advocates Push City to Invest in Programs(City and State)

Thompson Hits Bloomberg Soda Ban As Good PR
Diabetes prevalence has more than doubled over the past ..... the highest prevalence occurring among black and Hispanic adults
Thompson Dings Bloomberg For Soda Ban, “Fiscal Gimmicks” In Budget(City and State) “I think the soda ban, and I’m trying to be diplomatic here, was good PR,” Thompson said. “If he were really serious about dealing with obesity in a number of ways, there are other things that you would have done.”

Many 911 callers waited on hold over 5 min during — others never got thru. Our Mayor must take responsibility for fixing this problem.

Campagin 2013
 Vallone and Katz are one-two in campaign funds for BP r(NYDN)
Micah Kellner Announces Candidacy for City Council(NYO) *
Cuomo administration official Austin Shafran to run for City Council in Queens:(Crains)

No Deal BREAKING Teacher Evaluations Pres Mulgrew says there won't be a deal on new teacher-evaluation system(WSJ) *Teachers' union: No deal on new rating system before midnight deadline(NYP): UFT wanted eval agreement to sunset in 2015, would "render meaningless" b/c no teachers would be fired* in statement, boss calls "stubborn," pushing "my way or the highway" strategy. . said deals in NYS w/ sunset clause are "shams" & won't be effective.* City Teachers’ Union Says No Deal Is Reached on Evaluations; $450 Million at Risk(NYT) * City to lose $250 million in teacher evaluation impasse4(NYDN)* Bloomberg, UFT Say No Deal Reached Over Teacher Evaluation (WCBS)* Bloomberg says no deal on teacher evaluation plan(WABC) * UFT President Michael Mulgrew: Teachers and city will not(SI Advance)* Teacher Rating System Deal A Bust; City School Budget To(NY1) * Teachers Remain at Impasse With City on Evaluations(NYT)

Today is the deadline for teacher evaluation plans to be submitted and approved. 
Deal Nears On Reviews For Teachers(WSJ)New York City and its teachers union appeared close to a deal Wednesday to significantly overhaul the way teachers are evaluated, but it was unclear whether an agreement would be reached in time to prevent the city from losing millions in aid.*  In the News, former Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrión, Jr. calls the United Federation of Teachers “an embarrassment” for failing to come to an agreement with the Department of Education on teacher evaluations * The News blames UFT President Michael Mulgrew for not negotiating in good faith and demanding a mediator in negotiations with Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott * Deadline Imminent For City Teacher Evaluation System(NY1) * Salvaging P.S. 132 'Only the 1st step,' parents say(NYDN) * No NYC teacher evaluation deal as deadline approaches(SI Advance)* Cuomo Prods NYC on Teacher Evaluations(Gotham Gazette)

Runaway Costs Vs The Wheels on the Bus Go Round Round Round Winning the Hearts and Minds
This moring the drivers union is running TV ads non stop (10 times) attacking Bloomberg. * Union Ad Exaggerates Stakes in NYC School Bus Strike Ever So Slightly Vidoe (NY Mag) 
* The Goons, The Mob and the School-Bus Strike (1979 New York Mag) In 1979 the cost of the school bus system was $100 million today $1.1 Billion


First day of city school bus strike sends kids through sleet on trains and bikes(NYP) * At Root of Strike, Runaway Costs in City’s School Busing System * Last Time Around, Striking Bus Drivers Had Plenty of Company(NYT) 

Lessons in Frustration(WSJ) In most parts of New York, the first school-bus strike in more than 30 years was barely a blip. But steady citywide attendance figures disguised a disastrous morning for special-education students.* Tension Mounts as Some Strikers Block School Buses(WSJ) * No End In Sight To School Bus Strike(NY1) * Families With Special Needs Struggle To Get Children To School During Strike(NY1) * NYC School Bus Strike Enters 2nd Day As Parents Scramble (WBCS) * New York City school bus driver strike enters 2nd day(WABC) * I-Team: Special Ed Aides Go Unpaid for Month(NBC)

NYC's Permanent GarbageFellows 

Mob Tax On Doing Business in NYC

Feds snare 30 in mob garbage sting(NYP) * Extortion Charges for 29 Tied to Trash-Hauling Industry(NYT) * Arrests in Trash-Haul Scheme(WSJ) * 30 Arrested in Extortion of Garbage Haulers(WSJ) * Mobster nabbed in round-up skated last year(NYDN) * Feds round up 30 suspected wise-guys(NYDN) 
Big Business and the Mob?

 NYCHA chair skipped hearing on Sandy today. His staff told he had jury duty. He did not have jury duty

'It creates the impression they're trying to hide something from us': Council Speaker Christine Quinn baffled by NYCHA actions, Chairman John Rhea's whereabouts   (NYDN) NYCHA informs Quinn that Rhea was absent from Thursday's Council hearing due to jury duty, then backtracks, before showing up to the crucial discussion that focused on their Superstorm Sandy blunders without disaster readiness plans the committee demanded to see.*
Speaker Christine Quinn baffled by actions, Chairman John Rhea

WSJ: Major casino companies, unimpressed by upstate locations, may sit out casino debate in N.Y.
Casino Firms May Sit Out Public Debate(WSJ) Several major casino companies said they probably won't financially support an advocacy campaign for a public referendum on gambling in New York, a potential blow to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to expand casino gambling across the state.

Lincoln Restler's Push Poll With No Transparency

Brooklyn councilman calls foe’s poll ‘gutter politics’(CrainsNY)

“What’s your opinion of Steve Levin?”
“What’s your opinion of Vito Lopez?”
“Did you know Councilman Levin was Vito Lopez’s chief of staff?”

These were the types of questions residents of Brooklyn’s 33rd Council District were asked in a recent poll commissioned by Lincoln Restler, the scrappy Brooklyn reformer expected to run against Councilman Steve Levin this year. The poll, which was first reported by OrthodoxPundit last week, seems to be an indication that Mr. Restler’s campaign is essentially underway.Mr. Restler confirmed that he paid for the poll. He would not say how much it cost. His state campaign account doesn’t report any spending on polling. He has yet to register a campaign account with the city’s Campaign Finance Board, which some insiders say could prove problematic because any significant expenditure triggers a requirement to file. “It’s gutter politics,” Mr. Levin said.
[UPDATE, 4:44 p.m.] Mr. Restler responded to Mr. Levin’s comments, as well as the implication that his poll could be in violation of city campaign finance rules. “I am not a candidate for office at this time and I’m simply exploring my options. It’s hypocritical that Steve has chosen to open his mouth about this but continues the months of silence on the disgusting sexual harassment allegations against his boss and mentor Vito Lopez.”*

Silver proposes Dream Act for N.Y(NYDN) Democrats in Albany Propose Giving Illegal Immigrants Access to Aid for College(NYT) * The Assembly Democratic majority threw its support behind a comprehensive bill that would make state financial aid available to illegal immigrants at colleges and universities. 

Jacob Riis is still standing tall(Queens Crap)

From the Daily News:Jacob Riis, the muckraking journalist who championed reforms for the poorest New Yorkers at the turn of the century, is still watching over Rockaway from his oceanfront perch.
A bronze bust of Riis, replaced just two years ago by a group of Queens schoolkids, miraculously withstood the fury of Superstorm Sandy.The rest of Riis Park did not go unscathed from the storm that sparked fires and flooding throughout the peninsula. It toppled brick walls, twisted fences and unfurled railing across the sprawling recreation area.

We Just Forgot His Message About the Other New York
NY Punished the Poor,Pushes the Middle Class, Business, Jobs Out of the City

Soar point: City homeowner property taxes up 4%(NYP) City homeowners are being socked with another property-tax hike, according to annual assessment rolls released yesterday.* City Food Banks Still Recovering From Sandy(WSJ) * Poverty in Brooklyn, block by block: 

Following the Ethics Law Not
Former Counsel to Paterson Is Fined on an Ethics Law Violation(NYT)
Gov. Paterson fined $62,125 over Yankee ticket scandal - NYPOST 
Peter Kiernan, onetime counsel to ex-Gov. David Paterson, has paid a $3,500 fine for violating a state law limiting the interactions between former employees of the governor’s office and the state government.

Downstate Hospital Being Killed Slowly
SUNY Downstate in financial trouble, says state officia …(NYDN)
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office says the SUNY Downstate Medical Center is hemorrhaging millions of dollars every week and could be insolvent in a few months.* State audit shows SUNY Downstate Medical in trouble(NYP)

The state’s Authorities Budget Office oversees 568 authorities: 27 percent of them are delinquent in filing their annual reports.

 Queens gets first ROTC program at CUNY campus in 40+ ye (NYDN)

Health Department’s restaurant letter grades coming to Yelp (NYP) The popular Web site Yelp is going to post city Health Department letter grades along with its consumer-written restaurant reviews, officials told The Post yesterday. Over the coming weeks

Manhattan Elitists Lack Dignity to the Handicapped and Everyone Else
Disabled Residents Protest UES Opposition to Crosswalks for Blind(DNAINFO) Supporters of crosswalk signals for the blind call them "a matter of basic dignity."New Homeless Shelters Protested on Upper West Side - Epoch Times(EpochTimes) * Upper East Side Residents Put Up A Stink Against Planned Garbage Transfer Station(WCBS)

As the BOE Gets More and More Incompetent The Cost More $$$
New York City Elections Are Becoming Ever More Costly(NYT) Between 2010 and 2012 alone, the board’s budget for just personnel also more than doubled, to $58 million from $27 million. Between 2000 and 2010, the board’s total budget more than doubled, to $96 million from $44 million.

Sandy $torm drain(NYP) Hurricane Sandy ravaged home values in Brooklyn and Queens * Flooded Businesses in Brooklyn Set Goal to Reopen(NYT) * Hearing Examines City's Response To Sandy(NY1) * Some 60 clients of Services for the UnderServed in Pelham(NYDN)* Rockway parish that helped Sandy victims now needs help NYDN)
City: Stop paying FDNY monitor(NYDN)

Bedford-Stuyvesant Always Changing
Greetings from Macon St.” – A picture postcard from 1911 (22 years after MACON MANOR was built), showing the type of large family for whom these homes were designed…

In Effort to Preserve Bedford-Stuyvesant, Some Ask: For Whom?(NYT)Some residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant are challenging a proposed historic district, saying it would impose so many regulatory burdens that the very people who had held the blocks together would be the first to go.

In the Times-Union, Columbia University’s Geoff Abers writes that the hydraulic fracturing method for extracting shale gas could trigger earthquakes in New York by disposing of millions of gallons of wastewater deep underground: *  Yoko Ono, Son Among Artists Touring PA Fracking Sites (NY1)

Brooklyn Rents So High They're Forcing Residents to Manhattan, Report Says(DNAINFO)
Brooklyn Doesn’t Have Enough Apartments for People Who Want to Buy There(NY Mag)




The Show Must Go On—Even With Flu Symptoms(WSJ) Most of the time, Broadway actors are merely annoyed by sniffles and wheezes from the seats. But a virulent New York flu season means performers have more to fear than audiences' badly timed coughs.

Cosmos Unveil Plan for Soccer Stadium Near Belmont Park(NYT) * Cosmos Goal: New Stadium Near Belmont(WSJ) * NY Cosmos Soccer Team Plans Belmont Park Stadium(NBC) * "MLS’s contributions to Mr. Peralta were relatively small, though somewhat hidden from view. Typically, donors...

Obama Has Found His New Chief of Staff(NY Mag)
Obama Takes on Extremism on Guns - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Photo-Op President Shooting Blanks - Michael Walsh, New York Post
Gun Plan Faces Tall Odds in Congress - McPike & Huey-Burns, RCP
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 Video Highlights: Paul | Dean | Krauthammer | Morgan | Gutfeld
Sen. Chuck Schumer reviews the inauguration lunch menu with Cindy Adams, who has “forgiven” him for OKing Chuck Hagel as defense secretary.
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Successful Stint for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar - Denver Post
Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold hearing on nomination of John Kerry to be secretary of state on Jan. 24:
Breitbart's 'Big Peace' vertical (?) on Schumer/Hagel
80 percent of super PAC expenditures went through just twenty vendors. 
Karl Rove Re-Signs With Fox, Secures Chance To Cause On-Air Chaos Again For 2016 Election 
A Few Reasons People Are Scalping Their Inauguration Tickets(NY Mag)
Chris Christie Slams ‘Reprehensible’ NRA For ‘Dragging People’s Children’ Into Gun Control Debate
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leaving her post with a 69 percent approval rating.
Reid seeks middle path on filibuster:(Politico)
Slide the bar across President Obama's face to see what 4 years in office can do to a person:(WP)
Clinton aiming for Feb 1 exit from State Dept

Chelsea Handler warned by NBC brass over dirty jokes that smeared 'Today' cast(NYP)Chelsea Handler got in deep doo-doo with Comcast brass over a joke about Al Roker’s unpredictable bowels that also smeared Roker’s “Today” colleague Matt Lauer, sources tell us.  Handler responded with a zinger on her E! show, “Chelsea Lately,” saying, “This isn’t the first time a ‘Today’ show cast member was in the news about this sensitive subject. For years it was common knowledge that Matt Lauer spent every morning [s - - ting] all over Ann Curry.”* Chelsea Handler Learns Today Is Still Sensitive About the Ann Curry Thing(NY Mag)

Murdoch blames liberals for obesity(NYDN)

The Oneida Daily Dispatch, which has been publishing for 163 years, will convert to a three-day-a-week printing schedule starting Feb. 3.

Jon Stewart Trashes NRA: They Must Be A Michael Moore-Run Covert Op To Make Gun Owners Look Stupid

Did just produce the best piece of journalism so far in 2013?!? * Two People Joked About The Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Hoax Over A Month Ago On Twitter(Buzz Feed)

US attorney defends prosecution of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz(NYP)

Law and Order
Conviction Tossed Out in ’89 Killing in Brooklyn(NYT)
A spokesman for Charles J. Hynes, the longtime district attorney who is preparing to run for re-election this year, declined to comment in detail, saying only that the office was reviewing the matter. Although the ruling by the judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, of Federal District Court in Brooklyn, broadly assailed each of the stakeholders in Mr. Lopez’s conviction — it even called the jury’s decision “bewildering” — the initial focus was what the judge called the weakness of the evidence that the prosecution presented at trial. “The prosecution’s evidence was flimsy to begin with, and has since been reduced to rubble by facts arising after trial,” he wrote. *
Murder conviction tossed after 22 years(NYDN)

 Cy Vance's unfulfilled pledge to Washington Heights(NYDN)He promised to open satellite office but never did, blaming lack of funds

Staten Island district attorney hires former Advance reporter(NYDN)

Breaking God: Former Roman Catholic priest busted for selling meth to feds(NYP)

Felony Charges for Officer Accused of False Arrest(NYT)
More suspects sought in NYC beating of Mass. man(Fox 5)

WATCH: Cops hunt sicko wanted in Williamsburg sexual assault(NYP)
Cops: Woman assaulted at Lorimer St. station  (BK12) GOTCHA! Sex assault suspect videotaped in Williamsburg subway station. Watch the video

Man, 76, Says He Was Beaten On Subway For Trying To Wake A Sleeping Boy (NYDN)

Brooklyn girl, 14, relives elevator rape nightmare in court(NYP) * 'He put a gun to my face... Mama, I just got raped.' Girl's testimony about EMT worker's brutal elevator assault when she was only 11 brings courtroom to tears

Charges dismissed against woman who took rap for beau who drove car into house(NYP)
Gal fends off subway fiend(NYP)

Brooklyn girl, 14, relives elevator rape nightmare in c (NYP)

Police zing top ‘bling ring’(NYP)

 Brooklyn man says he was beaten by 'gay-bashing' cops(NYP) * Cops beat me up: victim(NYDN)

Firebug who set SoHo blaze indicted(NYP)
No bail for Jersey man in 'Cannibal Cop' case after judge learns of 'depraved' talk about raping infant(NYP)

Washington Heights man admits to killing his grandmother with a fake elephant tusk due to 'voodoo curse'(NYP)

Two found shot to death inside a car on a Bronx St.(NYDN)

Is Nothing Secred? Do We Cameras in the Church?
Purses stolen from pews during communion in Bronx churc(NYDN)