Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dysfunctional Run For Mayor: The Cult and Robin Hood Edition

What is Not Getting Any Play In the Media is What Lhota Or Quinn Must Do to Get On the Ballot

A Cult Still Controls the Keys to City Hall

If Lhota wants a second line on the ballot he must make a deal with the crazy cult Independence Party that this blog and the Daily News has been writting about. If Quinn who until Lhota decision was seen as getting the parties endorsement and now wants to block the MTA chief, must do the same IP deal.  The Independence Party delivered the winning margins of victory in both the 2001 and 2009 elections for GOP candidate Bloomberg.  To get the IP nomination Lhota or Quinn who attended the party's dinner last month, will need to get a Wilson Pakula from  Lenore Fulani and the rest of the party Leaders. Until now when Quinn was seen as a shoe in the old gray lady has cover up the party clut background.  Fred Newman name coming to the NYT soon, can you hear me Carolyn Ryan?  Lhota is a registered republican and does not have to buy GOP ballot access like Bloomberg did.  Even thought he might be in better shape to win the general election by running in the primary against the party don't expect his campaign to be so bold, check book and political deals.  Mike Long and his conservative party robbers sit back licking their chops of coming deals

Just Call Him Shake Up Joe
Lhota takes the first step toward a mayoral run by formally resigning from the MTA(NYP) * Lhota Looms(NYP Ed) * Transit Chief Shakes Up New York Mayoral Race(NYT) With MTA Chairman Joe Lhota weighing a mayoral bid, several consultants and political insiders examine his chances of shaking up the race as a viable Republican candidate * GOP Facing Mayoral Fray(WSJ) * Lhota Confirms Decision to Step Down From MTA (WSJ)* Lhota Resigns From MTA, Will Explore Run For Mayor(NY1)* Lhota's Potential Mayor Candidacy Makes Waves In Political Circles(NY1)

Liu Wants to Take Taxes Breaks Away From Rich Compainies and Give to Small Ones
Liu: Ax big firms’ tax breaks(NYP) Liu wants to cut Madison Square Garden’s $15 million annual property-tax break.  And he proposes cutting tax breaks for developers and making private equity firms pay unincorporated business tax for carried interest or gains from assets held for investment, worth about $200 million a year. To help smaller firms, he wants to eliminate the corporation tax for all businesses with liabilities of less than $5,000 to save companies about $200 million in city revenue. Businesses that earn less than $250,000 a year would be exempt from the city’s unincorporated business tax under his plan.Liu says his office will upgrade current city spending transparency website, CheckbookNYC, to Checkbook 2.0.* Liu says minimum wage should go to $11.50 an hour phased in over next five uears* Mr. de Blasio’s campiagn spokeswoman claimed his odds are winning are better than ever, arguing, “Joe Lhota’s candidacy will further clarify for voters that Bill de Blasio is the clear progressive alternative for 2013.” 

  "We face our own fiscal cliff," says @JohnCLiu. Projects 2.7b gap in next year's budget #2013 *  Liu says there's need to "rebuild middle class." pushes paid sick leave.*  Liu To Call Out MSG Tax Break In State Of The City Address: City Comptroller John Liu is set to target Madison... * "We need policies like paid sick leave," says, drawing applause, in obvious reference to * John Liu: "we must also be mindful of the growing wealth gap. It’s a problem for the nation as a whole but even more so for our City."   In State of the City, Comptroller John Liu says the city can & should provide free CUNY tuition to city HS grads in top 10% of their class*
Looks like Lhota isn't moving to the center. At , liu says "let's abolish stop and frisk." #2013*  his #sotc, @JohnCLiu major proposals (eliminating @NYCEDC subsidies and raising #nyc minimum wage), would need #albany approval * City Comptroller John Liu wants to cut Madison Square Garden's $15 million annual property tax break and other financial perks for big firms. [Sally Goldenberg] *John Liu Pulls Out All the Stops at His ‘State of the City’ Speech(NYO)

NYP's Merry Men/Woman Democrats Candidates for Mayor
The Post supports Joe Lhota’s potential mayoral candidacy, especially after he showed leadership by balancing the MTA’s budget by finalizing a subway and bus fare hike

Mayor Merry
New Yorkers deserve more than a barrage of pledges to shackle the NYPD, turn the schools back over lock, stock and textbook to the teachers union and squeeze the rich like grapes to pay for more free stuff. . . .The New York Post is a fan of Mr. Lhota’s mayoral bid, and slammed one of Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s consultants for daring to criticize the M.T.A.’s fare increases.

Quinn Flack Blame Lhota for Fare Hike
“Voters aren’t going to forget that . . . Lhota saddled New Yorkers with a bus and subway fare hike just prior to running for mayor,” said Josh Isay. . . . Isay’s snide sniping speaks volumes as to Quinn’s willingness to confront directly the fiscal storms New York is sailing into.* Increase in Base Subway Fare and 30-Day Pass Is Approved(NYT) * MTA Board, Feeling Frustrated, Embraces Higher Fares(WSJ) * MTA Board Approves Fare And Toll Hike (NY1) * Got 60 quarters, Staten Island? A 1986 Verrazano message (SI Advance)
NYT Begins Campaign Against Lhota
It May Not Be the End of the World, but It's Bad News for Transit Riders(NYT) "So was Mr. Lhota’s decision to leave the authority a mere 14 months after becoming its chairman. Whoever replaces him – at least provisionally, it might be Fernando Ferrer, the former Bronx borough president and mayoral candidate — would be the fourth chairman in a little over five years. Some might well wonder if this rapid turnover at the top is any way to run a railroad."

Liberal Wayne Barrett Calls Democatic Mayor Candidate Union Puppets

There is a vacuum in this election– not just on the republic side . . .  there is a vacuum on the democratic side. In the sense that  . . .  I am a liberal democrat.  I still think we need someone in negations with municipal labor that actually represents the public interests  We have not heard anything from the democcts who are running for mayor that suggests that they are willing to make an independent diction at the barging table. a decision on the based of public interests when they are negogation with municipal labor This is really the key thing the mayor does. This is how you shape the budget . . .  Voters understand that we that can’t have a mayor that is so beholden to the public employee unions that they won’t represent public interests. I think that is what is creating this void.   NY1 Online: Barrett And Siegel Assess A Lhota Run For Mayor * Stu Loeser, Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s former press secretary, said Democrats continue losing City Hall because they “consistently nominate candidates who are unelectable in the fall elections.” Mr. Loeser was rather bullish on M.T.A. Chairman Joe Lhota‘s chances as well, adding, “His entry into the race immediately pulls the Democratic field in the center and makes the issue of electability absolutely central.”

A Robin Hood Victory?
Rockefeller give $$$ to a chamber of commerce to pay more attention to business Kings
Foundation Seeks Focus on Business in 2013 Race(NYT) The Rockefeller Foundation said it would award the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce $100,000 to come up with ways to compel the candidates in next year’s race to pay more attention to business concerns.

THE PIGEONHOLING OF POLITICAL SPOUSES: Alexis Grenell writes that the “scandal” over Chirlane McCray and Bill de Blasio may have been about sexuality, but it speaks to the broader public controversy about women’s role in society and the strict script for political wives (City and State)
de Blasio Attacks Liu for Gun Investiments 
  Public Advocate Bill de Blasio rolled out a request to one of his mayoral rivals yesterday, Comptroller John Liu, calling on him to divest the city’s public pension funds from the gun industry.

Quinn Runs Away From Her Reverse Robin Hood CFB Proposals
The proposal, which would have loosened regulations on spending and communications by unions and advocacy groups, was met with criticism. Council Speaker to Amend Campaign Finance Proposal(NYT) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she would amend a proposed change to campaign finance laws after negotiating with parties involved over whether groups are allowed to communicate with their members about political matters*  City Council Speaker Christine Quinn amended her campaign finance bill and, in a win for unions, "the bill would ensure that political communications among the members of advocacy groups would not have to be disclosed to the Campaign Finance Board." [Michael Grynbaum]

Watering down of laws portrayed as win for ; no mention of loss to voters 

Sources: Sheinkopf joining Thompson’s campaign(CriansNY)

Sheinkropf A Character Witness Himself Under Criminal Investigation

NY1 Reporter Grace Rauh listed corrupt lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf as one of the 50 relatives, pals, colleagues and clients who wrote character letters on his Lipsky's defense successful to avoid a long prison sentence The NY1 reporter failed to mention the absurdity of a Sheinkropf send a letter of character to a judge.  Rauh should have told her views that Sheinkropf took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.  Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  


Only Barrett Understands the How Sheinkropf Controls Government and the Press by Deceit
"Sheinkopf copped a memo, (Barrett, Village Voice, 2010) too, obtaining it from an aide to the top Senate staffer, Angelo Aponte, who Sheinkopf personally installed in the key spot. He had the power to do that because the skillful Sheinkopf doubles as a lobbyist and as a political consultant, and had advised Senate Democrats in the elections that led to the 2008 majority, helping to make Malcolm Smith majority leader. Sheinkopf collected $356,741 in consulting fees from the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee at the same time that he was representing AEG and its precursor with Senate Democrats. Having worked for Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg most recently, Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made." 

A King's Pension Deal For Sheinkopf Partner
While Sheinkopf Worked for Thompson His Partner Norman Levy Did Well With the Pension Funds
"Norman Levy “received a half-million dollars” in 2006 payments from Bill Howell, a major pension fund placement agent, and “appeared sometimes to be Howell’s partner” in controversial deals with the fund, according to a source familiar with the transactions. Investigators concluded that they were splitting fees, and not disclosing it. The payments to Levy - whose conviction for running a parking-ticket-fixing-scam decades ago was also overturned on appeal - were allegedly tied to his introduction of Howell to a principal of Global Strategies, a consulting firm whose client, Intermedia, was seeking millions in city and state pension fund investments. Howell made the placements and shared the fees with Levy, who appeared to be listed as an employee of one Howell entity. Sheinkopf received payments from Levy shortly after Levy was paid by Howell." (Voice)

Senate Republicans Plan Smaller Storm-Aid Bill 
 U.S. Senate Republicans plan to unveil a $23.8 billion emergency spending package to aid the tri-state area in its Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, significantly less than the $60.4 billion proposed by Senate Democrats, The New York Times writes: *Senate GOP to Propose $24 Billion for Sandy Aid(WSJ) * GOP, In Sandy Relief Talks, Push Back On Future Storm Funds  * GOP Pushes Back On Future Storm Funds; MTA Officials Testify In DC(NY1)
More Economic News

Cuomo Praises Economy Efforts Despite Elevated Unemployment Numbers(NY1)





Vito Lopez's Real Type of Party 
The invitation to Assemblyman Vito Lopez's holiday party: "Gifts for everyone" and "Adults only." [Azi Paybarah]

A Guy Who Wanted to Be Comptroller Was Fined by the CFB for $18,000
. fined more than $18,000 for 2009 campaign

State Senate and Assembly Update
A Supreme Court Justice in Montgomery County certified Republican Assemblyman George Amedore the winner in his state Senate race over Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, though Tkaczyk plans to appeal the decision, the Times-Union reports In the News, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver calls on the state Legislature to pass legislation that he sponsored that would raise New York’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50 per hour:* Cuomo: If Amedore Wins, Coalition ‘Irrelevant’(YNN) * Cuomo Throws Cold Water On Special Session(YNN) * Gianaris To Be Deputy Minority Leader, Remain DSCC Chairman(YNN) * . endorsed concept of Dem Majority in but congratulates former aide Felder, who aligned w/ GOP.* McDonald Goes After Lhota(YNN)

Campaign 2013 Brownstone belt up for grabs in upcoming borough president's (NYDN)* Race for Queens elected seats heating up(NYDN)* The 2013 Primary Date doesn’t seem especially likely to be moved from September, but it is apparently still in the works: ”State Sen. Marty Golden, whom the city Board of Elections identified as its point person in the state Senate, said he had not been unpersuaded that the date must be moved to June. He said the Senate would likely hold hearings on the subject very soon.”* “I wish him well,” Mr. Cuomo said [about Joe Lhota]. “And I’m not going to have a political position on the race.”(NYT) * Republican mayoral candidate and billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis suggests Lhota run for comptroller instead. [Azi Paybarah] * Quinn did not receive a grade from the Urban Justice Center. [Jeff Mays] * Councilman Domenic Recchia will kick off his campaign for Brooklyn borough president in January. The race against State Senator Eric Adams will run through Brownstone Brooklyn. [Reuven Blau] *  Assemblyman Rory Lancman kicked off his Council campaign and said he had to be prepared in case the primary is moved from September to January. [Lisa Colangelo] * Thank you for strongly advocating for Jacob Ostreicher's safety.  * A poll commissioned by the Public Campaign Action Fund found New Yorkers want elected officials to pass the boldest package of campaign finance reforms – including small donations coupled with public matching funds for all state offices.

RT : House Ethics Committee finds Rep. Greg Meeks didn't knowingly omit receiving low interest loan on mid-2000's financial...  * he Gregory Meeks investigation is closed, says the ethics committee(Capital) * Ethics Committee: Meeks Off The Hook(YNN) * Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks failed to disclose $40,000 loan from real estate broker: House Ethics Committee(NYP)



Forget the Mayans-What Happens is NYC is No Long the Financial Capital of the World?
Atlanta Compaing Buys NY Stock Exchange Both Cities Will Run the Exchange for Now
ICE in Deal to Buy NYSE (WSJ) NYSE Euronext agreed to sell itself to rival IntercontinentalExchange for about $8.2 billion in a cash-and-shares deal that would end more than two centuries of independence for the New York Stock Exchange. * Exchange Owner ICE to Buy NYSE for $8.2 Billion(NBC) *
Int'l Exchange To Purchase NYSE In Multibillion 
Dollar(NY1) * Upstart Rival to Buy N.Y.S.E. in Deal Worth $8.2 Billion(NYT)
* Forty percent of the fracking jobs already in New York are finance related. [Erik Kriss]* Nearly 30,000 Jobs Lost Because of Hurricane Sandy(NYT) New York City’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 percent from 9.2 percent in October, and the statewide unemployment rate declined to 8.3 percent from 8.7 percent. Both are still higher than the national unemployment rate, which was 7.7 percent in November.


Sounds Like the Moms and Dads Lobbied the DOE
A Policy Shift in Programs for the Gifted Is Abandoned(NYT) A plan in New York City to discontinue a sibling-preference policy for gifted and talented programs has been abandoned until it can be analyzed more deeply, education officials said. 

The Bronx is the city's unhealthiest borough, with 44 McDonalds and 68 Dunkin Donuts stores
Despite the Councilman Efforts The Bronx Beat Out Queens in Obesity and Fast Food 
The Bronx tips the scale as the fastest-growing fast food locale in the city with more McDonalds, Subway chains (NYDN) Dunkin' Donuts has 68 stores in borough; advocates point to lack of healthy options *
Queens continues to attract chain stores(NYDN)

Car services say taxi 'e-hails' will be death knell(NYDN)

CUNY administrator admits grade-fixing and forgery at Zicklin School of Business(NYP) * Ex-NY college administrator: I faked grade changes(Fox 5)

Cuomo Poster Shows His Economic Progress
Agency Will Pay $1.7 Million for False Job Placement Claims(NYP) The agency, which falsely claimed to place 1,400 New Yorkers in jobs, routinely falsified entries in government job placement databases.* Job-Creation Awards Made in N.Y.(WSJ) More than $738 million in state economic development grants were awarded Wednesday for capital projects that would create jobs, including $51.4 million awarded to New York City for 50 different projects *
Cuomo commissioned a retro campaign poster as a gift for staff and donors, which symbolizes the battles he's fighting as governor. [Thomas Kaplan] * New York’s Unemployment Falls To 8.3 Percent(YNN) * An “Empire State Relief Fund” TV ad, starring Cuomo, was spotted on the air in Nebraska.*
Five minutes with former LG Richard Ravitch, who discusses his recent report on the New York’s unshaky fiscal future.* 
Report: State Gained 83,500 Private-Sector Jobs In 2012 (NY1)

Gun Playground
Melt down assault weapons; build playgrounds(NYDN)

 Heroic Newtown teachercalled ‘superhero’ at emotional funeral(NYP) * Remembering the Passion of a Teacher Who Died Protecting Students(NYT) * New school to re-create the old for Newtown pupils(WABC)

At funeral Dolan likens Sandy Hook teacher Anne Marie Murphy to Jesus(NYP)
* Class Aide Is Recalled for How She Lived for Children and Died Cradling One(NYT)

Tears for Newtown first-grader who wanted to be a fireman(NYP)

WAL-MART SELLS OUT... Gunman prepped for massacre while mom was on vacation in New Hampshire(NYP) * Newtown school gunman wanted to join Marines - but mom said no: report * Adam Lanza's mother buried in New Hampshire: report(NYP)

How About Passing the Victoria Soto Gun Bill to Protect School Children
Obama directed his administration to draw up gun-control proposals in response to last week's massacre in Connecticut. But efforts are likely to meet strong political and lobbying resistance.

Following Sandy Hook horror, Obama signals that he's ready to take on gun control(NYP) * Op-Ed: The N.R.A. Protection Racket(NYT Ed) * ’90s Gun Ban Offers Lessons on Politics and Fine Print(NYT) * Obama Vows Fast Action in New Push for Gun Control(NYT) 

Obama Vows Fast Action in New Push for Gun Control(NYT) * Many Owners Say Semiautomatic Weapons Are Just Another Hobby(NYT) * Religious Leaders Push Congregants on Gun Control, Sensing a Watershed Moment(NYT) * Lockdown Drill Surprises Some, Scaring a School in East Harlem(NYT) * The N.R.A. Protection Racket(NYT)n Republican politicians have been bullied by gun lobbyists for far too long. * It’s the Guns(NYT Ed)President Obama’s call for ideas to make the nation safer from guns needs to focus on weapons, not abstractions or distractions * Gun Lobby a Hurdle for Post-Newtown Push (WSJ) * Video: Obama Asks Biden to Lead Effort*Smith & Wesson CEO Enters Tricky Terrain(WSJ) * Obama: VP Biden To Lead Gun Violence Think Tank(NY1) * Biden To Meet With Law Enforcement As Part Of Gun Control (WCBS)* Gun laws show difficulty of stemming violent acts(WABC) * Rich: Guns Are America's Other Original Sin(NY Mag) * Outgoing Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is the first GOP senator to endorse a renewed assault weapons ban.* Daily News: "Ending this suicidal insanity to will require a wholesale rethinking of America’s gun regulations." * Bloomberg cheers Obama's move to appoint Biden as head of a gun control task force. [Reid Pillifant]* Bloomberg Vows Stiffer Fight to Overhaul U.S. Gun Laws(NYT) * Cuomo: New York state will observe a moment of silence on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 9:30 AM for victims.* Sen. Bob Casey now supports assault weapons ban (Wash Post) * Dodd: Film studios ready to "do our part to help America heal" * Lawmakers, Cuomo Discuss Need For Gun Control Legislation (NY1) * Michael Bloomberg Places Partial Blame On NRA For Newtown Shootings
Gun Control in NYC
Cuomo working on new set of tougher gun laws following Newtown massacre(NYDN) The governor is working with leaders in Albany to expand the state's assault weapons ban to include all firearms with clips of more than seven bullets, sources say.* Report: Gov. Cuomo Could Try To Enact Gun Reform Next W(WCBS) * Cuomo and legislative leaders are quietly negotiating a package of tough new gun laws that they hope can be voted on within days. At the center of the talks is a proposal to expand the state assault weapons ban to include all firearms with clips of more than seven bullets.* Cuomo says he owns a shotgun for hunting purposes.* Governor Cuomo Boosts His Gun Control Bonafides By Mentioning His Shotgun(NYO) 

A middle ground on gun limits
Charles E. Schumer, Washington Post
Since the massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, many are wondering whether this tragedy might finally provoke action on guns.The answer is, it could. The reason may surprise gun-control activists.* How Senator Chuck Schumer is reframing the gun debate. [Reid Pillifant]

 Forgetting Football, Cruz Visits Family Of 6-Year-Old ‘Hero’(NYT) *Daily Services Take Toll(WSJ) * Morningside Heights Church Holds Vigil For Connecticut Shooting Victims(NY1) * Six More Sandy Hook Victims To Be Laid To Rest(WCBS) * Funerals for 4 kids, teacher shot at Conn. school(Fox 5) * Mourners at NY church for Conn. teacher's funeral(Fox 5)

When Trade Shows Were Both Grand and Central(NYT) Building Blocks: A rezoning proposal rekindles memories of Grand Central Palace, the city's principal exhibition hall in the first half of the 20th century.

Pleased by Ridership, City Looks for Bids to Bolster East River Ferry Success(NYT)City officials want to continue, and maybe even expand, ferry service for five more years. Quinn hopes that its $4 fares don't go up. [Patrick McGeehan] * Long-Term Operator Needed To Run East River Ferry (NYT)

Marathon Deal Nears the Finish(WSJ)  The New York Road Runners, which organizes the New York City Marathon, has reached an insurance settlement with runners and sponsors who registered and invested in the race, which was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy *  NYC Marathon runners have options after canceled race: New York City Marathon runners can receive a refund of th(WABC) *New York City Marathon Still Recovering From Hurricane Sandy(NY Mag)

In the 2012 election cycle, pro-fracking interests contributed a combined total of nearly $400,000 to candidates for state legislature and county executive in New York’s Southern Tier.*  Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal wrote to Cuomo and DEC Commissioner Martens to express “serious concerns about the integrity of the process” the state is using to determine if fracking will be allowed in the Marcellus.

Prospect Park bike lane foes pedal case back into court(NYDN)*
The city's Department of Transportation is confident the bike lanes won't be removed. [Reuven Blau]

[image]Record Weather for the City (WSJ) New York City is poised to finish its warmest year since modern record-keeping began, with an average temperature projected to top 57.2 degrees.

Sandy Week 7
Where Fear, Death and Myth Collided(NYT) At an apartment complex in Queens, the days after Hurricane Sandy included hardship, wild rumors — and the last hours of an 89-year-old veteran living alone.* Lower Manhattan Residents Say Con Ed Billed Them For Periods Without Power(NY1) * Crews from New York City’s Rapid Repairs program, designed to quickly rebuild thousands of homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy, are starting work on houses and not returning to finish for weeks at a time, sometimes not showing up at all, the News writes: 
* Howard Beach Family Faces Struggle To Rebuild After Sandy Devastation (NY1) * Fields At Pier 40 Reopen After Sandy Damage (NY1) * Door-To-Door Visits Determine Which New Yorkers Still Need Sandy Relief(NY1) * Hurricane Sandy created many new “brownfield” sites on Long Island, polluted tracts of land that need environmental cleanup, providing a sense of urgency to extend the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program tax credit beyond 2015, the Times-Union reports: * Council Task Force Begins Discussion On How To Strengthen Homes After Sandy (NY1) * Hurricane Sandy created many new “brownfield” sites on Long Island, polluted tracts of land that need environmental cleanup, providing a sense of urgency to extend the state’s Brownfield Cleanup Program tax credit beyond 2015, the Times-Union reports:
* French chefs dish up pasty for Sandy-ravaged DUMBO bake (NYDN) * Bar owner saved(NYDN) * $50M in Sandy relief on way(NYDN) * Pop-Up Toy Store Helps Sandy’s Victims Get Presents For (WCBS) * Insurance disputes may drive some Staten Island victims SI Advance)
* Truck in Deadly Crash Was Hauling Sandy Debris: Police(NBC) * Mayor Signs Bill That Gives Some Sandy-Damaged Homeowners Extra Time To Pay Taxes: Mayor Michael Bloomberg has...

In the Post, Nicole Gelinas, a contributing editor for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, questions how Cuomo plans to pay for a new Tappan Zee Bridge, which is expected to cost $3.1 billion:
Fracking already a NY job booster(NYP)

Boehner dares Obama to reject a GOP tax hike on millionaires in 49-second address(NYP) * Boehner's 'Plan B' Gets Pushback(WSJ) * Bowles: State of Fiscal Cliff Talks Is 'Pitiful'(WSJ) * Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker will run for U.S. Senate in 2014, per

How to Measure the Quality of a Budget Deal - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
The Fiscal Cliff's Dirty Secret - Sen. Rand Paul, Investor's Business Daily
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Air Marshals, Armed Teachers & Gun-Free Zones - David Steinberg, PJM
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What Kind of Tax Code Do We Want? - Michael Kinsley, Los Angeles Times

Our Moral Cliff - Peter Cove, RealClearPolicy
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After Obama Re-Election, Taxes Are Going Up - Washington Examiner
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Response to Newtown Demands Gun Laws--and More - Boston Globe 
Morning Joe Slams Fiscal Cliff Politics: Everyone’s ‘Offended’ Their Base, And Still No Deal
Biden notes that he had stayed in Senate and finished out his term, he'd be president pro tem of the Senate.
Cory Booker Not Daring to Take on Chris Christie in New Jersey(NY Mag)
Boehner's 'Plan B' not THAT 'Plan B' (CNN)
Booker Won’t Take On Christie, but May Run for Senate(NYT)
MT : If Boehner can't pass Plan B, he has a very serious problem on his hands. Of course, he has a problem even if he passes it 
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G.O.P. Leaders Head Toward House Vote on Boehner ‘Plan B’(NYT)
 Police Dept. to Use Internet to Try to Stop Shootings(NYT)
Harry Reid backs Sen. Frank Lautenberg in a prospective primary over Newark Mayor Cory Booker (Politico)
G.O.P. Leaders in House Pull Tax Bill, Citing Lack of Votes(NYT)
'Plan B' failure a 'victory for Republican principles,' says conservative lawmaker(Wash Post)
Chuck Hagel Had a Big Problem With ‘Aggressively Gay’ Nominee in 1998(NY Mag)

State Department officials resign after report blasts security, management 'failures' for Benghazi attack(NYP) * Some Answers on Benghazi(NYT Ed) Instead of just pointing fingers, Congress should provide more money for the security of American diplomats abroad. * At Benghazi Hearing, State Dept. Concedes Errors(NYT)

Hillary in hiding(NYP Ed * Greta Blasts Fox News Colleagues Who Got 'Snarky' On-Air About Hillary Clinton's Concussion

Leniency Denied, UBS Unit Admits Guilt in Rate Case(NYT)

Law and Order
‘In Cold Blood’ killers' bodies exhumed to check for link in 1959 Florida slaying(NYP)

'Voodoo victim' bashes grandmother and cop with plastic elephant tusk: police(NYP)

' I imagine Daily News editor Colin Myler is pretty pleased with himself this morning.'
'Super Mario Brother' busted in alleged Times Sq. grope(NYP) * Super Mario man arrested in Times Square groping(WSJ)

Fake doc busted for bad butt(NYDN)* Woman Arrested For Unlicensed Butt Injections(Huff Post)

Stabbed with an ice pick(NYDN)

Brazen bank robber hits five Queens branches(NYDN)

B'klyn music instructor busted for having sex with teen choir member: cops(NYP)

NYPD Officers Cleared Of Rape, Convicted Of Misconduct Head To Jail
Former NYC Cop Among Those Busted In Suffolk County Drug Ring
Judge Reinstates Lawsuit Related To NYPD Stop-And-Frisk Database (NY1)
E. Harlem says rising crime is top problem(NYDN)

, NYC Incarceration Rate down 32% since '01, rest of USA up 5%. Innov social justice progs & grt NYPD are why.

Staten Island home burglars piling loot into a shopping cart when cops arrive (SI Advance)

Peter Madoff sentenced to 10 years for his role in older brother's multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme

Voodoo' makes Harlem man beat grandmother to death(NYDN)*
Harlem Grandma Dies After Pipe Attack; Man Arrested(NBC)
Police Say a Man Attacked His Grandmother, Then an Officer(NYT) * Woman Dead After Police Say Grandson Beat Her With Pipe(NY1)