Friday, December 21, 2012

NY Mad Mad Mad Mad Political World

Sheinkropf Who Dumped His Long Time Client Thompson in 20090 for Bloomberg $$$ is Back With Thompson

But the Real Story with Sheinkropf is in How the Clueless Lacking Any Morals, Even Less Than a Hollywood Film Producer Who Peddles Violence to Our Children Protect This Guys Background.

What Sheinkropf does is help elected people to office and then Use those same people to make money for Himself

How in the world can Thompson hire a consultant who took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.  The press in a group has drop their prime mission of protecting the public by informing them of what is going on in their city, in exchange for the one lines and sound bites the consultant gives them.    Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  


Instead of the Press Serving  As the People Watch Dog They Feed the Beast By Reporting Fiction

This is How Politcker Reported on Sheinkropf
Former Comptroller Bill Thompson will bring Hank Sheinkopf, “a well known and rather salty Democratic strategist,” onto his mayoralcampaign.
This is how the Capital Reported on Sheinkopf
Consultant Hank Sheinkopf may reunite with Bill Thompson for the mayor's race. [Chris Bragg]
This is how Capital Tonight Reponted on Sheinkopf 
Veteran political consultant Hank Sheinkopf has signed on as a consultant to former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson’s 2013 mayoral campaign.

Only Barrett Understands the How Sheinkropf Controls Government and the Press by Deceit
"Sheinkopf copped a memo, (Barrett, Village Voice, 2010) too, obtaining it from an aide to the top Senate staffer, Angelo Aponte, who Sheinkopf personally installed in the key spot. He had the power to do that because the skillful Sheinkopf doubles as a lobbyist and as a political consultant, and had advised Senate Democrats in the elections that led to the 2008 majority, helping to make Malcolm Smith majority leader. Sheinkopf collected $356,741 in consulting fees from the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee at the same time that he was representing AEG and its precursor with Senate Democrats. Having worked for Bill Thompson and Mike Bloomberg most recently, Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made." 

Thompson's Pension Deal For Sheinkopf Partner
While Sheinkopf Worked for Thompson His Partner Norman Levy Did Well With the Pension Funds
"Norman Levy “received a half-million dollars” in 2006 payments from Bill Howell, a major pension fund placement agent, and “appeared sometimes to be Howell’s partner” in controversial deals with the fund, according to a source familiar with the transactions. Investigators concluded that they were splitting fees, and not disclosing it. The payments to Levy - whose conviction for running a parking-ticket-fixing-scam decades ago was also overturned on appeal - were allegedly tied to his introduction of Howell to a principal of Global Strategies, a consulting firm whose client, Intermedia, was seeking millions in city and state pension fund investments. Howell made the placements and shared the fees with Levy, who appeared to be listed as an employee of one Howell entity. Sheinkopf received payments from Levy shortly after Levy was paid by Howell." (Voice)

NYP and Daily News In Love With Lhota . . .  Koch Who Cheated With GOP Before Still Mad At Joe Pal Rudy Sticking With Quinn
Ed Koch won’t cross party lines to back Republican Joe Lhota’s likely bid for mayor(NYP)  Former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat who helped pave the way to election wins for Republicans Rudy Giuliani in 1993 and Rep. Bob Turner in 2010, won’t be crossing party lines to back MTA chief Joe Lhota’s likely mayoral bid. “I don’t believe that the city will elect a Republican at this time, which is what Joe Lhota is, because his philosophy is that of Rudy Giuliani, who antagonized a lot of people when he was mayor because of his pugnaciousness,” Koch told The Post. * Whole Lhota Talent(NYP) In the Post, Fox Business Network Senior Correspondent Charles Gasparino examines the accomplishments of MTA Chairman Joe Lhota and states his approval for his mayoral candidacy. Lhota did succumb to an offer from Goldman, he only spent a couple of days there — and walked out after getting a first-hand whiff of its back-stabbing corporate culture.* Lhota Faces Potentially Crowded GOP Field In Mayor's Race(NY1) * Daily News: "By force of experience, smarts & personality, Lhota provides a clear alternative" to the Dem field  * Supporters and opponents of MTA Chairman Joe Lhota’s potential mayoral bid agree that Lhota has a lot of catching up to do in terms of raising money, and must work hard to define himself politically, the News writes * Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch won’t be crossing party lines to endorse Lhota “because his philosophy is that of Rudy Giuliani, who antagonized a lot of people when he was mayor because of his pugnaciousness.” *
The Poughkeepsie Journal is sad to see Lhota go, and says the MTA needs another strong leader ASAP.

Koch Says Rudy Antagonized When He Was Mayor 
“I don’t believe that the city will elect a Republican at this time, which is what Joe Lhota is, because his philosophy is that of Rudy Giuliani, who antagonized a lot of people when he was mayor because of his pugnaciousness,”Ed  Koch told The Post.

Koch Forgets How He When After the Blacks
The Tuscaloosa News September 20, 1989

“Koch’s capacity to govern remains impaired by his insensitivity to blacks.” NYT This time, racism finally mattered. Ed Koch, who baited his career with it was sent packing hook, line and sinker. . .  Blacks who constitute a third of the city’s population and, in their powerlessness, have been Koch’s chief target of ridicule and abuse.

Campaign 2013 GOP Republican mayoral candidates Tom Allon, Adolfo Carrión and John Catsimatidis were among those that addressed the Brooklyn GOP’s holiday party last night.* City Council candidate Yetta Kurland no longer has a gun. “I am an unwavering longtime advocate for gun control,” she explained to The Villager. “Further, many progressive, outspoken politicians who advocate for gun control have been licensed for a firearm, including New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. I am not alone and continue to be a voice in efforts to make this world a safer place.”* Meanwhile, Ms. Kurland landed the endorsement of District Council 37 and Ms. Kurland’s opponent, Corey Johnson, was endorsed by Assemblyman Richard Gottfried.* endorses .* Billionaire John Catsimaditis predicts he will donate more $$$ to NYC GOP chairs than

Deputy Mayor Lhota Admits Shoving a Reporter
A reporter, Rafael Martinez Alequin, 66, whose self-published newspaper The Free Press is often critical of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, said that Deputy Mayor Joseph J. Lhota hit him in the chest outside City Hall yesterday and referred to him with an ethnic slur. Mr. Lhota acknowledged shoving him but denied using a remark derogatory to Latinos. He said the incident had begun as he talked to a colleague yesterday outside City Hall and Mr. Alequin insisted on speaking to him. The unidentified colleague walked away just before the altercation began.''He interrupted me and shoved me and I shoved him back,'' Mr. Lhota said. (NYT) * Does Joe Lhota Have a Toll Hike Problem?(NYO)

Hamlet in City Hall
The NYP Calls Liu A Circus Nutty Ringmaster the NYT A Lost Dreamer Mostly He is Just Trying to Hang On to Running for Office Until the Trials of His Treasure and Contributor are Over
John Liu, ringmaster (NYP Ed) Liu laid himself bare onstage: part Master of the Revels, part piteously pandering pol, part Bozo the Clown — even if he did leave off the big red nose.
And none of it had anything to do with the job New Yorkers are (over)-paying Liu to do for them — to keep a prudent eye on the municipal fisc. Leadership means more than pointing out New York’s rainbow of skin colors. And it means more than giving nutty speeches; this was actually Liu’s second State of the City address in just 10 months. Liu probably wanted to get his speech in before next February, when the felony trial of his former campaign treasurer and a top moneyman begins.* Roaming Far Afield, Liu Talks of Wages and Sick Pay * Liu Gives State Of The City Address(NY1) * NY1 Online: City Comptroller Lays Out Fiscal Proposals for 2013 * Here is Mr. Liu in a reporter scrum after his speech:*   State of visibility for City Comptroller Liu (NY World)  John Liu’s State of the City speech Thursday was supposedly designed to educate the public about New York’s finances. So, what, exactly, explained the dance performance and violin trio that preceded the comptroller’s remarks onstage at John Jay College of Criminal Justice?

House Clears Meeks On Loan Info
Meeks gets a pass(NYP) House nixes di$closure slap “I am pleased with the Ethics Committee’s decision, and I am glad that this matter is now closed,” he said in a statement. “With this matter behind me, and much work yet to be done, I am looking forward to serving my constituents with continued commitment and vigor on the many critical issues that face our district and our nation.” Meeks — who remains under investigation by the FBI and Brooklyn federal prosecutors — declined to comment further.* House panel gives Meeks a pass(NYDN)

Gun Control?  You Think Some in Albany Wants A Special Session to Pass A Pay Raise?
It makes no difference to wait 2 weeks to pass gun control legislation which will not solve the problem of outer state guns which are responsilbe for most of the shooting in NY.  Only a special session can assure pay hikes next year for the bums in Albany  State officials are not ruling out holding a special session of the Legislature before the New Year to consider passing a package of gun control legislation, after Gov. Cuomo revealed that negotiations on a bill are underway, The Buffalo News reports * Cuomo said he highly doubts a special session will be held before the New Year, though officials aren’t completely ruling it out.

Coalition State Senate Causing GOP to Flip on Gun Control
In a major shift, Republicans in the state Senate who have long thwarted new gun controls are now open to expanding the state’s assault weapon ban – although they have not yet signaled what new limits they would accept.The legal papers outlining the meat of Tkaczyk's appeal will be filed on Dec. 26. * Amedore-Tkaczyk update: Tkaczyk (D) had filed a notice of appeal over some 450 invalidated ballots in race. She trails by 37 votes* Seconding , , on NY1, cites grandfather clause for high-capacity magazines as a gun loophole Albany should close.

Former Gov. Patterson canned from radio hosting gig(NYP) * Paterson's Radio Show Is Being Dropped(NYT) * David Paterson Loses Radio Show, Has Nothing to Do(NY Mag)

NYT Partnering With the Internet to Fight Crime
Cop puts tweet heat on ex-cons (NYP) An NYPD captain is using Twitter to warn the public about convicts who have returned to the Brooklyn neighborhoods he polices. Capt. Jeffrey Schiff, commanding officer of the 76th Precinct, which covers Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Red Hook,..* Police Dept. to Use Internet to Try to Stop Mass Shootings(NYT) * City Reports Drop in Incarceration Rate (WSJ)

Close to Home is Gov. Cuomo's overhaul of juvenile justice (NYDN)

Are New York Mayoral Candidates Smart Enough to Keep Us As the Financial Capital of the World? . .  Are They Even Aware of the Problems We Face in A Changing World?
Atlanta Compaing Buys NY Stock Exchange Both Cities Will Run the Exchange for Now
.Atlanta futures upstart lands Big Board for $8.2B(NYP) * N.Y.S.E. Sale Reflects New Realities of Trading(NYT) * NYSE Deal Highlights Electronic Trading(WSJ) * NYSE to Sell Itself in $8.2 Billion Deal(WSJ * Timeline: History of NYSE(WSJ) * State labor officials say 29,100 private sector jobs were lost in November because of Superstorm Sandy’s impact on the New York City area. That cut total job gains for the year to 83,500. * In a deal that highlights the dwindling stature of what was once a centerpiece of capitalism, the New York Stock Exchange is being sold to a little-known rival, the Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange, for $8 billion – $3 billion less than it would have fetched in a proposed takeover just last year.* Greg David on NY: Despite Sandy, jobless rate fell?(CrainsNY)

Education - Teacher Evaluation Deadline Again
Walcott ups attacks Mulgrew and on teacher evals: "We don't have a clue what they want." ., continuing to talk teacher evals, says "we're not going to sell our students down the road for some money" But suggests teacher eval deadlines are fungible: "We can keep on negotiating" * Walcott: mulgrew instructed his negotiators "to walk away from the table." cc: * Teacher-union flap still nails on a chalkboard(NYDN)
Princeton Review to Pay Millions After Forging Records(NYT) The Review provided tutoring to poor-performing New York City public school students through a federally financed program, but falsified attendance sheetsTEACHER GETS DETENTION! Educator at elite public elementary(NYDN)

ATF agents raid Conn. gun shop where mother bought weapon; Nancy Lanza mourned(NYP) * Cub Scouts real troopers at Ben service(NYP) * Service Held for Mother of Connecticut Gunman(NYT) * Cardinal Finds a Biblical Parallel in a School Aide’s Selfless Life and Death(NYT)
* National Rifle (Selling) Association(NYT Ed) The firearm industry profits when the N.R.A. aggressively lobbies against sensible gun regulations.*Shooter Left Few Tracks, Online or Off(WSJ) * Scam artists set up bogus charity to collect on Sandy Hook victim(NYP)
* In Newtown, Daily Services Take Toll(WSJ) * Lack of Data Slows Gun-Control Studies(WSJ) * Mental-Health Records Missing From Gun-Dealer Database(WSJ)

Mayor Bloomberg vows to use his considerable resources to help support gun control throughout the country, primarily through his super PAC, and is already looking at elections next year where he can influence the debate
Bloomberg, Incensed by Shooting, Vows Stiffer Fight to Rework Gun Laws(NYT) * N.R.A. Leader, Facing Challenge in Wake of Shooting, Rarely Shies From Fight(NYT) * Gaps in F.B.I. Data Undercut Background Checks for Guns(NYT)Cuomo for Gun Laws(WSJ) In a radio interview, Cuomo said that he would make gun control a top legislative priority in 2013, and would focus his efforts on limiting access to semiautomatic rifles and closing loopholes in the state’s gun laws* Lawmakers, Cuomo Discuss Need For Gun Control Legislation(NY1)In the News, former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau writes that any gun control laws should include stricter regulations including allowing civil lawsuits against gun manufacturers:* Nearly two decades after lawmakers began requiring background checks for gun buyers, significant gaps in the FBI’s database of criminal and mental health records allow thousands of people to buy firearms every year who should be barred from doing so.*  “We hear you,” Obama said in a web video released this morning in response to more than 400,000 people who have signed a collection of petitions on the White House’s We the People website urging a swift response to the Newtown massacre.* .'s Mayors Against Illegal Guns has acquired 6% of its membership in less than a week thanks to Newtown: * Mayor Bloomberg Was Unpersuaded by the N.R.A.’s Press Conference(NYO) * Bloomberg Says NRA Leadership ‘Out Of Step’ With Members(YNN * Aborn To NRA: ‘Solution Is Not To Engage In An Arms Race’(YNN) * . & Dem lawmakers in the city endorsing Microstamping bill in Albany.* Rockaways Residents Say Rapid Repairs Not Living Up To Its Name

NRA calls on congress to put Police in schools for protection
This is your moment, America: The has 4 million members, your population is 311 million. Don't stand for this murderous crap any more.  
NRA's LaPierre: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"* NRA calls on congress to put Police in schools for protection *  NRA's LaPierre thinks every school in America should establish "a cordon of protection around our kids right now," including armed guards* Running transcript of 's news conference happening now: * NRA: Active retired police, military, security professionals, rescue personnel. They should join to create a protection plan for our schools * A cop in every school. Well, that's big government conservatism.

As gun-rights group calls for guards instead of gun control, madman shoots dead 3 in Pa.(NYP) * LaPierre says some perpetuate "dangerous notion" that one more gun law will protect us, where 20,000 other laws have failed.* united the nation in grief but the NRA news conference makes it clear the political divide over guns/solutions is as sharp as ever.* NRA: Why is the idea of a gun good when it's used to protect our president, but bad when it's used to protect our children & our schools.*  Lapierre: lashes out at entertainment industry, federal government, media. * BREAKING: National Rifle Association's CEO: Another Conn.-type shooter is waiting in the wings.  (AP)  * Nra's LaPierre blames video games, lax prosecution, lack of mental health database. Says violent games are "filthiest form of pornography."* LaPierre is really earning his $800,000/year salary today. Hope he has a good lunch waiting for him. * LaPierre: Mentions video games such as Grand Theft Auto, Splatter House, Kindergarten Killers in connection to violence. * NRA VP just before protester interrupts: "Rather than face their own moral failings, the media demonize gun owners"* LaPierre mentioning video games being violent. Showing a game called "Kindergarten Killers" that has been online "10 years" * N.R.A. Calls for Armed Guards at Schools(NYT) * 8 Things The NRA Blamed For The Sandy Hook Massacre(Buzz Feed) *N.R.A. Calls for Armed Guards in Schools to Deter Violence(NYT) * Who is Wayne LaPierre?(Wash Post)
Newtown residents blast NRA: 'They are without conscience and they are cruel'(NYDN)
NYC Mayor Bloomberg calls NRA's press conference 'shameful'(AP)
Parents, teachers react to NRA's proposal to put an armed officer in every school(AP)

NRA Blames Media During National Press Conference: Journalists React On Twitter(Huff Post)

Sandy Update
Superstorm Sandy aid takes moves forward in Senate(CNN)Supporters hope the momentum they got in the Senate will translate into swift House action next week, although key Republicans in the House have said they want to approve a much smaller bill. If a final bill is not approved before January 3, when the new 113th Congress convenes, supporters will have to start the entire process over again, something they are trying to avoid.* $60.4 Billion Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill Moves Forward in Senate(NYT)

Amid Bangs and Crunches, an Owner’s Heart Breaks(NYT) The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dismantled a house on Kissam Avenue in Staten Island on Thursday, the first on a list of about 400 properties in the city marked for removal.* OSHA Says It Is Investigating Garage Employee’s Drowning(NYT) * New Jersey Casino Revenues Lag Post-Sandy (WSJ)* City Housing To Provide $5.6M For Post-Sandy Rent Abatements(NY1) * Students From Storm-Damaged School See Their Beloved Mascot Once More(NY1) * TODAY team helps rebuild homes destroyed by Sandy. Video: * Teacher writes children’s book on Superstorm Sandy(NYDN) * R train to return to Brooklyn(NYDN) * Priciest Queens home is in storm-battered Rockaways(NYDN) * Operation Santa faces surge of letters after Sandy(NYDN) * City Urges Those Still Without Heat To Find Alternate Living (WCBS) * After His Home Was Flooded and His Music Lost, the Maestro Returns(NYT) * Ralph Nader wrote a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, asking him to make use of the NY State stock transfer tax as a stopgap measure to help New Yorkers begin to recover from Sandy as Congress is stalled on federal disaster relief. * GOP Pushes Back On Future Storm Funds; MTA Officials Testify In DC(NY1) * In Superstorm Sandy, Resurrected FEMA Engages 'Whole Community'(Huff Post) * Verizon Works To Restore Phone Service To Lower Manhattan Buildings * Undeterred by Sandy,Coney Island adult home aims to expand (NY World)

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned in a report that an $89 billion budget gap loomed between expected funding and the overall cost for key infrastructure projects throughout the state, and that the state should push for more federal funding, the Times-Union reports: 

As many as 200,000 New Yorkers stand to lose their unemployment benefits if the federal government does not come to an agreement over the fiscal cliff, including 7,500 from Central New York, the Syracuse Post-Standard writes: 

Washington  Plan B Did Not Work
After Boehner Tax Plan Fails, Next Move Is Obama’s(NYT)Even in Disarray, G.O.P. Has Power to Constrain Obama(NYT) * Obama Proposes Scaled-Back Fiscal Deal(NYT) * Lhota and Wife's Political Donations Tally Almost $80,000 Since 1980s(NYT) * Obama Waking Up From Dream of Grand Bargain(NY Mag)

G.O.P. Leaders in House Pull Tax Bill, Citing Lack of Votes(NYT) * Boehner's 'Plan B' Fails(WSJ) * Fiscal cliff chaos! Republicans balk at House Speaker John (NYDN) * Plan B Fails, Boehner Marches Toward Cliff(NY Mag)

Big Business Sells Out Small Business - Kimberley Strassel, Wall St. Journal
Boehner Cancels Tax Vote in Face of GOP Revolt - Jonathan Weisman, NYT
The Roots of Mass Murder - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

How to Get Better Gun Control - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg
What 2012 Population Estimates Could Mean in 2020 - Sean Trende, RCP
No End in Sight as Budget Impasse Drags On - Newhauser & Shiner,Roll Call
Republicans Are Lost, Divided, and Weak - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Conservative Blue: The New Reformers - Christian Schneider, City Journal
It's a Mad, Mad Michigan - Anna Clark, The American Prospect
ObamaCare & Government's War on Innovation - Carl Schramm, Forbes
Will the House Protect the Middle Class? - Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Detroit FP
Absent-Minded Voting - George Will, Washington Post
Robert Bork, an Unrepentant Reactionary - Jeffrey Toobin, New Yorker
Behind the Smears of Robert Bork - Walter Olson, Cato Institute
When Cities Go Bankrupt - Tim Cavanaugh, Reason
Exploiting Newtown - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek - John Branch, New York Times
The House is in recess until after Christmas.

Joe Scarborough Explodes At Rep. Huelskamp’s Assertion That Newtown Tragedy Is Being ‘Politicized’
Today's the Day to Act on Gun Control - Chicago Sun-Times
Cliff Diving: Obama's Failure to Negotiate Seriously - Wall Street Journal
Don't End Jobless Benefits - Philadelphia Inquirer
GM Is Alive and Taxpayers Got Ripped Off - Washington Examiner
Some 200,000 New Yorkers will lose their unemployment benefits at the end of December if Congress does not vote to extend them.
Cuomo’s aides are now eyeing Friday, Dec. 28, as a possible day to return to the Capitol. 
John Kerry to Be Nominated to Succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State(ABC)
Booker Studies Bid for Senate, Not Governor(NYT) * Booker's Senate Advice(WSJ)
Open Massachusetts Seat Could Give Path to Brown(NYT)

Obama nominates Kerry for secretary of state (NYP) * Obama Selects Kerry for Secretary of State(NYT) * Sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering, castrating sugar daddy lover(NYT)

Another Questionable Bank Settlement(NYT Ed) Yes, the Justice Department got a guilty plea and fined UBS $1.5 billion in a rate-rigging scandal, but the deal leaves the bank itself relatively unscathed

Law and Order

Former US Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton admits to life as a $600-an-hour hooker(NYP)

'Rape case' cop Moreno off to jail after losing his last-ditch appeal to remain free(NYP) * Ex-Officer Loses His Bid to Delay Serving Jail Term(NYT) * Ex-Officers Off to Jail(WSJ) * NYPD Officers Cleared Of Rape, Convicted Of Misconduct Head To Jail(NY1)

Big Construction Crooks Aways Walk
Construx big avoids jail in scheme (NYDN)A former top executive for one of the city’s biggest construction firms dodged a lengthy prison sentence in a massive overbilling scheme after his lawyer pleaded for leniency in a Brooklyn federal courtroom …
Deli clerk killed in Queens bodega shooting(NYP) * NYPD offers $12K reward for Queens bodega clerk killer(NYP)

VIDEO SHOCKER: Brute attacks woman in elevator(NYP)

NYPD, DEA find cop-shoot gun(NYP)

Sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for murdering, castrating sugar daddy lover(NYP)

B'klyn music teacher busted for having sex with teen choir member: cops(NYP) * Queens Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Teen(NY1) * Queens Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Underage Girl(NBC)

Complaints rising against Times Square costume characters(NYP)

Suit on Police Stops Is Reinstated(NYT) The New York Civil Liberties Union says the police should not retain information about people arrested after stops that lead to dismissed charges.A state appellate court reinstated a lawsuit from the New York Civil Liberties Union that challenged the Police Department’s authority to retain information about people who were arrested after a street stop but cleared of wrongdoing

Bronx mother helps parents navigate juvenile justice sy (NYDN)

Man Shot to Death in Queens Bodega(NYT) * City's Incarceration Rate Plummets as Nation's Climbs(NYT) * Man Shot Dead Inside Ridgewood Deli(NY1) * Worker shot and killed inside Queens bodega(WCBS) * 26-Year-Old Queens Deli Worker Shot and Killed(NBC)
Police Search For Suspect In Queens Shooting(NY1)
Police Look For Suspect In Alleged Sex Abuse Incident On 4 Train (NY1)