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Introducing True News Top Ten Uncovered

Begining Monday True News Will Begin a New Daily Feature the Top Ten Stories Not Covered By the NY Media

From those being investigated to those who should be. One of the True News Top Ten Uncovered Will list quesitons not being asked to the mayoral candidates about the real world he or she will face. Last week mayoral education forum turned into a wish list fantasy by the candidates becauses those contoling the dabate were unprepared or not qualified to ask follow up questing on how each candidates proposed ideas would work or not work in reality.  There seem to be a disconnect between candidates following their talking points to appeal to union support who are very important in the priamry and fiscial debt NYC is in.  New Yorkers need to aske the candidates about the budget gap and the almost 10% of New Yorkers remain unemployed. NY's failed 991emergency phone  or payroll systems. New York has long term debts that if interest rates go up are going to sock the city. Don't count on the media to break the fantsy campaign disconnect, they failed to do so in the presidential election

Campaign 2013 Giuliani Backing Lhota for Mayor (NYP) Rudy Giuliani believes Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Joe Lhota would be a "fantastic" New York City mayor and would do everything in his power to get him elected. * Debate Between Comptroller Rivals Continues(NY1) *Sources say that City Councilman Domenic Recchia is a favorite for Brooklyn Borough President, after Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer threw his hat in the race for city comptroller, a position that Recchia had been eyeing, the Post reports:* Ruben Diaz Jr. abandons 2013 Public Advocate race(NYDN)It looks like Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito's district was carved up, as part of a way for Council Speaker Christine Quinn to help Councilwoman Inez Dickens, an ally of the Manhattan Democratic county leader. [Erin Durkin] * . , asked about et al criticism over 911 during : "They don't know what they're talking about."* . announces bid for borough president * Eliot Spitzer wonders if Liu really counts as a contender anymore

Shocking Council Redistricting Protect Incumbents
Goo Goos and Reformers Remain in Hiding 
  Fantastic use of "Sometimes legislators create relationships with constituents." * NYC redistricting head "embracing" incumbency-protection is depressing


Quinn Was Able to Trade Council District for Political Support Unchallenged

Quinns Vito Lopez Deal Attacked by deBlasio
New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio called for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to reject a last minute insider deal that strategically moved Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s residence into the council district he is reportedly eyeing to represent, the Post reports
*Anti-Gropez push De Blasio to Quinn: Nix new ‘Vito’ district * NYC 2013: De Blasio Asks Quinn to Dump New Vito Lopez District * Commissioners who unanimously approved new NYC Council district lines last week were not provided with maps showing last-minute tweaks until an hour before  voting for them, according to former Sen. Frank Padavan. * Common Cause/NY doesn’t like that the new lines benefit Assemblyman Vito Lopez and urged the Council and Speaker Chris Quinn to “seriously reconsider” the plan.

Fight for Control of the State Senate, Sept Primary Dead?
After a thorough recount, Assemblyman George Amedore leads his Democratic opponent, Cecilia Tkaczyk by more than 100 votes in their ongoing state senate race, the third lead change since last Friday, the Times-Union reports: * With talk of a special session dying down, that could very well mean that the September 2013 primary date will happen after all. You know, the one that Board of Elections Commissioner J.C. Polanco once called a “practical and legal impossibility.” Should be fun. * This op-ed by Senator Jeff Klein, the leader of the breakaway IDC faction of Democrats, is mysterious. “For the four of us, bipartisanship is not a matter of political expedience. It is a matter of principle, rooted in the reality of the changing times. It is becoming increasingly clear, both at home and in Washington, that we are at a political tipping point,” Mr. Klein wrote. “For that reason, coalition government may be the model whose time has finally come.” As he went out of his way to tout his progressive positions in the piece, it’s possible he’s shoring up his left flank in the face of expected upcoming criticism, but it’s difficult to say for sure. * Senate Democrats say they won across state on issue of minimum wage hike and they want to pass it. * The Klein Coalition?(YNN) * welcome to Albany, Crains. "We can't have 63 undisciplined senators dangling their allegiance on eBay..." *PAC Pushes Cuomo On Backing A Democratic Senate(YNN) * Klein Pitches ‘Coalition Government’ To Paterson(YNN) * Klein says IDC bridges the Dem-GOP gap(TU)* ] NY State Sen Klein registered as Dem, elected as Dem should conference with Dems. Only reason not to-loss of personal power. * NYSUT's Pallotta on Campaign Spending - The New York State United Teachers union went in big on this year's election...  


A Poll Based on Name Recognition 
A Quinnipiac University poll for the New York City mayoral race finds City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leading the Democrats at 32 percent, and potential Republican candidate, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, losing to a Democratic candidate 60-9 percent * Strong Poll Numbers for Mayoral Hopefuls, Thanks in Part to Storm(NTY)


The state ethics commission will require political-advocacy groups to identify their donors, but the amounts donated are not specific
New Ethics Rule Will Make Some Donors’ Names Public (NYT)Givers of more than $5,000 to political advocacy and other groups will be named, but the entire amounts will not be specified.  New York State’s ethics commission will require political-advocacy and other groups to make public the names of donors who give them more than $5,000, under a regulation tentatively approved on Tuesday. But a new amendment incorporated into the regulation appears to diminish its impact. Under the changes, the groups typically would not have to report all the money their donors give, only an unspecified portion determined by a complicated formula. But a new amendment incorporated into the regulation appears to diminish its impact. Under the changes, the groups typically would not have to report all the money their donors give, only an unspecified portion determined by a complicated formula.

Hevesi: I Got Arrogant(YNN)* Hevesi Tells Parole Board He 'Got Arrogant' (WSJ) Hank Morris, the ringleader in a massive pay-to-play state pension fund scandal, got divorced from his wife during his time in prison. * Hevesi parole script released (TU)

Hybrid lemons (NYP Ed) Heaven help taxicab drivers who bought into Bloomberg administration propaganda that hybrid cabs would end up saving so much money from greater fuel efficiency. As The Post reports, hybrids appear to break down more than traditional gas-only cars — thus eating up efficiency “savings.”

By 36% to 11% New Yorkers Think Christie Did A Better Job Thank Cuomo
New Yorkers Give Christie Best Marks on Storm Response(NYT)* Duty Before Party(NYT Ed) Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey received the ridicule of fellow Republicans because he stood up for his state and praised President Obama after Hurricane Sandy.* Christie's Approval Rating Jumps After Sandy (WSJ) * Sandy Issues Create New Sets Of Challenges For State Lawmakers(NY1) * Poll: Christie gets high marks for Sandy response(Fox 5)

It looks like at least one store has seized upon Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s “black hats” controversy in a capitalistic manner. “How do you get 10,000 black hats (and their families) to your door if you’re not the mayor?” a full page ad in today’s Hamodia asked. The answer, apparently, is their “Black Hats Friday” sale.

Thanks to significant flooding from Hurricane Sandy, thousands of pieces of evidence in NYPD storage centers were damaged, which could have serious ramifications for several criminal cases
Flood of evidence: NYPD cases soaked by Sandy NYP) Thousands of pieces of evidence in NYPD storage centers were contaminated by toxic Hurricane Sandy floodwaters, jeopardizing criminal prosecutions in an unknown number of cases. * Sandy-Ruined Evidence Under Review(WSJ)

911 underplanned and undermanned(NYP) Poor planning led the city’s 911 call center to be woefully understaffed when Hurricane Sandy hit

"In one night, created a new homeless population of thousands." NYT Hurricane Sandy is exacerbating New York City's shortage of affordable housing. [Nina Bernstein]
* 1.4 million New Yorkers are food-deprived(NYDN) * Special ferry will help Staten Island(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Insurance companies running for cover(NYDN) Thousands of small businesses and nonprofits are locked in a battle with insurance companies, who are refusing to pay out millions of dollars in losses from Hurricane Sandy, the News’ Juan Gonzalez writes *
Spike in burglaries in Rockaways(NYDN) * Rockaway needs electricians(NYDN) *
Shelters Step In For Superstorm Sandy Victims Who Can’t (WCBS) * Volunteers Bring Thanksgiving To Grateful Rockaway Resi (NYDN) * Agency Brings Toys, Hope For Families Hit By Superstorm(WCBS) * Giant sinkholes a problem in Queens after Sandy(WABC) * Families Adjust to Life in Hotel After Sandy(NBC) * Restorers Aims to Save Photos Damaged by Sandy(NBC) * Shortage of Home Repair Parts After Sandy(NBC) * In the Post, Manhattan Institute senior fellows Mark Mills and Peter Huber write that instead of spending money making utility companies more energy efficient, the state should focus on waterproofing substations in anticipation of futre flooding: * Cuomo said the state regulates power companies "in theory." [Dana Rubinstein] * "Cuomo was asked whether he thought the Senate Democrats or the Senate Republicans were more progressive on issues like minimum wage and stop-and-frisk, given the governor's stated preference that New York be the progressive capital of the nation. He didn't really answer." [Dana Rubinstein] * "It's going to be a difficult time for the delegation to deliver," Cuomo said about federal disaster aid. [Erik Kriss] * The executive director of the Moreland Commission investigating the utility companies' response to Hurricane Sandy is Suffolk County Deputy Executive Regina Calcaterra. [Glenn Blain] *
District Council 37 is among the small businesses and nonprofits that say they are being short-changed by their insurance companies following Hurricane Sandy. [Juan Gonzalez] * Two drowning deaths in Zone B raise questions about whether city officials should have encouraged residents there to evacuate before Hurricane Sandy hit at high tide. [Andrew Grossman, Danny Gold and Alison Fox] *
FCC To Investigate How To Prevent Cellphone Tower Damage During Storms
The Red Cross let us down(Queeens Chronicle) * Staten Island storm victims offered temporary housing in western Connecticut(NYP) * Cuomo, Nat'l Guard Give Thanksgiving Meals To Areas Recovering From Sandy(NY1) * Tenants in Storm-Damaged Lower Manhattan Are Filing Lawsuits (NYT) * Former Gov. David Paterson will lead a panel of industry heavyweights set to examine Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the future of New York City’s real estate market.* The NYT posted an interactive map of flooding after Sandy. * A ConEd official pegged the cost of burying power lines underground at $5 million to $6 million per mile. The overall pricetag? $33 billion.* Suspect Arrested In Connection With Brooklyn Store Shootings(NY1) * City To Offer Online Classes For Displaced Students  * Staten Island Railway Damage Creates Longer Commutes For Riders(NY1) Some In Real Estate Industry Say Sandy Will Not Lower Waterfront Interest * Special Early Thanksgiving Dinner Held For Sandy Victims On Staten Island   * 27 percent of jail workers phoned in sick or went AWOL during Sandy(NYDN) * Free home in Midwest for Sandy victims(NYDN) *
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island to remain closed through rest of year(Fox 5) * Nearly $61.5 million provided in federal aid to Staten Island (SI Advance) * Mayor Bloomberg serves warmth at Staten Island pre-Thanksgiving (SI Advance) * Seaside Heights Coaster May Remain Submerged(NBC) * With Shelters Closed, Displaced Residents Stay In Hotel (NY1)

Emperor Bloomberg’s bureaucracy gone mad: City inspectors hassling heroes who feed Sandy victims

Bobby Eustace, a firefighter out of Ladder 27 in the Bronx, has been serving free hot food to the homeless and displaced and to relief workers and volunteers in Breezy Point. On Sunday, a freon-blooded inspector issued Eustace a notice of violation for not meeting the same food-handling standards as, say, the Four Seasons.

Read more:
The Four Seasons of Breezy Point Or the Grinch tried to steal Thanksgiving
Emperor Bloomberg’s bureaucracy gone mad: (NYDN) City inspectors hassling heroes who feed Sandy victims.  Bobby Eustace, a firefighter out of Ladder 27 in the Bronx, has been serving free hot food to the homeless and displaced and to relief workers and volunteers in Breezy Point. On Sunday, a freon-blooded inspector issued Eustace a notice of violation for not meeting the same food-handling standards as, say, the Four Seasons. * Zone A Zoning: Independent Budget Office Critical of Bloomberg’s Two-Faced Waterfront Developments(NYO)

Sandy = Taxes Down DiNapoli: Tax Collections Down $170M In October(YNN) * Schumer compares Cuomo 30 bill figure post-Sandy to Pataki post 9/11

First Pay Raises Out, Now the NYP Questions Governor is Flack Out by Sandy
Andrew’s latest dither(NYP Ed) The fix is in; the frack may be out Gov. Cuomo confirmed yesterday what nearly everybody suspected: With a three-person panel of health experts named just last week, the state will now miss the Nov. 29 deadline for the Department of Environmental Conservation to issue regulations for the natural-gas extraction process called hydrofracturing, i.e. fracking. * Cuomo: Review Of Fracking Regulations Study To Be Delayed(NY1) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed back a decision on fracking regulations for shale gas drilling past the Nov. 29th deadline and into 2013, citing the incompletion of a health study by the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Associated Press writes:  *NYC Councilman Gennaro Supports Cuomo on Fracking(NYO)

Bronx no longer only borough without public ice skating(NYDN)

V.I.P limos and luxury cars causing a headache around the Barclays Center, neighbors claim (Brooklyn Paper)

Ruling Expected Soon On Religious Groups' Use Of City Schools(NY1)

No Prison Time for Former New York City Construction Executive in Overbilling Scheme(NYT) James J. Abadie, who ran New York operations for the construction giant Lend Lease, was sentenced to two years of probation. He had admitted to paying foremen unworked overtime. *  Former Bovis exec get probation for overbilling(NYDN) * Ex-NYC construction exec avoids prison time(Fox 5)

Chevron: DiNapoli violates ethics law in push for environmental settlement
Chevron Accuses State Comptroller of Ethics Violation(NYT) A complaint filed with the state ethics commission accused the comptroller of a “quid pro quo arrangement” in which he received campaign donations in exchange for pressuring Chevron. * Chevron Files Complaint Against N.Y. Comptroller(WSJ)
Oil giant Chevron filed a complaint alleging that state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli received “illicit benefits” from those backing a 2003 lawsuit that claims decades of environmental abuse by a Chevron subsidiary, the Times-Union reports: 
  The News scolds state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli for his role in a lawsuit between Chevron and environmental advocates, saying his sole responsibility right now is to boost the value of the state’s pension funds through investing
Attorney David Grandeau, speaking to his ethical complaint against Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, didn’t exactly mince words on Capital Tonight last night:
“JCOPE has one charge, and that’s to be the regulator of ethics and integrity in New York State public officials. Unfortunately, I think this is a perfect example of the ethical Chernobyl that’s occurring here in Albany. JCOPE’s the regulator and they’re not watching what’s going on at Chernobyl. and we’re going to end up with meltdown after meltdown if they don’t.” * Grandeau Plans His Own Ethics Watchdog(YNN)

Hamas and Israel Agree to Cease-Fire, Clinton Says(NYT) congratulating palestinians for 'victory' over in 8 day conflict * PM Netanyahu's statement regarding a cease fire

How Hillary become the story of the talks that led to the Israeli/Hamas cease-fire. The media love her!

Bus Bomb in Tel Aviv
Bomb rips through bus in Tel Aviv, at least 17 hurt(WABC) * Bus Explosion Injures 10 In Tel Aviv * VIDEO: TV Footage of Tell Aviv Bus Attack Aftermat * Bus Bombing in Tel Aviv Complicates Truce Efforts(NYT)

Gaza brutes execute 'spies', as Hill rushes to truce talks with Bibi(NYP)
* Bizarro World logic vs. Israel(Goodwin, NYP) * Cease-Fire Deal Elusive in Gaza Conflict as U.S. Widens Its Role(NYT) * 10 Reported Wounded in Blast on Tel Aviv Bus(NYT) * Turkey Finds It Is Sidelined as a Power Broker in Mideast(NYT) 

Clinton Tests U.S. Influence in Mideast(WSJ)* As Middle East Tensions Continue, NYers On Both Sides Debate(NY1) * Three Palestinian Journalists Killed In Strikes(Huff Post)

Turning Brass Into Gold(Dowd, NYT) The alchemy of turning brass to gold: How three women used two generals to advance their own agendas. * A Broken Election System(NYT Ed) President Obama and Congress can make voting easier for all Americans and reduce the role of big money. Suggestions on how Obama can follow up on his spontaneous utterance during his victory speech about fixing the way Americans vote * Romney adviser says there is 'systemic crisis today in the world of polling,' particularly right-of-center polling: * Dem Congressman: Republicans Are Using Racial ‘Code Words’ To Attack Susan Rice * "[Bloomberg] will spend lots of money for causes and candidates - do not believe he personally will be one." — Maggie Haberman
Gaza's Grim Prophecy - James Kitfield, National Journal
Hamas Leaves Israel No Choice - Danny Ayalon, The Guardian
We're Facing a Bankruptcy Cliff - John Stossel, FOX Business
President Obama's Moment - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
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HHS Affirms Key Mandates of Health Care Law - Noam Levey, LA Times
Hobby Lobby Struggles Against ObamaCare - Ben Domenech, The Transom

How Obama Can Jam Through His Agenda - Timothy Noah, New Republic
Clinton Prosperity Means Clinton-Sized Govt - Steve Forbes, Forbes
Florida GOP Likely to Play by Rules in 2016 - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Branstad: Straw Poll Outlived Its Usefulness - Jennifer Jacobs, DM Register
Ready or Not, 2016 Race Underway - Jim VandeHei & Mike Allen, Politico
A Freedom the Candidates Ignored - Peter Berkowitz, RealClearPolitics
What's Next for the Welfare State? - Mike Konczal, The American Prospect
President Obama Needs a Family Plan - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times

Video Highlights: O'Reilly | Feinstein | Levin |  ClyburnPaul | More

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Where Will It End? - The Economist
Imagine If Hamas Was Backed By Nuclear Iran - Chicago Tribune
Governor Christie Right to Put Duty Before Party - New York Times
How the Press Helped Obama Over Finish Line - Investor's Business Daily  
City Harvest Salvages Food From Eateries To Deliver To Local Storm Victim
Obama campaign shifts gears to Phase 2: His second term(NBC)
Who are the winners & losers in the wake of tonight's ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict?(Daily Beast)
Congress will include a record number of women in 2013. Here's why there aren't more(Mother Jones)
U.N. Ambassador Defends Remarks on Benghazi Attack(NYT)
Rice says Benghazi comments based on preliminary intelligence 
Rice defends Benghazi remarks:(Politico)

Mitt Romney Celebrates Election Loss By... Going To Disneyland!!! 

Reports: Jesse Jackson Jr. To Resign From Congress
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigns(CBS)
Jackson Jr. to Resign House Seat (NYT)
Read Jesse Jackson Jr.'s resignation letter
Weeks after his re-election, Rep. Jesse  Jackson Jr. announced he would resign his seat in Congress immediately amid treatment for mental illness, stories of marital infidelity and a pair of federal investigations.

NYT CED Mark Thompson Had No Idea What Was in That Letter From Mark Thompson
Sulzberger: BBC scandal 'hasn't made things easy'(Politico) * Thompson feels the heat in New York over Jimmy Savile allegations(Guardian) *New York Times Chairman Says Scandal 'Hasn't Made Things Easy'(Bloomberg) * Leadership Advice for the New York Times and Its New CEO(Bussinessweek) *Mark Thompson Had No Idea What Was in That Letter From Mark Thompson (NY Mag

Doffing Its Hat and The Times T Beneath It(NYT) A Twitter feed built on tweaking The New York Times was briefly suspended, until it agreed to change its avatar, which put a beret atop the paper's trademarked Gothic capital T. 

After 75 Years, Removing the Taint of a Pilfered Teapot

 Lawn and Order 
NY commission takes up top court vacancy(WSJ)

Madam pimps & preens (NYP) She went out with a bang. Notorious Hockey Mom Madam Anna Gristina turned herself in yesterday for what was essentially a no-jail sentencing, then joined her lawyer in taking a parting shot at Manhattan State Supreme Court prosecutors — by calling District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., a pimp. * Accused Madam Sentenced to Time Served in Prison(WSJ)

Arrested and charged in Brooklyn serial killings(NYP)

Arrest in Brooklyn shopkeeper murders. Salvatore Perrone is charged with three counts of murder.
FIRST PHOTO: 'John Doe Duffel Bag' exposed as cops question him in B'klyn serial killings(NYP) * Suspect Arrested In Connection With Brooklyn Store Shootings(NY1) * Staten Island Man Held in Killings of Merchants(NYT) * 'John Doe Duffel Bag' Arrested in Brooklyn Killings, to His Neighbors' Relief (NYDN) * Gun Found in Apartment Tied to Man Linked to Merchant K(NYDN) * Police Make Arrest In Connection With Brooklyn Shopkeeper (WCBS)


Police question duffel guy in serial slays, find gun — it's the same caliber used in killings(NYP) * Police Interview Man in Connection With Brooklyn Merchant Killings(NYT) * Police: Man Being Questioned In Connection With Store Shooting(NY1) * Gun Found in Apartment Tied to a Man Linked to Merchant Killings(NYT) A .22-caliber weapon was found in a Brooklyn apartment linked to a man, nicknamed John Doe Duffle Bag, who is being questioned in the killing of three shopkeepers.* Sources: Man Questioned By Police About Brooklyn Store Shootings Kept Rifle In His Duffel Bag(NY1)Cops link Staten Island man's gun to three Brooklyn murders (NYDN)
Cops hunting suspect wanted for B'klyn rape(NYP)
Police Question Man In ‘John Doe Duffel Bag’ Brooklyn Shopkeeper WCBS) * Staten Islander quizzed in serial slayings(Fox 5)

Boy, oh boy! Elmo: take 2 (NYP) He tickled me, too * Posh scandal teacher out(NYP)

Cannibal Cop Will Not Be Enjoying Any 'Girl Meat' This Thanksgiving(NY Mag)
'Cannibal cop' planned to kidnap, eat woman for Thanksgiving: prosecutor (NYP) Forget white meat or dark meat — he wanted “girl meat” for Thanksgiving.* Officer Held in Plot to Eat His Victims Is Denied Bail(NYT)  * 'Cannibal Cop' craved 'some girl meat' on Thanksgiving: (NYDN)

Imelda Marcos’s Ex-Aide Charged in ’80s Art Theft(NYT) * Ex-Marcos Aide Is Charged With Conspiracy(WSJ) * Marcos aide indicted(NYDN) * 27 Years Later, Imelda Marcos's Ex-Secretary Charged in Art Theft(NY Mag) * Police Search For Suspect Who Raped Woman In Williamsburg (WCBS)
* Cops hunting suspect wanted for B'klyn rape(NYP)

Hedge fund manager arrested in $276M insider trading(NYDN)