Thursday, September 27, 2012

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What Happens North of Bear Mountain in Albany Stays There No More

Vito Lopez Sex Scandal Unravels 'Bear Mountain Compact' And Albany's Sordid Past(Huff Post) The accusations that emerged over the summer are hardly unusual in a state capital, especially Albany, which has such a rich history of sexual misconduct by lawmakers that it has its own, unwritten Las Vegas-like code: What happens north of Bear Mountain stays there.

Election 2012  Cuomo Backs Republican Who Lost Primary After Vote for Gay Marriage(NYT) * Cuomo has offered his endorsement to Republican , who lost his primary, adding an impetus for him to stay in the race on the Independence Party line, the Albany Times Union reports * Cuomo Endorses GOP Senator who Supported Gay Marriage (WSJ) * Rep. Bob Turner is considering a bid to become the next chairman of the Queens Republican Party, the Post writes * Two teens have been charged for throwing a rock through the Staten Island campaign office of Rep. Michael Grimm, who compared the vandalism to the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, the News writes * Campaign notebook(NYDN) * Avella leaves Muslim parade in disgust(Queens Crap) * “This could actually help the Democrats if it creates a three-way split,” said one Albany insider, predicting McDonald could take votes from the GOP primary winner, Saratoga County Clerk Kathy Marchione.* El Diario took account of the latest happenings in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. Read one notable note, “Assemblyman Guillermo Linares was seriously considering running against Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. It turns out that after meeting with supporters Linares decided to lay low for a while and let things calm down, but he is quietly planning to run again for the state Senate in two years.” * Perhaps the IDC will have some allies after coming up empty-handed in the September 13th Democratic primaries after all. Crain’s Insider reported that two Democratic State Senate candidates, Justin Wagner and Ryan Cronin, “sought financial help from a rival faction of the party, the four-member Independent Democratic Conference. … It’s unclear whether any cash will be forthcoming.” * He also discussed his side’s strategic map, going district-by-district to tout all of his strong recruits. Somehow Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder, who seem likely to caucus with the GOP, was left unmentioned. Interestingly, Mr. Sampson heaped by far the most praise on Democratic candidate Andrew Gounardes, running in a neighboring district: . letter: "Parks Dept could not have made a more fiscally imprudent & socially counter-productive move" cc: * McDonald Announces He Won’t Continue Campaign (Updated)(YNN) * Republicans Can Use Guv In Ads as Long As They're Accurate: Cuomo(NYDN) * Siena poll: Dem Rep. leads GOP Maggie Brooks, 52-42%. *Republican Who Voted for Gay Marriage Won’t Pursue Third-Party Bid(NYT) * Some 30% of Bronx residents live in poverty. More than 20% of Bklyn is in the poverty trap. These numbers don't lie: GOP Vice Chairman Vince Tabone says Phil Ragusa will be re-elected due to vast majority of leaders appreciating his hard work.b * The week that shook up the 2013 mayoral race (CrainsNY) * Lady Gaga Tweeted her thanks to Manhattan BP Scott Stringer for coming to her defense after Staten Island BP James Molinaro called her a “slut.”

Bloomberg says he’s supporting the Senate Republicans because the last time the Democrats controlled the chamber was “an embarrassment to this whole state.”

Update 10:15 Out

EXCLUSIVE: Sources say Sen. Roy McDonald won't move ahead with third-party run. Jimmy Vielkind. Too bad.Skelos: "last thing he or anyone wanted to do was to turn this upstate seat over to the New York City-dominated Senate Democrats" * Republican Who Voted for Gay Marriage Won’t Pursue Third-Party Bid(NYT) * Bloomberg hopes Sen. Roy McDonald changes his mind about not running in the 43rd SD on the Independence Party line.

Defeated Bronx candidate sues Board of Elections(NYDN) Over alleged irregularities, electioneering  Maximino Rivera sues Carmen Arroyo

NYT Says It Was the Nets Deal That Built the Stadium
Richard Lipsky Ratner Lobbyist Telling the FBI How the Public Paid for Brooklyn Nets and The House That They Play in . . .  $750 Million Public $$$
Nets Helped Clear Path for Builder in Brooklyn(NYT) The purchase of the New Jersey Nets in 2004 gave Bruce C. Ratner the leverage he needed to pull off his Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, a real estate megadeal. * Anticipating Fallout From Lobbyist’s Legal Cooperation(NYT)* Atlantic Yards Report: The Ratner-Kruger campaign connection * Ratner’s Kruger connection! Bruce had dealings with arrested senator (Brooklyn Paper) * Barclays has all of B'klyn abuzz! (NYDN) * NAACP alleges bias at elite NYC high schools(NBC) * Job-training group BUILD, signatory of CBA and Atlantic Yards booster, on shaky ground with budget, back taxes, and spending (Nets tickets, rent, precinct council), according to former CFO's complaint to NY AG(Atlantic Yards Report) * Barclays Center, a Rival for Madison Square Garden (NYT) * Is Brooklyn Losing Its Soul With Barclays?(NY Mag)

Occupy Barclays

It looks like the arena perimeter is getting fortified: vigil tonight, plus Occupy action overnight Not only is there is not only a vigil tonight, sponsored by AY Crime Scene, but also a plan to Occupy the Barclays Center by sleeping overnight.

Bloomberg High Unemployment Figures Not Correct
Who You Going to Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes
As Jobless Figures Go Up, Officials Dispute the Data(NYT)  In New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, leaders have echoed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in saying federal unemployment estimations do not reflect reality and need to be rethought. Bloomberg questioned the federal government’s jobless numbers, saying rising unemployment rates were not accurate and conflicted with other economic data 's office: "Whites in NYC earned, on average, $61,735 in 2010, compared to $28,961 for Blacks & $24,745 for Hispanics"* Of New York's 'sub-Saharan' income gap, Bloomberg says the numbers are 'meaningless'(Capital)

  7.6% of New Yorkers w 4 year college degrees live in poverty. But for Mayor What, Me Worry? sub saharan inequality of NYC no problemo

Nanny Mayor $$$ Grab Keeps Kids Fat
The Post slams Mayor Bloomberg for allowing the Parks Department to double its recreation center fees last year, causing both revenue and membership to drop
Nanny dearest(NYP) Ed) As The Post’s David Seifman reported yesterday, the city Parks Department has seen a precipitous drop in both membership and revenue over the past year at its neighborhood recreation centers. That’s because in July 2011 the city sharply hiked the fees it charges for using those facilities. Annual adult membership fees doubled from $50 to $100 at regular centers, and from $75 to $150 at those with swimming pools.  New Yorkers furious that health-conscious mayor hikes fees to use city rec centers(NYP) * Report: Rec Center Fee Bump Cost City Thousands

NY1 Online: Sampson Talks Vito Lopez Investigation

The Boyland's Of Brownsville
Most Assembly members asked to be reimbursed for their travel expenses this year, according to a report released by the Assembly last month. But there was one notable exception: Indicted Assemblyman William F. Boyland, Jr., who despite having appeared in Albany for at least some of the session days, asked for no reimbursements for his travel for the time period from October 2011 to March 2012. Boyland got in hot water last year for claiming expenses on days when he was not in Albany, and is reportedly under investigation by the Albany County District Attorney. 

Poster gal released from jail, proud of color scheme (NYP) * MTA Ad Policy Faces Overhaul(WSJ) The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is waging an internal debate over its advertising policies, just two months after losing a court battle in its refusal to display an anti-Muslim ad in the subway * MTA meeting to overhauls subway ad policies(WABC) * The MTA will begin an internal debate on its advertising policies in earnest today – just more than two months after its refusal of an anti-Muslim ad campaign was ruled to have violated the First Amendment of the Constitution. * Anti-Muslim Ad Vandal Would Have Gotten Off If She Was Jewish, Lawyer Says  * MTA To Add Disclaimer To Future Ads With Political Or Religious Content (NY1) * M.T.A. Amends Rules After Pro-Israel Ads Draw Controversy(NYT)

The NAACP accused the city of barring black and Latino students from eight of its best public schools, including Stuyvesant High School, through its high schools admissions test, according to a lawsuit

Civil Rights Complaint To Be Filed Against Specialized NYC High Schools(NY1)  * Rethinking Admissions Exams to Top NYC Schools(NBC)* NAACP claims racial bias at city's top schools(NYDN)

* Coalition offers affordable tech classes(NYDN) * NAACP fund alleges bias at elite NYC high schools: The NAACP Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint Thursday charg(Fox 5)

Critics Give New FDNY Entrance Test A Passing Grade(NY1) The News celebrates the rise in the number of blacks and Latinos who took and passed the Fire Department exam this year, and hopes their ranks in the FDNY will grow * A record number of blacks and Latinos took and passed the FDNY entrance exam, but the judge overseeing diversification of that agency wasn't necessarily correct, according to an editorial. [Daily News


NY1 Online: Debating the Board of Elections

Stop and Frisk Protest

Losing Faith in Stop-and-Frisk(NYT Ed) The Bronx district attorney should be applauded for refusing to prosecute bad arrests. * The News is not pleased that Sen. Chuck Schumer nominated Bronx attorney Nelson Roman for a Manhattan federal judgeship, citing a “boneheaded” decision that constricted the police’s ability to question and search suspects:*  Advocates Push Legislation to Reform Stop and Frisk(City and State) * Tell us what you really think, Councilman Peter Vallone. There’s a bill being considered that will redefine “racial profiling,” which the law-and-order lawmaker declared to be the “scariest bill to ever be discussed by the council.”* Hundreds Turn Out At Rally For NYPD Reform(City and State)

Bloomberg calls out Richard Johnson for not prosecuting trespassing arrests(NYP)* Bloomberg blasted the Bronx DA’s controversial policy of not prosecuting some trespassing arrests in public housing – saying that the move will bring the city back to its bad old days of crime and disorder.

MTA Boss Lhota "Be A Man Screw the Public"
M.T.A. Chief Challenges Board Member to 'Be a Man'(NYT) A heated exchange during a meeting of the transit agency's board came during a discussion over a proposal to change the board's meeting calendar.
The board was discussing a proposal to reduce the number of board meetings to 8 from 11, and add two “forum” meetings specifically for the public to address the chairman and the agency’s presidents. The board meetings include public comment periods. The board member, Charles G. Moerdler, expressed his opposition to the plan, saying, “At this time, we need to increase, not decrease, timely disclosure.”

Sampson: ‘Ravi Batra Did A Good Job’(YNN)

 Bronx community leader says Wakefield a "target"(NYDN)

The IG accused officials at Brooklyn’s Kingsboro Psychiatric Center of failing to create discharge plans for patients before putting them on the street, and ordering employees to fake records to make it seem as if that work had been done.

NYCHA opens the books(NYDN)
Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio issued a joint statement calling for more to be done for the poor. 

"Auntie Em"

Tornado Numbers Spinning(WSJ) New Yorkers must contemplate catastrophes on a daily basis—a terrorist attack, random street crime, a futon falling from a high-rise apartment window—and now it may be time to consider one more: tornadoes

Deaths Rise for Drivers, Bikers and Walkers on City Streets(NYT)

DMV To Not Allow Repeat Drunk Drivers Back On The Road(NY1)Cuomo announced a multi-pronged initiative to keep drivers with a history of repeat alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions off the road. Traffic fatalities from July 2011 through June 2012 in NYC were up 23 percent from the previous year — to 291, from 236. It was the first increase since 2007, when there were 310 traffic fatalities.* The city's transportation commissioner blames a spike in traffic fatalities on distracted drivers, but the Times doesn't see data to back that up. [Matt Flegenheimer]

Rushing to Service Man
Workers at J.F.K. Say Security Inspections Are Rushed(NYT) Workers who are supposed to check plane cabins after flights say they are compelled to compromise safety so that planes can return to the sky quickly.* JFK workers say security searches are rushed(WSJ)

 New York Security Guards Better Paid Than Rest of Country(WSJ)

Trial Begins For Driver Charged In Fatal 2011 Bronx Tour Bus Crash

Artists will embrace boarded-up E. Harlem school(NYDN) * New York Lags Behind Other Cities in College Graduation Rate(NYT) * The UFT is running a feel-good back-to-school ad that says NYC teachers are “ready” to prepare students for the future.

How New York immigration courts are upending a federal crackdown(New York World) In New York City's immigration court, three out of four deportation cases end with the target allowed to stay in the United States — even as judges across the country most often rule to eject from the country. How an assertive city is upending the feds’ immigration crackdown.

The New York Wheel is coming to Staten Island(SI Wheel) While in the early afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg will unveil plans for the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel–as well as a new retail complex–on the North Shore of Staten Island. The proposal is aimed at solving the age-old problem of keeping the throngs of tourists pouring off the Staten Island Ferry from immediately fleeing back to Manhattan without spending any money in the borough. Good luck.* Grand Eye In The Sky Coming To Staten Island(NY1) * World's Tallest Ferris Wheel Planned for Staten Island(NYT)

NYRA faces big week as Cuomo takes over board(WSJ) * The New York Racing Association will unveil a $250,000 mural that includes the image of officials fired for alleged mismanagement of the racing franchise, the Times Union reports * NYRA faces big week as Cuomo takes over board(Fox 5) * Horse Meat on Menu Raises Eyebrows(NBC)

No Vacancies: Union, Pols Push for Hotel Restrictions in Midtown East Rezoning(NYP)

Planned Federal Deficit Cuts Could Impact Zadroga Act Funds(WSJ)


The Making of A President 2012
‘Super PACs’ Are Finally Drawing Democrats In(NYT) * Ohio Gets the Love(NYT) Why do the undecided voters in Ohio get to have all the fun? They get Mitt, Barack, Paul, Jack Nicklaus and all kinds of special attention. * Mr. Romney Addresses Foreign Aid(NYT Ed)  A speech on the value of foreign aid and its purpose was encouraging, but there were also gaps and unanswered questions. * Electoral Drama Shifts to Ohio(WSJ) * Obama outlines plan for the next four years(CNN) * Scott Brown reprimands staff, but doesn't apologize for tomahawk chops *Mitt Romney To ABC News: ‘Very Pleased With Some Polls, Less So With Others’ * Obama Attributes Speech Flub to Inner Romney(NY Mag) * WATCH: Obama Touts 'New Economic Patriotism' In 2-Minute Ad * The first presidential debate next Wednesday in Denver is shaping up to be a do-or-die event for Mitt Romney, who’s trailing Obama in a number of key swing states.* Voters in the key swing state of Iowa start casting early ballots today as polls show Obama ahead there.* US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested there was a link between the Qaeda franchise in North Africa and the attack at the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.* As of yesterday, Clinton had already met with 21 heads of state and government and foreign ministers during a marathon schedule of meetings on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.
"The [Bloomberg-Netanyahu] event follows President Obama's much-discussed non-meeting with Netanyahu this week"
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Fans Are Victims of NFL Owners' Greed - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
After Mitt Romney predicted Barack Obama would say things that "aren't accurate" in their debate, the leader of a pro-Romney super PAC picked up the argument. [Karl Rove]
Romney campaign on GDP numbers: Economy is 'stuck' 
Poll: Obama strong among Arab Americans, but less support since '08(CNN)
Early Voting Under Way in Iowa
Giuliani Accuses Obama Admin. Of Covering Up Libya Attacks: ‘This Is A Major Scandal’
30.6% of US voters voted early in 2008. A look at how many in swing states did so: 
Before a Single Debate, Iowans Start Voting for President(NYT)
Democratic ‘Super PAC’ to Get $1 Million From Soros(NYT)
Before a Single Debate, Iowans Start Voting for President(NYT)
No, The Polls Aren't Oversampling Democrats | The New Republic
Jewish voters still solidly behind President Obama. Leads Romney by 65% to 24%. Most undecided Jews lean Obama.
American Dream Deferred? - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
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Latest Election 2012 Polls: National | State | Senate | House | Governor
How the Election Wasn't Bought by the GOP(NY Mag) the money in the world can't win over 18- to 35-year-old independents in Ohio.

Election May Decide When Interrogation Amounts to Torture(NYT)
 Netanyahu says nothing could threaten world more than nuclear-armed Iran(NYP)* AP VIDEO: Netanyahu draws a red line on Iran's nuclear development: * Israeli PM Has Closed-Door Meeting With Bloomberg Following UN Speech On Iran (NY1) * Netanyahu Sets a Time Frame for Stopping Iranian Bomb(NYT) * Benjamin Netanyahu whipped out a diagram of a cartoon bomb at the U.N. today. (NY Mag) * Bloomberg, Netanyahu Share Chilly Outlook On Iran Before Warm Meeting(NY1)

Confirmed within 24 hours US Embassy attack was coordinated strike, not film protest: report(NYP)

1960s photo reveals Mitt Romney's love for his wife Ann(NYP)


WATCH: Samuel L. Jackson’s profanity-laced pro-Obama ad(NYP)



Law and Order

Update Admitted he shot mother in sleep, beat her with bat: court record(NYP)

Bronx mom slain by teen son and thrown in Dumpster: cops (NYP) * Son Questioned in Death (WSJ) * Police: Son Charged With Murder After Mother's Body Found In Plastic Bin(NY1) * NYPD: Arrest Made In Case Of Woman’s Body Inside Plastic (WCBS) * Bronx Mother Was Killed by Jilted Ex-Lover: Family(NBC) * Bronx Teen Pleads Not Guilty To Brutal Murder Of Mother (NY1)

Thugs assault, rob deacon in basement of B'klyn church (NYP)

A Call for Help, Then a Fatal Police Shooting(NYT)

Gotti’s bro nabbed in woman’s beating(NYP) * Stray-slug thug busted(NYP) * Former Hospital Executive Charged in Kickback Scheme(NYT) The former chief executive officer of the Hospital for Special Surgery received kickbacks from hospital vendors, a hospital employee and a British-based health care organization, an indictment says. Collecting $1.4 million from three kickback schemes he carried out between 1996 and 2007,* Hospital's Ex-CEO Charged in Schemes(WSJ) * Stray-slug thug busted(NYP) * He raped her twice, DA says (NYP) *Child sexually assaulted during Jamaica break-in(WABC) * Armed Robber Sought in UES, Midtown Incidents(NBC)