Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Fix in Vito Case Already Done
Vito ‘payoff’ pols off the hook(NYP)Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s office doesn’t have “the resources to do a full-scale forensic investigation of all the other players” with potential involvement in the Lopez scandal, said a source who was told of the probe. But the probe does not appear to be looking at the roles others in government may have played in arranging or approving a secret $103,800 settlement in an earlier claim of sex harassment by other Lopez staffers.

The Cover Up Starts
Ethics Inquiry Limited to Assemblyman Lopez, not Speaker(NYDN)

Leadership Coup?
The Post’s Andrea Peyser calls Silver the “Joe Paterno of the state capital” for “coddling and enabling filthy sex fiends who infest the state legislature” and calls on him to step down:
New York’s own ‘Paterno’(NYP)  Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is the Joe Paterno of the state capital. For decades, he has presided over the Albany cesspool, where uninvited touching, underage binge drinking — and alleged rape — are pastimes encouraged by bored legislators and cronies. Silver saw something. He didn’t say something. Instead, he has coddled and enabled filthy sex fiends who infest the state Legislature. He did it with a wink, a smile and hefty checks footed by you, the taxpayer — all in the name of protecting the dysfunctional brand he has spent his working life creating.* Amid Controversy, Silver in Spotlight at DNC (WSJ) * Sheldon Silver facing serious threat to his power(NYDN) Silver could be facing a leadership challenge in the Assembly, as some members are privately assessing whether he could survive a coup * Assembly Democrats “smell blood in the water” and are assessing whether Shelly Silver could survive a coup attempt.* Sheldon Silver ‘Wasn’t Expecting’ to Have His Remarks Cut Off at the DNC(NYO) * Silver’s (Foreshortened) Moment(YNN)
* Critics Say Assemblyman Vito Lopez Is On Blatant Power(NYDN) * Top N.Y. Dems not eager to vilify Speaker Sheldon Silver (SI Advance)

 GOP Moves Against Silver
Republicans Use Lopez Case as a Weapon(NYT) The G.O.P. is seeking to make Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal a campaign issue against Democrats.State Republicans are making Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal and Speaker Shelly Silver’s settlement a campaign issue this fall, calling on opponents to denounce Lopez and Silver * The News calls on Brooklyn’s Democratic County Committee members to prevent Lopez from playing a role in the party machine by “shredding his proxy forms”:

NYP Says Cover Up of Conspires  
The New York Times supports Eric Schneiderman’s investigation into Bain Capital and other private equity firms.  While the Post thinks it’s all part of a “Gropez coverup.”
Schneidy’s gropez-coverup dodge(NYP Ed) Did the AG and his aides conspire with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to hide the $103,000 settlement of charges against Assemblyman Lopez? * Why did his office say it was contacted merely for “an informal consultation” about the deal, when in fact it got three separate e-mails about it, including when it was asked to flag anything “problematic”? * Why didn’t the AG insist that Silver strike the deal’s confidentiality clause — if such a provision really violates Schneiderman’s policy, as he now says it does? * G: Fewer incidents with synthetic drugs since ban(Fox 5)

Not A Word from the NYT About the Albany Scandal . . .  With the Bloggers and the New Found Balls of the NYDN and NYP The NYT Old Way of Containing A Story to Help the Powerful is Not Working

The NYT Distracts The Times calls for the elimination of a loophole allowing for a lower tax rates on capital gains amid Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s subpoenas of private equity firm tax documents: * The Post accuses Schneiderman of “changing the subject” with his Wall Street investigations instead of answering questions about his involvement in Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment settlement: 

DNC Bands Liu But Still A Mayoral Candidate in NYC 
What Happens to NYC Ethical and Moral Standards?

Excluded From Democratic Convention List, Liu Tours Asia(NYT)

Election 2012 Asian-American vote key in 16th Senate District(NYDN) * Campaign Notebook(NYDN) * John Messer Honors Pledge to Invest $500,000 Into Own Campaign(NYO) * Is Christine Quinn Going National? (City and state) * Term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson endorsed Ben Akselrod over incumbent Steve Cymbrowitz. From the press release, “I am proud to endorse Ben Akselrod for NYS Assembly. I have listened to my constituents and have heard their ‘shout-out’ for change. Akselrod is the right man for the job.” * Spotted: A Facebook ad for Ola Alabi that directs to this campaign video. * Republican congressional candidates ranging from Dan Halloran to Maggie Brooks seized on the whole Jerusalem platform issue. *

A Jimmy Meng plea deal could be in the works.

City & State looked at interest groups’ efforts to set the agenda for the next legislative session.


The Making of A President 2012
Clinton boosts Obama in rousing speech; Dems nominate Bam for second term(NYP) *Let Obama Finish the Job, Clinton Urges(NYT) * A Stinging Rebuttal to G.O.P.’s Plan Caps Night of Appeals(NYT) * A Startling Truth Amid the Hyperbole(NYT) * Democrats, Pushed by Obama, Alter Platform Over Jerusalem(NYT) * Bill, Barack and Us(NYT) * More on what happens when the Bill Clinton show goes on the road to swing states. *Clinton Makes Case for Obama(WSJ)
Jerusalem Language Restored by Democrats(WSJ) * Bill Clinton Hails President Obama During Speech At Democratic(WCBS) * Staten Islanders among Dems dazzled by Bill Clinton(SI Advance) * How Bill Clinton does it:  * Hillary Clinton watches husband deliver convention speech(CNN) SecState Clinton watched speech in Timor Leste on ambassador's computer. Aide: she was riveted; "It's possible she did not blink even once."  * Fact checking Bill Clinton’s speech and other Democrats at the convention in Charlotte(Wash Post) * Bill Clinton nominates Barack Obama at Democratic National Convention - and Twitterverse explodes (SI Advance) *Bill Clinton gave a 48-minute speech at the convention last night and the pundits are gushing.* In the speech, Clinton channeled Ronald Reagan and urged the country to give Obama four more years. Clinton went off script a few times.* Dana Milbank: “This is a convention of the media, by the media and for the media.”* Stringer: Jerusalem Plank Was ‘A Typo’ * Obama, Asking for Patience, Paints Election as Bald Choice(NYT) * ‘I Want,’ He Said: Obama’s Speeches(NYT) * For President, Job Numbers May Keep Respite Brief(NYT) The August employment report, to be released Friday, could limit President Obama’s convention bump.

The Romney campaign’s response:
“President Clinton drew a stark contrast between himself and President Obama tonight. Bill Clinton worked with Republicans, balanced the budget, and after four years he could say you were better off. Barack Obama hasn’t worked across the aisle – he’s barely worked with other Democrats – and has the worst economic record of any president in modern history. President Clinton’s speech brought the disappointment and failure of President Obama’s time in office clearly into focus.”

Jon Stewart Mocks Democrats’ Idolization Of ‘Mythical,’ Superhero Obama


A Jerusalem party-choke(NYP)Dems flip on Israel & God * Warren Appeals to Base and Delivers Broadsides(NYT)   *Emanuel Takes On Role of ‘Super PAC’ Wrangler * Gay Democrats Celebrate a Newfound Visibility * The Campaign-Super PAC Revolving Door(NYT) * Democrats Fumble Major Israel Issue, Put Jerusalem As Capital (WCBS) * Anderson Cooper Says Wasserman Schultz In ‘Alternate Universe’ About DNC Platform Change * CNN Panel Confused By ‘Embarrassing’ Delegate Revolt At DNC Over Jerusalem, God

A Piece of Shit Billionaire Tell Us Were Better Off with 10% Unemployment
Better Off? Depends(WSJ) A national debate took a local twist Tuesday when Mayor Michael Bloomberg weighed in on behalf of New Yorkers on a familiar presidential campaign question: "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?" Mayor Michael Bloomberg said New Yorkers are better off today than they were four years ago, but unemployment remains high at 10 percent and a record number of people fill homeless shelters

Don’t know much about history(NYP)
Rep. Yvette Clarke.Appearing on The Colbert Report Tuesday, Democrat Clarke proceeded to deliver a jaw-dropping rewrite of history.  Asked what she would say to Brooklynites who were preparing to join New York City in 1898 if she could go back in time, Clarke replied: “Set me free.” By which, she said, she meant free from “slavery.” “I didn’t realize there was slavery in Brooklyn in 1898,” said a theatrically befuddled Colbert. Said Clarke: “I’m pretty sure there was.” Well, Colbert asked, “Who would be enslaving you in 1898 in New York?” “The Dutch,” answered Clarke — with absolutely no sign that she was kidding. For the record, the Dutch lost control of New York in 1674.
And, of course, slavery was outlawed in New York in 1827 — and in the entire country in 1865. * Congresswoman Time-Travels, and Eyebrows Are Raised(NYT) * Brooklynites Were Enslaved in 1898, N.Y. Rep Tells 'The Colbert Report'(WSJ) * The News awards Clarke a “knucklehead” for joking that slavery continued in Brooklyn past 1865 on The Colbert Report: * Both the New York Post and the Daily News ridiculed Yvette Clarke. 

Shirley Huntley’s campaign kept paying funds to her family and friends.

  Special Ed Gold Mine, Part 2: DOE Relying On Private Contractors For Special Ed Services(NY1)
Pushing for Class Size of One(WSJ) Private schools have always praised the value of intimate classes, where teachers and students have a chance to connect. Now the New York state Education Department is weighing whether to approve an independent school that takes that idea to its ultimate conclusion: Every class has only one student. The New York State Department of Education is weighing whether to approve an independent for-profit school hoping to open branches that offer class instruction for only one student at a time, the Journal writes:  * City trying to fire perv teacher(NYDN) * Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott promised more outreach to parents during the school year, as 55 new schools, including 24 charter schools, open this morning for their first day, the News writes:

U.S. Court Halts Some Cuts for Medicaid Home Care(NYT)The city and state violated federal law in cutting back Medicaid-financed personal care for hundreds of New Yorkers last year due to budget pressures, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled on Tuesday,
* Retiree Health Costs Rising(WSJ)

Hunts Point Market Deal Runs Into a New Obstacle(NYT)  The operator of the Hunts Point Produce Market, which received $172.5 million to stay in the Bronx, has accused the city’s Business Integrity Commission of interfering with market operations.

Chelsea Market Expansion Unanimously Approved By Planning Commission(NY1)

Must fix lifts fast, NYCHA (NYDN)

Red ink Shrinkin’(NYP) Source: Mets loss falls to $23M, but no help to payroll

Big crime toll for minorities(NYDN) The latest NYPD statistics show that crime is centered overwhelmingly in minority-group neighborhoods