Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lopez Goes Man O Mano With Silver

How Badly Will Lopez's Refusal to Leave Hurt Silver His Bag Man? Will Investigations And Exposure of the Real Albany Destroy Both Men? Establishment Moves to Kill Vito
PARTY’S OVER: Less than two weeks ago, Lopez and Speaker Sheldon Silver were among the two most powerful men in New York state politics. Now, a sexual harassment scandal that has dethroned the Brooklyn Democratic boss is weakening Silver, who has been untouchable in the Capitol for more than a decade(CNN) * The News says Silver shares responsibility with Lopez for the “debacle” because he has been unable to remove Lopez from office * Carl Paladino Calls on Silver to Resign(City and State) * Engel calls for Lopez to resign * Turner, Cox Unleash On Silver(YNN) * Albany DA joins Vito Lopez sex harass probe

The most important factor in politics is loyalty. The second most important is respect.” Lopez
If This Brooklyn Kingmaker Is Asking, Saying No Is Risky Option(NYT) Legislators began to debate how to expel Lopez from the Assembly as the Brooklyn lawmaker vowed not to resign over sexual harassment allegations. Lopez has long bullied government officials, colleagues, and housing advocates, including a former director of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to get jobs for his relatives, according to sources* Lopez Defiant On Calls to Resign(WSJ)

Subpoenas to put the heat-o on Vito(NYP) * The state Joint Commission on Public Ethics voted to open a formal investigation into alleged sexual harassment claims against Lopez and will likely issue subpoenas in the probeLegislators Debate Expulsion in Sexual Harassment Case; Lopez Vows to Remain(NYT) * State Ethics Commission Meets About Lopez Case * The PEF endorsement list is out, and Lopez is on it.

NYP Says Real Crime is Silver's Cover Up 
What Does Lopez Have On Silver . . .  Housing Deals?
They got it covered – up (Goodwin, NYP)  The Post pummels Silver for saying that he counseled Lopez to resign in private and argues the “real scandal” is that Silver orchestrated a publicly funded cover-up of Lopez’s misconduct: The Post’s Michael Goodwin admits an error in his Sunday column but does not regret suggesting that Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and other state officials conspired to keep secret a settlement to two women Lopez allegedly harassed: * Not so fast, Shelly (NYP Ed) The Post pummels Silver for saying that he counseled Lopez to resign in private and argues the “real scandal” is that Silver orchestrated a publicly funded cover-up of Lopez’s misconduct In Sunday’s column, I mistakenly attributed to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman comments made by an outside lawyer in the sexual-harassment case rocking Albany. I regret the error. However, I definitely do not regret suggesting that Schneiderman and other top Democrats conspired to keep secret a payoff to the two women who made the harassment charge against Assemblyman Vito Lopez. In fact, my biggest mistake was in giving the pols any benefit of the doubt. It is clear now they deserve none. Schneiderman and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli dirtied their hands in helping Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver settle the case outside the formal complaint system. Silver wanted the payment of $103,000 in taxpayer money hidden from voters, and aides to Schneiderman and DiNapoli went along. * Schumer: Lawmakers Should Try to Expel Vito Lopez (WSJ) * Zaino: If Sheldon Silver doesn't step aside at convention, Democrats should insist(Newsday) * Buffalo News editorial: "Albany clearly remains what it has been for years: an ethical cesspool" Should Assemblyman Vito Lopez resign? NYS Dem co-chair, Assemblyman Keith Wright: "it's up to him." * .@carlpaladino emails re Sheldon Silver: "Is there no one in the spineless press who has the cohunes 2 stand up 2 this diabolic scoundrel?" * Maloney Says Silver Got Standing Ovation From Delegates(City and State) * Asked directly if he thought Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should be representing New York during the roll call in Charlotte tonight, Sen. Bill Perkins replied, “No comment.”

Pols Rally By Circling the Wagons
Is Nadler Saysing If I Agree With Your Politics Being A Bag Man for A Sex Harasser Does Not Matter?
Rep. Jerrold Nadler, one of the first elected officials to call on Mr. Lopez to resign, said he doesn't believe the speaker should resign as well. "He made a mistake. He admitted as much," said Mr. Nadler, adding that it's appropriate to await the formal investigation into the speaker's involvement in the case. "As of now, he has a great career as a progressive leader."
“I don’t think [Silver's] in trouble. I think when the facts come out, it will show that the speaker did nothing wrong,” Assemblyman Joe Lentol said. 

Liu Banned in Charlotte Mayoral Candidate in NYC
Who Said New Yorkers Had Low Standards
NYP Says Liu Should Drop Out of Mayoral Race
John Liu’s road tripJohn Liu’s road trip(NYP) If shameful Shelly Silver is welcome in Charlotte for the Obama re-coronation, who would have thought that there’s a New York pol who’s too dirty to get an invite?
As The Post first reported in May, city Comptroller John Liu — the city’s No. 3 elected official — was denied a delegate seat by the New York state Democratic Party.The Post urges City Comptroller John Liu to drop out of the mayor’s race, after noting that the state Democratic Party denied him a delegate seat to the Democratic National Convention earlier this year

At the Convention, Mayoral Politics(WSJ)Meeting with union leaders, delivering speeches, hobnobbing with party poo-bahs: The 2013 mayoral contenders have descended on the Democratic National Convention to build support among the party faithful.* Former comptroller William Thompson: RNC in Tampa was full (SI Advance) * Christine Quinn continued play nice with the Queens County Democratic Party in 2012′s primaries by endorsing Jerry Iannece for Rory Lancman’s seat. She previously endorsed Grace Meng and has been raising money for Toby Ann Stavisky. * Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's wife talks about her Caribbean family. [Tina Moore]

Election 2012/3 Frank Seddio said he has no interest in being “interim president,” meaning that he’s giving up on his City Council campaign. * Asian and Latino advocates aren’t thrilled with the City Council’s proposed maps.* Sen. Duane’s Long Goodbye(YNN) * The IDC, despite the rumors that they would back his challengers, is backing Adriano Espaillat.* Joe Lentol, one of the few last hold-outs in Lincoln Restler’s reelection campaign, finally got on board Mr. Restler’s team. * County-backed Dems in competitive primaries were all endorsed by the Queens Chronicle. * The Jewish Press endorsed incumbents in Queens and Brooklyn, weighing in for Jerry Iannece as well. * New Kings Democrats thinks Vito Lopez is still up to funny business. *  Shelly Silver called Lopez’s vow to stay in the Assembly “irrational.” * The anti-Lopez Satmar faction is happy about his downfall, quote one fixer in the community, “Mazel Tov To our Dead Tiger!!! Shelly Silver strips Vito Lopez of Housing Committee chairmanship after sexual harassment allegations were levied against him.”

  Yvette Clarke Struggles With History on Colbert Report [Video][Video] * Brooklynites Were Enslaved in 1898, N.Y. Rep Tells ‘The Colbert Report’(WSJ) * A Congresswoman’s Call for Freedom From the Dutch (NYT)


Embattled Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera still has an ally in Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

NYC No Jobs and the New Ones Are Lower Paying
New York is creating jobs faster than the rest of the country, but not fast enough (NYDN Ed) New positions haven't brought down the unemployment rate and pay less than the old ones  The News laments the city is shedding middle and upper-income jobs and replacing them with low-wage positions, as the unemployment rate remains near 10 percent:

Seabrook Denied New Trial By Judge(NY1)

With City Council Redistricting Looming, Activists Unveil "Unity Map"(NY1) The City Districting Commission introduced a first draft of new maps for 51 City Council districts, as some activists called for more districts catering to Asians and Latinos, the News reports: * Submit Your Own City Council Map

The wife and times of Obama(NYP) * First Lady Leads Push to Paint Rivals as Out of Touch(NYT) * New Democratic Voice Challenges G.O.P. Vision(NYT) * Clinton Carves Legacy of Giving (to His Party, Too)(NYT) * Michelle Obama’s Speech | Julián Castro’s Speech(NYT) * Nate Silver on Polling | Matt Bai on Clinton * Matt Stopera on Delegates at the D.N.C. * The Comeback Vegan(Dowd, NYT) Bill and Barry are together again. But this was a union made by transaction, not a bromance. 
It’s Mitt’s World(NYT)  The world has become more interdependent, and this new reality requires a new kind of American leadership. * Democrats Push to Rebut GOP(WSJ) * Platform Change on Jerusalem Sparks Debate(WSJ) * Bill Clinton to Take Center Stage (WSJ) * Peggy Noonan's Blog: Waiting for Sinatra(WSJ)* Cory Booker Pitches Party Platform at Democratic Convention(WSJ) * First Lady Michelle Obama Says President Is ‘The Man We (WCBS) * First Lady Michelle Obama Delivers Love Letter With Substance At Democratic National Convention * MA Gov. Deval Patrick’s Rousing DNC Speech Slams Romney’s Record As Governor * War Hero Tammy Duckworth Blasts Mitt Romney For Ignoring Afghanistan At RNC * Michelle Obama Wants Four More Years as 'Mom-in-Chief' (NY Mag) * Julián Castro’s keynote took on “You Didn’t Build That” and drew favorable reviews.* Bill Clinton has a real challenge tonight: Defend the president’s record while not overshadowing him. *U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer boldly predicted no Democratic senators will lose their seats in D.C. this year. * Here is the president and his daughters watching Michelle Obama’s speech last night. * Heilemann on Michelle Obama’s Stunning Speech(NY Mag) * Frank Rich on the National Circus: Michelle Obama Has Come a Long Way(NY Mag)
* Fearing empty seats, Obama's convention speech moved indoors(NYP) * Governor Cuomo is addressing the New York delegation’s breakfast tomorrow. * He’s not present, but his staff is controlling virtually every aspect they can of the delegates’ lives.* Clinton loyalist Ed Rendell dings Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying he has “no sense of humor” and isn’t at the convention because he wasn’t invited to speak.

Jon Stewart & Co. Refresh Obama’s Campaign Slogan To Suit 2012: ‘Yes, We Can, But…’

How Manhattan Remains Liberal, Ship All the Problems to the Outer Boroughs
UWS Residents Protest City's Plan for Homeless Shelter(NBC)

An app by Uber hopes to connect people seeking rides with drivers of yellow cabs more efficiently.As a Taxi-Hailing App Comes to New York, Its Legality Is Questioned(NYT) The app’s creators plan to introduce it on Wednesday, but taxi officials say the program may have a significant problem: city rules do not allow* New Cab Fare Calculus: New Decal + New Meter(NYT) * Taxi Fare Increase in Effect(WSJ) * New Taxi Fare Hike Goes Into Effect (NY1)

"N.Y. court to decide if lap dance is tax-exempt art" 

Searching for Answers After Violence Mars Parade(NYT) * Stabbing victims had hoped to sit out West Indian Parade (NYDN)

Lunch Trays Got Too Lean in City’s Fight Against Fat(NYT) Some New York City public schools often served children fewer calories than the federal government required during school lunches, but city officials say new federal guidelines prove they were right all along* Weight-Loss Leaders Back Bloomberg Soda Plan(NYT) * Major Weight Loss Groups Back Mayor's Sugary Drink Ban(NY1) * Health Department Releases More Graphic Anti-Smoking TV Ads(NY1) * Bittersweet day for Mayor Bloomberg as poster gal for his soda law, Rachelle Conley, says drink size doesn’t matter! (NYDN) Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued to push for restrictions on the sale of large sugary drinks on Tuesday, but misfired when one weight-loss advocate he introduced said she would just reach for another drink

Suspended Principal Among 5 Fined by Conflicts Board(NYT)* Prospect Heights public school loses federal funding after (NYDN) For a Prospect Heights public school, fewer poor students means a leaner budget.


NYPD Busted for Barbecuing Behind Ray Kelly's Back(NY Mag)

Brooklyn Rabbi and His Brother Plead Guilty in Section 8 Fraud(NYT) Rabbi Leib Glanz and Menashe Glanz were accused of stealing more than $220,000 over 15 years in housing subsidies for low-income people.

Stab-fire ‘slayer’s sex rapStab-fire ‘slayer’s sex rap(NYP)
‘Star’ beats slash rap(NYP)* Upper E. Side rapist caged(NYP) * Notorious jail rabbi guilty(NYP) * Drug thugs kill the queen(NYP) Legendary NYC & Colombia gang boss whacked * Parks Dept. Worker Is Killed in Queens(NYT) * Man Is Charged in Wife's Death(WSJ) * NY men sentenced in fatal drug-buy shooting(WSJ) * Vigil Held For Brooklyn Shooting Victims(NY1) * Man Stabbed To Death At Queens Rec Center(NY1) * 11 suspects nabbed in two multi-million dollar Bronx dope(NYDN) * Parks Worker Fatally Stabbed by Co-Worker(NBC) * A political fixer in Jewish Williamsburg plead guilty to fraud.*Police Seek Brooklyn Armed Robbery Suspect(NY1)