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High Albany Official: "The Wheels Are Coming Off State Government"

New Letter from  Ravi Batra

In response to your questions, and limited by my continuing confidentiality obligations

"While I was at Jcope, I honored my fiduciary duty to the public and served with idealism, albeit, informed by real life, to the point of exhaustion so as to enhance the sacred honor of my special references, great persons all, who vouched for me, friends and family, and for regular people to again believe in "truth, justice and the American way!" Sorry if believing in what is uniquely American may sound corny to some - maybe that's why we need real public ethics.

The funny thing is that yesterday I and the Governor intersected at the Moreland Act powers' square. I going north, to have restored on to Jcope that which belongs to Jcope by law: actual in-fact independence so as to be law abiding and have real jurisdiction over all who are so subject. The Governor going south, to threaten any at Jcope who didn't do his bidding, no matter any due process timetable, by threatening punishment if the matter was not fast-tracked and his wishes obeyed.

While we may differ on the definition of independence, luckily we are in
complete agreement on two counts: 1. that integrity in public service needs to
be restored by ferreting out anyone who may have done wrong or who aided and
abetted in any cover up, including, payment of any hush money or backidating
checks to pay for gifted-tickets; and 2. each appointing authority is
responsible for the job done by the appointee. I for one know for a fact, to the
point of moral and legal certainty, that I have brought honor to the Senate
Democrats and the great personages who issued letters of reference supporting my appointment. As to those who engaged in writing draft Source Funding disclosure regulations and knowingly and willfully sought to violate New York law, that set the effective date of June 1, 2012 for such disclosure, and slickly slide it over by 1 month so as to unlawfully cloak 6 months worth of law-mandated disclosure by 501C4s,  they need to answer questions under oath so as to rule out rank corruption of the highest order and perhaps a visit to elementary school to learn how a law is changed; as to their appointing authorities, it is up to them to claim pride for such obvious illegality.
I'm exhausted to the point of fatigue and have reached my limit of accepting  veiled intimidation or insults from those unworthy of lobbing same. However, even though I'm not an Irishman but on principle, I will not serve on "bent knee" and still feel "independent." Independence is not what the goo goos of New York practice to devalue the public trust as palace puppies happy to do tricks deed almost 80 years ago: that they could played cards with FDR on the weekends and yet rule his laws unconstitutional on Mondays. American honor and American integrity proudly displayed.

Without personal integrity, there can be no real public ethics; only the farce
of appearing ethical.

I am however happy to be done with "purer than Caesar's wife" requirement, exit
the goldfish bowl, capable to go to a bar association event and return to an
ordinary private life made exceptional by American exceptionalism."

Dated: 9/8/12
Ravi Batra
Private Citizen

Where are the NYT and Daily News Stories On the Rivera Dictatorship in the Bronx? We Would Like to Know How the Family and Its Inhouse Consultant Firm the MirRam Group Effects This Years Mayors Race

Rivera? Rivera? No-shows run in family(NYP) Only 22 of the Assembly’s 150 members cast fewer votes this year than Naomi Rivera — and that’s because they were facing probes, retiring or campaigning. The Bronx assemblywoman was absent or failed to vote 130 times — 12.12 percent of the time, an annual analysis by the New York Public Research Institute shows. * Sugar mom’ Naomi got son jobs(NYP)

No Wonder Why The NYT Have Few Readers in the Bronx



NYP Takes A Real Hit At the Surrogate Court
Not Shocking At What They  Found, Shocking They Wrote It
When Do They Go After Queens Boss Crowley?
‘Political tollbooth’(NYP)Lawyers bank on court patronage A select group of politically connected estate lawyers rake in millions in fees in the city’s Surrogate’s courts, with some law firms billing more than $2 million a year.Two white-shoe firms in lower Manhattan topped the list: Schram & Graber, which collected more than any other last year — $2.78 million — followed by Bekerman & Reddy, which took in $2.2 million. In Queens, Gerard Sweeney is king. He heads the borough’s most powerful law firm, Sweeney, Gallo, Reich & Bolz, and snagged more than $1.5 million in fees.

The Surrogate Shame of New York
Mayor Laguardia and Senator Kennedy Tried to Clean Up the Surrogate Courts . .  Now Decades Later A Surrogate Court Race is Being Run in Manhattan and Reform is Not A Campaign Issue
In the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia called Surrogate's Court "the most expensive undertaking establishment in the world." He believed it was control of the Surrogate's Court of New York County, more than any other factor, that kept the Tammany Hall political machine alive State watchdog recommends removing Bronx judge(NYDN)
Bronx Judge in Misconduct Case Should Be Forced Out, Head of Panel Says Lee L. Holzman, the Bronx surrogate judge since 1988, was found to have committed official misconduct after accusations of malfeasance by two subordinates. * Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (True News) * In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - * Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg is Suspended From the Bench *Brooklyn Bookkeeper Charged With Stealing Millions From Estates ... * Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go(True News, 2005)

Robert Kennedy Effort to Fix the Surrogate Was Left Undone After His Murder

Senator Kennedy Serious Try to Reform Surrogate Court  * To clean up corrupt Surrogate Courts, wake up and vote - NY Daily ... * Expose Corrupt Courts: Corrupt Courthouse Bookkeeper Stole $2.6 ...


The Surrogate Court is A Political Toll Booth Exacting Tribute From Widows and Orphans - Robert Kennedy
Brooklyn City bookkeeper in 600G ‘scam’(NYP) A bookkeeper stole more than $600,000 in taxpayer money by creating a phony check from the Brooklyn municipal office that handles the estates of people who die without wills or next of kin, court papers allege.

Queens  A Court, Not Votes, Sustains a Political Machine in Queens (NYT, 11/28/11) *Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield (True News, 7/14/11)) Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.

Bronx  Bronx Surrogate Judge, Facing Discipline (NYT)  Judge Holzman, the Bronx surrogate since 1988, is in the midst of a disciplinary hearing in which he is charged with allowing his staff to run amok and to take fees that were excessive and unearned from estates that it was handling. Judge Holzman could lose his job as a result of the hearing. 

Staten Island Expose Corrupt Courts: Cover-Up Continues in Surrogate's Court 

Brooklyn Lawyer makes millions with no details on fees - New York Daily NewsIs ex-Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg of New York a degenerate crook?


Were Have All the Journalist Gone After Newfield

Newfield and Wayne Barrett
Dead Wood: NY's Investigative Reporters
Not since the death or old school investigative report Jack Newfield in 2004 has any reporter in New York covered how the corrupt Queens Democratic Machine use the courts as there personal bank.  Today over a decade later nothing has changed.  The new Queens Surrogate Kelly was like Nahman elected without a primary.  Today's Queens Democratic machines still use the Surrogate Court as their personal bank.  All that has happen has Crowley has replaced Manton.  Crowley Bolz and Reich all receive most of the loot from the Queens Surrogate Court.  The only difference is Newfield is long gone and the clueless, inexperienced and none caring corporate journalist of today report political gossip, don't do investigative pieces and only write about corruption when the U.S. Attorney indicts a pol.

 Pajama Games

Almost A Big As the BS Hot Wind Coming Out of JCOPE
Tornadoes batter Brooklyn and QueensTornadoes batter Brooklyn and Queens(NYP)Tornado Causes Damage Along a Beach in Queens(NYT)* Tornado Touches Down In Canarsie; Tornado Touches Down In(NY1)

Operation Containment Controlgate: NY Papers Downplay Batra Charges of Corruption Inside the State Ethics Commission JCOPE . . .  Others Spin to Protect Their Political Partners 

GOP to feds: Probe SilverGOP to feds: Probe Silver(NYP) * NY GOP Compares Coverup Of Vito Lopez's Pervy-ness To Penn State Scandal(Village Voice) * Cuomo plots ways to stem the bleeding(NYP) *

Attorney General and Comptroller Play Down Their Roles in Settlement(NYT)
Mr. Schneiderman and Mr. DiNapoli and their aides have sought, in different ways, to describe their involvement in the Lopez settlement as minimal: Mr. Schneiderman has said that his office played only an informal role, and Mr. DiNapoli has said that his office’s role was technical.  Both men said they were unaware of the settlement until it was described in the news media, even though their staffs were told that the negotiation involved Ms. Allred on one side and Mr. Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic chairman, on the other.

How to boot Vito Lopez — now(NYDN) Sexual harassment allegations should warrant immediate removal. New York State law gives the Assembly the power to expel a member “after the report of a committee to inquire into the charges against him.” The ethics committee unequivocally found Lopez “violated the Assembly’s Sexual Harassment/Retaliation Policy.”

Delusional Lopez is eyeing council run (NYP)

The Media Led By the NYT Covers Up the Batra Corruption Charges Against JCOPE Sunday

If You Think JCOPE Will Clean Up Albany Corruption Your A Loyal Soldiers, Elected Official or On the Take From An Pol
NYP buried the Batra resignation to the end of its article 
"Also yesterday, JCOPE Commissioner Ravi Batra resigned after slamming his own panel as being “remote-controlled” by Cuomo’s minions.  “I welcome a subpoena from a federal prosecutor or a Moreland Act-empowered special prosecutor to share my experiences and impressions about the reality of JCOPE in practice,” he told JCOPE Chair Janet DiFiore. Batra claimed he contacted “independent federal law enforcement almost a month ago” about “festering misconduct” at JCOPE. He cited “apparent illegal leaks” and “deception of commissioners” by a JCOPE staff dominated by former Cuomo aides."  More heat on Silver * Probe of Vito Lopez sex-harass case will examine Sheldon Silver’s role(NYP) * JCOPE limited investigation caused Cuomo to blow a gasket yesterday, threatening to convene a so-called Moreland Act commission investigation of the affair if things weren’t set right — including the refusal of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to probe Silver’s conduct. Whereupon JCOPE announced it would convene in public on Monday — presumably to widen the Lopez probe to incorporate Silver’s involvement. * Ethics Board Member Who Quit Lashes Out at Board(NBC) * NY ethics board member who quit strikes at board(WSJ)* Ethics panel investigating Vito Lopez scandal lacks 'trust,' ex-member says(Newsday)

NYT Also Buried the Batra Resignation With Only 38 Words . . .  The NYT Did Not Report Any of the Charges Batra Made Is His Letter of Resignation
Lopez scandal continued to make waves in political circles and engulfed the state’s new ethics commission in controversy of its own.  Ravi Batra, said in a statement that he had complained to federal law enforcement officials about political interference in the commission’s operations, though it was not clear how federal laws might come into play. He resigned a few hours after issuing the statement.* Cuomo on the Lopez investigation as a trust-building exercise(Capital)


Cuomo Mouthpiece Says Silver Stopped JCOPE 
Judge Fisher Acts to Stop Cover Up
Gubernatorial spokesman Josh Vlasto cited reports that JCOPE members appointed by Silver and other legislative leaders had overruled staffers who wanted a broader inquiry. Common Cause New York’s Susan Lerner rightly noted, “confirms [our] worst fears . . . that the commission is set up in a way that encourages gridlock designed to protect powerful elected officials.” Translated into plain English, Lerner accused JCOPE of participating in a new coverup — a fear apparently shared by state Supreme Court Justice Fern Fisher, who last week named Staten Island DA Dan Donovan as a special prosecutor in the case.  Fisher acted after Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes recused himself — and yesterday she broadened Donovan’s authority. In response to a sealed application from Donovan, Fisher authorized him to investigate not just Lopez’s behavior but also “allegations that funds, both public and private, were disbursed . . . in possible violation of the Penal Law, the Election Law, the Public Officers Law and other statutes.”

Maybe Everyone is lying
NYDN Reported "Josh Vlasto, a spokesman for Gov. Cuomo, downplayed reports that JCOPE had narrowed its probe as “rumors,” but also warned that the governor would appoint a separate investigative commission if JCOPE does not conduct a wider inquiry." Albany Times Union Reported Ravi Batra — who was Friday afternoon the object of a swipe by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on a radio interview — says he is stepping down from the organization."Cuomo was on former Gov David Paterson’s WOR talk show about an hour ago. He said “the behavior of an appointee is not something you’re proud of.” Cuomo was referring to Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson — who appointed Batra to JCOPE."Updated with letter: Ravi Batra resigns from JCOPE(TU)  NBC reported On Friday, Batra said the secrecy the panel requires of commissioners may have become a cover for unspecified illegality.
Batra's greatest battle was this summer when he, as usual alone, fought to require donors to the lobbying group the Committee to Save New York be divulged back to the effective date of a 2011 ethics law. The board instead set a date that allowed six- and seven-figure donors of $17 million to the pro-business lobbying group to remain secret. The lobbying was set up to conduct its unprecedented TV ad campaigns that promote Cuomo's achievements. Outspoken NY Ethics Board Member Quits in Protest(NBC)  Politics on the Hudson “Confidentiality may have become a cloak for possible willful illegality operating with a ‘nod and a wink’ means of communication from within JCOPE to a chosen few for political gain and corrupt back-scratching,” he said. Reported  After Batra called for a federal probe of JCOPE, Cuomo criticized Batra and the lawmaker who appointed him, Senate Democratic leader John Sampson. Cuomo spoke in a radio interview. A spokesman for Mr. Silver said, “The speaker has made it very clear that he desires a thorough investigation to get all the facts out regarding this matter.”* NY ethics board member who quit strikes at board(Fox 5)

The Daily News Limited the Batra Resignation to 2 Sentences 
Meanwhile, Ravi Batra, a JCOPE board member, blasted the ethics agency for a spate of “illegal leaks” and being “remote controlled by person or persons” that it is supposed to oversee.  Batra, who officially resigned from the board Friday, would not elaborate but called for a special prosecutor to investigate JCOPE. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in crosshairs of criminal investigation linked to Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal(NYDN)  Judge gives Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan authority to probe Silver's handling of matter. Silver used $103,000 in state funds to pay off two of Lopez's staffers * In lieu of flowers(NYDN Ed) Rest in peace, Ethics Commission  3 Vote to shield Silver in Lopez probe was a fatal mistake Largely overlooked amid celebrations of birth, however, was the fact that Silver, Skelos and other legislative leaders had secured the authority to appoint eight members, as few of three of whom could vote behind closed doors to reject any probe. * Even if it ultimately investigates Silver, JCOPE still flunked its first test.

Friday Night JCOPE Massacre

Ravi Batra Quits JCOPE
After Calling JCOPE A Puppet of the Pols 
Calls It Controlgate 
Calls for A Moreland Commission Before he Quits 
"This is why, consistent with my confidentiality obligations, I notified 
independent federal law enforcement almost a month ago, that Jcope needs 
disinfectant sunshine because confidentiality may have become a cloak for 
possible willful illegality operating with a "nod and a wink" means of 
communication from within Jcope to a chosen few for political gain and 
corrupt back-scratching.
"Recent events have been cascading into a crescendo where I feel compelled to resign over principle. A concept that US Attorney Preet Bharara announced upon taking his public oath of office and one I have previously mentioned.I wish you well and hope that my resignation aids in focusing attention on the need for proper policies and practices to effectuate honest and independent ethics enforcement so as to actually restore public confidence in government and public service. NY ethics board member wants fed probe of panel(WSJ)

Thomas Jefferson said "eternal vigilance" 
is the price of liberty. - Batra
I acknowledge the continuing confidentiality obligation as well as the 2-year bar. I welcome a subpoena from a federal prosecutor or a Moreland Act-empowered special prosecutor to share my experiences and impressions about the reality of Jcope in practice, for then the confidentiality bar would no longer apply, and public trust further enriched." I have tried to serve, to the best of my ability, so that everyday New Yorkers knew that I was working overtime to honor our leaders' call to bring integrity back to Albany. 

That Vito Lopez's alleged conduct is unbecoming a gentleman is not an issue, but even he is entitled to due process before the facts overwhelm him, and separation of powers is still constitutionally worthy. Indeed, just when New York is faced with press reported issues of serious breach of public ethics raised by Vito Lopez's allegedly ungentlemanly behavior and Jcope needs to be able to swing into maximum action with all its capability to identify any and all breaches of the public trust, onsistent with its independent authority and commission-voted judgment, Jcope may be self-destructing with issues raised from apparent illegal leaks, deception of commissioners by staff, legally false prior public pronouncements and inter alia, operating in a manner that raises substantial concern that Jcope is being remote-controlled by person or persons that are themselves subject to Jcope's direct oversight and disinfectant jurisdiction; thereby making Jcope an unlawful political tool, if the substantial concerns raised are true. 

For lack of a better term what appears to be happening at Jcope is "Controlgate," despite the horrible, yet instructive, lessons of NYS Public Integrity Commission and Suffolk County's Ethics Commission documented by NYS IG's Trooper-Gate Report and DA Tom Spota's released Grand Jury Report, respectively. Until Jcope itself isn't acting independently, exercising commission-voted judgment and staff honoring their fiduciary duties imposed upon agents, given the delegation of authority resolution, Jcope is unable to honor its critical and vital statutory mandate to bring integrity back to Albany and beyond and those who breach the Public Officers Law may be able to escape ethics-imposed investigation and any referrals for criminal prosecution or punishment that Jcope could have imposed. Instead, the issues of Controlgate could make Jcope impotent, public ethics a farce and as a result undermine public confidence in governance itself. I therefore request our great Governor to appoint a truly independent special prosecutor, pursuant to inter alia, Moreland Act authority, to address issues of Controlgate and thereby restore public confidence in governmental ethics-oversight regime and prevent it from being an unlawful political tool. * Cuomo spox, Batra issue eyebrow-raising JCOPE statements(Capital) * Governor Cuomo said, if true, JCOPE’s move is “unconscionable.” * Ravi Batra To JCOPE: Shape Up Or I Quit | New York Daily News Updated with letter: Ravi Batra resigns from JCOPE(TU) *JCOPE Member Says “Au Revoir” And Resigns | Vote Up! | Vote Up ...( * Governor Demands a Probe of Speaker(WSJ)

Is State Supreme Court Justice Fern Fisher New York's Judge John Sirica
Danny Farrell Appointed Fisher
Judge orders wider Assembly sex harassment probe A state judge on Friday ordered a special prosecutor to expand his probe of a sexual harassment case in the state Assembly to include a secret settlement using public money approved by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.  * Judge orders wider Assembly sex harassment probe ...* She wrote that, in addition to investigating possible crimes related to the two claims that had led to the censure, Mr. Donovan was “also authorized to investigate allegations that funds, both public and private, were disbursed in and around June 2012” to settle the earlier complaints, “in possible violation of the Penal Law, the Election Law, the Public Officers Law and other statutes, and to prosecute any charges arising out of that conduct.”

Vito the Rat Gravano Could Take Down the Albany Mafia
Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano — 'The Bull" Becomes "The Rat' — Crime The Bull' Becomes 'The Rat'. Gotti explained away his words to the effect that he was just letting off steam. But Gravano knew there was more to it. Gotti then told ...Mr. Lopez’s lawyer, Gerald B. Lefcourt, who has repeatedly denied the sexual harassment claims that have been leveled against his client, said he was confident that when Mr. Donovan “looks at all the facts concerning Assemblyman Lopez, he will find that no prosecution is warranted.”

 JCOPE Does A Schultz: When It Comes to Silver Hush $$$ They See Nothing 
In NYS Paying Tax Payer Hush $$$ Cover Ups are Legal

Ethics panel declines to probe Sheldon Silver over Lopez settlement(NYP) * New York Ethics Inquiry Won’t Look at Speaker’s Actions(NYT) The state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics will not probe Speaker Shelly Silver for his role in a sexual harassment settlement and instead focus on charges against Assemblyman Vito Lopez* Ethics Body Eyes Lopez(WSJ) * Plus: Sexual-harassment lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented the two women who received the secret settlement approved by Mr. Silver, said she had already received subpoenas from the commission. [Capitol Confidential] * Shelly Silver Off The Hook For (Taxpayer Funded) Coverup Of Vito Lopez Sex ...(Village Voice) * Good government groups questioned JCOPE’s curious decision to not focus on Shelly Silver in their probe of the Vito Lopez scandal.* Governor Cuomo said, if true, JCOPE’s move is “unconscionable.” *  One member of the ethics panel, Ravi Batra, said this. * A judge ordered the prosecutorial probe to be expanded to Silver’s settlement. * Lopez’s downfall, a Shakespearean tragedy.

Judge Broadens Prosecutor’s Authority in Lopez Case(NYT) * Staten Island DA Donovan Takes Aim At Sheldon Silver(NYDN) * Sheldon Silver, John Sampson, Andrew Cuomo and Kevin Parker. Azi Paybarah(Capital) * Letter: Lopez and Silver should resign(Newsday) * Cuomo Threatens Broader Sex Harassment Investigation(NBC)

Remember When the NYT Uncovered Cover Ups By Pols Rather Than Enabling Them
As the Silver Cover Up Heat Up the NYT Distracts With An Editorial About Moonlighting Lawmakers
Not even a call by the times for reform or more transparency so tax payer hush money cannot be paid by pols to cover up sex abuse
New York’s Moonlighting Lawmakers (NYT) If we are serious about uprooting corruption in Albany, the next step is to make service as a legislator a full-time job and ban outside sources of employment and income for our public officials.

Quick Hide Lopez's Body
Pols Work to Get Him Out to Protect Silver .: if lawmakes unanimously pass reso 4 Vito Lopez 2 resign, "i think he'd have to step down." Sen. Chuck Schumer wants the Assembly to pass a resolution calling on Lopez to quit if he continues to refuse to resign from office amid charges he groped female former staff members * Schumer Wants Resolution Pushing Vito Lopez to Quit(NY Mag) * Bloomberg: Nope, Schumer’s the One Who’s Wrong about Obama and Gun Control(NYO) * Boss loss emboldens borough Democrats (Brooklyn Daily)

Cuomo Threatens Special Prosecutor Today

Special Prosecutor's Probe Widens from Lopez Harassment to Silver Payout(WNYC)* Cuomo threatens broader sex harass investigation(WSJ)

On September 1 True News Said Cuomo Would Have to Appoint A Special Prosecutor

We Need A New Seabury Commission to Clean Up Albany and Go After All of Vito Lopez's Corruption
The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick To Clean Up Albany 
The Moreland Act
Cuomo's Big Stick
No Faith in Government

The measure gives the Governor broad powers to investigate state departments and institutions, at his own option and with the help of experts, on the theory that he will recommend remedies to the Legislature. The most recent Moreland Act commissions were appointed in 1976, by Gov. Hugh L. Carey, to investigate nursing homes and in 1963, by Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, to investigate alcoholic-beverage control laws. Seabury Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia * JCOPE is holding a special meeting this week, probably to discuss this controversy. * Corruption Springs eternal: reining in NY’s shady pols(NYP) * The situation only strengthens Governor Cuomo’s hold on Albany.

If The Governor or Investigators Do Not Clean Up Albany the People Can At A Constitutional Convention in 2017
There are two ways to amend the New York constitution. First, state legislators may identify problems with the political system and propose changes to the people. Second, if politicians benefit from the system's imperfections (as now) and are unlikely to change it, the constitution provides that every 20 years the people can propose necessary revisions. This is where a convention comes in. Our next chance to have one will be in 2017.

The woman-suffrage movement in New York City society leaders securing signatures to petitions to be presented to the constitutional convention - scene at Sherry's / / Clinedinst.

David: Clear His Name for Paying Hush Funds and Saying He is Sorry He Did It ?
not investigating sheldon silver doesn't give Silver the chance to clear his name--

Campaign 2012 Lawyer Says Man’s Link to Legislator Led to Arrest  (NYT) A lawyer for Ofer Biton, an Israeli immigrant who raised money to help elect Michael G. Grimm, said Friday that the authorities arrested him because of his political connections.* NYT Endorses New York’s Thursday Primary Brad Hoylman SD27,  Guillermo Linares SD31, Nily Rozic AD25, Martine Guerrier AD57 *
Rep. Michael Grimm’s ex-fundraiser denied bail  as he faces(NYDN) * THE PEREZ NOTES: Roberto Ramirez on THE PEREZ NOTES  * On Dov Hikind’s show last night, Rhoda Jacobs didn’t seem overwhelmingly confident in her own reelection. * Tommy Greco accused Brad Hoylman of being too tied to special interests. * Here’s a guide to some of the primary campaigns in Latino districts. * 

Parkside Get Desperate 
Toby Ann Stavisky has a brutal mailer of her own against John Messer. The front side reads, “WHO GETS ARRESTEDFOR RAPING A GRANDMOTHER?”

Education: Mayor Spin Uniforms While Stuy Students are Suspended for Cheating
Bloomberg revives desire to impose public school uniforms in NYC schoolsBloomberg revives desire to impose public school uniforms in NYC schools(NYP)
* Students Are Suspended in Stuyvesant Cheating(NYT) * State Seeks to Set Up Unit to Oversee Pre-K Contractors(NYT) * Stuyvesant Students Face Suspensions (WSJ) Students suspected of cheating at New York City's prestigious Stuyvesant High School got an unwelcome back-to-school message: A dozen will be suspended for up to 10 days. * Suspensions Coming In Stuyvesant Cheating Scandal(NY1)
66 more kids in Stuy cheat flap(NYDN)
Townsend Harris High School: A real gem in Queens(NYDN) * Latin is cool again(NYDN)

RANKINGS: New York City's best high schoolsRANKINGS: New York City's best high schools(NYP) * The best high schools in New York(NYDN) * Bigger is better: Forest Hills High School bucks trend(NYDN) * Engaging students is key to Hostos-Lincoln Science’s su(NYDN)
Mayor got it 'write' and wrong(NYDN)

Sad sign of times at carnival parade, city(NYDN)

Feds FINALLY ready to recognize 9/11 cancer linkFeds FINALLY ready to recognize 9/11 cancer link(NYP)

‘Maritime’ makeover‘Maritime’ makeover(NYP)

Walgreens trying to build big at shuttered Key Food site …(NYDN)

 MTA blast plan wasn’t being followed when blast went wrong (NYSN)
C-train cars set for $25 million rehab  (NYDN)

City Cemeteries Plotting New Directions(WSJ)

The Making of A President 2012
[new article] Sept. 8: Conventions May Put Obama in Front-Runner's Position *Obama gets a slight convention bump, polls show(NYP) * Five Crucial Factors to Watch, 58 Days From the Election  * Playing Now: Hail to Us Chiefs (Dowd, NYT) * Obama woos Florida voters while Romney pulls the religion card * Political Memo: Obama-Romney Battle Plans Set for Final Charge (NYT) * Paul Ryan says plan to close tax loopholes not a secret, but he is short on specifics (Wash Post)
* New Rules for the American Economy - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Four Years? We're Worse Off Than in 2011 - Stephen Gandel, Fortune
Obama Thinks He's Cruising to Re-election - Jules Witcover, Baltimore Sun
Why Clinton Won a 2nd Term & Obama May Not - Brian Calle, OC Register
Obama Would Cut Deficit, With Compassion - Christina Romer, NY Times
Inside Obama's Debt Ceiling Struggle - Bob Woodward, Washington Post
Rhetoric Can't Mask Our Economic Crisis - John Kass, Chicago Tribune
For Obama, the Buck Stops Elsewhere - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Why Obama Has an Advantage - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
Fall Brawl Begins in 10 Battleground States - David Lightman, McClatchy
A Failed Governor Talks Up a Failed President - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
The Solyndra Story Is Not a Scandal - Michael Grunwald, NY Daily News
Clinton's Speech May Be the Turning Point - Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe
Northeastern Republicans Show Signs of Life - Stephen Moore, WSJ
Greed, Debt and Matt Taibbi - Dan Primack, Fortune
Obama Speech Shows Hope, Restraint - San Francisco Chronicle
Election '12: Battleground RCP Avgs | State Changes | Create Your Map
Mitt Romney’s campaign outlined President Obama’s foreign policy failures. * Even the Romney campaign agrees that Obama is ahead. *  The Times suggested you pay attention to the electoral map, debates, ads, third-party candidates and fundraising. * WATCH: Romney says he likes parts of 'Obamacare' (NYP) * Romney Says He Would Keep Parts of Health Care Law(NYT)Obama Says Romney Budget Doesn’t Add Up (NYT) * Five Crucial Factors, 58 Days From the Election(NYT)
* Legal Battles on Voting May Prove a Critical Issue in Election(NYT) * Romney campaign says it's still all about the economy, nevermind the culture war stuff (Buzz Feed) *Obama Outraises Romney In August(Huff Post)

Obama gets a rise out of a Fla. supporter(NYP)

Mitt Romney's swing-state ad spend looks like a loser's strategy  * Romney campaign not expected to invest much in Pa. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * Flat job stats kill Obama’s bounce after convention (NYP) * Conventions Draw Crowds but Sway Few Voters(NYT) * In Wake of Political Conventions, It’s Still the Economy(NYT) * Convention Pop Quiz(NYT) * Jobs and Politics(NYT) Republicans have the wrong answers for fixing the weak job market.* Jobs Data Weigh on Obama, Fed(WSJ) * Obama, Biden Will Not Be In NY For Sept. 11 Anniversary(NY1) * Video: GOP address: Time for Obama 'rhetoric to meet reality' on jobs(Hill) * Obama ‘Hope’ poster artist dodges jail(NYDN) * President Obama's senior adviser David Plouffe downplayed any notion of a post-convention bounce for his boss * Political Kids’ Most Awkward Convention Moment(NY Mag) t* Ryan: 'Let The States Decide' On Medical Marijuana * Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney Has 'Casual Relationship With The Truth And Reality' (VIDEO) * How Michelle Rhee Is Taking Over the Democratic Party - The Atlantic * Video: Romney Spanish-language ad: Obama made 'promises,' delivered 'nothing' * After Conventions, It's Still the Economy - Cooper & Lowrey, NY Times * Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look - Mort Zuckerman, WSJ * Democrats Hit Home Runs in Charlotte - Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast * Obama's Tired Big Government Pitch - Larry Kudlow, National Review * The GOP's Winner-Take-All World - Colbert King, Washington Post * Will Jobs News Leave Obama Unemployed? - Lynn Sweet, Chicago S-T * There's No Excuse for the Obama Record - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard * Clinton Buries Republicans in Masterful Speech - Joe Conason, Truthdig * How Obama Has Gutted Welfare Reform - Robert Rector, Washington Post * President Obama Goes Vague - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker * The Empathy Gap - Charles Krauthammer, Orange County Register * \Obama Clarifies the Choice - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * While U.S. Slides Off Cliff, Dems Turn to Sandra Fluke - Mark Steyn, IBD * Election 2012: RCP Average: Obama +1.3 | 2012 vs. 2008 | 2012 vs. 2004  * Obama's Four Years of Failure on Jobs Must End - Investor's Business Daily * GOP Ticket Has Nothing to Offer on Economy - New York Times* Obama Tries to Turn Focus to Medicare From Jobs Figures(NYT) * Hitching His Wagon to Obama’s Star: a Republican Senator(NYT) * Romney Uses Pledge of Allegiance to Criticize Obama(NYT) * Fall's must-see political TV: Obama-Romney debates (NYP) * Obama Reflects On Sept. 11 Attacks In Weekly Address(NY1) * McCain calls out Obama over Syria, again -(CNN) * Campaigns try to rally on energy from conventions(Wash Post) * A president cornered(Wash Post) * Are you better off without dumb campaign questions?(Wash Post) * Obama, Clinton Scored Back to Back Home Runs With Their Speeches (Daily Beast) * Obama widens lead over Romney despite jobs data: Reuters/Ipsos poll * Inside story of Obama’s struggle to keep Congress from controlling outcome of debt ceiling crisis (Woodward) * Ann Romney says her husband has been "demonized" in this race.(The Fix) * Ann Romney says Mitt Romney has been ‘demonized’ * Media donations pour heavily into Democratic coffers * Mitt Romney Forced to Continue Talking About Clint Eastwood(NY mag)

Too Big for Jail
Podesta Calls His Own Clinton Admn Deregulation of Derivatives a “Big Mistake”  * Too Big To Jail: Wall Street Executives Unlikely To Face Criminal Charges, Source Says(Huff Post)

Thomas L. FriedmanThe plan to “work hard and play by the rules” to get ahead in life is now outdated. It takes much more than that.New Rules(NYT)

Law and Order

Family of Bodega Worker Killed by Officer’s Bullet Wants Grand Jury to Investigate(NYT) *Mother of Slain Bodega Worker Faints During Press Conference(DNA)

Nightmare as cop kills Bx. worker by accident(NYP) * Just After Closing Time, a Fatal Split Second(NYT) * Police 'Tragedy'(WSJ) * Manager in Bronx Bodega Shooting Describes Armed Robbery (WSJ) * NYPD: Bronx Bodega Worker Killed By Accidental Discharge(NY1) * NYPD: Bodega Worker Killed When Officer Fired By Accide(WCBS)

Mom blasts NYPD after cop accidentally kills Bx. bodega workerMom blasts NYPD after cop accidentally kills Bx. bodega worker(NYP) * Agony for mom of bodega worker killed by cop(NYDN)

Man Surrenders in Police Shooting(NYT)


Electrician busted after cops intercept boxes containing 10 POUNDS of marijuana: policeElectrician busted after cops intercept boxes containing 10 POUNDS of marijuana: police(NYP)

Police officer loses sexual-harassment suit against NYPDPolice officer loses sexual-harassment suit against NYPD(NYP)

Cop-push suspect nabbedCop-push suspect nabbed(NYP)* Cops arrest man who allegedly shoved officer down stair(NYDN) * Subway fare cheat assaults female officer(Fox 5)

Harlem gun nut arrestedHarlem gun nut arrested(NYP)

Bravest big’s new city SUV jackedBravest big’s new city SUV jacked(NYP)

Promoter at Greenhouse nightclub dodges date-rape rap after hung jury(NYP)* Cops kill knife-wielding 'madman' in Queens(NYP) * Famed lawyer a court watcher for late sister-in-law(NYP) * Teenager Arrested in Killing of 13-Year-Old(NYT) * Teen Arrested In Connection With 13-Year-Old's Death In Brooklyn(NY1) * Gas Station Attendant Says He Acted In Self-Defense In Fatal Fight(NY1)
* Arrest Made In Connection With Toddler's Shooting * Queens cop shoots and wounds emotionally disturbed man armed (NYDN) * NYPD: Knife-Wielding Man Shot And Killed After Approaching(WCBS) * Attempted Murder Charge For Bronx Suspect In Bullet Graze (WCBS)* NYPD: Officer shoots, kills NYC man with knife(Fox5) * Just months out of prison, Staten Island felon is accused (SI Advance) * Police Arrest Man for Baby Bullet Graze in the Bronx(NBC) * Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man in Queens(NBC) * New York City Plagued By Rash Of Overnight Stabbings And Shootings * Teen Arrested In Fatal Brooklyn Shooting(WCBS) * Fatal shooting in Brooklyn(Fox 5) * Queens teen calls cops, then her brother is found stabbed to death(NYP)

Cop shoot susp wanted for murder(NYDN) * Jury clears cops of sexual harassmen(NYDN)