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After Beating Restler Is Lopez Blackmailing Silver to Save His Power Next?

Can Lopez Blackmail Silver Because He Has the Goods On Him On Real Estate Deals Like This One?  What About the Pfizer Deal?  Is Bloomberg Silence on Lopez Connected to the Eminent Domain No Bid Deal He Made With Lopez on the Pfizer Site?
Loft Law Has Silver, Lopez Under Further Scrutiny(NY1) The relationship between Assemblyman Vito Lopez and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has come under the microscope since Lopez was accused of sexual harassment, and Silver was accused of protecting him. But NY1 has learned that a 2-year-old tenant protection law sponsored by the two Democrats is now the subject of a lawsuit which critics say offers new evidence of collusion between the two powerful lawmakers.  The primary sponsor of the retroactive law allowing them to stay was Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who is now embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. One of the co-sponsors of the bill was Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is now accused of protecting Lopez by keeping a taxpayer-funded financial settlement to two female accusers secret. * Vito Lopez Moves To Take Pfizer's Brooklyn Site By Eminent Domain * Four ways Vito Lopez reshaped New York | The New York World * Pfizer latest giant company to milk city for lucrative tax breaks - New ... * A Fight Grows In Brooklyn: Pfizer & Eminent Domain // Pharmalot

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s children moved away — but still vote in dad’s electionsAssembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s children moved away — but still vote in dad’s elections(NYP)Did he really need the extra votes?  Three of powerful Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s adult children remained registered to vote in their father’s Lower East Side district long after moving out, The Post has learned.

Nothing Has Change In Albany Sexual Harassment Ways In Decades, Still the Bear Mountain Pac Rules
Silver's unspoken history of payoffs(NYP)When Speaker Sheldon Silver authorized $103,000 be paid to the alleged sexual-harassment victims of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, his office said the secret payout was the only one of its kind. It wasn’t.
 In 1992 a young Assembly aide claimed she was harassed by her boss. Three years later Speaker Silver arranged for a quiet $85,000 payment to make it go away. At the center of the scandal was Charmian Neary, a petite, blond assistant who worked for Manhattan Democratic Assemblyman Mark Alan Siegel from January to July 1990.* Ex-Assemblyman Accused of Sexual Harassment - New York Times(1992) * The Big Apple: Bear Mountain Compact (Tappan Zee Bridge Rule)
"Albany is hardly the only place where men—and women—have trouble understanding sexual harassment. But the capital has an acute problem because, despite some progress, it remains a male bastion that has yet to overcome its antiquated legacies.  There’s a Brigadoon quality to the state capital—without the charm. It’s hasn’t quite entered the last third of the century. Indeed, not so long ago the professional woman was a rarity in Albany. Many legislators thought of women as pleasurable distractions, part-time companions during their time away from home and family." Editorial Notebook; Old News from Albany  By JOYCE PURNICK  * When Will We Have Three Women in a Room?(Tom Allon)

NYP Bags an Assemblywoman and An Assist on A State Senator
Sunday Update Fall housecleaning(NYP Ed)That’s two down — but a whole heck of a lot more to go. Sleazy Albany legislators exposed — deposed? — by The Post, that is. State Sen. Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) and Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera (D-Bronx) — one under indictment, the other under multiple investigations — were both given the hook by voters in Thursday’s Democratic primaries. And it wasn’t even close. A third scandal-scarred pol, Assemblyman William Boyland (D-Brooklyn), survived — but only because he faced a multi-candidate opposition. Boyland himself could only muster 37% of the vote.

 Believe It Or Not the NYP Follow In the Footsteps of John Peter Zenger When They Exposed the Corruption of Naomi Rivera
" The Post is proud of the role it has played in all this. Ultimately, it’s up to prosecutors to spring the trap on corrupt politicians. But the voters showed last week that — once fully informed by journalistic enterprise — they’re ready to shut those politicians down. * John Peter Zenger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia * The trial of John Peter Zenger * The Trial of John Peter Zenger []

Today's NYT Does Not Have Any Stories About Corrupt Albany, But Does Have A Story About A Guy Who Writes Messages in Chalk Talking to the City With Chalk

How Do I Buy A Lifetime Subscription to the NYP" Mark Gjonaj
NYP Takes A Bow for Kills
The NYP Exposure of Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera Leads to Her Defeat
 Ms. Rivera is being investigated after The New York Post reported that she may have misused her position and taxpayer funds to hire her current and former boyfriends. * ‘Post’-election joy Exposés help boot bums(NYP) Voters and community leaders thanked The Post yesterday for exposing the sleazy dealings of Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and state Sen. Shirley Huntley, fueling a rebellion that sent them to defeat at the primary polls Thursday.

The First Story the NYT Wrote About Naomi Rivera's Scandal is About Her Defeat At the Polls and It is After the NYP and  NY1 Wrote the Same Story Yesterday
Legislators Tainted by Scandal Find Defeat at the Polls  (NYT) Two state legislators facing inquiries into financial wrongdoing lost Democratic primary elections this week, and a third who is accused in a bribery case won by an unexpectedly narrow margin. The NYT only investigate John Liu, David Paterson and Congressman Grimm.

Both the NYP and NY1 Had the NYT's Story About Huntley and Rivera Loss Yesterday
Embattled pols Naomi Rivera, Shirley Huntley get the boot in Democratic primariesEmbattled pols Naomi Rivera, Shirley Huntley get the boot in Democratic primaries(NYP)Huntley was trounced by Councilman James Sanders, who got 4,979 votes, or 57 percent of the tally, to 3,477 votes, or 40 percent, for Huntley with all of the machine ballots recorded. In a stunning upset, challenger Mark Gjonaj handily defeated Rivera by 2,407 votes, or 52 percent, to 1,894 votes, or 41 percent, for Rivera. * Embattled Huntley Ousted In State Senate Primary; Espaillat Declared Winner In State Senate Primary(NY1)

Citizen Union Tries to Take Credit for Rivera's Loss
Winds of political change blow through Bronx(NYDN)

True News Wrote on September 8th
Where are the NYT and Daily News Stories On the Rivera Dictatorship in the Bronx? We Would Like to Know How the Family and Its Inhouse Consultant Firm the MirRam Group Effects This Years Mayors Race

Loss for New Brooklyn Leader Seddio and the NYT?
NYT Endorsement for CIVIL COURT, BROOKLYN, FIRST DISTRICT This race pits Richard Montelione, an experienced litigator in private practice, against Lara Genovesi, the principal law clerk to Brooklyn’s supervising judge for matrimonial matters. Both candidates are qualified, but Ms. Genovesi’s steady professional manner and reputation for fairness stand out. We recommend Ms. Genovesi.

Vito County Leader Puppet is a Loser
Franks Seddio For Running  and Losing the Campaign of Lara Genovesi for Civil Court Judge
Last week Seddio send a letter to members of is once powerful Thomas Jefferson Club asking for primary day volunteers for Genovesi for primary day * Lost in the hubbub of yesterday’s elections, the city’s campaign finance board issued a number of violations. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez seemed to have accrued fines for improperly directing a campaign expenditure to Brooklyn’s likely next Democratic leader, Frank Seddio.

Surrogate Judges Seddio Leaves Under A Financial Scandal Cloud
 In 2007, Seddio resigned from his cushy post on the bench as surrogate judge just 131 days into his 14-year term after intense scrutiny for alleged ethics violations being investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2007.  He gave more than half of $55,090 in unspent campaign money to party pals, in apparent violation of strict rules barring judges from giving campaign money to political candidates are charities, Lost in the hubbub of yesterday’s elections, the city’s campaign finance board issued a number of violations. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez seemed to have accrued fines for improperly directing a campaign expenditure to Brooklyn’s likely next Democratic leader, Frank Seddio. * Is that the stink of corruption I smell in Brooklyn? - NY Daily News (2007, NYDN)

VITO PULLS THE STRINGS: Assemblyman’s web of influence helps get deals for family and friends(NYDN)

Besides Seddio the Manhattan, Bronx and Queens County Leaders Also Lost One Race
The Manhattan Establishment including Bloomberg, Dinkins and county leader Keith Wrigh lost with State Assemblyman Guillermo Linares to incumbent Adriano Espaillat

The Bronx county leader Carl Heastie lost with the Naomi Rivera

The Queens county leader Crowley loses Nily Rozic bests Jerry Iannece in 25th District race

Election 2012  Votes Aren’t All Tallied, but Conclusions Are Drawn(NYT)  Those who warned that Republicans backing gay marriage in New York would face consequences saw proof they were right.* Many Incumbents Earn Easy Primary Day Victories(NY1) * Espaillat Holds Off Challenger In Closely Watched Primary(NY1) * Two Upstate GOP Backers Of Same-Sex Marriage Face Difficult Primaries Results(NY1) * NY1 Online: Michael Aronson Analyzes Primary Day * Deja vu! Restler race too close to call!(Brooklyn Paper) * Miller reports easy win; Stavisky claims victory; Ulrich on top; Sanders triumphs (Queens Chronicle) * The Humane Society’s legislative fund endorsed Rep. Michael Grimm for re-election, citing his “effective leadership and advocacy on animal protection policies.”

Mr. Mom Mosley Goes to Albany
Brooklyn’s new Assemblyman Walter Mosley going  from Mr.Mom to Mr. Assemblyman

Jerry Skurnik's Biggest Primary Day Surprise Rhoda Jacobs' margin  67% to 32% District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte

With Victory Over Lincoln Vito Lopez Will Now Go Full Force Against Silver, JCOPE and Those Who Want Him to Take All the Blame for the Hush Deal
State violated Vito hush deal: lawyer  (NYDN) Attorney Gloria Allred, representing two women accusing Lopez of sexual harassment, said the state broke its confidentiality agreement when the state comptroller released documents including the final settlement *  not investigating sheldon silver doesn't give Silver the chance to clear his name-- * Ravi Batra is clearly still smarting from the Cuomo-Paterson interview on WOR...  * Ravi Batra Still Smarting From Cuomo-Paterson Criticism(YNN)

Sunset Boulevard for for Ex Pol Prisoner Gordon
Crooked politicians of New York City, rejoice! Ex-Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Gordon, who in 2008 was convicted on eight counts of receiving bribes and official misconduct, has shown that a return to politics after prison is possible. Gordon, after two years in lock-up, her district leader race against Assemblywoman Inez Barron 23% to 44%

If Ulrich Wins Against Addabbo Expect Him to Be County Leader Next Year With the Help of the Haggerty Family

Ulrich wins 70% - 30% primary, set to face Addabbo in November Reyes was put up to run by the Queens GOP - formed a GOP club in Forest Hills Jewish center that that first act of business was to elect Reyes to the State Senate.  Bart Haggerty is running Ulrich campaign. If Ulrich wins expect a team of him Haggerty and Ognibene to run and win enough district leaders to capture the party from Phil RagusaUlrich is looking revenge and justice for the attack mailers accusing him of being a communist, a gay employer and a flip flopper who he blames GOP party VIPS Robert Hornak and Vincent Trombone for writing them.

Asian-language media blankets Queens politics(NYDN)

Meng Personal Disclosure Not Filed Yet 4 Months After Deadline
A small 4 column story in today's Daily News about Meng's personal $$$ can become a big issue in her campaign for congress.  Meng's mouth piece blamed clerical oversight for the non filing and pointed out she filed the state forms for her assembly position.  The state filing do not give the dollar amount of her real estate worth.  Once mailers get going expect her opponent Dan Halloran to make an issue of this and her campaign funds that some have said is tied to her father under indictment.

Dead Woman Wins Race in the Bronx
The oft-maligned board made one decision that was downright ghoulish — voting to allow the late Roselyn Johnson, 69, to remain on Bronx ballots as a Democratic candidate for judicial delegate, a position that nominates candidates for the bench.  Johnson died last Wednesday, and under state law the board was supposed to allow her to be replaced since she died more than a week before the election; but board officials claimed they did not have time to reprint the ballots and retest scanning machines.

Bloomberg Staff is Worth More Than City Workers and Government Services Bloomberg slammed for boosting City Hall salaries while threatening school cuts  

Judges Decision last month blocked the mayor’s planned windfall from selling 2,000 new yellow-cab medallions. The city had been counting on $635 million this year from the medallions, $365 million next year and $460 million in fiscal 2015.
Mike orders up $2B hatchet job on budgetMike orders up $2B hatchet job on budget(NYP)  Bloomberg and Page directed most department heads to cut 5.4 percent out of their current budgets and another 8 percent from their planned spending next year.  Police, Fire and Correction — sometimes spared the budget knife — will have to cough up cuts of 2.7 percent this year and 4 percent next year. And the Education Department will have to reduce its spending by 1.6 percent this year and 4 percent next year. * Bloomberg Orders Agencies to Slash Budgets (WSJ) * City budget cuts could mean layoffs for public employee (NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg to NYC: Cut $2 Billion in 18 Months (NY1) * City Tells Agencies To Plan For Spending Cuts(NY1)

The question is who is better off, Mr. Mayor?(NYDN) * With Budget Cuts in Mind, Bloomberg Hands Out Raises To A Smaller Staff(NY1)

Ax & you shall receive 300G(NYP) A City caseworker accused of falsifying official records not only beat the charges, but also walked off with a $300,000 payout from taxpayers after her case dragged on for six years. 

NY's Enabling Corporate Press Lets Mayor Candidate Get Away With No Comment About Budget Cuts
No Comment From Mayoral Candidate? Esp de Blasio who joined court case against outer boro taxi service De Blasio backs a suit against the Bloomberg taxi plan | Capital New ...

NYDN Blames the Council for Useless Legislation But Does Not Blame the Media for For Giving the Crap Coverage

The City Council just can't help pushing inane legislation that no one needs(NYDN Ed) Bills would create a list of animal abusers to be kept in pet stores and force restaurants to post ingredients that people might be allergic to

The Liu 100 At $800
Prosecutors Still Interviewing Campaign Donors in Liu Fund-Raising Inquiry(NYT) The government says it has narrowed its focus to about 100 people who gave money to the campaign of John C. Liu, New York City’s comptroller.


Walmart Dead in Brooklyn
Walmart Opts Out of New York Mall After Facing Labor Opposition(NYT) * Brooklyn Wal-Mart Taken Off the Table(WSJ) * Walmart Backs Away From Potential Brooklyn Lot(NY1) * City to Remain Walmart-less for Foreseeable Future(NY Mag)



In the Bowels of the City, Blocking Wastewater Overflows(NYT)


Queens teen slain in same Brooklyn ’hood that claimed his dad 14 years earlierQueens teen slain in same Brooklyn ’hood that claimed his dad 14 years earlier(NYP)
17-year-old fatally shot in Bed-Stuy, BrooklynKaiim Veiera, 17, was transported to Kings County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead * Gun Buyback Program Being Held In Brooklyn(NY1)  *Argument turns deadly: Teen slain over harsh words in Brooklyn * Queens Teenager Shot To Death Outside Of Boys And Girls(WCBS) * 85 weapons collected in Brooklyn gun buyback(Fox 5) * 21-Year-Old Man Fatally Shot in Brooklyn 

OWS Back to Zuccotti Park for Anniversary
Protesters Plotting a Return(WSJ) Occupy Wall Street organizers said Friday they were preparing a series of events to mark the one-year anniversary of a protest movement that for weeks focused the world's attention on a tiny park in Lower Manhattan.* Occupy Protesters To Mark 1-Year Anniversary(NY1) * Photos: Occupy Wall Street protesters attempt to reignite their movement in New York(NBC)
UPDATE Several Arrests at Occupy Wall Street March(NYT)
* Occupy Wall Street protesters prep for anniversary marc (NYDN) 
Protesters Arrested in First 'Occupy' March(DNAINO) * Occupy Wall Street Prepares To Celebrate One Year Anniversary (WCBS) * Several arrested on Occupy 1-yr anniversary march(Fox 5) * Twitter finally releases Occupy Wall Street tweets connected to disorderly conduct case  The whole wide world knows there is nothing private about the brief Internet messages* Occupy, After Occupy(Nation) * Occupy Wall Street Holds Concert In Honor Of Movement's Anniversary(NY1) * Occupy Wall Street Holding Demonstrations, Concerts Ahead (WCBS)


NY1 Follow-Up: Bronx Family Still Waits For NYCHA To Provide Security Cameras In Their Building

In the Bowels of the City, Blocking Wastewater Overflows(NYT)

EDC is running scared(Queens Crap)

From Willets Point United:

Crain's Insider is reporting on the efforts of Willets Point United to get a court hearing on the restructuring of EDC after the AG had found it had conducted an illegal lobbying campaign:

City Opposes Soapbox for Willets Foes

"The property owners and tenants battling Willets Point redevelopment are seeking a public hearing on the reorganization of the Economic Development Corp., but EDC says none is required and that if one were held, project foes should not get a soapbox.
  New Yorkers forget to cash in $37M of lottery lootNew Yorkers forget to cash in $37M of lottery loot(NYP)

Remembering the Forgotten Borough (NYT) "From Farm to City" at the Museum of the City of New York explores Staten Island, home of Linoleumville and of America's first tennis match.

SNL Premieres With Jay Pharoah As New Obama Who’s Not Worried About Romney * SNL Mocks Clint Eastwood’s RNC Speech With Hilarious Comedy Ad * Clint Eastwood speaks out on Republican National Convention speech(Huff Post)

The Making of A President 2012
Mitt’s movin’ up  (NYP)  Romney yesterday widened his lead over President Obama in a national poll — but other surveys showed him falling behind in key states that will ultimately decide the race. * Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy, Poll Finds(NYT)  Obama has taken away Mitt Romney’s advantage as the candidate voters say is most likely to restore the economy, according to the latest poll by The New York Times and CBS News.  * Some Proposals From Romney Await Details(NYT) * Romney: "Middle-income" between $200K and $250K(Huff Post) * Bill Maher: Romney’s Reaction To Violence In Egypt And Libya ‘Lost [Him] The Election’ * Innocence of Muslims Director Specializes in Soft-Core Porn(NY Mag)
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Bibi on the embassy riots: "You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?" 
Mitt Romney's Disastrous Energy Plan   (Rolling Stone) The Republicans are offering up a blueprint for environmental ruin - more drilling, less wildlife and a climate gone crazy
Challenged on Medicare, G.O.P. Falters(NYT)
Neocons Slither Back(Dowd, NYT) Look who’s pulling the strings of Marionette Mitt and Puppet Paul.  
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Patriots’ sad homecomingPatriots’ sad homecoming(NYP) * Anti-U.S. Mobs on Rampage(WSJ) * U.S. Is Preparing for a Long Siege of Arab Unrest(NYT)
 Afghan inside attack kills 4 US troops: officialsAfghan inside attack kills 4 US troops: officials(NYP)
Islam fury burns onIslam fury burns on(NYP)

Law and Order
Thug accused in Central Park rape 'bragged about murders' in W. Va.(NYP) * Rape Victim, 73, Says She Reported Earlier Confrontation With the Suspect(NYT) * Accused rapist of Central Park birdwatcher was eyed in 2002(SI Advance) * Bro: Park 'rapist' has split-personality disorder, alter ego behind attacks(NYP) * Central Park 'rapist' suffers from split personality, his brother says(NYP)
* Accused Central Park rapist has alter ego: brother(NYDN)

Brooklyn hip-hop fund-raiser for jailed gang boss KO’d(NYP)


Man charged in Bronx gas-station attendant slaying(NYDN)

OWS rape bustOWS rape bust(NYP) * Ex-con in OWS rape case attacked girl, 14, last month(NYDN) * Suspect Sought In Rape Of OWS Protester Turns Himself In (WCBS) * NYPD: Suspect arrested in rape of Occupy protester(Fox 5) * Accused OWS Rapist Also Assaulted Girl: Cops(NBC) * Man Arraigned On Charges Of Raping Occupy Protester (NY1)

Gran murdered in Bed-StuyGran murdered in Bed-Stuy(NYP) * Alleged Rapist Of Occupy Demonstrator Turns Himself In To Police(NY1) * Family Matriarch Found Dead With Multiple Stab Wounds In Brooklyn Home(NY1) * Bed-Stuy woman, 85, stabbed to death in her home(NYDN) * Police: Woman, 85, Found Fatally Stabbed Inside Brooklyn (WCBS)

Bx. gas ‘slay’ thug was out on parole(NYP) * Prisoner's Foiled Escape Briefly Shuts Down Subway Lines(NY1) * Queens teen files $10 million lawsuit against city (NYDN) A Queens woman who was stabbed by her ex-lover is suing the city over claims cops failed to enforce a restraining order.* Suspect Sends NYPD On Wild Chase Through Subway Tunnels(WCBS) * Escaped NYC suspect caught after going in subway(Fox 5) * 2 Little Dogs Chase After Jewelry Thief in Bronx Shop(NBC) * Bronx Man Arrested in String of Flushing Arsons(NBC) * Prisoner Escape Draws Heavy Police Response(NBC)* Assaulting the trash man in NYC will be considered a felony starting tomorrow(NY1) * Brooklyn husband charged in wife stabbing(NYDN) * Brooklyn husband charged in wife stabbing(NYDN)
Snoozed, and then loses freedom (NYDN)TV movie focuses on ’87 abduction of a Harlem baby (NYDN) * Slaying of Brooklyn grandmother Gloria Cadet, 85, puzzles (NYDN) * Man With 45 Previous Arrests Is Arraigned for Arson in Queens (Village Voice) * Suspect Sought in String of Bronx Robberies(NBC) * Police search for “needle point robber” in the Bronx(WCBS)