Friday, September 14, 2012

Winners and Losers, 11,000 Vote in A District Leader Race in Williamsburg

Lincoln Restler Lost Yesterday But Won His Future 
Got Caught in An Hasidic Civil War And Effort to Save Lopez
Meanwhile, Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the former Brooklyn Democratic boss caught up in a sex-harassment scandal, won one proxy battle and was ahead in a second. Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Dilan, a Lopez ally, routed challenger Jason Otano by more than 40 points — even though Otano used the scandal as a campaign issue. Another Lopez ally, Chris Olechowski, appeared headed for victory over Lincoln Restler in a Brooklyn district leader’s race.  State Committeeman Lincoln Restler trailed Chris Olechowski by about 180 votes at midnight (136 as of 2:30 a.m., or about 1.2 percent of the total) of over 11,500 votes cast late Thursday night, with several hundred absentee ballots remaining to be counted. Two years ago, 
Restler won by 121 votes, but he faces an uphill margin as the Board of Elections counts the remaining ballots in the next few days. But Restler’s allies hinted he is looking to challenge Councilman Steve Levin in 2013, regardless of the election’s outcome. At his primary night party, Restler acknowledged he might fall short but vowed every ballot would be counted. “We decided we wanted to stand up for something bigger than any one of us, for a new type of Democratic Party, for a new type of Brooklyn,” he said. “I’ll say this, regardless of the final outcome tonight, and we are certainly not conceding this…. The gentleman running against me got about 600 votes in Greenpoint and [most of] Williamsburg, and in the Hasidic community, 'Boss' Vito Lopez delivered him 6,000 votes.” * Democratic district leader Lincoln Restler gets 200 fewer votes than opponent Chris Olechowski(Brooklyn Paper) Restler said Olechowski got less than 600 votes in Green Point, Clinton Hil, Fort Greene, the north side of Williamsburg, and "Italian Williamsburg" combined.But in Hasidic Williamsburg, "Boss Vito Lopez and Stevey Levin delivered him 6,000 votes*  Lincoln Restler, currently trailing, says he 'dominated the vote' in every area but one(Capital) * Brooklyn – SEVEN Takeaways Whether Restler Wins or Loses * Lincoln Restler insists the reform movement in Brooklyn will continue undiminished regardless of whether he’s re-elected district leader. * Restler’s opponent, Chris Olechowski, called his apparent win “the most bizarre that could have happened,” adding: “It’s because of the politics surrounding Assemblyman Lopez and the Hasidim. Restler’s wanting to fight corruption when I’m just hoping to get a park for the Greenpoint community.”* A source in Hasidic Williamsburg who supported Mr. Restler’s opponent Chris Olechowski broke down the numbers further, providing a spread sheet to boot. The source said the city’s preliminary count of the district’s six mostly Hasidic voting sites yielded 5,226 (63%) for Mr. Olechowski, and 3,110 (37%) for Mr. Restler. They noted, “However these numbers include the Hispanic votes for Restler in the mixed ED’s of the public housing where Restler polled much closer to Olechowski.”

The  Zalman of Williamsburg Help Vito Keep His Power
The Lopez UJO Hynes Political Machine Lives to Fight Another Day
City and State Winner of the Week
Vito Lopez – Sure, he’s under investigation. Sure, he’s lost two of the posts that were central to his power. Sure, he’s hiding from the press. But yesterday’s primary results showed that Brooklyn voters don’t seem to be blaming Lopez’s allies for the sexual harassment allegation leveled against him. How close they still are to Vito is unclear, but Martin Dilan, Walter Mosley and Rafael Espinal all won their races, while the most famous anti-Vito candidate, Lincoln Restler, is currently trailing Lopez’ handpicked candidate in a too-close-to-call race for Democratic district leader. Maybe Vito will be able to keep some of that clout after all.

Vito County Leader Puppet is a Loser
Franks Seddio For Running  and Losing the Campaign of Lara Genovesi for Civil Court Judge
Last week Seddio send a letter to members of is once powerful Thomas Jefferson Club asking for primary day volunteers for Genovesi for primary day * Lost in the hubbub of yesterday’s elections, the city’s campaign finance board issued a number of violations. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez seemed to have accrued fines for improperly directing a campaign expenditure to Brooklyn’s likely next Democratic leader, Frank Seddio.
 In 2007, Seddio resigned from his cushy post on the bench as surrogate judge just 131 days into his 14-year term after intense scrutiny for alleged ethics violations being investigated by the Commission on Judicial Conduct in 2007.  He gave more than half of $55,090 in unspent campaign money to party pals, in apparent violation of strict rules barring judges from giving campaign money to political candidates are charities, Lost in the hubbub of yesterday’s elections, the city’s campaign finance board issued a number of violations. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez seemed to have accrued fines for improperly directing a campaign expenditure to Brooklyn’s likely next Democratic leader, Frank Seddio. * Is that the stink of corruption I smell in Brooklyn? - NY Daily News (2007, NYDN)

With Victory Over Lincoln Vito Lopez Will Now Go Full Force Against Silver, JCOPE and Those Who Want Him to Take All the Blame for the Hush Deal
State violated Vito hush deal: lawyer  (NYDN) Attorney Gloria Allred, representing two women accusing Lopez of sexual harassment, said the state broke its confidentiality agreement when the state comptroller released documents including the final settlement *  not investigating sheldon silver doesn't give Silver the chance to clear his name-- * Ravi Batra is clearly still smarting from the Cuomo-Paterson interview on WOR...  * Ravi Batra Still Smarting From Cuomo-Paterson Criticism(YNN)

State Controller Tom DiNapoli’s website declares him “responsible for ensuring that the taxpayers’ money is being used effectively and efficiently to promote the common good.”  How well did he fulfill the mission in the matter of the secret sexual harassment settlement that has embroiled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Vito Lopez?
The News wonders whether State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli was “ignorant” or “complicit” when he signed off on a $103,000 taxpayer-funded Assembly settlement for Lopez’s sexual harassment claims: State Controller Tom DiNapoli ducks responsibility in Vito Lopez sexual harassment settlement  Which makes him sound negligent about the spending of public funds,

NYP Target Naomi Rivera Falls
Embattled pols Naomi Rivera, Shirley Huntley get the boot in Democratic primariesEmbattled pols Naomi Rivera, Shirley Huntley get the boot in Democratic primaries(NYP)Huntley was trounced by Councilman James Sanders, who got 4,979 votes, or 57 percent of the tally, to 3,477 votes, or 40 percent, for Huntley with all of the machine ballots recorded. In a stunning upset, challenger Mark Gjonaj handily defeated Rivera by 2,407 votes, or 52 percent, to 1,894 votes, or 41 percent, for Rivera. * Embattled Huntley Ousted In State Senate Primary; Espaillat Declared Winner In State Senate Primary(NY1) * Huntley, Rivera fall in Democratic primaries(NYDN) After a long and bizarre primary day in Southeast Queens, Councilman James Sanders pulled off an emphatic upset, defeating incumbent Senator Shirley Huntley by over 1500 votes. Shortly after declaring victory, Sanders confided to City & State what would be his “first order of business” as Senator-elect: Rozic bests Jerry Iannece in 25th District raceUlrich wins primary, set to face Addabbo in November * Six-time incumbent Stavisky claims victory over Messer in primary * Kim wins primary for Assembly to face GOP’s Gim in FlushingSanders scores major victory over Huntley in Senate raceClark wins re-election to 14th term in AssemblyIncumbent Miller defeats newcomer in 38th District * Walter Mosley wins easily in 57th Assembly District; backing from pols (Hakeem, Marty, BdB, Tish) > DN, NYT, DC37 nods  * Boyland survives * More Victors Declared, Including Twice-Indicted William Boyland Jr.(NYO) * Adriano Espaillat Declares Victory Against Guillermo Linares(NYO) * Albany District Attorney David Soares won a "decisive" victory in his primary. [Robert Gavin] * Brad Hoylman won his State Senate race to replace Tom Duane. [Andrea Swalec] * Hakeem Jeffries wins a 'mini-me' rematch against Ed Towns | Capital New York * lesson from race? reader: "Substance + some labor can beat county if the $ is about even & county still makes shitty pick" *Romney raises $7.5M from NY, LI donors(NYP) * Mella prevails in Manhattan surrogate Democratic primary *Primary Aftermath: Same-Sex Marriage(YNN) * Will Ron Kim Make New York History?  Queens Democratic Assembly candidate Ron Kim is poised to make history: If he wins the November election, he would become the first Korean-American lawmaker in the state of New York. * Assemblyman Mike Miller (D-Woodhaven) cruised to victory in the 38th AD primary against Etienne David Adorno.* Real estate big blankets state Senate races with contributions(New York World) * Here are the unofficial, uncertified primary results for the NYC races.* Andrew Cuomo batted a cool 5-for5 in primary endorsements.* City Hall Horse Race: Primary Hangover Edition(NYO)

Primary Results Close for 2 G.O.P. Legislators Who Voted for Same-Sex Marriage(NYT) The fate of Senate Republicans was closely watched nationally, because New York was the first state to legalize same-sex marriage with the support of a Republican-controlled legislative chamber. * Tight Primary for Two Who Backed Gay Vows(WSJ) * Absentee Ballots Will Decide the Fate of Two N.Y. GOP Senators Who Backed Marriage Equality Act Bill(NY Mag)  * MCDONALD HAS NO REGRETS ON SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Of the three GOP senators who voted "yes" on same-sex marriage, only Sen. Mark Grisanti remained safe as results rolled in last night. Another one, Sen. Roy McDonald, is behind by over 100 votes and said he’s in a “nailbiter” that's “going into extra innings.”

The News scoffs at the Board of Elections that a dead woman, Roselyn Johnson, appeared on the ballot as a candidate to be a delegate to a judicial convention in Thursday’s primary: 
Confusion at the Polls Could Spell Trouble in November, Pols Warn(DNA Info) * Public Advocate: Elections Board Should Immediately Fix Voting Problems(NY1)

Judge wants Liu 'straw donors' ID'd(NYP) A judge today ordered the feds to identify the suspected “straw donors” to embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s planned mayoral campaign for the.

Train robbery(NYP Ed) Riders didn’t react well to news that the MTA might scrap MetroCard discounts next year. “It’s going to hurt me a lot,” one told The Post on Wednesday. But, hey — escalating pension and health-care costs for MTA employees have to be paid for . . . somehow, right? The Post suggests the Metropolitan Transportation Authority reign in employee pension and health care costs instead of cutting MetroCard discounts or increasing the $2.25 base fare next year

Bloomberg’s Mid-Year Budget Cuts(YNN)

Bloomberg spouted off at reporters after the city’s Board of Health passed a ban on large sugary drinks, and then dared anyone who doesn’t like the rule to fight him
Hizzoner pops off after victory on soda ban(NYP) * Health Panel Approves Restriction on Sale of Large Sugary Drinks(NYT) * Big-Soda Ban Is New Front In Obesity War(WSJ) * Board Of Health Approves Sugary Drink Ban(NY1)

Another PCB Leak Reported in NYC Classroom(NBC)

Big-boxed out: Walmart bails on NYC storeBig-boxed out: Walmart bails on NYC store(NYP)
Twitter Rats OWS Data
Twitter caves on OWS dataTwitter caves on OWS data(NYP) * Fingers Pointed Over Seizure of Occupy Wall St. Library(NYT) Occupy Wall Street members are still wondering what happened to their collection of 3,600 donated books, known as the People’s Library, some of which disappeared, according to a court hearing on Thursday * OWS Protester Raped, Flung 2 Stories: Cops(NYDN)

Disabled get a break: New taxi-dispatch system launchedDisabled get a break: New taxi-dispatch system launched(NYP)

Village Voice Editor Tony Ortega Quits to Pursue Scientology Book(NY Mag)

US intel agencies didn't issue high alert about Mideast unrest threatUS intel agencies didn't issue high alert about Mideast unrest threat(NYP)

The Making of A President 2012
White House in scramble to fix Obama's ‘ally’ oopsWhite House in scramble to fix Obama's ‘ally’ oops(NYP)Amid all the chaos of anti-US fervor sweeping the Arab world, the White House had to spend part of yesterday cleaning up a mess left by a confusing statement President Obama made about Egypt. In an interview with Telemundo that aired Wednesday night, the president said of the Egyptian government, “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy. They’re a new government that is trying to find its way.” * Aides Give Glimpse of What a President Romney Would Do(NYT) * Obama Holds Lead in Three Key States(WSJ) New polls show Obama leading Romney in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, three states considered key to winning the White House. * Noonan: "Romney strategy largely consists of spurts of emotion and calculation...[This is] not a strategy but an inbox"(WSJ) * CBSNews/NYTimes poll out this morning shows Pres Obama leading Mitt Romney 49-46% among likely votes. Margin of error: + or - 3 pts.* Romney trying to shift campaign's focus back to economy(NYP)
Middle East Turmoil Tests Obama - DeYoung & Birnbaum, Washington Post
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'Creep' with long rap sheet busted in horrific Central Park rape(NYP) * Drifter Known for Menace Is Charged With Raping Woman, 73, in Central Park(NYT) * Police Make Arrest in Rape of Elderly Woman in Central Park (WSJ) * Homeless Man Charged With Central Park Rape(NT1) * Man Arrested In Sex Assault Of Elderly Woman In Central (NYDN)

Harlem man charged with Bx. gas-station attendant's murder: policeHarlem man charged with Bx. gas-station attendant's murder: police(NYP) * Rape Suspect Was Person of Interest in West Virginia Killing(NYT)

Sister fumes at NYPD in fatal shooting of brother Reynaldo(NYDN)

Lawyers have new legal plan to free two 'innocent' inmates(NYP) * Internal Affairs to Investigate Officer’s Stabbing(NYT) *Internal NYPD probe to look into stabbing(WSJ) * Prosecutors Seek Hearing in ’95 Killing(NYT) * Suspect Sought in Rape Near South Street Seaport(NYT) * Internal NYPD probe to look into stabbing(Fox 5) * Man, 21, Arrested in Murder of Bronx Gas-Station Worker(NYT) * Bronx Man Arrested in String of Flushing Arsons
* Accused killer says farewell to dead brother(NYDN)
 Hunt ex-con in Occupy sex attack (NYDN) * Police: Bronx Suspect Robbed Victims Using Hypodermic N (WCBS)* NYPD: Suspect Sought In Rape Of OWS Protester(NYDN)