Thursday, August 16, 2012

Over 50 Years Ago Jimmy Breslin Said Race Divides Every Issue in NYC . . . Not Much Has Changed

NYC Racial Divide Runs Right Through Stop and Frisk

A Quinnipiac poll finds that 69 percent of black voters in New York City oppose stop-and-frisk, 57 percent of whites support the policy, but 64 percent of all voters approve of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s job performance:  Q poll: "Black voters disapprove of 69 – 25% while approval is 57 – 37% among white voters"  Pockets of City See Higher Use of Force During Police Stops(NYT) Police used some level of physical force in more than 20 percent of its stops across the city last year, though those stops seldom translate into arrests, causing black and Latino leaders to question officers' judgment* Poll: NYC racially divided over stop and frisk(WSJ) * Poll: NYC racially divided over stop and frisk(Fox 5) * Cuomo Sees Need For New Gun Control Measures(NY1) *
Police: Man Shot, Killed At Harlem B&B  * Sen. Marty Golden, who will likely face a tough re-election battle this year, is set to introduce a bill cracking down on people who plant “community guns.”* The police are far more likely to use physical force in stop and frisks in the West Bronx than they are elsewhere.* Man Shot Dead in Bed and Breakfast: * A Times investigation found police in the 32nd Pct. in Manhattan, 44th and 46th Pcts in the Bronx and 115th in Jackson Heights, Queens, used force at much higher rates than the rest of the city. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said that's because they file reports indicating "hands on suspect," which could mean "a frisk or to guide a suspect to the sidewalk." [Ray Rivera]* WATCH: Why Is Chicago's Murder Rate So Horrifyingly High?(Huff Post)

Campaign 2012   Speaker's Lead Solidifies(WSJ) New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn sits in an enviable position as she prepares a mayoral run.* NY1 Online: Manhattan Borough President Calls For Change at NYCHA *
Daily News Continues To Punch the NYCHA
 Bronx public housing residents are suing the city’s Housing Authority over poor living conditions in their buildings, including a burgeoning rat infestation, the News writes: *Gov disturbed by NYCHA reports(NYDN) *1 p.m. Quinn attends a Council hearing on public housing security cameras at NYCHA facilities in the Council Chambers at City Hall.* NYCHA residents in the Bronx are suing over a rat infestation.* Q poll re : "NYC voters support 73 – 20%...Support is strong among all groups except GOP, who oppose [it] 48 – 42%"* Gay-OK to be mayor, says city poll (NYDN) * Chick-fil ‘A-OK’(NYP) * Nearly 85 percent of New Yorkers say they don’t care if their next mayor is gay.* Joe Biden is "a cynical tool" for his "chains" comment yesterday. [New York Post] * Yesterday's Quinnipiac poll was probably more about name recognition than anything else. [David Seifman] *
Wendy Long Visits “Bionic Man” Rubén Díaz, Sr.(City and State) * Marty Golden, under fire for ducking a gun microstamping vote, is introducing his own anti-gun plan. * Gatemouth probes Nydia Velazquez’s political efforts in the Bronx. * Paul Ryan: Joe Biden is ‘desperate’: (politico) * Only Citywide Political Club Backs Espaillat(C&S) From today's Heard Around Town: * The McManus Political Club, the oldest and only city-wide p* Rubén Díaz, Sr. Knows Who His Friends Are  * Candidate Touts Being Poor and Underemployed  * Bob Kappstatter weighed in on Naomi Rivera’s “Snooki tabloid scandal.” * John Liu said he won’t take any money from a pro-charter school group in his 2013 campaign.* Eric Ulrich outlined his positions on various issues in the Queens Chronicle. * David Storobin prayed at the Wailing Wall. * The race to replace Grace Meng has become the most competitive one in Queens. * Vito Lopez is supporting Walter Mosley for the State Assembly. * Consequences Of Redistricting Dysfunction(YNN) * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. finds it “heartbreaking” – though not surprising – that none of his Democratic colleagues have visited him after his knee-replacement surgery. * Sen. Malcolm Smith, who’s mulling a potential NYC mayoral run in 2013, took a cue from Bloomberg and got on the gun control train. * NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will accept money and support from StudentsFirstNY, an education advocacy group that was criticized today for having some donors in common with Mitt Romney.*
Halloran Strategist Slams Storobin's Assault Rifle Photo-Op [UPDATED] * Vito Lopez Spotted At Walter Mosley Fundraiser [UPDATED] *Thompson takes a cautious look at StudentsFirstNY(capital)

NY Times praised state Senator Tony Avella for refusing to accept free tickets to the US Open tennis tournament
A Freebie Too Far(NYT Ed) State Senator Tony Avella of Queens did the right thing when he concluded that free tickets from the United States Tennis Association exceeded the state’s gift ban. * Staten Island's Mark Murphy gets his closeup -- courtesy …(SI Advance) * More mud flying in highly charged Brooklyn judge race  * Council Speaker Christine Quinn rejected free tickets to the U.S. Open. [Azi Paybarah]

The iconic Tavern on the Green restaurant will be operated by a group from Philadelphia.

The city’s unemployment rate remained steady at 10%.

The Invisible Men Running for Mayor
How well known are the current crop of Democratic New York City mayoral candidates? A poll conducted last week by Global Strategies Group for the Chelsea Market Coalition, which is advocating for the expansion of Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, had some surprising results. According to the poll, which sampled 600 Democratic primary voters citywide, Council Speaker Christine Quinn was familiar to 70 percent of respondents, whereas former City Comptroller Bill Thompson registered a 53 percent familiarity rate, a relatively low percentage given that Thompson was the 2009 Democratic nominee. By contrast, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was familiar to 94 percent of those polled, while current City Comptroller John Liu was familiar to 59 percent. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio equaled Thompson at 53 percent and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer came in at 38 percent. The Chelsea Market Coalition, which asked about the candidates’ familiarity as a lead-in question to the likelihood of supporting the various candidates based upon their stance on the market’s proposed expansion, also polled the candidates’ popularity. The favorability vs. unfavorability numbers were Quinn at 50-20, Thompson 43-10, de Blasio 41-12, Liu 39-21, and Stringer 29-9. Mayor Bloomberg scored a 51-43 split. (City and State) *Scott Stringer Dismisses ‘Poll Dance,’ Predicts ‘Upset Victory’(NYO)

Take the Money and Run
Ed Towns’ coverupEd Towns’ coverup(NYP) Brooklyn Rep. Ed Towns insists he got no favorable treatment from Countrywide Financial when the subprime lender gave him two loans in 2003 to buy homes. And yet, according to a blockbuster news report yesterday, Towns made sure that the files for those loans — and for Countrywide loans to other congressmen and staffers — were excluded from a congressional subpoena three years ago. We’d say the congressman’s credibility is looking . . . subprime.

Who Knew Seabrook and Mayor Marion Barry Have the Same Problem
Seabrook: Mistress did it(NYP) Crooked ex-pol Larry Seabrook says he shouldn’t be held accountable for the sins of his mistress.The former Democratic city councilman from The Bronx filed court papers yesterday seeking to overturn his * Actual quotes taken from Mayor Marion Barry




NY  Get Hit in the Pocket Book With the End of the Bush Tax $
 Hit blue where it hurts(NYP) Axing Bush cuts slams NY, Dem states New Yorkers will shell out an average $5,542 more in taxes next year if President Obama and Congress cannot agree on an extension of the current rates, *

How to Rob $750 Million From the Public and Hang Out With the Cool Jay-Z
With Arena, Rapper Rewrites Playbook(NYT)  Jay-Z, second from right, who owns one-fifteenth of a percent of the Brooklyn Nets, has put his mark on almost every facet of the enterprise, his partners say.  * Video: Bruce Ratner on Brooklyn's New Team, Arena * “Bringing in someone who grew up in public housing, with a rags-to-riches story, who could identify with Brooklyn and African-Americans, that was slick."—CIty Concilwoman Letita James

Is Jay-Z The People?
NYT: Jay-Z & Nets have "written a new playbook for... strategic celebrity investor" (and generating unskeptical publicity)(Atlantic Yard Report) Except arena promoters didn't say Jay-Z "helped" design the logos, they gave him all the credit. And they used him at the groundbreaking to distract people from the fact that a Russian billionaire was getting the benefit of public subsidies. * Ratner's right. Jay-Z wasn't important in overcoming opposition; actual full-time Brooklynites like the leaders of BUILD and ACORN, signatories of the not-so-credible Community Benefits Agreement, were far more important, given that they brought people to rallies and public hearings.
Jay-Z was important in generating publicity, and in getting journalists/tv hosts like Rosanna Scotto to turn into simpering fans. And he's still generating publicity, as with this article. Creating jobs?  There's a terribly backhanded piece of reporting here, quoting opponents as having "complained that residents who might have been wary of Mr. Ratner’s promises to create jobs, nonetheless trusted Jay-Z, who invoked his roots and insisted he could never support 'anything that’s against the people.'" Well, were those complaints valid? Is Jay-Z for "the people"? Has Mr. Ratner created jobs like he promised? No. (And he's still not doing so.) I kinda wrote about that for Salon last year, but that didn't get mentioned in this article.* Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Louise Slaughter helped the clothing manufacturer Hickey Freeman secure a badly needed loan.

What Happens to the Homeless and Unemployed with the Temporary Legal Status?
Young Illegal Immigrants Get Temporary Legal Status In NYC (City and State)
Homeless Families Struggle To Find Shelter(NY1) * The Center for an Urban Future urged the Bloomberg administration to help small business get online.  * Report Finds More Young People Leaving Upstate NY(YNN) * The city’s unemployment rate remained steady at 10%.


 NY State Controller issues scathing report on the Thruway (NYDN)State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli argued the New York Thruway Authority must “look within” for savings before it considers a proposed 45 percent increase in truck trolls that would negatively affect consumers * State Comptroller Questions Thruway Tolls(WSJ) * His report suggests that the toll hike can and should be delayed.* State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's audit faulted the state's Thruway Authority for not finding more savings before turning to a massive toll hike. [AP] * Biz Groups Line Up To Oppose Toll Hike*Ynn)

Union Workers Approve Agreement With Con EdisonUnion Workers Approve Agreement With Con EdisonUnion workers overwhelmingly approved a new collective bargaining agreement with Consolidated Edison Wednesday. * ConEd Union Workers Approve Contract(WSJ) Union workers at Con Edison overwhelmingly voted for a new labor contract yesterday after Govenor Cuomo brokered a deal between the utility and its workers last month

Soccer Enthusiasts Hope for a Stadium and a Pro Team in Queens(NYT)

Hindu temple cries racism after DOB violations(Queens Crap)
From the Queens Courier:  A Hindu temple in Richmond Hill has been battling with the Department of Buildings (DOB), after the mandir was hit with several violations that both the building owner and priest say were incorrect and unfair.

Yogurt Holds A Yogurt Summit Did Mel Brooks Direct . . .  Where Are the Spoons
Cuomo held the state’s first ever “Yogurt Summit” in Albany, noting the industry’s explosive growth in the region and the addition of several new factories, the Times writes: Andrew Cuomo’s yogurt summit was so popular that it ran out of spoons.* Cuomo says NY should become Silicon Valley of yogurt 

Governor Cuomo consolidated some state agencies.

Nudity Advocate Fights for Her Right to MTA Toplessness(NY Mag)

State Education Department Releases Teacher Ratings

Bravest recounts ‘Black Sunday’ blaze(NYDN)

Harlem gadfly runs email network that reaches 400 community (NYDN)

Hit blue where it hurtsChoice of Paul Ryan Shifts Focus From Economy to Ideology(NYT) * Ex-Officers Attack Obama Over Leaks on Bin Laden Raid(NYT) * Little Candor From Christie Before Keynote(NYT) If Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is in the mood for genuine candor about the economy, he could make one heck of a keynote speech at the Republican National Convention. *Coalition Aims to Link School Group and Romney (NYT) The coalition of labor unions and liberal advocacy groups planned to highlight ties between supporters of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s education agenda and Mitt Romney. A coalition of labor unions and liberal advocacy groups launched a new campaign to tie Mitt Romney to defenders of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education policies in hopes of influencing the 2013 mayoral race * Missed Chance to Reject Voting Barriers(NYT Ed)  A Pennsylvania ruling requiring a government-issued photo ID card to vote is a disturbing illustration of the way Republicans have manipulated legislation for their own ends.* Group asks Obama and Romney to pull ads on 9/11 *Can Harold Ickes Make It Rain for Obama?(Mother Jones) * Paul Ryan revives fiscal fights in Ohio(Politico) * Obama Campaign: GOP Swift-Boating (Daily Beast) * Soaring Motel Prices May Increase Homeless Rate During Conventions(Huff Post) * Biden And Ryan: A Tale Of 2 Catholics(Huff Post) * Sen. Schumer is urging fellow democrats to attack Romney VP pick Paul Ryan’s credibility as a budget expert and deficit hawk.* Archbishop Dolan defended his invitation of pro-choice Barack Obama to the Al Smith dinner.  * The Center for an Urban Future urged the Bloomberg administration to help small business get online.  * Obama is still up over Romney in the Keystone State.  * Obama is still up over Romney in the Keystone State. * The struggles of keeping Biden on message.    * Obama defended Biden’s “chains” remark.  * Paul Ryan seems to have easily weathered the transition to center stage.    * Black caucus chairman: Biden comments amount to 'absolutely nothing' (Wash Times)* News Corp's owner is over the moon for Paul Ryan. [@RupertMurdoch] * Joe Biden is "a cynical tool" for his "chains" comment yesterday. [New York Post]* Ryan blasts Obama camp over Biden's 'chains' remark(NYP) * Paul Ryan Calls Obama China’s ‘Doorman’ ‘Doormat’(NYO) * An Obama event was catered by a man wearing a T-shirt criticizing his “you didn’t build that” quote. * CNN declared that Wisconsin is officially a tossup. * Dave Weigel was unimpressed with a reporter’s question to Jay Carney about Joe Biden remaining on the vice presidential ticket, declaring it, “The Dumbest Question Anybody Was Asked Today.” * Paul Ryan denied lobbying for stimulus dollars, contradicting his record of having done so.* Chuck Todd Calls Biden’s Staff Influencing Pool Reports An ‘Outrage,’ ‘Going To Have To Change This System’ *Public School Backers Tie Education Reformers To Mitt Romney

Ryan Zinke in his Navy days. (Photo: Navy SEAL Team Six Commander Says Special Ops Assault On Obama Is Just Beginning(NYO)

On TV the Presidential Campaign is Already A Mud Fight

From Theodore Harold White To Nancy O'Dell
Nancy O'Dell From Entertainment Tonight Interviews Obama
President Obama Weighs in on Romney Attack  Entertainment Tonight News

George Carlin ~ The American Dream 
What Do People on Main Street Think About Wall Street?(NY Mag) * NYAG Eric Schneiderman, and his counterpart in Connecticut, have issued subpoenas to several banks as part of the ongoing investigation into the LIBOR scandal.* Matt Taibbi: Goldman case shows Eric Holder "has no balls"  * AGs have supoenaed 7 banks over LIBOR | Brits miffed | MF Global chaos  *  State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the arrest of a crew on Staten Island illegal pharmaceutical drugs. [Josh Saul] *  scandal spreads beyond Barclays to include 7 banks(Daily Beast) * State Financial Services Superintendent Ben Lawsky learned all his PR tricks from his longtime boss, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

No Criminal Case Is Likely in Loss at MF Global(NYT)

NYP Should Just Call It NY Porn And Charge $5 Dollars

'Slave' reveals torment at learning that leather lad dumped her for new love(NYP)

Rap on teach over student ‘love lessons’Rap on teach over student ‘love lessons’(NYP)

Law and Order

Cluck offed!(NYP)
Kid-mug rapKid-mug rap  (NYP) The coldhearted mugger who swiped $19 from a 9-year-old Bronx boy on an errand to buy soap for his mom was tossed in jail yesterday,

WATCH: Alleged Subway Perv Jumps On Tracks To Escape Arrest(Huff Post)

Man shot to death inside Harlem B&B(NYP) * The naked gun(NYP) * Four Are Arrested in 2008 Robbery of an Armored-Car Guard, Including the Guard(NYT) * Another Trial Is Scheduled for Man Charged in 2008 Killing of Psychologist(NYT)
* The Electoral Art of War(NYT) Did the Obama campaign maneuver Mitt Romney into choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate? * NYPD looking for suspect in salon burglaries * 2 sought for robbing elderly NYC homeowner(WSJ) * Real estate scammer to be sentenced in Bronx court toda (NYDN) * Police Seek Armed Suspect Wanted In 11 Queens Robberies(WCBS) * Deadly shooting inside Harlem B&B(Fox 5) *Accused Manhattan madam due in court(Fox 5) * Cops Seek Armed Robber Targeting Delivery Trucks(NBC) * So-Called "Manhattan Madam" Back In Court Todaym * A judge denied a motion asking for the dismissal of the case against alleged madam. (WSJ)

Cop sues for $30M over claims her lieutenant exposed himself (NYDN)

Cops raided the wrong B'klyn bar, dumped booze: owner(NYP) * NYPD big sued for raiding B’klyn pub & dumping its booz(NYDN) * Bar Owner Sues Over Dumped Booze in NYPD Raid(NBC)