Friday, August 17, 2012

NYC Unemployment Rate Remains At 10% Pols Still Silent

The Budget Will Have to Cut Over $700 Million From Next's Year Budget
The five borough taxi plan was rejected by a state Supreme Court justice. *Judge nixes plan for taxi expansion; could leave $1.46B hole in budget(NYP) * Judge Blocks Outer-Borough Taxi Plan(NY Mag)
* New York Taxi Expansion Overturned(NYT) * Judge Rejects Five-Borough Taxi Plan(NY1)
* Hail, No! Judge kayoes Mayor Bloomberg’s plan  to let livery (NYDN)

The Forgotten 
New Yorkers
Today's NY Times gave us and editorial about giving The Right to Counsel at Guantánamo Bay. But nothing about the right of jobs to Americans.  The NYT was not alone non of the papers had a word to say about how to get people jobs.  The pols were also silent like they always are.  How can they explain the fact that their policies have created an economy where the people they are supposed to represent can't find a job. We have reached a point in the city's life where those without jobs do not have any influence in the media so they pols do what they do with everything that does not threaten them, turn ther back on the problem with the growing number of unemployed in the city.  City's Unemployment Rate Remains at 10 Percent(NYT) * New York City’s unemployment rate stuck at 10% (NYDN) * New York’s unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent in July as private-sector jobs in the state dipped slightly from the previous month due to a labor dispute that resulted in a month-long lockout of ConEd.

Albany Should Use the Bank Windfall for a Jobs Programs . . .  It Was the Banks That Killed Our Jobs
Albany Debates Bank Deal Windfall(WSJ) After striking a $340 million settlement with Standard Chartered PLC this week over money-laundering allegations, the next question facing the Cuomo administration is what to do with the penalty windfall. Governor Cuomo touted Ben Lawsky’s $340 million settlement in a New York Post op-ed, and Albany’s already debating how to spend it.

Call Me Maybe
Mayor Bloomberg Sure Received a Major Seal of Approval Today!
* Outgoing Bloomberg Press Secretary Gives His Exit Interview(WNYC) * Stu Loeser was in the spotlight on his last day on the job as Bloomberg’s press secretary * Loeser said he had to “tack left” (ironically) when he left Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office to work for Bloomberg, who was a Republican at the time.

Campaign 2012 NYS Voters Can Now Register On DMV Website(NY1) *The Cuomo administration unveiled an online voter registration system aimed at the state’s low registration rate, which a GOP consultant said would tend to hurt Republican  Voter registration to go computerized in NY(NYDN)*New York has struggled to promote voter registration — with less than 64 percent of eligible residents registered, it ranks 47th in the nation.
\Confusion over changing polling sites(NYDN) * All of the GOP county chairs showed up for George McDonald’s mayoral discussion meeting, compared to the two that showed up for Malcolm Smith’s. * David Storobin slammed President Obama on Israeli television. * More on Rhoda Jacobs’ tough reelection battle. * After Rubén Díaz, Sr.’s complaints, some Brooklyn candidates paid him a visit as well. * In A Long Statement, Halloran Touts Endorsements From Israeli Leaders(NYO) * * Ruben Wills, James Sanders, A Campaign Office, And a Non-Profit(City and State) * Storobin Spox: Military Gear, Guns Were For Protection(City and State) * This song in honor of diva state Senate candidate Mindy Meyer is actually listenable. (Warning: It may create ear worms).* Was David Storobin required to wear an Israeli army uniform? * Marty Golden was endorsed by the Court Officers Association. * Here’s video of Dan Halloran making his pitch to Israelis.* 

NYP Says Why Not Bratton for Mayor
Instead of simply meeting with candidates about returning to his old job
Raise your sights, BillRaise your sights, Bill(NYP Ed) Ex-city Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is aiming too low: He’s talking to likely mayoral contenders about getting his old cop-shop job back after Mike Bloomberg splits — but why should he settle for less than the mayoralty itself?
It is Already Legal for Children to Have A Gun, New Gun Laws Won't Stop Shooting Like This . . . 15 Year Old Arrested In Playground Shooting of 4 
Arrest Made In Connection With Shooting Of Four Brooklyn Teens(NY1) Police arrested a 15-year-old boy Thursday in connection with a shooting that hurt four teenagers in Brooklyn earlier this week. * Cops bust teen gunman who opened fired on basketball co (NYDN) * State Lawmakers Want To Toughen Gun Laws But Differ On How(NY1) * Boy Arrested in BK Playground Shootings(NBC) * Man shot dead outside restaurant in Rosedale(NYDN)

Knee Pad Journalism

Loeser Says NYC Press Friendlier Than DC Counterpart(NYO) 


 NYPD cracks down on counties that poach city police officers citing state law that requires them to pay training costs for cops hired within three years of graduation (NYDN) NYPD sends bills totaling $150K to nearby counties following state law passed in 2011 that requires payback on training costs

NYCHA Mob Paint Always Costs More  
Housing board pay nay (NYP) The Housing Authority will overhaul its four-person board and make their $187,000 positions unpaid and part-time, officials announced yesterday. * Amid Criticism Over Housing Authority, Bloomberg Decides to Revamp Its Board(NYT) * The Bloomberg administration released two “withering” reports on NYCHA and said two highly paid board members will be replaced by volunteers as the embattled agency promised reforms, the Daily News writes: *Housing Agency to Cut Costs(WSJ) * City's Housing Authority Big On Shortcomings, Report Finds(NY1) * The board chairman, John Rhea, sat down with the Daily News editorial board to discuss its problems, including that it has a backlog of 338,000 repair orders.
Gallons of stupidity as NYCHA spends up to $28 for a can of paint   In blistering report, Boston Consulting Group finds that $30M of housing authority's $150M in inventory may now be out of date or beyond repair * The New York City Housing Authority’s $10 million study released yesterday shows that the agency is “as dilapidated as the worst of its rat- and mold-infested projects,” the News writes: * Bloomberg: ‘We’re Not Walking Away From Public Housing and Most Other Cities Are’(NYO) * Stringer Claims Victory As NYCHA Ousts Board Members(NYO)

Why is This Man Smiling . . . He Still Gets $$$ in Member Items

Ruben Wills, James Sanders, A Campaign Office, And a Non-Profit (City and State)The residence, oddly, is also where Wills in 2010 initially said that the non-profit he ran, New York 4 Life, had been housed, though Wills also has listed his house as the charity’s address. Wills, who got $33,000 for the non-profit while serving as Huntley’s chief of staff, has since landed in some hot water with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office for refusing to turn over the non-profit’s spending records. Kawal Totaram has been described by the New York Times as a “real estate lawyer and friend of Mr. Ahmad’s,” referring to Edul Ahmad, who has been arrested by the FBI on charges of orchestrating a massive mortgage fraud scheme that defrauded Guyanese immigrants.

  The job of state inspector general hasn’t been permanently filled half a year after Ellen Biben left, which the Cuomo administration attributed to the low pay and Albany’s poor reputation, the Times Union notes:

Mayor Bloomberg continued to defend the city’s system for fining restaurants.

Millions Spent on Clown Security At JFK

Most Teachers Are Effective If They Show Up
55% Awarded Tenure Down From Last Year

Knock NYU out of park: suit(NYP) Since 1990, the Big Apple has seen an influx of people ages 20 to 34, the The Empire Center for New York State Policy found.  But they don’t seem to stick around the Empire State after that, since New York lost 3 million people over the last two decades, the study said. New York City gained 300,000 new residents between the ages of 20 and 34 between 2000 and 2010, the report by the Empire Center for New York State Policy shows.

New York’s lobbying restrictions blocks some positive help state workers would otherwise provide. * Almost six months after the departure of state Inspector General Ellen Biben to run JCOPE, Cuomo hasn’t named a permanent successor. The office doesn’t have a spokesman, either, since John Milgrim is at JCOPE, too.
From Weeds and Bricks to Media Hub in Brooklyn(NYT) After decades of neglect, 20 acres of grassy hills and crumbling mansions in a corner of the Brooklyn Navy Yard that few New Yorkers have ever seen may get a new life. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation and the owner of Steiner Studios reached a deal to convert an old hospital complex into a media hub if public financing can be secured

 Bloomberg isn’t putting a date on when New York’s delayed bike share program, which was supposed to have launched on July 31, will be up and running.

MTA To Renovate M Train Station In Bushwick(NY1)

Buyers line up for Bed-Stuy’s famed Slave Theater; one auction(NYDN)

NY moms oppose Bloomberg's breast-feeding plan: poll(NYP)

Former Spitzer call girl Ashley Dupre is engaged and pregnant(NYP)

Runaway Central Park horse takes off with 2 in carriageRunaway Central Park horse takes off with 2 in carriage(NYP) * 3 Are Injured When Horse Sheds Coach in Manhattan(NYT) * Carriage Horse Takes Passengers On Wild Ride(NY1) * Carriage Horse And Car Collide At Columbus Circle(WCBS) * Midtown Accident Reignites Horse-Drawn Carriage Debate(WABC) * Spooked NYC Horse "Oreo" Recovering(NBC)

Why Was the Tavern Closed In the First Place?
City Picks Philadelphia Firm to Reopen Tavern on the Green(NYT) * New Operator for Landmark in Central Park (WSJ) The new operator of Central Park's landmark Tavern on the Green restaurant is the owner of a Philadelphia crêperie and lounge, city officials announced on Thursday. * Tavern on the Green to make fall of 2013 return(NYDN)A smaller Tavern on the Green is set to re-open in Central Park in the fall of 2013 after the owner of Philadelphia’s Beau Monde secured a 20-year license with the New York City’s Parks Department

Rollin', rollin', keep those bikes a rollin'... (Edward Reed/Mayor's Office)Flat Tire! Mayor Bloomberg Says Citi Bike Share Program Will Not Launch Until Spring, Blames Software [Update: Launching in March]  * Bike-Share Program Delayed Until Spring, Mayor Says(NYT) * Bloomberg says bike-sharing program delayed until next spring(NYP) * New York City’s bike-sharing program won’t launch until next spring as the vendor tapped to run the program continues to struggle with software problems.* Tech Glitch Again Delays City Bike Share Launch(NY1)

Struggling Brooklyn Market Loses a Farmer(NYT) Roy Hildebrant, 48, a crucial supporter of the Crown Heights Farmers Market, died on Aug. 11, and the market’s future without him remains in doubt.

NYU plan slapped in lawsuit (NYDN)

DiNapoli: State Pension Investment Soars On Web Stock(NY1)Pension costs will continue to rise in 2013 for New York school districts.   *State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli announced the pension fund’s overall rate of return for the first quarter of the fiscal year was negative: -.92 percent. The fund’s estimated value at the end of June was $146.5 billion.

Democrats in New York Are Steering Clear of Convention(NYT) Democratic Reps. Kathy Hochul, Tim Bishop, Louise Slaughter and Bill Owens, who are facing tough re-election fights, have a variety of excuses for skipping their party’s national convention * State GOP Chairman Ed Cox is using the planned absence of select Democratic House members from the convention in Charlotte against them, saying they “don’t want to be associated” with Obama.
  Paul Ryan zings bumbling Veep Joe BidenPaul Ryan zings bumbling Veep Joe Biden(NYP) * JERRY DELLA FEMINA: Time for ‘democrats for Romney’(NYP) * Romney Says He Paid at Least 13% in Income Taxes(NYT) * In Thrall to Sheldon Adelson(NYT)  Instead of repudiating a casino mogul’s billions, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get even closer and jeopardize the integrity of their campaign* Romney, Ryan not in lockstep on Wall St. reform:  * Romney’s transition team has been planning his presidency behind the scenes. * Romney and Ryan are going to be campaigning together a lot. * Nate Silver still thinks Romney’s chances are a relatively low 31.3%. * The Obama campaign launched its first Medicare attack ad against the Romney-Ryan ticket.* Paul Ryan's sparring partner on the House Budget Committee will play him in debate prep (Huff Post) * Obama Aide Says 5 Years of Romney Taxes Would Suffice(NYT) * Ryan Has the Ear of the Conservative Establishment(NYT) * Joe Biden isn’t overwhelmingly popular.* Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson had a pretty hilarious response to a report saying she was pressed to be Presidnet Obama’s vice president. * Democrats are claiming Paul Ryan’s presence on the national ticket has altered their strategic map.* White House Press Corps Wonders When Obama Will Actually Take Their Questions(Huff Post)

Paul Ryan, shirtless. (Photo: TMZ)Exhaustive TMZ Investigation Uncovers Paul Ryan’s Abs * MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Confronts Wasserman-Schultz Over Obama’s Lack Of ‘Accessibility’ * Romney Camp Reaching Out To NBC News Pres. Over Touré's 'Niggerization'  * President Obama is employing a soft media strategy that pretty much involves talking to everyone BUT the White House press corps.* Unemployment rates rise in 44 states, including 9 presidential battlegrounds: (Wash Post) * Ryan's Seriousness Puts Obama in a Bind - Caroline Baum, Philly Inquirer * Obama Targets Ryan, Joins Medicare Ad War - Sam Stein, Huffington Post * A History of Voter Fraud in the Keystone State - John Fund, NRO * Voter Rights Lose in Pennsylvania - Abby Rapoport, American Prospect * Romney Shapes GOP Future - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post * GOP's Triumph of Ideology Over Reality - Jonathan Schell, The Nation * The Obama Bankruptcy - Irwin Stelzer, Weekly Standard * Romney Targets Anti-ObamaCare Dems in Ohio - David Drucker, Roll Call * Why I'm Not Buying the Romney Rally - Nate Silver, New York Times * It's the Circumstances, Stupid - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * More Presidential Diversity Than You Think - Carl M. Cannon, RCP * Paul Ryan releases 2010, 2011 tax returns(Wash Post) * Obama Lags on Judicial Picks, Limiting His Mark on Courts(NYT * After First Week on Trail, Ryan Looks Ahead(NYT) * Ryan Tax Returns Show 20 Percent Rate in 2011(NYT) * Bill Maher: Obama May Lose The Election Because He Never Thanked His Big Donors

Geraldo Investigates: Is There A ‘Lesbian Cabal’ Leading The Department Of Homeland Security?


U.S. Reliance on Oil From Saudi Arabia Is Growing Again(NYT)

 Law and Order
 Defiant hockey-mom 'Madam' ready to go to trial: lawyerDefiant hockey-mom 'Madam' ready to go to trial: lawyer(NYP) * Judge Denies Bid to Dismiss Case Against Alleged Madam (WSJ)

Family Of Woman Shot By Police Meets With Brooklyn DAFamily Of Woman Shot By Police Meets With Brooklyn DA (NY1) The family of a woman shot and killed by police in June spoke out Thursday after meeting with the Brooklyn District Attorney.Cops hunting man who burglarized Harlem salons (NYDN)

Two men slashed on Times Square platform; one assailant in custody(NYP)Plea Deal Set After Theft at Archdiocese(NYT) * Man Dies in Shooting in Harlem Inn(WSJ) * NY case of priest accused of sex assault settled(WSJ) * Decoy cops nab teen iPhone thief on No. 6 train(NYDN) * NYPD hunts mystery woman in white after murder at Harlem(NYDN)* School cop busts: 95% minorities (NYDN) * NY case of priest accused of sex assault settled(Fox 5) * Two men slashed on Times Square subway platform; one assailant in custody * Man suspected of mugging Bx. 9-year-old released(NYP) * Crooked UPS deliverymen busted for buckets of weed(NYP) * Two slashed with beer bottle subway brawl (NYDN) * Alleged transgendered purse snatcher busted(NYP) * UPS Truck Drivers Arrested in Alleged Pot Transport(NBC) * Police Looking For Group Of Subway Train Robbers(WCBS) * Wife-slay horror(NYP)* Rooftop potheads(NYP)