Sunday, July 8, 2012

True News Sunday Update

16 murders in the past five days — including 7 since Friday night

Slayings soar as city hits boiling point(NYP)

With An Unemployment of 9.5% NYC Could Have Used the Jobs and Economic Development Of the London 2012 Olympics, Not the 2024 NYC Olympics . . . Who Were the Pols Who Opposed the City's 2012 Bid? How Many Conventions Jobs Has NYC lost Because the Javits was Not Expanded?
New York City again being eyed to host Olympics(NYDN)* Congressman Weiner Endangers NYC Olympic Bid * N.Y.'s Olympic bid faces high hurdles - Chicago Tribune * It's ironic, then, that post-9-11 downtown rebuilding was the reason Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver offered for nixing the West Side stadium deal at the Public Authorities Control Board.*Olympic fallout: Spreading the 2012 blame - Page 1 - News - New * Jets Sweat Out Dolan's End Run - New York Daily News * “The stadium is not really doing so well at the moment, I’m happy to say,” Quinn told Chamber members (The Villager) * To supplement its lobbying efforts against the stadium, Cablevision has deployed Kenneth Bruno, the son of Joseph L. Bruno, *Bloomberg Calls for Miller to Return Cablevision Gift * Deborah J. Glick of Manhattan has asked the I.O.C. to release certain documents in an effort to clarify what she called the "tangled financing" behind New York's bid.

London 2012 Olympics: how the Games will boost the UK economy by £16.5bn‎* London 2012 Economic Impact Report * Multi-billion pound economic boost still to come from London 2012

Out of Jail Running Joining A New Criminal Gang, District Leader

The Mets Owners Illegal Advantage?

Bill de Blasio’s background as a campaign strategist might hurt his mayoral bid, or as one unnamed consultant put it, “You can’t be your own lawyer, you can’t be your own psychiatrist, and you can’t be your own political operative.”

The Cuomo Vs Bloomberg Battle of the 911 Museum Continues

9/11 families say National Park Service should take over memorial and museum(NYP)

An Old Bull Gadfly Says Most of Today's Reporters Clueless At BOE
Your correspondent was at the N.Y.C. Board of Elections commissioners’ meeting Tuesday, 3 July, ’12, and at the Supreme Court proceeding the day before. I spoke with a number of reporters and listened to their questioning. With the exception of the Daily News man, those reporters knew nothing about the State's Election Law nor understood the convoluted proceedings. The N.Y. Times woman came from the Arts section of her newspaper. There were a good number of--as they called themselves--interns (cubs they were called in my day). Flacks has attended more BOE meeting then anyone outside the BOE

BOE Lawyers Protect the Political Bosses That Corrupt NYC Elections
Rangel wins by 990 votes — or does he? (NYDN) Espaillat’s legal challenge in state Supreme Court still stands, and the BOE Friday filed a notification of appeal with the state Appellate Division that froze the lower court’s order blocking them from sending the results to Albany for final certification. Board spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez said certification would take place at a regular meeting of the NYC Board commissioners on Tuesday. A hearing in state Supreme Court in the Bronx is planned for July 11.

Those who benefit from the BOE want the Rangel race over that is why they were counting until late into Friday evening
 They hope questions raised by the election like other major corruption stories about the board are lost in the media's limited attention span and unwillingness to follow up on corruption stories. The question unanswered include: Why were 79 district recorded as zero on election night. The result of those zeros was an election night blow out of Espaillat has turned into a 2% squeaker?  Why did BOE  deputy chief Tim Gay meet with team Rangel and the district leaders that were supporting the congressman?  

Board Rushes To Finish the Count Before Momentum  to Reform the Board Builds

No District Came in With Zeros in the Libyan Election
Were Dominican poll workers and translators prevented from working in the primary to help Rangel? Ballot fixing by the former head of the BOE and Bribery by the HANC representative on the board involving the purchase of new voting machines are long forgotten.*Daily News Limits Attack on BOE By Limit Focus(NYDN) * An Absurd Vote-Counting System (NYT 2/20/2012) * New York’s Benighted The Board of Elections got new voting machines, but concocted an overly complicated counting process that creates delays. We shudder to think what will happen in the 2012 vote. (NYT Ed, Sept 2011) * Corruption, Sopranos, and Thug-Life Dominates New York Board of Elections (2010) * Board of Elections botches another one: It missed 195,000 votes on Election Day (DN Ed)

Zero Votes Fraud in 2008 But Not in 2012?
Bloomberg alleged "fraud" in the unofficial count of New York City's votes, which left Obama with zero votes in 80 election districts.Bloomberg's allegation Against Board of, February 20, 2008 * Elections Board Rebuffs Mayor Koch Over Director New York Times, by FRANK LYNN, September 15, 1988. Mayor Lindsay said that during the 1973 legislative session her would push for management reforms at the BOE (NYT, June29, 1972)


100 Years Without Change: How Tammany Hall Still Corrupts the BOE A century ago, in the era of Tammany Hall, establishing a bipartisan board was considered a great reform.  It was written into the State Constitution that the two major parties woujld run the agency, watch each other and safeguard the election process.  But in the yeas since NYC has become a one party town where politicians and the two major parties band together, blocking insurgents and rewarding party loyalists. 6 Mayors have Lacked the Juice to Reform the BOE 


Rangel Winning is Not the Real Story
Rangel squeaks out primary win after all the ballots are counted (NYP) Rangel held an insurmountable lead of 989 votes over challenger Adriano Espaillat yesterday after the Board of Elections finished counting the uncontested paper ballots in last week’s tight congressional primary. * Challenger’s Prospects Dim as Rangel’s Lead Widens in Count of Primary Ballots(NYT) * Rangel Adds to Vote Edge in New Count(WSJ) * Rangel Secures Unshakable Lead In Primary Ballot Count(NY1)  UPDATE: HERE ARE YOUR FULL NUMBERS AS OF 3:30 P.M., SHOWING CHARLIE RANGEL WITH A MARGIN OF VICTORY OF 990 VOTES:
* Rep. Rangel voting snafu sees pols unite for change(NYDN) * Espaillat's old Assembly district 1997-2010; Inwood, Marble Hill In 72nd AD Rangel got 56 votes. Espaillat got 263. ”"

What Happens Next
Now the issue will focus on whether there were any irregularities, voter suppression and violations of the language voting rights of the Dominican and other Latino residents of the district. Espaillat has sued in the state court and LatinoJustice PRLDEF has asked the US Justice Department to investigate. Will any of this change the results? Will this controversy lead to long-needed changes at the NYC Board of Elections on its archaic vote count procedures, the serious problems of political patronage and nepotism, and so on? Will State Senator Espaillat be leading the charge for election law reform in the State Legislature when this is all over? 

Keith Wright Who Many Believe Will  Run for Rangel Seat One Day Soon Protect the Board
Democratic Party Boss Slams Report Board of Elections is Working to Help Charlie Rangel Stay In Office (NYO)

Arrogant BOE Pigs Defend Their Corrupt Pork Jobs, Media Wimps Out  NYC Board of Elections Commissioner told he is fed up with the criticism of counting.  * Board of Elections: Adriano Espaillat Should Apologize for ‘Appalling’ Attacks (NYO) * Espaillat Campaign Cries Foul Over Daily News Report (NYO)

1. BOE Favoritism Cover Up
Juan Gonzalez discovers that a top Board of Elections official met before the election with key Rangel operatives, including Assemblyman Keith Wright.These are extremely troubling facts that Daily News has uncovered. A secret meeting between board of elections staff and Rangel operatives three days before the election to discuss staffing at the polls and general "election matters".

2. BOE Ballot Fixing Cover Up
The Board of Elections has been without an executive director for more than a year and a half
Head of Board of Elections Fired One Week Before Election (WNYC) Sources at the Board of Elections say Gonzalez was fired over irregularities that initially appeared on the ballot of a special election in Queens for the City Council seat in the 28th district. His lawyer is Stanley Schlein is also represented the losing bidder for new voting machines that the BOE brought last year and is now being investigated by the feds.
The ballot in question had all of the candidates lined up one slot to the right of where they should have appeared. For example, the name of the first candidate on the ballot slot, Democrat Reuben Wills, was listed under the slate of Republican candidates. However, the ballot that voters will receive on November 2 has been corrected.  The issue is still under investigation by the New York Department of Investigations.  Tammany Hall Board of Election Control Goes On and On (True News) * Is the Mayor Protecting Gonzalez  

3.BOE New Voting Machines Bribery Cover Up
The NYC Board of Elections suspended an employee (Now Fired) who’s also a top Queens GOP official, Stephen Graves, after he was caught on tape soliciting a “finder’s fee” from a voting machine contractor in exchange for recommending a particular lobbyist. Qns. elections official under fire for soliciting money from a contractor (NYP) 
Graves was caught on tape soliciting a $25,000 “finder’s fee” from a company competing for a $65 million contract in 2009.  Department of Investigation provided information to the board that Stephen Graves, first vice chairman of the Queens GOP and a $66,392-a-year board employee, asked for the money from Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems as it was battling rival Elections Systems & Software of Omaha, Neb., to sell the city its first electronic voting machines. Graves was also recommending the use of a particular lobbyist,” said one source. “In exchange for that he wanted a finder’s fee.” The lobbyist, who was not identified, was supposed to receive $250,000 a year for five years, the source said." More On the DOI Cover Up Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice) * Board of Elections does nothing as hundreds of Bronx votes go missing(NYDN 2010)

More Council Slush
New York City Council members try to steer more than $300,000 of pork to questionable nonprofits (NYDN) 39 nonprofits on dubious legal footing with the IRS 






He Takes the Village(NYT) A driving force behind aggressive East Village luxury development, Ben Shaoul is never far from controversy.

Groups' Praise of Cuomo Was Written by Cuomo Aides(NYT)A top aide to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo suggested quotes to executives of two business advocacy groups and won approval to use them in a news release. * For Cuomo, New Recognition in Bobblehead Doll(NYT)


Liu has scrapped his controversial plan for an overhaul of the city’s pension system
Liu turn! Comptroller scraps pension plan(NYP) Liu had called his plan a “game changer” that would produce bigger returns from the funds. He also said that the city spent $470 million on 360 outside consultants and that the merger would slash millions of dollars in unnecessary contracts. But the proposal drew opposition from union leaders, who said they weren’t consulted by Liu before being asked to turn over much of the oversight on pension investments.*NYC comptroller drops bid to overhaul pension management: source

Union-friendly pols tie Cuomo’s hands on reform (NYDN Ed) Employees’ rights put before citizens’ need. Bowing to public-sector unions, the Democratic Assembly and Republican Senate have abdicated responsibility for enacting critical reforms and have instead forced the governor into, at best, trying to negotiate change through labor negotiations.

The Winds of A Brooklyn DA War
George Challenges Hynes to a Primary(Bay Ridge Journal) * DA CHALLENGE: Abraham George rips Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes(NYDN) Abraham George is a new challenger to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes for the 2013 election launched his candidacy Friday by ripping into the incumbent for running an “ineffective” office and failing to protect borough children. * Fmr. Manhattan prosecutor to challenge B'klyn DA Hynes in next year's election(NYP) * Abraham George rips Brooklyn District Attorney Charles(NYDN) * Ex-Manhattan ADA Plans Primary Challenge to Hynes(NY Law Journal)

$pecial school ‘bus’(NYP)1 kid costing 100G  The student has debilitating conditions that require an advanced life-support ambulance, specifically one operated by Park Avenue Ambulance, which will be paid as much as $96,100 to cover his rides during the 10-month school year.

Manhattan’s famous Ziegfeld Theatre may close because of financial trouble(NYP)

Debate Over Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs Still Ongoing(NY1)

In Brooklyn, a Friend Is a Hero in Disguise(NYT)Dennis Holt, who died in June, was a longtime reporter for Brooklyn newspapers, and, his friends discovered, an activist for civil rights in Alabama.

The Making of A President 2012
Outside groups switch election tactics to keep their donors secret (The Hill) *Tax-Exempt Groups Shield Political Gifts of Businesses(NYT) * On Tricky Terrain of Class, Contrasting Paths for Candidates(NYT) * Groups Shield Political Gifts of Businesses * Obama's Hyphenated America - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review * How Obama's Allies Are Defining Romney - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine * Obama Faces Buyer's Remorse in Iowa - Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register * North Carolina: Southern Bellwether - Michael Hirsh, National Journal * Romney's Boston Team Isn't the Problem - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe *Only Government Can Fix Health Care - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post * Barclays Case Opens a Window on Wall St. - Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times * Hillary Clinton, Diplomat in Chief - James Mann, Los Angeles Times *  Israel Confronts an Uncertain Future - David Ignatius, Washington Post * Job Weakness Starts to Shape Election Tone - Catherine Rampell, NY Times * The President's Accountability Problem - Peter Wehner, Weekly Standard * How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

New jobs numbers bop Bam(NYP)* Delicate Pivot as Republicans Blast Rivals on Medicare Cuts(NYT) * Job Weakness Starts to Define Landscape of Election Year(NYT) * Jobs Report Fans Fears(WSJ) * 'Social Welfare' Organizations Play Big Role In Presidential Politics(NPR) * Krauthammer: If Romney Can’t Make Effective Argument On Economy, ‘He Doesn’t Deserve To Win’ * Christie Blows Up At Jersey Shore Heckler(Huff Post) * NO MAN'S LAND: Ohio Voters Unhappy With Obama And Romney(Huff Post) * Mitt Loves N.Y., Special Edition: Bob Diamond (Village Voice) * How Obama Can Really Hurt the GOP - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast * Obama Bus Tour Hits Unemployment Pothole - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Romney Betrays His Inner Capitalist - Colbert King, Washington Post * If U.S. Was a Biz, Would Obama Keep His Job? - Jon Kraushar, FOX News* In weekend addresses President Obama, GOP focus on jobs (CBS) * For campaigning Obama, less hope & change, more 'defeat GOP, break the stalemate.'(Wash Post) * The Republicans’ $3 Million Weekend in the Hamptons(NYT)

Daily News Vs. NY Times on Reason for Bad Jobs Numbers
It's Not Working, Mr. President - New York Daily News * GOP To Blame for Weak Jobs Numbers - New York Times

Law and Order

Shot cop glad to be home with family, but shooter still at large(NYP) * Shot cop released from hospital(NYDN)

At least 6 people allegedly killed overnight in NYC, including three men found dead with gunshot wounds in Queens * 3 slain in machine-gun attack — more than 60 bullets in barrage on Qns. street(NYP)

Accused Cashman stalker freed on bail, told to keep quiet(NYP)

Kin of slain SI teacher: She was truly an angel(NYP) *2 Bronx Children Die After Their Mother Turns on Gas and Slits Her Wrists(NYT) * Siblings Killed in Bronx(WSJ) * School Teacher Suspected Of Gassing Her Two Children To Death(NY1) * NYPD: Suspect Sexually Touched Girls, Ages 9 And 6, At Library(WCBS) * Three men killed in barrage of bullets in Queens (NYDN) * 3 men found dead with gunshot wounds in Queens (NYP) * Brooklyn Woman In Custody After Son Found Dead(NY1)
*Brooklyn store owner found killed in shop(NYP) * B'klyn mom admits to killing son, ODs on pills: police(NYP) * Bronx woman 'kills' husband during argument(NYP) * Police Investigate Shooting Death Inside Brooklyn Store(NY1) * Brooklyn mother arrested in death of boy, 7(Fox 5)* Search for suspect who sexually abused 2 girls at libra …(Fox 5)
* Cops hunt sicko in grope attack at Qns. library Cops hunt (NYDN)