Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chips and Big Soda for Council Members

Health Committe Chairwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo munched on a few bags of Fritos and Cheez-its
Council Members Gorge on Junk While Mulling Big Soda Ban (DNA Info)

Drinkers sour on sweet-soda ban(NYP) 53% says bad idea. With more than 53 percent of New Yorkers opposed to Bloomberg’s large soda ban, City Council members wondered why some city schools offered no physical education classes as a way to curb obesity, * Soda Proposal Gets a Sour Poll Reaction(WSJ) *NY1 Exclusive: Majority Of New Yorkers Fall Flat On Support Of Large Soda Ban* Council’s fat fix: More gym(NYDN) * Bloomberg's obesity task force never considered how to boost physical activity for students before proposing the ban on large, sugary beverages. [Reuven Blau] * First Lady Praises Bloomberg's Soda Ban Proposal(Huff Post)

Congressional Rivals Trade Sharp Exchanges In NY1 Debate(NY1)

Election 2012 Congressional hopefuls tout endorsements(NYDN) * NYC Comptroller John Liu is scheduled to endorse Rep. Charlie Rangel at 11:15 a.m. on the steps of City Hall in Lower Manhattan.* Realizing I’ve covered Charles Barron for more than a decade, amazed he has a real shot of going to Congress * Cindy Adams says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand “looked like a movie star” at a recent Fifth Avenue fundraiser, and plans a family vacation this summer in Lake George.* Former NYC Councilman Simcha Felder, the only formally declared candidate for the new so-called “Super Jewish” district, is already sending out flyers.* split-screen politics: while huddles w & , will endorse at city hall * Adriano Espaillat is set to get his first big union endorsement. * Ed Towns and Charles Barron have a “long, bitter history.” *House Dems Will Fundraise For NY Senate Dems(YNN)* * In Reversal, Independence Party Pulls Support From Addabbo, Backs Ulrich (C&S) * TWU Local 100 To Back Espaillat(City and State) * Grimm, Known to Dress Like A Postman, Receives Postal Endorsements(NYO) * Assembly members and congressional primary opponents Grace Meng and Rory Lancman are fighting over bragging rights for making rich people pay more in taxes. * “I will do everything I possibly can to get this man, to get this hero,  re-elected,” embattled NYC Comptroller John Liu said after endorsing (the equally embattled?) Rangel. * Rangel says voters have a choice between him and another guy (Espaillat) who hasn’t “done a damn thing.” *
Erik Dilan and Nydia Velázquez aren’t big fans of one another.Charlie Rangel received some “embattled” support. * He said Adriano Espaillat “hasn’t done a damn thing.” *Two advocates in Agudath Israel blasted Ed Towns for his Charles Barron endorsement.*Unlike Governor Cuomo, House Democrats will directly support the Senate Democrats.

The pro-Cuomo Committee To Save New York received $2 million from gambling interests last December as he developed a proposal to expand casino gambling in the state
Gambling Group Gave $2 Million to a Cuomo Ally(NYT) A group closely allied with Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo received $2 million from gambling interests last December as he developed a proposal to expand casino gambling in New York. The Committee to Save New York, a group closely affiliated with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, received $2 million from gambling interests last year while the Administration planned to allow casino gambling in the state,  * Cuomo's Casino Funds(WSJ) * Casino Gambling Location Fair Game, Gov Says(NY1) *Dashed Hopes in Queens as Convention Plan Falters(NYT)

Casino Lobbyists: Pay No Attention to the Money Behind the Green Curtain 
Approximately $400,000 came from Genting. The New York Gaming Association, a trade group founded by Genting and other companies that operate racetracks and electronic slot machines, chipped in the $2 million.* Cuomo spokesman Richard Bamberger told the NYT that to suggest the governor was unduly influenced by this cash is to “distort the facts in a a malicious or reckless manner.” Committee to Save New York spokesman Mike McKeon insists the organization just wants to create jobs and improve the state’s economy, adding: “If there are people who felt they were getting something more for contributing to CSNY, then they are simply wrong.”* The governor promised to set up a “transparent” commission that will select casino operators for New York – when and if the expansion of non-Indian run casino gambling is legalized. * Ozone Park residents feel “shafted” (again) by the news that the state’s mega-convention center/casino deal with Genting at Aqueduct has fallen through.* Gambling gave $2 million to a pro-Cuomo group as Cuomo supported gambling(Capital) * The Post story says Cuomo pushed for legalized casinos before the donations were made and opposed giving racino operators exclusive rights to operate casinos, which legislators preferred. [Erik Kriss]* Greg David’s list of post-Aqueduct convention center deal explosion winners and losers. * Bloomberg defended Cuomo over the Times’ casino story. * Gene Berardelli won’t primary Joseph Hayon as he aims to challenge Helene Weinstein. * things to watch in tonight’s California primaries.

JCOPE Outlines Disclosure For Lobbyists, But No Date Given (Update)(YNN)

The Daily News Says the Board of Elections Can't Count
Ultra-close state Senate race shows needed reforms of voting rules (NYDN Ed) Brooklyn’s Storobin-Fidler election finds Board of Elections flaws.  The Daily News insists the state Board of Elections must develop a single standard for accurately counting the vote in close elections, such as the Lew Fidler/David Storobin race: * The Daily News isn’t really sure if David Storobin won. * Toby Ann Stavisky and David Weprin argued for Punjabi materials at the Board of Elections. * David Storobin officially won by 13 votes.Here are photos of him being sworn in yesterday.


NYT Goes After Brooklyn DA Hynes Again
Breaking Police vs. Prosecutor in ’94 Brooklyn Kidnapping Case Against a Rabbi(NYT) * Brooklyn Asst. DA in highway stop and ‘pop’ (NYP) ‘Took swing’ at cop  * Prosecutor Allegedly Resisted Arrest(WSJ) * Nab prosecutor in scrap with police (NYDN)

Prosecutors are indeed moving ahead with a retrial of former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., who says no plea talks are taking place. * Prosecutors Plan To Retry Espada On Deadlocked Charges (NY1)

Out Flanked: Bloomberg and Kelly Turn and Support Cuomo's Decriminalizing Pot Plan

Worth the frisk: Decriminalizing pot ‘will help’ NYPD, says gov(NYP)* Bloomberg Backs Plan to Limit Marijuana Arrests(NYT) * No Crime, Real Punishment(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to curb low-level marijuana arrests is a start, but, for the sake of fairness, the stop-and-frisk program must be reformed. 


Plan to Reduce Pot Arrests(WSJ) Bloomberg and New York City law-enforcement officials threw their support behind Gov. Andrew Cuomo's effort to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in public view. *Cuomo Pushes For Reduced Penalty In Marijuana Stops(NY1) * CuomoBuffalo News writes: *Cuomo Calls For Decriminalization Of Possession Of Small (WCBS) * The governor says his plan to decriminalize public possession of small amounts of pot is merely an effort to fix a “blatant inconsistency” in the law. * The Senate GOP isn’t sold on the idea, but Bloomberg supports it. * The NY Post says Cuomo is “skating on thin public-safety ice.” * The Rev. Al Sharpton praised Cuomo’s proposal, which is expected to have an impact on stop-and-frisk arrests, as a “step in the right direction.”


Columbia University Study Says Prevailing-Wage Laws Drive Up the Cost 30% to the Public
Study Questions Impact of Wage Law(WSJ)A new study examining the effect of prevailing-wage laws, which set a minimum salary for construction workers on public projects, concludes that they drive up the cost of taxpayer-funded projects in New York state by as much as 30%. A study by Columbia University’s Center for Urban Real Estate suggests prevailing-wage laws can increase the cost of taxpayer-funded projects in the state by 30 percent,

Housing Lottery 

City Launching Online Applications for Housing Lotteries(NYT)






New Yorker Editor David Remnick Talks Future Of Print, Paywalls (VIDEO)


The price tag for the September 11th National Memorial Museum now stands at $1.3 billion and is $500 million over budget, but Cuomo will not support a toll-hike to pay for it, the Daily News says* No toll hike to pay for 9/11 memorial and museum (NYDN)


DN Says Dump the Taxi Deal
Does the Daily News Really Want Readers in the Outer Boroughs?

The Daily News argues Bloomberg and Cuomo should set aside an outer borough street hail plan for livery cabs and focus on providing handicapped-accessible taxis: http://nydn.us/KtfZSq * Put taxi plan back in gear with wheelchair access and new medallions (NYDN) Forget the boro liveries to make sure the city reaps $1 billion

 Housing Arrests  Feds bust 5 as NYC housing dept. corruption probe widens  

 Top Ed Official Tells NY to Keep Up Education Reforms(NYT) * US Education Secretary Arne Duncan says the country is lagging far behind its international competitors, and he supports New York’s efforts to implement a reform agenda.


City to hire more than 400 new Sanitation workers(NYDN)

MTA Buys Replacements for Subway Clunkers(WSJ) * MTA's 7 Line Extension Project Pushed Back Six Months (NY1)

Wasn’t enough ‘space’: Enterprise damaged on barge journey (NYP)


Politics is Stopping Crown Heights Cameras
 Big Brother please watch us: Merchants and elected officials(NYDN) Crown Heights merchants and elected officials are charging politics has gotten in the way of their push to get security cameras along crime-prone Nostrand Avenue

Reimagining the East River Esplanad(NYDN)

Hold Your Horses?
Labor Dispute Threatens To Impact Belmont Stakes: The union representing maintenance workers for the New York Racing.. * 'No way in hell Belmont Stakes won't be run': Top union official(NYP)

The Dream Maker Congressman Vito Marcantonio
Bronx theater production recalls past Puerto Rican s & Dominican immigrants chasing the New York dream (NYDN) "Ayer y Hoy" uses senior citizens and their memories

The Making of A President 2012
President Obama was expected to raise $3.5 million in three NYC fundraisers last night, thanks to help from former President Clinton. * It was Obama’s 20th trip to the Big Apple since he took office; he has held some 40 fundraising events there. *  This year’s October surprise will come in November – Nov. 2, to be exact – when the October jobs report is released just before Election Day.* Obama hits New York City fundraisers with Clinton (ABC) *Obama Supports Tom Barrett In Tweet During Final Hours Before Wisconsin Recall(Huff Post) * Obama is spending $10 million on his new ad attacking Romney’s gubernatorial record. * Obama didn’t campaign for the Democratic candidate there, but he did tweet.* Bill Clinton got back on message (Romney "would be in my opinion calamitous for our country and the world") and Marc Lasry did not. [Jackie Calmes] * Hakeem Jeffries: "It's irresponsible rhetoric to call the president of the United States essentially a tool of the white establishment. It's irresponsible to have said the president, is essentially, an Uncle Tom who's got an F grade as it relates to doing business on behalf of black folks." [Inside City Hall] * Does Sarah Jessica Parker's Obama ad cheapen the White House? (Wash Post) * In Wisconsin, All Politics Is Presidential - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * The Voters Will Decide If ObamaCare Is Repealed - Bill Kristol, Weekly Std * Obama's Economic Predicament - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics * Bill Clinton Is Out of Control - Roger Simon, Politico * Obama Following in McGovern's Footsteps - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh PG * The Keynesian Case for Romney - Ezra Klein, Washington Post * A Walker Win Would Be Good for Obama - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic * Romney Gears Back on Campaigning--to No Ill Effect - Erin McPike, RCP * Latest Polls: Obama vs. Romney | Generic Ballot | Wisconsin Recall * LGBT donors back President Obama, big time (CNN) *Senate Republicans Again Block Pay Equity Bill(NYT) * Donald Trump Scolds Andrew Ross Sorkin For Bringing Up Birther Issue On CNBC * Romney Campaign Creates An Imaginary Bill Clinton Twitter Account(NYO)


Law and Order

A Guilty Plea to Giving Aid to Al Qaeda Since 2007(NYT) * Bomb builder is facing hard time (NYDN) * Top al Qaeda leader al Libi dead, US confirms