Friday, October 21, 2011

OWS Day 35; Haggerty Guilty; MTA New Head Faces Fiscal Crisis

Verdict  John Haggerty guilty of 2nd-degree larceny; $ laundering, not guilty of 1st-degree larceny

 MT : jury resumes deliberations. Jury asks if prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt was victim. *  Qns political operative faces up to 15 years.* Prosecution says bragged in an email about having an Irish passport. Haggerty says he does not have one. * Developing: Guilty Verdict Reached In Trial Of Former Bloomberg Aide(NY1) * Haggerty Convicted of 2 Felonies (NYT) * Ex-Bloomberg aide Haggerty convicted of grand larcency, money laundering(NYP) * Next up for Haggerty: Civil case on seizing the money he stole to buy his dad's house. What's next for Independence Party? * Haggery Guilty, Vance Victorious (NYO) *Dennis Vacco: We'll Appeal Haggerty Verdict(NYDN) * The government is now serving as a court of equity for criminal enterprises  OK, now I get it--it was Haggerty who laundered money---how could I not understand that? * Harry Siegel notes that John Haggerty was a well-compensated “volunteer” for Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign, and that many people in the billionaire mayor’s sphere are prone to similar bouts of volunteerism. * Haggerty’s decision to list former NYC GOP Chairman James Ortenzio (who pleaded guilty to tax fraud in 2007) as his “uncle” on a passport application when the two aren’t actually related was “disturbing” to Judge Ronald Zweibel, whos set bail at $250,000.

Grace Rauh (Twitter)  juror to reporters after verdict: "This had money, power, politics, sex. You guys had it every day. This was good."

Samantha Gross (Twitter) After Haggerty verdict, one juror says panel believed mayor wasn't the victim but the Independence Party was Bloomberg's agent.

Billionaire Bloomberg A Victim? Madness

Haggerty Jury Day 3

A Jury Wonders, Who's the Victim In the trial of a Queens man charged with stealing $1.1 million from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the jury asked "Is there a specific victim?" during its second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.(WSJ) * Jury Unclear On Victim In Trial Of Former Mayoral Consultant(NY1) * NY1 Online: Elections Expert Analyzes Haggerty Trial(NY1) *In Haggerty trial, a seemingly simple question: who's the victim?

Why Mike won’t run (NYP) * The main reason Bloomberg won’t run for president? He doesn’t think he could land the “national vote” with his pro-choice, pro-gay marriage stances.





“I can’t wait for the last one. You have no idea.” Bloomberg

Mike’s shovelful of ceremonies Groundbreak sneer (NYP) * The mayor later clarified: “I like groundbreakings. I’ve just always thought that you could do something better with the dirt on your shovel on your last groundbreaking.” A spokesman said Bloomberg had sometimes tempted to throw the dirt at reporters. 


Is the Media Running Out of Wall Street Protester Stories?

Masked Protector of Gotham Has His Eye on Wall Street Protesters(NYT) * Kim Kardashian on Occupy Wall Street: 'That Cake Looks So Good'(WSJ) * What’s cooking at OWS: Greed and free grub (NYP)

Human Interests Stories

Florida banker's wife left family to join Wall Street protesters(NYP)Best in Blogs: Inside Occupy Wall Street, From A to Zuccotti(WSJ)Occupy Wall Street Has History on Its Side(WSJ) * Owner of NYC protest park navigates a dilemma(WSJ) * Field trip! Students head to Occupy Wall St. encampment to learn about civil rights(NYDN) * Radio host fired for 'violating NPR's ethics code' with Occupy Wall St. PR(NYDN) * NYPD Deputy Inspector: Pepper spraying protesters 'safer' than baton(NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street Protest Drains Police Precincts Across Manhattan (DNAInfo) *  Bloomberg gets tough on 'Occupy'(Politico) * Islamic Prayer Session, Sleepover Planned At Zuccotti Park(NY1) * More arrests coming for Wall St. protesters, Bloomberg says(NYP) * Pete Seeger is scheduled to march with the Occupy Wall Streeters tonight.* Mayor Bloomberg said NYC will start cracking down on the protest with more strict enforcement of permit requirements for marches and large gatherings.

Nate Silver (Twitter)  The median American's non-household wealth declined by 14% between 2001 and 2007. So when household wealth evaporated, guess what happened?

The Neighbors Complain

Zuccotti Park neighbors can't take the 'noise and garbage'(NYDN) * Community Board Asks "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters To Clean Up, Quiet Down(NY1) * Angry Manhattan residents lambast Zuccotti Park protesters (NYP) * . said he spoke with landlord whose tenants want to "cancel" their leases, because of proximity to Zuccotti Park. * Former Mayor Ed Koch endorses , says park should be cleaned, but protesters allowed to return w/ sleeping bags, in weekly commentary

A Tail of Two Cities

Super Rich  New York Official Home Of The Super-Rich(Huff Post)

NY's Job Creation Down Jobs Machine Sputters(WSJ) New York City added 16,300 private-sector jobs in September, a sluggish performance that fell short of historic averages and was fueled mostly by the return of striking Verizon workers, according to state data released Thursday. Well below the average gain of 22,500 * 'Silicon City' in Queens is pint-sized model for big tech idea(NYDN) * Queens home sales down 12 percent year-to-year(Queens Chroncile) 

Eminent Domain May Push Another Manufacturing Business Out of the City
A Queens door manufacturer that lost its property through eminent domain for a new bridge wants to stay in the borough but may move to New Jersey or Long Island because they are offering incentives, the Daily News reports


NY's Dumb Down Media Allows Crooked Pols Like Vito Lopez to Define Himself . . .  Where is the Historical Understand?
Vito who makes his family member judges.  Vito who headed Democrats for Pataki and Bloomberg our mayor who defends Wall Street and the millionaires tax is not a Wall Street protester.  Any reporter looking to buy the Brooklyn Bridge call me. Not a single word that Vito is under investigation by the FBI and U.S. Attorney.

Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez is usually busier stomping out reformers than hailing them, but he says his scheduled march across the Brooklyn Bridge to support Occupy Wall Street next week is a return to his roots. "In the 60s, I was pretty much a radical," the chairman of the Assembly Housing Committee said. "I was an insurgent and a reformer before I became county leader." Lopez has scheduled a rally with Brooklyn politicians and union leaders at Borough Hall before they walk to Zuccotti Park, and says they share a common drive to extend the millionaire's tax, support "the 99 percent" and provide more jobs and affordable homes for New Yorkers. A year ago, Lopez was fighting a recurrence of cancer and a sustained assault by Brooklyn Democratic reformers; now he's flexing his muscles in central Brooklyn elections again and organizing a long march.

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine (True News)

 Cuomo Appoints Political Veteran to Fix MTA Funding Which Has to Be Done in Albany

Gov. Andrew Cuomo looked not to a transportation expert but to an accomplished and pugnacious veteran of the city’s political world. It is a bet that on the side of political acumen and financial skill over transit wonkery.  The Post says new MTA boss Joe Lhota is the right man to run the transit agency "if Lhota can fend off the TWU. And Cuomo backs him" * Lhota, a former Giuliani aide, wasn’t a “yes-Rudy,” but did call around to area businesses to insure that they didn’t sponsor a table at a gala for the Citizens Budget Commission, a frequent Giuliani opponent. * Selection committee picked Lhota 2 run MTA in part b/c of his local knowledge & GOP ties.(CrainsNY) * Lhota regularly takes the No. 2 express to Manhattan from his Brooklyn Heights home, but he has no experience running a vast mass transit system.

Cuomo Picks Political Veteran to Lead M.T.A.(NYT) * Outsize Role for an Insider(WSJ) * Budget Problems, Union Challenges Await New MTA Chairman(NY1) * NY1 Online: Former MTA Chief Ravitch Responds To Lhota Appointment * Newsday has high hopes for Lhota after a particularly bad year of MTA service on Long Island, but says he will be able to be the "good cop" after predecessor Jay Walder was the "bad cop" on service and budget cuts * New Leader Approved by Port Authority(NYT) * .: "I don’t know what’s happening with the 2nd Ave subway with the MTA’s new budget problems, but whatever..." * . said the taxi bill "must" get signed.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pick to be MTA chairman, Joe Lhota, contributed $5,000 to Rick Lazio during the 2010 governor’s race.



Are You Sorry You Took the Job David Yassky?

Owners, Lobbyist and Now the Courts Shape NYC's Taxi Policy Not You

New York City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky said the city is looking at ways to increase the number of wheelchair-accessible yellow cabs, and could be forced to do so by a federal court  2 Taxi Medallions Sell for $1 Million Each(NYT) * Taxi official says city will likely be forced to add handicapped-accessible cabs(NYDN) * The taxi workers union is joining the AFL-CIO.* David Yassky concedes that the city may have to succumb to a federal court order to provide more handicapped accessible yellow taxis.  * says wheelchair-accessible cabs are more expensive, use more gas, cause more pollution * said handicap accessibility has "nothing" to do with whether or not to sign bill in Albany. * taxi ind. complains more medallions'll cheapen value yet latest sold for $1M, says. lack of outer boro service unacceptable


As the NY Media Turns A Blind Eye to the NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Albany's Times Union Won A Lawsuit to Get to the Bottom of That City's Ticket Fixing Scanda

The NYC media allows for a cover up of the pols and City Hall officials who got their tickets fixed

An appellate court ruled the city of Albany must pay the Times Union's legal fees after the paper successfully sued under the Freedom of Information Law to obtain records of systematic parking-ticket fixing, the paper reports:


 The Committee to Save New York, the business-backed group that supported Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget and the property tax cap that passed this year, is still the top spender on lobbying through the first two thirds of 2011. But it's unlikely to eclipse the state record for annual lobbying dollars set a year ago by the American Beverage Association, which spent about $12.9 million opposing a proposed soda tax. The Committee has spent nearly $9.77 million so far, close to the $10 million it initially planned to spend, but it has been sitting on the sidelines since June. "The Committee to Save New York is about $3 million behind," said Bill Mahoney, the research coordinator for the New York Public Interest Research Group, who analyzed the figures. "Now it's feasible that they will start running budget ads early this year, maybe put some commercials up on TV in November or December. But as of now, unless there's a sudden surge in their spending after they've laid dormant, it does not look like they will be breaking any records this year." 


Who's Doing Just Fine, Senator Reid? - Boston Herald






Goodfellas Madoff

Madoff crows he is treated like a “Mafia don” in the slammer  (NYP)

Annual Al Smith Dinner Draws Big Laughs, Funds In Midtown (NY1)




Hip-hipster hooray for B’klyn(NYP)







A Deal to Help Foster Youths Find Housing(NYT) A lawsuit estimated that more than a quarter of the older youths discharged from New York City foster care are almost immediately homeless. * City to Help Teens After Foster Care(WSJ)





In Brooklyn Charter School, a Focus on Co-Teaching and Inclusion(NYT) * States Ready Tests for Kindergarten(WSJ) * NY’s $100M ed. race (NYP) * City teachers union rips ‘evaluate-gate’(NYP)


Two Major Hospital Groups in City Explore a Partnership(NYT) A proposed alliance between Continuum Health Partners and NYU Langone Medical Center reflects a wider trend toward bigger medical organizations.* Continuum Health Partners and NYU Langone Medical Center are exploring whether to merge or form another partnership, as health care entities consolidate to fare better under state and federal reforms

At Brooklyn Borough Hall, a Banner for Libyans(NYT)

The gas industry warned that the new Dept. of Environmental Conservation rules on hydrofracking are too onerous and could keep drillers out of the state. * A state advisory panel on hydrofracking may not meet its initial November deadline to report on potential fees to charge gas drillers and impacts of the controversial process on the state. Members have been told to expect to be meeting until the end of January.

Slow go in bid to find FDNY ‘bias’ monitor(NYP)

Bloomberg To Segregating Passengers: Get Your Own Bus(Huff Post)

City Hall News WINNERS & LOSERS: This week we look past the courtrooms, the protests and the appointments to identify winners like David Seifman, Freddy Ferrer, Rick Lee, Chuck Schumer and David Emil; and losers like Sharif El-Gamal, Dean Skelos, Doug Schoen, Ed Towns and Tim Hoefer:

New York Puerto Rican poet and writer Piri Thomas, 1928-2011, RIP(NYDN Ed)

CNN and Romney ad: What’s fair use?(Wash Post)

Obama’s Jobs Plan Is Blocked Again by Senate Republicans(NYT) * Iowa Is Back on Romney's Map(WSJ) * GOP can mock all they want - Khadafy death proves Obama's foreign policy strong(NYDN) * Marco Rubio’s compelling family story embellishes facts, documents show (Wash Post) * President Obama’s 2012 GOP rivals refused to give him credit for Muammer Qaddafi’s death.* GOP Punch-Out in the Desert - Charles Krauthammer, National Review * Romney Winning the Electability Argument - Chuck Raasch, USA Today * The 2012 Mountain West Battleground - Ron Brownstein, National Journal * Don't Replace Biden, Embrace His Populism - John Nichols, The Nation * GOP's Assault on the Environment Must Be Stopped - Lisa Jackson, LAT * Will Stunning Success in Libya Help Obama? - David Remnick, New Yorker * Steve Jobs Told Obama: You're Headed for One Term - Huffington Post


Jon Stewart On GOP Reaction To Gaddafi’s Death: ‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With You?’

Murdoch to Face Irate News Corp. Shareholders(NYT)

Murdoch's NYP On the NYT

Q3’s good Times and bad Times(NYP)* Murdoch To Pay $3.2 Million To Schoolgirl's Family





World's largest pumpkin - almost a ton - debuts at Bronx's Botanical Garden (NYDN)




Pregnant woman killed, two wounded in shooting outside P.S. 298(NYP)


 Law and Order

After Arrest of Man in Wife’s Death, a Custody Fight(NYT) * Five Harlem Men Guilty in Drug-Trafficking Conspiracy(NYT) * Plainclothes Officers Foil Robbery of S.I. Diner(NYT) * Shootout on Staten Island(WSJ) * Man who raped and beat lover with hammer before her murder jailed for life(NYDN) * X-rated! Bar manager boasted of snorting drugs off employees body: suit(NYDN) * Dad in murder-suicide took 'disturbing' pictures of young daughter(NYDN) * Man who stabbed pregnant woman to death faces life in jail(NYDN) * Happy ending? Robbers steal cash, computers from massage parlor(NYDN) * Woman, 65, slain in Coney(NYP) * ‘Scammers’ crap out(NYP) * Slay-dad abortion trauma(NYP) * "it's a very effective tool" & helps "keep guns off the street" said re: stop & frisk. * Cops' guns blaze, wound armed robber at the Golden Dove Diner on Staten Island (SI Advance) * Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Woman(NY1)

Father of NYC subway plotter pleads guilty to visa charge(NYP)