Sunday, October 23, 2011

True News Sunday Update 24/7

 NYPD Pressure Cooker Time

Cop morale low after string of NYPD scandals puts department under fire(NYDN)

A ticket-fixing scandal has hung over the department like a black cloud for the past two years. But the negative press has intensified in recent months with the emergence of several new scandals. A spate of false drug busts - known as "flaking," cop talk for planting cocaine on innocent victims - led to the arrests of eight cops and a sweeping NYPD shakeup. Earlier this month, NYPD Officer Michael Daragjati was hit with federal civil rights charges for falsely arresting a black man on Staten Island because of his race. And a series of apparently strongarm police tactics in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters - most notably, NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna's use of pepper spray on two women - has left the department with a very public black eye. Pressure by black leaders to end their stop and frisk policy in the minority community. * Shootings way up in two weeks
The number of people shot surged 154 percent two weeks ago. 22 people had been hit through Friday, including the three victims gunned down outside a Brooklyn school Friday. * NYPD officer turns tables on would-be robbers(WABC)

Joe Lhota has his work cut out for him as new head of the MTA

Governor Cuomo’s Choices We hope Governor Cuomo is finally taking interest in the challenges facing the M.T.A. and the Port Authority. (NYT Ed) It is too soon to know whether these two political veterans will be as expert as the administrators they replace — Jay Walder at the M.T.A. and Christopher Ward at the Port Authority. They do start off with a clear advantage: Unlike their predecessors, they should be able to get the governor to return their calls.* Pal Rudy: MTA boss Lhota ready to roll(NYP) * Joe Lhota has his work cut out for him as new head of the MTA(NYDN ED)


NYP Exposes More John Liu's CFB Money Games

One Liu-Liu of a campaign-finance probe due(NYP)  Liu reported that a meager $25,100 came in through intermediaries, people who solicit or round up donations for their candidates. Yassky reported more than 10 times as much from intermediaries, $283,775. Liu raised $1Million more than Yassky. Liu's lawyer claims that the comptroller raised most of his money by dropping by events held for other purposes. If there’s a Chinese business group having their annual meeting and John goes by there and says, ‘Hi,’ the host might say, ‘Let’s all get behind him,’ ” said Connor. “If before he leaves they all get out and give him checks, there is no intermediary.” Similarly, Connor said, if Liu’s campaign invited people to a fund-raiser that produced multiple donations, no intermediary would have to be identified... At least one of Liu’s opponents in 2009 raised one of the questions that currently surround the 2013 contributions, namely: How could factory workers, secretaries and others of seemingly modest means afford to hand over four-figure checks to Liu’s campaign? 



Sock Puppet Not Running for Mayor





A Mystery Mayoral Candidate Seems to Have A Lot of Strings

Union prez laid down for Mike: lawsuit(NYP) Greg Floyd A labor leader who now has his eye on the city’s top political office sacrificed his rank and file to curry favor with Mayor Bloomberg as the mogul fought for a third term, according to a lawsuit.





 What's With the Water Bill Meeks?

Meeks H2Owes (NYP) Rep. Gregory Meeks is soaking the city, racking up an $11,489.22 water bill for his Queens home.


Staten Island Commuters Paying the Price

Staten Island commuters paying the price for Port Authority money-losing real estate ventures(SI Advance)

NY1's Ms. Mayor 

NY1 gal’s ‘pol’ turn (NYP)  Fired NY1 reporter Adele Sammarco, who lost her federal sexual-harassment suit against the Time Warner cable company last year, is back in the news -- this time as a political candidate. 


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)





$1 trillion in student loan debt sparks furor(NYP) Three years after the housing-market meltdown, a college education may be the next part of the American Dream to turn into a nightmare.






The NYP is Lying When They Claim That Putting Haggerty in Jail Will Clean Up NY's Corrupt Election System

Winners in the Haggerty Lock Up

The NYP Wrote:

"Bloomberg was 1,000 percent right to fret about voter fraud.  New York’s entire political system is essentially corrupt -- from the rigged way candidates get on ballots to what has gone on at polling places.Fix that system and you just might put the John Haggertys of the world out of business."

Bloomberg was worried about a high black voter turn out when he approved his ballot security operation.   The mayor testified that he had no recollection of contributions of hundreds of thousands of dollars that he had made to political parties.  The GOP and other miner party lines is NYC is about selling their citywide party lines for cash.  How does the NYP think that by putting Haggerty in jail this is going to stop?  Bloomberg has the power to fix the BOE and yet he has done nothing out of fear of offending party leaders like Vito Lopez and those in the GOP which supported his 2009 reelection.

The real winner in Haggerty going to jail is
party leaders Phil Ragusa and his operatives Vincent J. Tabone, ESQ and Robert Hornak who were in a close battle for control of the Queens GOP




Stealing from the "1%" is still a crime?
The jury determined that although Mr. Bloomberg had lost legal control of the money, the party was technically acting as the mayor’s agent, authorized to spend the money on his behalf, one juror, Mr. Conroy, said. So it was the party that was duped, Mr. Conroy said, because its leaders gave money to Mr. Haggerty that he said he would use for ballot security, but did not. 

What about the 100,000 the party kept for acting as the bag men in the Haggerty payoff?  What about the money the party was paid by bloomberg to fund his efforts to end term limit.   When asked Friday whether the Independence party would return the money it received from the mayor now that a jury determined it was stolen, party Chairman Frank MacKay said, "My lawyers and the district attorney will discuss that."

The Independence Party was technically acting as the mayor’s agent, authorized to spend the money on his behalf, one juror. The mayor "followed the laws," Mr. Conroy said. “That’s startling to me because there is absolutely nothing in the record which would indicate that the Independence Party was an agent,” Mr. Vacco said. Vacco added that is the party was acting as an agent the entire transaction would be illegal  Jury Convicts Consultant of Stealing Campaign Money From Bloomberg(NYT)Political Operative Faces Prison Term(WSJ) * Beyond Haggerty’s fraud (NYP) * Consultant found guilty of stealing $1.1 MILLION from Bloomberg(NYDN) * Haggerty Convicted of Stealing from Mayor As Jurors Opine on Money in Politics(WNYC) *  Jurors get political education at NYC trial (CBS) * Haggerty Conviction Seen As Victory For Manhattan DA(NY1) * Occupy Melbourne Protesters Arrested, Dragged By Police (VIDEO)* John Haggerty & Alan Hevesi… Prison Cell Mates?(Queens Politics)

Pete Seeger Marches With OWS

Pete Seeger and pals attend NYC protest action(WSJ) * Pete Seeger to March With Wall Street Protesters (NBC)

Neighbors 'not surprised' 'hippie' left family to join Wall Street protesters(NYP) *For Locals, Protest Brings Barricades and Sidewalk Bathrooms(WSJ) Cries of Anti-Semitism, but Not at Zuccotti Park(NYT) * Occupying Boston and Beyond, With Tent Libraries for All(NYT) * Medical Triage at Encampment(WSJ) * Bloomberg to crack down on Occupy Wall St. protesters(NYDN) * Health expert condemns park rats(NYP) 

100 Arrested at Occupy Chicago(The Daily Beast) * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan Union Square Rally After Police Arrest 35 In Late Night March(NY1) * 'World Of Opera' Dumped By NPR Because Host Participated In Occupy DC Protest(Huff Post) * Occupy Wall Street's Medical Volunteers Fill Healthcare Gaps (DNA Info) * Occupy Wall Street campground becoming spot for vagrants, ex-cons & 'takers' to call home(NYDN) * Star power: Katy Perry, Russell Brand show up at Occupy Wall Street protest(NYDN) * Occupy Wall Street secedes from the union as a state of mind over matter (NYDN Ed) * They want $lice of the occu-pie(NYP) * Occupy Wall Street Encampment Becomes Manhattan Tourist Attraction(NY1) * Goldman Sachs pulls out of fundraiser(NYDN)*  You Say You Want a Revolution Andrew Sullivan on how he learned to love the ‘goddam hippies’—and why their protests aren’t going to end.(Newsweek) * "Occupy" arrests in Ill., Ohio, Calif., Pa (CBS)

Bill Moyers on 'Democratic Decency Defined Downward'(The Nation)




Rebirth of Democracy?(Soho Journal)






One Country, Two Revolutions

While Wall Street is being rattled, Silicon Valley is being superempowered as the I.T. revolution takes a leap forward (Friedman, NYT

NY1 Exclusive: Teachers Union Says NYPD Keeping Close Watch Following Support Of Protests


Bill Maher’s New Rule: Republicans Have To Stop Calling OWS Protestors ‘Hippies’


Another stab at cabs: Mayor says disabled-friendly taxis are a health hazard(NYDN) * Mayor Michael Bloomberg needs to see reason about wheelchair-accessible cabs (NYDN Ed)

Mayor: Teach union fears evaluations (NYT) Parent furor at bawdy sex ed(NYP) *Schools in ‘condom boss’ hunt(NYP) * Ed. Dept. busts 50 teachers playing hooky(NYDN)





Moving Out of the City

Conn. tax breaks lure NBC Sports from NYC Another cross-border poaching war to lure New York businesses(NYP)


Albany Finally Dips Into Social Media The rules are a tentative step toward giving state workers limited permission to use social media as part of their government jobs. (WSJ)


Protesters of Police Stop-and-Frisk Practice Are Arrested(NYT) * Cornel West among arrested during protest of NYPD's stop and frisk tactics(NYDN)

Sunday Law and Order Update

Hero mom shot down in Brooklyn is latest tragedy for ill-fated family(NYP)

Law and Order

Sex-thug attacks(NYP) * Queens Sex Assault Suspect Caught On Surveillance Video(WCBS)




NYPD Releases Surveillance Footage Of Suspect In Fatal Brooklyn Shooting(WCBS)



Pregnant mom shot dead while shielding kids from gunfire(NYP) * Woman Trying to Shield Children Is Killed by Gunman(NYT) * Pregnant mom dies shielding kids from gunman on rampage(NYDN) * Slain mom had won kid custody(NYP) * Sources: Brooklyn Woman Killed In Shooting Was Pregnant Mother Of 13(NY1) * Search For Suspects Continues In Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Mother(NY1)

Breaking Officials Confirm Fatally Shot Brooklyn Mother Was Not Pregnant(NY1)


Mickey D's cashier claims self-defense after vicious attack on female customers(NYDN)


Correction Officers Plead Guilty in Rikers Assaults(WSJ) * Correction Officers Plead Guilty in Assault Case(NYT) * Parent Shot Dead Outside a School(WSJ) * Ex-cop Mom puts gun in backpack of daughter - who takes it out at school(NYDN) * A brush with the law: Mob rat turns to painting while in jail for murder(NYDN) * ‘Fight Club’ jailers fired(NYP) * ‘$40M’ scam gal guilty(NYP) *NYPD clerk busted in Fla. slay(NYP) * Porn perv: Give it back!(NYP) * NYPD Holds Gun Buyback Events In Harlem (NY1) * Dozens Arrested in LeFrak City Drug Bust(NBC)

Outraged News Corp. investors tear into Murdoch, demand he quit(NYDN)Murdoch Faces Angry News Corp. Shareholders (Huff Post)

2012 Election

The GOP Pro-Growth, Flat-Tax Competition - Larry Kudlow, NRO * Can Obama Win by Pledging to Block GOP? - Ben Heineman, The Atlantic * The Case for the President's Jobs Act - Gene Sperling, Wall Street Journal * Romney Health Plan Still Faces GOP Challenge - Byron York, DC Examiner * There's No Way Cain Will Survive His Abortion Gaffe - Ed Kilgore, TNR * Leading From Behing Looking Pretty Good - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast * Libya, Iraq and the Obama Doctrine - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Election 2012 Polls: GOP: Cain Moves Into First in Iowa, Illinois * The Two Sides of the Arab Spring - The Guardian * Mission's End in Iraq - Chicago Tribune * Cain, Now Running as Outsider, Began as Industry Lobbyist (NYT) * Battles to Shape Maps, and Congress, Go to Courts (NYT) * Karl Rove: Ron Paul’s Base Is ‘Talking To Themselves,’ Need To Broaden To Win * At Ease, Rick Perry Hunts Pheasants in Iowa - Kasie Hunt, Associated Press * The Herman Cain Mutiny - John Dickerson, Slate * Obama's Wall Street Waltz (The Daily Beast)

Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow And Touré Point And Laugh At Herman Cain Candidacy

Brooklyn is the Coolest City on the Planet: An Eater's Guide (GQ Mag)

 The Last Typewriter Shops in New York City (WNYC)




Blogger Report Occupy Wall Street and the Banks- Messages From Bonnie & Clyde, “They’ve Got Too Much Money”: Ownership of the Public Forum by the Wealthy?(Noticing New York) * Another book imagines that Walter O'Malley sought a spot "in the Atlantic Yards"(Atlantic Yards) * More than half of pregnancies in Bedford-Stuyvesant end in abortion, one of the highest ratios in the city. The Brooklyn Ink * 'Before I Die' -- Express Your Dreams In Downtown Brooklyn(Mcbrooklyn) * Community Rails Against Oversized Marine Park Development)Sheephead Bites) * Mainstream pols embrace — or is that simply try to be embraced by — the ‘Occupy’ movement (Brooklyn Paper) * Fracking Prospector Sues to Strike Down Local Zoning Ordinance(Bay Ridge Journal) * Brownsville is the Stop and Frisk Capital of New York City: A New York Times Video (Broklyn Journalist) * News12 Video: Brooklyn Parents Taking Kids to Occupy Wall Street Tonight (Brooklyn Ron) * Occupation! Anti-Wall Street protestors interrupt Gerritsen Beach meeting(Brooklyn Daily) * While The City Installs New Bike Paths, Old Ones Fall Into Disrepair(Bensonhurst Bean)Will MTA Make Changes to Upcoming F/G Platform Closures for Safety Reasons?(Windsor Terrace) * Seabrook Trial Gets Under Way(Bronx Political Chat) * Carrión attempting a city comeback?(Bronx Political Press) * Peter Vallone Jr. on THE PEREZ NOTES * SoHo Politics: Or, How I Learned to Love the Political Games (Soho Journal) * Among Other Things, Phase II Contractor Confirms WSP Fountain is Not Aligned with the Arch After All (Part II) * Finkelpearl allows panorama to be defaced for pipe dream(Queens Crap) * Great Escape: Ghosts of New York Walking Tours(Bayside Patch) * State Chairman Ed Cox Doesn’t Know What To Make Of Queens GOP (Queens Politics)