Thursday, October 27, 2011

True News Thursday Update


Corrupt Boss Crowley Control of Judges Issue In Queens Court Case
A California woman who is being sued by John "Sean" Crowley, brother to Congressman and Queens Democratic leader Joe Crowley, is questioning whether the judge hearing her case can be impartial when he owes his judicial career to Crowley's organization (CHN)

Another Case in the Queens Surrogate Court
After our story yesterday ( raised questions about potential conflicts involving the Crowley family in a Queens Surrogate's Court case, another potential conflict emerged: The judge in the case, Peter Kelly, is the brother of Queens Democratic leader Joe Crowley's longtime chief of staff, Anne Marie Anzalone. Kelly is scheduled this morning to consider the case, in which Joe Crowley's brother, lawyer Sean Crowley, is seeking legal fees from a California woman, Rose McGushin. She says she can't get a fair hearing before Kelly because Joe Crowley helped elect him to the bench in 2010. Kelly did not recuse himself during a prior hearing on the matter. Anzalone and a spokesman for the court system did not respond to requests for comment.

Jack Newfield Before Today's Corporate Hired Guns Reporters on the Corrupt Queens Democratic Mob 

More on Corrupt Crowley

No need to count the votes that will be cast in the upcoming Nov. 8 general election in Manhattan. The results are already in

Lombardi On Electing Manhattan Judges The Old-Fashioned Way: Before Election Day(NYDN) 




Liu Releases Another Audit That Blasts Another Bloomberg Outsourced Tech Contract

Progress slow in city's $2B plan for 911 call center even after request for help for NASA(NYDN) "Notwithstanding the importance of this system," said city Controller John Liu, "there is unfortunately reason to believe that a huge amount of time and money has been wasted on this project." . . .  Liu's office is auditing the entire undertaking, which is years behind schedule and has seen its costs balloon from $1.3 billion in 2005 to $2 billion today. . .  The massive 911 project combines the FDNY and NYPD communications systems, but has led to dispatching errors and complaints from the rank and file. . .  In January, Liu flagged a $286 million contract for the center, saying it allowed Northrop Grumman to bill by the hour - the same situation that led to massive overruns on CityTime. Two months later, Liu approved a restructured $95 million contract in which payment is granted when tasks are completed. So far, only $3.6 million has been spent, according to the controller's records. * When former Brooklyn Democratic county leader Clarence Norman turned 60 years old last month, a top aide in city comptroller John Liu's office sent out Facebook invitations to a party to mark the occasion (Capital)

Rat Leaving A Sinking Tech Ship?
The already-limping new call center also lost two key champions earlier this year when Deputy Mayor Goldsmith and Office of Citywide Emergency Communications director Skip Funk each abruptly resigned. *


Not A Single NYC Worker Has Been Indicted in the CityTime Scandal

With Court Delays and No Independent Newspaper Investigations Don't Expect City Employees Involved in the CityTime scandal to be exposed anytime soon if ever

CityTime case will be a drag(NYP)   Criminal trials against those indicted for allegedly bilking the city in the massive payroll-automation scam are unlikely to start until the end of 2012 * Ray Kelly Puts NYPD Quota Demands in Writing; Rank And File Not Happy(Village Voice)


The Investigation into Smuggle Guns Started With A Cop Caught For Fixing Tickets.  The NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Like the CityTime Scandal has Been Covered Up by Prosecutors and the News Media  

Officers To Surrender In NYPD Ticket-Fixing Scandal (WINS) * Cops expected to face ticket-fixing charges tomorrow (NYP) * Sources: NYPD Officers To Be Arraigned In Ticket-Fixing Scandal (NY1) * 16 Officers to Be Charged Over Tickets(NYT)

5 NYPD officers were among 12 people accused by feds of accepting cash to smuggle guns, slot machines and cigarettes into NY

B’klyn cop led police detail that ran guns and cigarettes: feds(NYP) * 8 City Officers Charged in Gun Smuggling Case(NYT) * Officers Hit With Smuggling Charges(WSJ) * Editorial: Don't convict whole NYPD after dirty cops are busted(NYDN Ed) * Five NYPD Officers Caught In Gun Trafficking Bust(NY1)

NYT Should Be Writing What Quinn And Others Would Do If They Get Elected to Help the City Get Out of This Economic Mess

Articles Image Shaping: NYT is Acting Campaign Manager for Quinn  A City Where Campaign Posters Can Promote Past Arrests(NYT)  In 1999, Christine C. Quinn was arrested protesting the killing of Amadou Diallo.  Molding an image and showing concern for the black community * Christine Quinn Wants Balanced Response to Occupy Wall Street(NYT) * Christine C. Quinn Urges City to Drop Rule on Fingerprinting Food-Stamp Seekers(NYT) * Christine Quinn Hires Major Pollster, Joel Benenson(NYT) 

Shame on the Brooklyn Leaders For Allowing This Crook to March Across the Bridge and Join the OWS Protesters

Surprise Brooklyn Boss Lopez Has A Past

There is a federal investigation against him just like the OWS protesters want against Wall Street for stealing the people. Vito is an government insider who he made so many of his family members Judges.  OWS are Saying an end to government insiders.  Vito uses govt money to run his political operation.  Wall Street Used Government TARP money to run their companies.  The media covers Vito Like He Has No Past. Lopez Leads March Over Bklyn Bridge to Join OWS: [VIDEO] * On a charmed offensive, misunderstood Brooklyn Boss Vito Lopez plays Defense (Capital)


Good Day New York Kelly Blasts Vito Lopez (Video)

Greg Kelly: The status of your federal investigations.  NYT says your under investigation

Vito Lopez: I not part of those investigations . . .  This is totaly out of context.  Big Non Profit (Bushwick Senior Citizens Center) does very well . . . Not my group. . . I am not part of it. I have no idea  Growth of a New-Age Political Machine (2/7/93, NYT)

Greg Kelly:  is your girlfriends still working there at the non profit

Vito Lopez:says he not going to get into who is girlfriend is.

Read the Rest of the Vito Story and All of Today's True News



Quinn and Cunningham Connect Jennifer Cunningham, a managing director with consulting firm SKDKnickerbocker, will play a major role in City Council Speaker Chris Quinn's expected mayoral campaign, helping with strategy and communications, according to insiders. Josh Isay, who founded Knickerbocker (which merged with SKD last year), has worked with Quinn dating back to her 2005 bid to become speaker. Cunningham has long-standing ties to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose endorsement would be valuable to any mayoral contender.


New Yorkers Opposes Incumbent Protection Redistricting

New York’s Redistricting Charade (NYT) Calling the current process "a sham," the Times urges Cuomo to call the Legislature back to Albany to approve an independent redistricting commission.

NY oppose drawing district lines for racial and ethnic groups or to protect incumbents, while 45 percent think Gov. Andrew Cuomo should veto a redistricting plan not created by an independent commission, a new Quinnipiac poll says * Redistricting Veto Could Mean ‘Chaos’(YNN) * Cuomo Signals He's Open to Compromise on Redistricting(NYT) * Parsing Cuomo’s Latest Words On Redistricting(YNN) * Good government groups are taking Cuomo’s apparent backtrack on a redistricting plan veto in stride.*  Analysis: Legislative Reform is Truly Not a "Slam Dunk" (Gabe Pressman, NBC)

 One Crapper for 634 Students

The DN trashes the MTA's plan to save money by removing some garbage Cans from subways, asking whether new chief Lhota would agree

MTA's idea to remove trash cans in hopes of cutting down on waste was a dirty - and unwise - move(NYDN Ed) *  City population rises but trash output is down - except in the Bronx(NYDN)

A significant portion of the nation's top 1 percent of income earners - 13 percent - live in NYC, with 4.4 percent residing in Manhattan

‘Tax the rich’ union rally Push to keep state levy(NYP) * As the Data Show, There’s a Reason the Wall Street Protesters Chose New York With a significant portion of the wealthiest Americans based in New York, the divisions are clear.  * Report Lays Out State’s Great Gains and Losses From Globalization(NYT) The costs and benefits of globalization have spread unevenly across New York State, with the city and its suburbs reaping most of the rewards, a report finds. * Top Earners Doubled Share of Nation’s Income, Study Finds(NYT) * Occupy Maine protesters targeted by chemical attack(NYDN) *  Minority lawmakers and union leaders called for a millionaire's tax

CB1 approved a resolution last night requiring OWS protesters to arrange better access to restrooms, limit drumming to 2 hrs a day

Community Board Urges "Good Neighbor Policy" For Occupy Wall Street(NY1) * Protesters Clash With Police in Oakland(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street movement boils over in Oakland as cops square off with protesters(NYDN) * Will Extremists Hijack Occupy Wall Street? Sooner or later, Occupy Wall Street will have to grapple with the limits of being a participatory community. (Op-Ed, NYT) * Rikers cons flood Zuccotti for free eats(NYP) * 1 Arrested in Zuccotti Park Death Threat(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street's Nurses Face Coming Flu Season (WSJ) 

Protester who was pepper-sprayed finds love ... with another protester(NYDN) * Rev. fires back at NYPD who crashed church's Occupy Wall St. meeting(NYDN)* Education Panel Meeting Disrupted By "Occupy" Protesters(NY1) * Americans distrust of their government is at its highest level ever, according to a NYT/CBS News poll. And almost half of the public thinks the sentiment at the root of the Occupy movement generally reflects the views of most of the US. * Oakland, CA police have used tear gas repeatedly on Occupy demonstrators after rousting them from an encampment where they had lived for two weeks.* The mayor of Providence, RI, is threatening to go to court within days to evict Occupy demonstrators from a park in his city.* Ex-ACORN operatives raising money, play key role in Wall St. protest: report(NYP) * Tensions Rise as Police Close 2 Occupy Protest Sites(NYT) * Occupy Wall Street barrages banks with letters(CrainsNY) * Over 800 Occupy Protesters Charged, But How Many Will Go to Court? (NYO) * Pepper-Spray Cop Transferred to Staten Island(NBC) * Occupy Oakland: Iraq war veteran in critical condition after police clashes (The Guidian) * Crackdown on Oakland’s Protesters Is Felt in Zuccotti Park (NYT)* WATCH: Casey Neistat Takes A Closer Look At Last Night's March(Huff Post)

 Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders (NYP) *  PHOTO: Paper Makes Weird Choice In Occupy Oakland Coverage(Huff Post) * Report: Don’t Blame Occupy Wall Street for NYPD Overtime | PolitickerNY * Occupy Wall Street Protesters Join Rally Against For-Profit Health Care (NY1) * Wall Street protesters hit NYC streets, proclaim solidarity with Oakland, Atlanta  * Protest's Money Problem Occupy Wall Street May Have to Appoint Leaders to Deal With Its Donations(WSJ) * Cuomo said he won’t be influenced by today’s march in Albany in support of the millionaire’s tax. He also warned that protestors who stray onto state-owned parkland will see the curfew enforced there. 

Voter Support For Occupy Wall Street Protests Lower Statewide Than In NYC: Quinnipiac Poll * Most NY'ers support Wall St. protest, millionaire's tax: poll(NYP) * Occupy Albany Digs In(YNN) * Occupy Albany Stages Protest Against “Governor 1 Percent”(YNN) * The NYPD overtime cost for “babysitting” Zuccotti Park has ballooned to $5 million, according to NYC Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who thinks officers’ time would be better spent elsewhere.*  NYPD sergeants threaten to sue Wall Street protesters (NYP) * 'Occupy Albany' vs. 'Governor 1 Percent'(NYT)


In Bloomberg's NY Real Estate Trumps People Health Even If You Stay Away From Salt 

Occupy Wall Street Protests Health Care System at St. Vincent's Site(DNAINFO) * Associated Press * Video of Healthcare for 99%/OWS March in NYC (Daily Kos)

NYP, NYDN NYT blacked out OWS health care march St. Vincent's.  New York old media would rather cater to the power of a powerful real estate family like the Rudin family's investment to the endangerment of the People of New York.

This is how the NYT Covered OWS Today: An Occupy Wall Street March to Support Those in Oakland(NYT)

This is How the NYP Covered OWS Today: Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders(NYP)

This is How the NYDN Covered OWS Today: Unemployed grandma knits mittens for protesters(NYDN)

The Real Story of the Protest

Dr. Kaufman -- there have been deaths and there will be more because the hospital is closed

Jon Stewart Scolds Oakland, CA For Its Treatment Of OWS Protestors

Hilarious Video Shows How The NY Times, Fox News, And The Huffington Post Write Their OWS Headlines


What's the real Marty Markowitz like? Lawsuit depositions point to a calculating, volatile politician (and some questionable management by Markowitz's then-deputy) (Atlantic Yard Report)




Employee Pleads Guilty in Fatal Crane Collapse(NYT)


Feds arrest 10 in $1B LIRR disability fraud scheme: feds(NYP) Some railroad workers who were collecting more than $100,000 in government payments and claimed to be in severe pain when moving regularly played tennis and golf, law enforcement officials said. *10 Are Arrested in a $1 Billion L.I.R.R. Disability Scheme(NYT)  

 NYC Pension Reform

Overhaul Planned for City's Largest Pension Systems(NYT) * Breaking: NYC To Overhaul Pension System(YNN) * Mayor Bloomberg plans to consolidate its 5 pension funds(NYP) * "Super" NYC Pension Investment Board On Tap: Updated(NYDN) * Bloomberg, Liu Propose Massive Overhaul of City Pension System(NYO)* City Plans Major Overhaul Of Public Pension System (WCBS)


The End of WFP's Data and Field Services?

WFP Gets Away With Breaking the Law

The Death Of DFS (Updated)(YNN) * WFP Concedes Admits No Wrongdoing  (Capital)

Working Families » New York Times on the WFP's Election Victories  * Daily Kos: The NYC Working Families Party Scam UPDATED * The incestuous relationship between Working Families Party & Data ...

$17 Million for Off Year Election
Even though it’s an off year, the upcoming Nov. 8 election is expected to cost the NYC Board of Elections $17 million. 

The History of Board of Election Corruption and Mismanagement

In This Economy The Only Way the 7 Line Will Reach NJ is to Float Across the Hudson
Mayor aboard subway to NJ(NYP) Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing to finish an extension of the No. 7 subway line to New Jersey before he leaves office * Bloomberg, Christie On Board With Extending No. 7 Subway Train To SecaucusWCBS) * The Post mocks Mayor Michael Bloomberg for failing to check Cuomo's "temperature" on extending the No. 7 subway line to New Jersey before spending $250,000 to examine the feasibility of the project:  * Christie supports mayor’s tunnel vision  (NYP) * MTA Chairman-in-waiting Joe Lhota got an eyeful when he made a surprise visit to an authority board meeting.

Hail hero for blaring about taxi horns(NYP)






UnitedHealth Group first insurer to bring rate increase info public

Insurer Drops Fight to Keep Rate Filings From Public(NYT) United Health/Oxford, the largest health insurer in New York, has reached an agreement over transparency in its filings for premium increases, putting pressure on other insurers to follow suit. * Insurer to Reveal Rate-Hike Data(WSJ) * UnitedHealth Group first insurer to bring rate increase info. public(NYDN)


End of the road for bus bias (NYP) The Orthodox Jewish-run Brooklyn bus company that stuck women in the back seats is putting an end to the controversial practice after a reprimand from the city. 





In China College is For Most Free

Regarding opposition to SUNY tuition hikes, Cuomo said students must learn to accept “something called financial reality that we have to deal with.” * Beijing Sets Ceiling to College Tuition Fees


John McCain (Twitter)  “Congressional Approval at All-Time Low of 9%” - We're down to paid staffers and blood relatives




The state Department of Environmental Conservation will miss its Nov. 1 hydrofracking report deadline by months, raising doubts that it will be ready to issue drilling permits by 2012, the Times-Union reports:   





Mayor Bloomberg: NYC Carriage Horses Lucky To Have A Job(WCBS) * After Carriage Horse Dies, Mayor Rejects Calls for Ban(NYT)

Next Year's Walmart Fashion  Walmart moving fashion team back to Bentonville (CrainsNY) The discounter is moving its 275-person team out of the garment center, signaling a return to fashion basics. It is still committed to opening a New York location.


 Network of Housing Corruption in NYC

The arrest of a City housing official charged with corruption, bribery, and frauf may have exposed a “network of fraud” in Brooklyn.


 New Building Slump Continues

New building slump seen looming in 2013  (CrainsNY)

Skelos and Baldwin Get in Each Other's Faces Over Taxes, via Twitter(NYT) *  Alec & GOP in war of twitwits(NYP)




Cornell, Stanford Vie For Tech Campus In NYC(Huff Post) * NYC, Brainiac Magnet? Top Tech Schools Want In(NYDN)




Last H&H Bagels Might Close

H&H Bagel Plant Faces New Threats(WSJ)

Ex-FBI chief to secure SATs(NYP) * SAT Officials Vow More Security After Cheating Arrests on Long Island(NYT)

The Post worries “Ground Zero gridlock” is making a comeback.

3 Arrested in Fatal Brooklyn Shooting(NYT) * Arrests in Brooklyn Shooting(WSJ) * Suspect confesses in shooting of mom who died shielding children(NYDN) * Three Teens Charged In Shooting Death Of Brooklyn Mom(NY1) * NY1 Online: Community Advocates Plead To End Brooklyn Violence* Sniper who killed heroic mom: I was aiming for rival gang members(NYDN) * Hero-mom shooting order(NYP)

‘Key’ to DSK’s fight(NYP)

Suspect Sought In Attempted Sex Assault In Bed-Stuy(WCBS) *  Sex Attacker Targeted Woman, 77, At Her Job(WPIX)



Octo-grab parents get deal(NYP) * Couple Who Took 8 Children From Foster Care Face Jail(NYT) * Parents Enter Guilty Plea(WSJ) * Cleared of rape but fired from force, ex-cop eyes X-ray school(NYDN) * Family of con who dropped dead in jail settles suit over death for $1.2M(NYDN) * Parents Accused Of Kidnapping Their Kids From Foster Care Enter Plea Deal(NY1)

Det. Isnora breaks silence during dept. testimony for Sean Bell shooting(NYP)* Detective In Sean Bell Case Testifies Friend Yelled ‘Get My Gun’* Detective Tells of Fatal Shots Fired at Car(NYT)Officer Says Safety Threat Was Big Factor In Sean Bell Shooting(NY1)

Law and Order

Rape-case cop school daze(NYP) * ‘Thieves’ in till-tale ad(NYP) * Rolodex mobster ‘Mike the Butcher’ cuts a deal(NYP) * First cop to fire at Sean Bell set to publicly explain actions(NYDN) * Muslims who change their names – either to sound more American or for religious reasons – are often investigated and catalogued in secret files by the NYPD.* 4th trial yields conviction in 1996 NY double murder case(NYP) * Man wanted in Bronx shooting captured upstate(NYP) * Star Queens HS soccer player paralyzed after being shot in back(NYP) * Cigarette smuggling is running rampant in New York. * NYC man pleads guilty to brokering kidney(WABC)*  DA: ‘Rich And Shameless’ S.I. Couples Claimed Thousands In Fraudulent Medicaid Payments(WCBS) * Ex-TSA Agents Admit to Stealing Cash from JFK Bag(NBC)

Carlin Street' Resisted by His Old Church. Was It Something He Said?(NYT)




Barack Kissinger Obama Why President Obama has been more successful at implementing George W. Bush’s antiterrorism policy than his own foreign policy(Friedman, NYT) * President Obama did “Tonight” with Leno. * Perry's spending a bit more than $232k on his new Iowa ad * GOP Candidates Differ Sharply on Economy - Tumulty & Bacon, Wash Post * Conservatives Slam Romney on Public Union Fight - Greg Sargent, WaPo * Nation Suffers, Obama Plays Talk Show Quipster - David Zurawik, BaltSun * t's Crazy to Drop Biden From 2012 Ticket - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * Flat Tax Boosts Private Growth, Government Reform - Wall Street Journal* Rick Perry knows the GOP debates have been a disaster for his campaign. (NYDN) * Bachmann replacing NH staff as new accusations of mismanagement fly (The Hill) 

James Carville says Herman Cain’s chief of staff, Mark Block, must have been “drunk or stoned” when he filmed his latest campaign ad. * President Obama and young voters are no longer a love match(the Fix) * Populism Is Obama's Path to Victory - Bob Shrum, The Week * Obama Using Class Resentment, Envy & Fear - Rep. Paul Ryan, FOX News * Why Obama Can't "Occupy Wall Street" & Win - David Paul Kuhn, RCP * Mitt Romney's Finger-in-the-Air Strategy - John Kass, Chicago Tribune * Romney Killing It in New Hampshire - Jill Lawrence, The Daily Beast * Revolt Against Experts Helps Cain - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner * Cain: "I Gotta Fight RomneyCare & Get Nomination" - Susan Archer, ABC * Rick Perry's Flat Tax Plan Helps the Wealthiest - Washington Post * Obama Doubles Down on Failed Mortgage Bet - Washington Examiner

Nate Silver (Twitter)  To clarify, looking for professional writers/pundits/academics who are so sure Cain won't win the NOMINATION that they'll quit if he does.

Herman Cain Ad Spoofs.. 'Awwcupy' Wall Street.. Zach G. On Conan.. Halloween FAILS

Jon Stewart Mocks Pat Robertson’s Call For GOP Candidates To ‘Tone It Down’




Big Insider Trading Arrest

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is expected to bring charges for insider trading against Rajat Gupta, a former director of Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble, and the longtime head of the McKinsey & Company consulting giant U.S. Is Set to Charge Major Executive in Trading Case(NYT) * Ex-Goldman Director to Face Charges(WSJ) UPADTE * Ex-Director of Goldman Charged in Insider Trading Case * Indicted Goldman exec was major Dem donor (Politico)


The Power Broker Casting Robert Moses. The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive news that HBO is developing a film based on Robert Caro’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Power Broker”, the story of how “master builder” Robert Moses shaped and changed New York City. Oliver Stone will direct, and Nicholas Meyer (“Collateral Damage”, “The Prince of Egypt) will adapt the massive book for the small-screen.


This Week in the Voice: Brooklyn on Film (Village Voice)