Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MTA Nepotism; Handicap Taxis Vs. Outer-Borough Service?; Second Brooklyn Borough President Convicted of A Misdemeanor

MTA Nepotism                                                MTA-exec dad's subway safety lies(NYP) The assistant head of the MTA's signals division, Patrick Sohan, was suspended after getting his unqualified son a job working on subway signals by submitting phony credentials,






Handicap Taxis Vs. Outer-Borough Service? 

 STRANGE BEDFELLOWS SHARE AN ACCESSIBLE TAXI: Today we report that taxi medallion owners are so desperate to stop Gov. Andrew Cuomo from signing a bill allowing outer-borough competition that they have found common ground with a longtime opponent, Assemblyman Micah Kellner:  (CHN)




 FDNY takes heat over test cheats(NYP)







New Rating System Outs More Bad Teacher

BAD GRADES: 16% rise in teachers rated 'unsatisfactory'(NYDN) * Specter of nonexistent exam cheating is next assault for anti-test, anti-school reform activists(NYDN Ed) The Daily News warns that the teachers' union and anti-reform school groups will raise a canard about widespread cheating if next week's test scores show New York City public school kids improving * Slight Rise In "Unsatisfactory" Public School Teachers(NY1)


ABC News Discovers Some GOP 2012 Candidates Use Foreign-Made Campaign T-Shirts (ABC)

Why Are 1.6M Fleeing NYS: Bad Government, Impossible for Business to Pay High Taxes and No Jobs

Leaving New York

In the first decade of the new century, New York state saw more of its residents leave for other parts of the country than any other state in the country. Despite this, an analysis of census data by the Manhattan Institute found, the state population rose by half a million people, largely because of births. Over 1.5 million more people moved out of the state than moved in from other states, making the aughts the second straight decade in which New York led the nation in out migration. Some attribute the loss to the state's high cost of living and tax rate. The report also found a slowing of immigration from other countries during the 10 years. Since 1960, 7.3 million people have left New York for other states. NY turns into flee market 1.6M bolt high-tax state in last decade(NYP) * Study Finds More New Yorkers Leaving State(NYT) * Census Shows New York Exodus(WSJ) * See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya: New Yorkers leave state at record rate(NYDN) * About 7.3 million residents have left NY for other states since 1960.*  New NYS Population Report Reinforces Need for Change * Budget Division: Expect Weaker Tax Receipts(YNN) *  Budget update: We’ve got cash but deficits are ahead(TU)

Will Towns Guilty Plea Effect Towns State Job?

Darryl Towns, state housing commissioner, expected to plead guilty to DUI (NYDN) * A spokesman for Gov. Cuomo, Josh Vlasto, refused to discuss how a guilty plea would affect Towns’ employment as the state housing czar.”


Kruger and the Russians 

Looks Like the Lawyer is Ratting on Kruger and the Russian Mob

Brooklyn lawyer convicted of lying to FBI agents during Carl Kruger probe gets probation(NYDN)



Will Brooklyn Elected It Second Brooklyn Borough President Convicted of A Misdemeanor  

Kevin Parker for Brooklyn Borough President? (NYO)

Markowitz pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor after being indicted on multiple felony counts was reduced to just the one misdemeanor, for taking four-figure campaign contributions from a credit union and reporting them as if they’d come from elsewhere

State Sen. Kevin Parker guilty in Post photog scuffle (NYP)



David Weprin at an Arab-American bazaar in Bay Ridge earlier this year

Debating Israel in NY-9: A History of Outrage(NYO) * Turner mining Weprin NYC Council record in race. Today's hit: Reveal outside income when Weprin voted for 25% salary boost in '06. * Turner mining Weprin NYC Council record in race. Today's hit: Reveal outside income when Weprin voted for 25% salary boost in '06.


Huma Baby Bump

The Weiner bulge(NYP) * The ghost of Anthony Weiner lives in his former district office, where his staff exists in a sort of purgatory until the Sept. 13 special election.*  Here We Go Again: Anthony Weiner Redux It's Anthony Weiner, Jersey edition.

Golden spent $40,000 at building he co-owns With his Brother

Brooklyn Pol Martin Golden Spent $39,000 In Campaign Money On Brother's Catering Business(NYDN) * GOP Star Marty Golden Doles Out Big Bucks to his Family Catering Hall (Robbins, Village Voice 2008)

 GOP Enrollment Going Down

 Enrollment in the NY GOP is now at its lowest level since the early 1990s.





Staten Island's Guy Molinari rips Sen. Savino over 'Mafia' slur on Tea Party

Insults: Molinaro disses Savino, saying, “She’s a little loose with the tongue…and tries to hide behind the Facebook.” [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]




Media and Political Outrage At Sara Palin Bloomberg Gets A Pass

What About Bloomberg's Email Cover Up?

The Bloomberg administration stonewalled Voice columnist Harry Siegel’s attempt to determine how many deputy mayors have Bloomberg LP emails. 


AG  Schneiderman is investigating whether Bank of New York Mellon overcharged state pension funds for foreign currency exchanges, and could lead a nationwide lawsuit from other pension funds with similar claims (WSJ)




WTC: 2nd Day of Strike

Carpenters Join WTC Job Action(WSJ) * WTC concrete workers walk out over union agreement(NYDN) * Carpenters Join Work Stoppage at WTC Site(NBC) 



EXCLUSIVE: 'Hackers' Show Mayor Bloomberg How To Reboot New York City's Website(NYDN)





FOR SALE: NYC's Garbage(Huff Post)




B'klyn has an ice shot at grabbing Islanders(NYP)


Voters Nix $400 Million Hockey Tix Voters in Nassau County showed good sense when they rejected a scheme to raise their taxes so the New York Islanders could build a new arena. (NYT Ed)



 How solid is the layoff protection language in the CSEA and PEF contract deals struck with the Cuomo administration? Union members worry they could still lose jobs to agency consolidation. 


NYT Pushes Cuomo to Crack Down On Non Profits High Pay

Pay for Heads of Nonprofit Groups Will Be Scrutinized(NYT) * Cuomo, The Times and the Non-Profiteers(Room 8)



 The Super Congress Star Chamber

Deficit Battle Shifts to Panel(WSJ) * Hiding Behind the Budget Act The mechanics of the bill that President Obama signed allows lawmakers to evade responsibility for the damage that could result. 




Washington Chain Saw Massacre  Playing now in D.C.: The scariest sequel yet to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” If the scariest thing in the world is something you can’t understand, then Americans are scared out of their minds about what is happening in America.(Dowd, NYT)  





“Gillibrand’s opposition to it comes as she seeks to generate enthusiasm among her party’s base in advance of her re-election bid next year.” 






Senator Spin

Debt Deal Draws No Votes From Gillibrand, N.J. SenatorsGillibrand Broke With Party on Debt Bill(NYT) * I Changed 180 Degrees.’ Dicker Mocks Gillibrand 2016 Talk (NYO) * Diaz to Gillibrand: Now You Are Against Tax Hikes On The Rich?(NYO)

Is the People's Harvard Becoming to Expensive

Colin Powell, CUNY

Tuition Hikes, Aid Cuts Threaten to Put CUNY Out of Reach (Gotham Gazette) * CUNY Trustees Set to Vote on Tuition Hike (WNYC)

'Whistleblower' forced out at 80: suit(NYP) * Teacher, 80, sues to get job back after arguing about toilet breaks(NYDN)



Albany Get Out of Jail Free Bill

Bronxites who can't afford to pay bail for petty crimes get help from state legislature(NYDN) A bill sponsored by Bronx state Senator Gustavo Rivera now headed to Governor Cuomo's desk will allow charities to post bail for defendants charged with petty misdemeanors.



 Washington Terrorist Funding Cuts Coming
Safety: Kelly “concerned” about cuts in federal funding


 Wife's shrieking howl at DSK bust(NYP)







Groper's spree hits 10(NYP) * Offenses Escalate as Attacker on Upper East Side Is Sought(NYT) * Elusive East Side groper strikes again as cops intensify search(NYDN)


Law and Order

Too many damn ho's in NY (NYP) * Disturbing video shows Jaycee Dugard kidnapper luring girl into van(NYDN) * Boy to beg judge not to put dad in prison, even though monster tortured him(NYDN) * Advocates Mark National Night Out Against Crime(NY1) * Troubled Teenager’s Path to Murder Charge(NYT)


The latest stalemate in D.C. is over temporary funding for the FAA. The Senate failed to get a deal, leaving some 4,000 agency employees out of work. 

Planned U.S. Layoffs Surge To Highest Level In Over A Year(Huff Post)

Should MSNBC and Fox be Required to File In Kind Contributions With FEC?

MSNBC’s Maddow, O’Donnell And Matthews Predict With Varying Certainty Obama Will Be Re-Elected

MSNBC Chief's Tough Words For Fox News(Huff Post) * US AG Eric Holder is taking “seriously” allegations that News Corp. reporters tried to hack 9/11 victims’ cell phones.


Copycat News Media Easy Marks

News Outlets Fooled By Internet Explorer Hoax BBC, CNN among those that reported on fake research claiming IE users had lower IQs. (The Slatest)