Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bloomberg Tries to Buy Some Love As Deputy Mayor Goldsmith Leaves; Stock Market Crash

Deputy Goldsmith Gone

Failed Snow Storm, CityTime Scandal and Private Contractors Gone Wild Legacy
 Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith -- brought in last year from Harvard to help reshape the city -- was pushed out today in what amounted to an embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift.  Goodbye, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. Hello, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway (who has been DEP commissioner and Goldsmith's star pupil).  After the snow storm and the CityTime scandal he packs it in  Goldsmith Departs Bloomberg Admin(YNN) * Some transit advocates believed departing Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith was the reason behind the scaling back of some Bloomberg transportation initiatives. 

Embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift

Bloomberg 3rd Term Tour Shipwrecked 

Mayor Bloomberg appoints Cas Holloway Deputy Mayor for Operations, replacing Steve Goldsmith * Within last 10 days most controversial senior aides to Mayor resigned: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith & ACS Commissioner Mattingly *  After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith’s Role in Bloomberg’s Admin (NYO) *  Goldsmith Quits as Deputy Mayor After 14 Months(NYT) * Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith out after 15-month stint(NYP)

We All Agree Congress Sucks

Latest: NYT poll shows historic 82% disapproval rating of Congress(NYT)
NYT poll also finds that 75% think most members of Congress don't deserve re-election. Up from 63% when Gallup polled that question in May


CNN's Poppy Harlow: "This is a sell-off like we haven't seen since November of 2008."
Stock Market:
Here We Go Again
"Dow's last one-day drop of 400+ points occurred on Dec 1, 2008."
Market Down 512

Stocks Dive on Fears of Global Slowdown(NYT) * Stocks crater on jobless fears(NYP)

Billionaire Mayor $pends To Halt Poll Slide

With His poll numbers at it lowest point the mayor uses his money to repair his image. Bloomberg is helping to pay for a programs to help minority male youth and to make sure NY students can take the regents test.  Bloomberg launches a major policy push this morning to improve the lives of young black and Latino men, spending $30 million from his personal fortune on a multi-agency city effort. The project aims overhaul how the government interacts with a population of about 315,000 New Yorkers. Bloomberg and Soros each spending $30 million to help minority men. Over the next 3 years, NYC will invest more than $127 million to improve the futures of young black & Latino men

“Blacks and Latinos are not fully sharing in the promise of American freedom.” Bloomberg

Bloomberg to Use Own Funds in Plan to Aid Minority Youth(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg Funds Youth Plan(WSJ) * NYC to spend $127m on programs for young men(WSJ) *  Mike's $127M Rx for minorities(NYP) * New Program Aims to Even Odds for Black, Latino Youth *Young Men's Initiatve: Literacy programs funded too. * Rangel Wants the Nation to Follow Bloomberg | PolitickerNY * Bloomberg’s New Initiative Moves Jackson, Annoys Barron(NYO)

BloomDollars Restoring January Regents Tests

Private Donors, Including Mayor, Save January Regents(NYT) * Bailout By Donors Saves Tests(WSJ) * Bloomberg fills in Regents test budget gap with his own, friends money(NYDN)



Will Bloomberg's initiative on black/Latino men look at his own policies: stop &frisks, marijuana arrests, school suspensions, etc.?


After an unprecedented, & sustained stop/frisk campaign that targeted blk/HIsp men, Bloomberg to use his $ to help them.

Bloomberg's Machine Politics

Are city e-mail accounts used by mayor's own political operations? (Village Voice)


Ed Koch: Election is about Israel, not Saul Weprin - 9th CD Update
Former Mayor Ed Koch doesn’t appreciate criticism that his endorsement of Republican Bob Turner to replace Anthony Weiner in Congress has anything to do with the father of the Democratic candidate, Saul Weprin, endorsing Mario Cuomo over Ed Koch for governor back in the day * In Wake of Marriage Comments, LGBT Community Wavers on Weprin | PolitickerNY * Weprin, the Democratic candidate in the NY-9 special election, refused to say whether he supports Obama for re-election in 2012.

Lobbyist Richard Lipsky Indicted With Kruger Gave Funds to Weprin

Turner attacking his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, for taking money from disgraced lobbyist Richard Lipsky for his City Council and Comptroller campaigns $1,000.  “David Weprin knows Richard Lipsky is awaiting federal trial for bribery and he knows he took money from him, so it surprising that Mr. Weprin has not returned the cash,” said Turner campaign.  Lipsky is accused by federal prosecutors of bribing Carl Kruger.

Yankee's Cracking
A major testing lab and its top execs have been indicted on charges they faked concrete-strength tests at hundreds of city building sites, including Yankee Stadium and the Lincoln Tunnel.

Officials indicted for faking Yankee Stadium concrete tests(NYDN)
* 6 Charged With Falsifying Concrete Testing Results(NYT) * DA: Six Charged With Faking Concrete Test Results (NY1)
Subway Concrete lab charged with faking results at 2nd Ave. Subway(NBC)

Police commanders says officers scared to write tickets and run afoul of Internal Affairs

Cops Rebel At Ticket Writing - Reaction to Scandal

'Afraid' to give tickets Cops fret fix fallout A meeting among senior traffic cops to encourage more ticket writing backfired yesterday when a Queens lieutenant boldly told top brass that officers won't comply because they're "afraid" of getting caught in the fallout of the Bronx ticket-fixing scandal, a source told The Post. 


Prisoners to Be Counted At Last Know Address

Redistricting: Lawmakers will count prisoners at last known address, not in prison cells. 

Cuomo Bypasses AG/Controller to Go After No Profits Pay

State Panel to Review Pay of Leaders at Nonprofits(NYT) * Goo-goos caution against a “witch hunt.”* The governor launched a task force to conduct the probe after a NYT story on Medicaid-funded providers whose executives earn more than $500,000. Cuomo called those salaries “startlingly excessive.”


Giuliani Vs Cuomo Could Go Nuclear
Indian Point May Enlist Giuliani as Defender(NYT) The owners of the Indian Point nuclear plant may hire former mayor Rudy Giuliani for television ads defending their plant against Gov. Andrew Cuomo's push to close it



Seabrook and Barron Missing

Councilmen Larry Seabrook of the Bronx and Charles Barron of Brooklyn have the worst attendance records in the City Council, missing more than a quarter of the sessions required in their $112,500 jobs(NYDN)


The NYP Supports Strikers?

Some WTC Workers Return to Job(WSJ) * A right to strike(NYP Ed) * Concrete Workers End Strike At WTC Site (NY1)





Can New York Rival Silicon Valley? What would it take for New York City to become home to the next Facebook or Apple?  (NYT)


Manhattan’s Contested Judicial Race: Cannataro vs Kraus(NYO)


Jon Stewart Rips Congress’ New Debt ‘Superhero’ Committee

Report: 7.3M New Yorkers have left since 1960





Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition
Happy Birthday Mr. President                 Jennifer Hudson led other performers and some 2400 contributors in singing Happy Birthday to the president. Prez celebrates his 50th b-day with star-studded Chicago fund-raiser(NYP)


Bill Maher: A Republican Can Beat Obama In 2012 Because ‘The Magic Is Gone’




 Economic Councils: Their meetings don't have to be open the public, but Duffy says some will be. [Democrat and Chronicle]



Cuomo Loses GOP Support

Poll shows Gov. Cuomo losing some GOP support(NYP)

White House Wooed Wall Street in Debt Debate This week's vote to avert a debt-ceiling crisis brought together a variety of uneasy political alliances. But few were as fraught with tension as the one between Wall Street and the Obama administration. (WSJ) * Under intense pressure from the White House, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expected to stay through the president’s first term.




Jobs Jobs Jobs But Congressional Junkets First

Congress flies away home and leaves badly needed FAA projects grounded(NYDN) * Judges: Congress went into recess with 10 federal judicial vacancies unfilled in NY. [Democrat and Chronicle]

Bus Stop Housing?

The Port Authority and Vornado Realty Trust have been unable to strike a deal on building an office tower on top of the Port Authority bus terminal in Midtown, with Vornado reducing its earlier offer of a $500 million payment Tower Deal Is Teetering(WSJ)

 Taj McCall Crumbles You Pay

The state is paying $2 million to fix crumbling bricks at the decade-old "Taj McCall," the state office building constructed at the urging of former comptroller H. Carl McCall, the Times Union * Taxpayers are footing the bill for $2 million worth of repairs to “Taj McCall” – the state comptroller’s Albany HQ that opened just 10 years ago and was built for $84 million.

Tour Bus With Polish Tourists Overturns Near Binghamton(Huff Post

Murdoch's Payroll

Pols on the Payroll  An incomplete list of political figures who have received News Corp. checks at some point in their careers. (NY Magazine)

 Domestic violence cases in New York City shot up 12.3 percent last year after the Legislature changed the law to include violence between unmarried couples

Domestic violence jumps 12.3% in NYC; Brooklyn at top(NYDN)

Law and Order

Supervisor Is Charged in Death of Patient(WSJ) *  Third Charge in Fraud Case at Columbia University (WSJ) * Priest, 87, arrested for sexually abusing 16-year-old girl (NYDN) *Bx. priest, 87, in molest rap(NYP) * Family rips AHRC for leaving 48-year-old mentally disabled man to die in van * Prosecutors seek 10-plus years for ex-assistant who ripped off Pulitzer heir Kenward Elmslie(NYP) * Pastor & son in road-rage bust(NYP) * Mom tot-slay deal(NYP) * Supervisor Held in Death of Autistic Man in S.I. Center(NYT)* Suspect Identified in Purse-Snatching From Woman in Wheelchair(NYT) * Police Catch Man Accused Of Mugging Woman In Wheelchair (NY1) * Man Accused Of Killing Young Brooklyn Boy To Be Arraigned(NY1) * Cops bust thug who robbed Brooklyn jewelry store, shot owner(NYP) * Teen who robbed elderly woman busted by his own mother (Huff Post)  * FBI arrests 10 suspects in $60M mortgage fraud ring(NYP)

Levi Aron Found Fit to Proceed in Murder Case(NBC)Accused Brooklyn child killer pleads not guilty(NYP) *  Levi Aron told cops he was sexually assaulted on a train when he was on 18 * Levi Aron Ruled Competent for Trial in Leiby Kletzky Murder(NYT) * Brooklyn D.A. Hynes Comments After Levi Aron Found Fit to Stand Trial (Fort Green Patch)

MLB orders Yankees slugger to meet over illegal poker games(NYP) * MLB Probes A-Rod Poker Allegations (WSJ)

Website connects starving students with 'sugar daddies'