Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake NYC; Crime Increase Under Bloomberg No Jitters, Under Dinkins "Dave Do Something"

Hurrocane Next?

Earthquake Is Felt in New York(NYT) * 5.8 earthquake jolts Washington, DC; shocks felt in NYC and Boston(NYP)At DSK Presser, Cy Vance, Reporters React to Quake [Video] * Earthquake: "Mayor Bloomberg said he thought his desk in City Hall began shaking because of major construction in the historic building." [Einhorn, Durkin and Kennedy / Daily News]

Spinning How Crime is Reported Easy As Black and White

Today: Crime is Up "Don't Worry Be Happy"

Where Crime Is Up Across the Board, More Police but Not Many Jitters(NYT)


Crime Up Under Mayor Dinkins

Dave Do Something

Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Crime Than White Pols? (True News)


Weprin and Turner and Hecklers Debate

Assemblyman David Weprin and Bob Turner spent barely any time talking about the Ninth Congressional District, and most of the time trying to be heard over the crowd, during a candidate's forum in Queens last night

Amid Heckling, Candidates in Queens Discuss Spending (NYT) * Hikind: I'll nix Weprin over nups(NYP) * GOP Wary of Funding Candidate(WSJ) * Race for Weiner's seat: State Dems rip GOP hopeful Bob Turner(NYDN) * Hecklers Dominate Queens Debate(NY Mag) * After being “burnt” by NY special elections, as former NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds puts it, national GOPers are reluctant to fund Turner in a race they don’t consider truly competitive.* The state Democratic Party has flooded NY-9 with flyers bashing “extremist” Turner that don’t mention his opponent, Assemblyman David Weprin, at all. * Part of the NY-9 candidate forum (The Brooklyn Politics)


Turner Says NYS Says 2008 Article in NY Sun Says Weprin Was Getting Member Item Kickback From Non Profits He Gave Member Items Too

Turner Whacks Weprin On 2008 New York Sun Story

“Let me be perfectly clear about what we are alleging:  It looks to us like David Weprin was trading public dollars for campaign dollars while in the City Council,” said Turner spokesman William O’Reilly. “Mr. Weprin would arrange a government grant to an organization and receive in return political contributions from those associated with that organization. What’s worse, those dollars would then be matched 6-1 with public matching funds.  Mr. Weprin seems to have been treating taxpayer money as a political ATM card. He needs to explain himself.”

Grace Rauh (Twitter)


Quinn Likes Being Called Bloomberg's Mini-Me 
NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn wields member item cash like a cudgel and insists she doesn’t mind being called Bloomberg’s “Mini-Me.”


You Need A Score Card On Criminal Acts In This Council Race 

Police Unions Back Jennings in Council Race Two police unions endorsed Allan Jennings in his bid to reclaim the City Council seat he once held, a sign that legal troubles facing incumbent Council Member Ruben Wills may be a factor in the race.(WSJ) *  JENNINGS SPENDS BIG, BUT NOT TO REPAY TAXPAYERS: Former Queens Councilman Allan Jennings, who is on the hook to New York City taxpayers for $45,000 for committing an array of campaign finance violations, racked up a number of questionable new expenses in his campaign to unseat Councilman Ruben Wills - including "meetings" at gas stations from Queens to New Jersey: 

Leroy How About A Fund Raiser At McDs?
Queens Councilman LeroyComrie's anemic fundraising - he has raised less than $400 for his 2013 account - has put something of a damper on his otherwise strong prospects of winning election as Queens borough president. Comrie could well be up against Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who has raised $830,000, or even possibly against former Councilwoman Melinda Katz, herself a strong fundraiser. That has led to speculation in southeast Queens that Comrie could instead trade seats with state Sen. Malcolm Smith, with Smith running for Comrie's Council seat, and Comrie then taking Smith's Senate seat in a special election.

Keep the Medical Center Open But Pedro Go Buy Your Soap on the Rope
As promised, former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s Soundview filed a restraining order against DOH Commissioner Nirav Shah and the OMIG for its “unfair and arbitrary” removal from the Medicaid system.

No NYS Xmass Bonuses 

Stop the Wishful Thinking about a New York State Mid-Year “Surplus”(Citizen Budget Commission)

Under Bloomberg, a Sharp Rise in Accusations of Cheating by Educators(NYT)





When Hospitals Close People Die

Peninsula Hospital Board Meets As Residents Rally(NY1)

Libyan Rebel Explains How He Took Golden Hat And Scepter From Gaddafi’s Bedroom

Charges Against DSK Dismissed

Charges Against Strauss-Kahn Dismissed(NYT)

On DSK, Morgenthau Backs Up His Successor(YNN) * DSK: "In his $3,000-a-night hotel suite, detectives found semen stains on the carpet and the wallpaper from other men."

Reveals lies & hissy fits — and drops sex charges vs. DSK(NYP) * District Attorney Asks Judge to Drop Strauss-Kahn Case(NYT) * From a Meeting of Hours to One Lasting Less Than a Minute(NYT) * Housekeeper’s Lawyer Asks to Remove District Attorney From Case(NYT)DA Moves to Abandon Strauss-Kahn Charges(WSJ) * Prosecutors seek to dismiss Strauss-Kahn charges(WSJ) * French people relieved that the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case is finally history(NYDN) * Molloy: DA Vance did his duty in DSK case - in a no-win situation(NYDN) * DSK set to skate on sex assault charges as DA suffers another setback(NYDN) * DA Cy Vance made tough but fair and just call to dismiss charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn (NYDN Ed)

Bureaucrats who run food stamp program chickened out of city test of soda's role in obesity epidemic(NYDN)





NYT Support AG Opposition to WH Big Banks Mortgage Deal 

It’s a Flawed Settlement New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, is right to resist White House pressure on a mortgage deal with the nation’s largest banks over dubious foreclosure practices. (NYT Ed) * The Times encourages Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to hold his ground and not capitulate to the Obama administration's demands he sign on to a settlement deal with the major U.S. banks over faulty mortgage loan

Bloomberg Wants Red-Light Cameras On Every NYC Corner; Threatens Lawmakers That Don’t 






EPA needs to do more than just review stupid order to puat a $1.6 billion lid on city reservoir(NYDN Ed)

The Mayor's Non Profit Extended Payroll
The Journal notes that as Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to reach deep into his own pockets to fund high profile initiatives, more ex-administration officials are moving over to work for his charity organization, including current Deputy Mayor Patti Harris:

Mayor's Charity Pipeline(WSJ) As the clock ticks toward his exit from City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg has begun to bulk up the payroll at his private charitable foundation by tapping at least one steady source of personnel: former administration staffers. * Nine Bloomberg administration alums plus Deputy Mayor Patti Harris (still on the City Hall payroll) are now working at the mayor’s private foundation, which he’s beefing up as he prepares to move out of public life.


Chelsea shelter opens under ire(NYP)


The $50 million, decades-long renovation of the state Capitol building is beginning to take shape, thanks to a stepped-up timetable by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the Times-Union says:  





 What is Next the Return of the Pam Am Building at Grand Central

Hollywood East

City gaining on LA as nation's TV star(NYP) * Mayor Praises Growth in Film and TV Jobs(NYT) *  Action! Record 23 TV shows filming in New York City(NYDN) * "Pan Am" Filming Marks A City Milestone(NY1)



Gay sugar daddy left all to Parvaiz(NYP)



Law and Order

Mother slain(NYP) *Woman Caught in Bronx Crossfire Is Killed(WSJ) * Teen Charged With Murder Of Young Bronx Mother (NY1) * Alarming number of domestic violence deaths in 2010(NYDN) * Pols condemn defense of cop accused of raping woman at gunpoint(NYDN) * Off-duty city bus driver slain at Long Island bash(NYDN) * NYPD intensifies search for pooch after cop's monumental gaffe(NYDN) * Cops ask for help to identify slain teen(NYDN) * Gang leader extradited in Queens slays(NYDN) * 10G suitcase theft at JFK(NYP)


He’s ‘squat’-free  Posh-eatery worker won’t leave apt.(NYP)


Lloyd lawyers up(NYP) * Standard & Poor’s President to Step Down(NYT)





Long Island Winery Selling 9/11-Themed Merlot And Chardonnay(WCBS)








Here’s A Picture Of Joe Biden Posing With A Mongolian Wrestler