Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Double Dip Recession Hits NYC Construction Workers and School Aids

The Thomas Edison of Our Day Resigns

Jobs Stepping Down as Chief Executive of Apple(NYT)

 Construction Down 40%

New building starts in the first half of 2011 are down almost 40 percent from the previous year, a new report says, dashing some hopes of an economic rebound in the city's construction industry (NYP) * Mom-and-pop shops along Coney Island worry they'll be next to close (NYDN)

800 NYC School Tax Axed

The Bloomberg administration is blaming unionsmostly DC37 – for the 777 Department of Education layoffs looming in October – the largest layoff at a single agency since the mayor took office.  * 800 school staff to get budget ax(NYP) * 777 School Employees Will Be Let Go, in the Largest Layoff Under Bloomberg(NYT) * City planning to layoff 800 school workers to crunch budget(NYDN) * White supremacist principal replaced with Fordham professor in Bronx(NYDN)

City Hall News(Twitter)


Lancman Got His Job By Being Picked By Queens Boss Crowley to Run in 2007 Special Election to Replace Brian Mclaughlin Heading to Jail

Rory Lancman (Twitter)

DoL releases Jul 11 state unemployment rates, NYC down to 8.8 from 9.7 yr/yr


NYP says that the city's tax incentives for TV and film studios is a welcome twist in a city where high taxes have been known to drives businesses away

NYC’s TV boom(NYP Ed)



'Weiner' contest $$ flood(NYP) "New York State Democratic Committee will spend well into the six figures" to help Weprin * Candidate for Weiner seat: No Zadroga aid to 9/11 volunteers(NYDN) says Daily News report of his Zadroga bill position is "inaccurate." * Dems Use Zadroga Comment Against Turner (YNN) * Your NY-9 Roundup(NYDN) * NY-9: Democrat Weprin said whether to legalize same-sex marriage “should be a state-by-state determination.” []

Gerson Borrero(Twitter) Latino Voters


A Special Special Election(Gotham Gazette)


Aftershocks likely, but you will not feel all of them

Evacuations ordered as buildings sway in 5.8 quake(NYP) * Above All Else, Eastern Quake Rattles Nerves(NYT) * Region Shaken, Unhurt(WSJ) * Gillibrand: Earthquake Exposes Cellphone Problems (WSJ) *  The great Earthquake of 2011 will never be forgotten in New York - by those who noticed it(NYDN)* Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Felt In NYC; No Major Damage Reported(NY1) * Trembles By WTC Area Revives Terror Fears(NY1) * City Officials Relieved At Lack Of Damage From Quake(NY1) * Twitter, Social Media Explodes As Earthquake Shakes New York City Area And Northeast

Nups Off to 'Shaky'Start

The DN goes there on the Sandra Lee outtakes video, which has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube. * California: 5.9? Yawn.* While the quake didn’t do major damage, it did put a crack in the very top of the Washington Monument, which is closed for further inspection.

Indian Point Nuclear Plant would barely hold up if NYC was epicenter of 5.8 earthquake

City Begins Storm Preps Ahead Of Irene's Arrival(NY1) *  City officials begin preparing for Hurricane Irene, possibility of NYC evacuations (NYP)


After voicing concerns about a 50-state deal with the major U.S. banks, NY AG was removed from a panel of state prosecutors investigating mortgage abuses

Shake-Up in Mortgage Investigation  Eric T. Schneiderman, the top prosecutor in New York, was removed on Tuesday from a committee of state attorneys general investigating mortgage abuses.(NYT)  * The Times-Union joins the New York Times in urging Schneiderman not to back down in his efforts to modify the 50-state mortgage settlement deal with the banks: *NY Attorney General Schneiderman Pressured Not to Hold-Up Bank Settlement(WNYC) * Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman spokesman said they are seeking justice. [Reuters] *  Does Bank of America Need a Bailout?(Daily Beast)  * Mortgage Probe: Schneiderman, in his own words. [Times Union] *  Citizen Action: ‘Stand With Schneiderman’ (YNN)


The New Sheriff Comes to Town Eric Schneiderman High Noon with Bank Robbers (Soho

 AG Eric Schneiderman is vowing not to back down from a “full investigation into the misconduct that led to the collapse of America’s housing market.”* The NY Observer praised Schneiderman’s “principled stand,” saying it’s “something worthy of admiration.”* There might be more lawsuits where those first two came from, Eliot Spitzer.






NYTimes Says for fair independent redistricting @NYGovCuomo should act now

The NY Times calls on Cuomo to ready his own redistricting maps, says “word on the street” is LATFOR will delay release of new lines until next year, arguing it’s too late for an alternative plan. * Nationally, the GOP is using state-level redistricting to try to shore up its House majority.  


WTC ‘ship’shape for 9/11: Chuck(NYP) * A 9/11 Victim Is Identified by the Medical Examiner(NYT) * World Trade Center remains identified ten years after 9/11(NYDN) * WTC worker Ernest Green's remains identified ten years after 9/11(NYDN) * 9/11 Exclusion Spurs Outrage  A group of religious leaders, including a former deputy mayor to Rudy Giuliani, is urging Mayor Michael Bloomberg to reverse his position and allow clergy a role during the 9/11 anniversary ceremony  (WSJ) 


WTC Memorial 18 Days Before Opening

Molloy: Millions of daffodils memorialize 9/11(NYDN) * N.Y. Top Court To Hear WTC Bombing Case(Fox 5) * September 11 Anniversary TV Coverage (Fox 5) * Holder to Meet With 9/11 Families on Hacking Probe (NBC)* : Minority businesses at Newark Airport being screwed by PA--construction delays as money is diverted to WTC cost over-runs

Terrorism  With CIA Help, NYPD Moves Covertly in Muslim Areas(NBC) * With CIA Help, NYPD Makes Covert Moves(Fox 5) * AP VIDEO: More on how 9/11 made the NYPD more aggressive, start "ethnic mapping" and work with CIA: * Top New York court to hear '93 WTC bombing case again(SI Advance) * ecurity: AP story about NYPD is “a blockbuster.” [John Doyle and Helen Kennedy / Daily News] * Security: Investigative story describes NYPD getting CIA help in how to monitor “ethnic” neighborhoods in and around NYC. “Mosque crawlers” and “rakers.” NYPD strongly denies. [Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo / AP]

Department Of Health Orders Peninsula Hospital To Stop Accepting Patients (CBS)

NYC group ranks C train as the worst(NYP) * J/Z Line Tops Straphangers' Annual Report Card(NY1)


Second Avenue Subway Construction Still Loud — and May Last Until 2018 (DNAInfo)

Teacher Evaluations: Court sides with NYSUT, blocking student test cores from counting up to 40% of teacher grades. [Scott Waldman / Times Union]

Cleaner Harbor Has a Downside: Pests That Plague Park Construction(NYT)









$80,000 to install, then remove, islands from Fort Hamilton Parkway

City's street-'fix' blunder Red-faced city officials yesterday ripped up a cluster of tree-lined pedestrian islands -- installed just 10 months ago to make it safer for the elderly to navigate traffic -- after ambulance drivers complained the narrower streets slowed their response times to a busy Brooklyn hospital. * Exclusive: Victory! Dangerous Borough Park Traffic Island Removed By DOT(WCBS)



Turnpike Bus Accident Leaves One Person Dead, Two Injured(Huff Post)

End Nears for a Market That Made a Scene(NYT)








 NYT Talks Reform But Likes Its Boss Tweeds

Jounalistic Enterprise and Courage" Duly Noted: The Modern Day New York Times Meets and Likes Its Boss Tweeds (Noticing New York)


Pat Caddell Says Today's Press Has Not Lived Up to Its Role to Protect Our Freedom Assigned to Them By Our Founding Fathers 

Freedom of the press was given to this county for only one reason. Freedom of the press was a deal.   The only institution that has no checks and balances is the press. That was not done because the founders like the press, they hated the press  They did it because they understood that the county could not be free unless  the people were pretected by a free press that would protected them from government and from power The deal was they would have no checks and ballances and the commitment was they  would protect the county
We have a press for the most part that has abandoned it role as the of watchman on the wall of freedom. They have abdicated that role They have decided it is they job to be outriders of one political party or the other, now basically one  They believe it is right to tell you who you may vote for to vote for and who you must not vote for .  And they also believe worse what truth you many know and what truth you may not know  By deserting they secret responsibilities they have made themselves by choice  the enemy of the American people.  Until we restore freedom of information we will not be free. (Video of Pat Caddell Speech about the future of the U.S. and the state of Congress)

In Flatbush, Kings Encore Is on Marquee(WSJ)




A pox on both their houses — just say, Au revoir(NYP) * Official: Sex raps vs. DSK are tossed(NYP) *'Perjury' heat on accuser(NYP) * A pox on both their houses — just say, Au revoir(NYP) 


DSK accuser should be deported because “she fraudulently got a green card,” say  NYP

His political future in France is unknown, but he says he’ll “speak more forcefully” about this experience once he gets home. 

No longer welcome(NYP Ed) * Strauss-Kahn Drama Ends With Short Final Scene(NYT) *   The Strauss-Kahn Case Dismissing the charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn was the right call, but there is a legitimate concern that the decision may discourage rape victims from coming forward in the future. (NYT Ed) * Strauss-Kahn Is Free to Go(WSJ) * A Circus in TriBeCa Draws to a Close(WSJ)Case Leaves Cloud Over Prosecutor(WSJ) * In France, More Troubles(WSJ) * Strauss-Kahn accuser is expected to face deportation hearings(NYDN) * Strauss-Kahn Free To Go After Judge Dismisses Sexual Assault Case(NY1) * Newsday deems Vance’s decision “the right outcome.” * DSK: My ‘Nightmare’ Is Over(Daily Beast) * Manhattan DA Vance Runs For The Hills, Avoids Media At All Costs Spokesperson: CBS 2 'Stalking' Top Cop, Though Public Demanding Answers (WCBS)


Judge hits Leiby-slay attorneys(NYP) * Lawyers Defending Suspect in Boy’s Death Are Scolded(NYT)



Michael Pena allegedly assaulted teacher in Inwood while off duty(NYP)




'Roll' playing: 'Killer' hubby in court(NYP) * Husband Denies Murder Role(WSJ) * Bail boosted to $3M for hubby accused of orchestrating wife slay (NYDN)

Young mom slain by stray bullet because of feud over line-cutting(NYDN) * Young mom Yaritza Pacheco killed by stray-bullet gunman angry over line cutting at deli(NYDN)

Police Search For Suspect In Violent Subway Muggings(NY1)



Man Randomly Stabs Four, One Fatally, Then Slashes Himself, the Police Say(NYT) * Manhattan Man In Police Custody Following Stabbing Spree(NY1) * Naked man stabs 4, 1 fatally, in Washington Heights(WABC) * Naked Slasher Attacks Elderly Tenants, 1 Dead(NBC) * Naked Wash. Heights 'stabber' thought it was the end of the world: witnesses (NYP) * 2nd Person Dies in Washington Heights Naked Slasher Attack(NBC)


'Son of Sam' serial killer David Berkowitz says he will not seek parole in 2012(NYP)


NYPD: Suspect Wanted For Attacks, Robberies Of Elderly Victims Near Chelsea(WCBS)




Coin dealer beaten to death(NYP) * Group of thieves pummel, slay coin dealer before dumping his body(NYDN)

Law and Order

 'Stab spree' horror(NYP) * Suspect sought in old man robbery spree(NYP) * 'Son of Sam' says he won't seek parole(NYDN)

Breaking: Journalists Have Been Freed From Tripoli Hotel

Journalists freed from Tripoli hotel by gunmen loyal to Libyan despot Moammar Khadafy (NYDN) * Journalists Come Under Siege At Rixos Hotel In Tripoli(Huff Post) * Fox News Producer Describes Being Liberated From Rixos Hotel

 Former VP Dick Cheney says his memoir will cause heads to explode all over Washington. 

Dick Cheney kept a secret resignation letter(Wash Post)

Congress Don't Know Much About the Economy 

78% of Congress Didn't Study Business, Economics  Yet they're handling the recession (newser)


 Rick Perry surged to 29%, followed by Mitt Romney at 17%, Ron Paul at 13% and Michele Bachmann at 10%. All other contenders are below 5% in support. Gallup