Sunday, July 24, 2011

True News Sunday Updated

City Clerk's Office 9 AM
New Yorkers Say "I Do"

Marriages Equality Sunday!(Gay City News)

Quinn:  Some Council Member Items Pigs Are More Equal Than Others
As the Council is concerned, some New Yorkers are much more equal than others. Those who live in districts represented by Quinn's allies bring home far more money than do members who have broken ranks with the speaker. And the needs of any particular community are irrelevant as the speaker divides a $50 million annual pie.

Recchia Top Pork Pig
Recchia is a Quinn lieutenant and chairman of the Finance Committee. He represents Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach and Gravesend. This year, he distributed $1,630,064 to groups such as the Brighton Ballet Theater Company, the Russian American Foundation and the Brooklyn Chinese-American Association.
$10.30 per resident

It’s All About Recchia! The Voters Have No Choice

Barron: Member Item Ghetto

Barron is a self-styled civil rights firebrand who has attacked Quinn's leadership. He represents East New York, Brownsville and Canarsie and was permitted to deliver less than a quarter of Recchia's sum to groups in his neighborhood: $399,464.

$2.40 per person

The Daily News Member Item Editorial talks about Manhattan Borough President Stringersanalysis showed huge disparities across districts, with a majority receiving below-average amounts and 19 favored members, including Quinn, scoring above. It also talked about those council members like Miguel Martinez who was found guilty of member item abuse.  But the Daily News said nothing about the lack or results of the over three year council investigation into Quinn secret slush fund. or the other members it paper wrote about committing member item abuse.


Council Members Gave Grants, Then Got Campaign Funds From Officers of Grant Recipients  A council member who represents parts of Queens and is running for comptroller, David Weprin, for example, has collected thousands of dollars in donations linked to outside groups he has supported with tax dollars, according to a review by The New York Sun of the city's Campaign Finance Board database and the council's list of member items in a public document, Schedule C. (Rauh, Sun, May 15, 2008) Council slush fund quid quo pro(Queens Carp)


Vito's Got to Have Friends 

 FBI probe into Vito Lopez's non-profit group doesn't stop #Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes from attending Lopez's picnic.  Vito's life still a picnic Party faithful munched on 5,000 sirloin steaks at the $80,000 taxpayer-funded event, which Lopez hatched as founder and head of the embattled Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council 39 years ago. Mayoral hopeful William Thompson joined a veritable who’s who of the elected, including congressional wannabe Assemblyman David Weprin, City Council members Steve Levin, Domenic Recchia, Mark Weprin and Erik Dilan, state Sen. Martin Dilan, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
Media: MSNBC shouldn’t hire Sharpton, argues a writer who teaches at Columbia and writes for The New Republic. [John McWhorter / Daily News]

New York facing first increase in felonies in 18 years(NYP)





Smile! You're caught on thousands of cameras every day in New York City(NYDN)

Obama and Boehner Read Their Scripts Before the Happy Ending
Scripted Last Minute Deal
Both sides play theater games to show their side they got the best deal

  So I'm now convinced the Friday breakup MIGHT be more show. So far this ayem, both Boehner and Geithner have signaled the big deal is alive (NBC, Twitter)

#fuckyouwashington (Jarvis, Buzz Machine)

Going Green in New York: A Co-op’s Story(NYT)








After Closing St Vincent's Hospital The Rudin's Got their Buildings, The Pols Got Their Campaign Funding and the Public Got Screwed

New Yorkers will die because of pols decision to close St. Vincent's Hospital  NY Downtown Hosp 'overwhelmed'(NYP)

New York judges think money — taxpayer money, that is — grows on trees

Judging pay hikes(NYP)

Murdoch Has the Same Control Over NY That He Does Over the UK . . . Where is the Outrage?

In 2009 Murdoch used the NYP and the rest of his media empire to rally public support to end term limits to reelect bloomberg.  This year Murdoch and his education consigliere Klein won $50 million in contracts from the Department of Ed to jump start News Corp entry into the education business.  Wayne Barrett wrote about wrote about Giuliani Cozy Ties with Murdoch in the Daily Beast. Is there any doubt that the NYP is the house organ for Bloomberg.  That its reporter David Seifman is both Bloomberg Cheerleader and attack dog.  The reason we are not reading about what Murdoch is doing with the police and pols in New York is the same reason that Murdoch was able to get away with his iron fist rule in the UK for decades, the rest of the media does the same thing.  The newspaper publishers got together and supported the repeal of term limits to get the mayor re-elected.  

Today's Reporters
NY Media Don't Ask,  Don't Tell and Don't Investigation
The newspapers don't report on Bloomberg corrupt stories until the U.S. Attorney or DA'S indicts.  There is no investigation of CityTime, NYPD Ticket Fixing scandal or Haggerty $1 Million Dollar payoff to tell the public what is really going on.  We know City Council members have had their ticket fixed we just don't know who? We don't know why a slush fund investigation has lasted over three years. * FBI Inquiry Of Murdoch's Empire: Reliance On Brits : NPR * Gawker Will Go to Court in Fox Investigation (NYT)

Inspector Clouseau Klein
Former Schools Chief Emerges as Murdoch’s Unlikely Ally(NYT) * Media: How thorough a probe will News Corp conduct if it’s headed by top Murdoch aide, Joel Klein? [Jeremy Peters, Michael Barbaro and Javier Hernandez / New York Times]

Owns Most Papers in Brooklyn
On the BLOOMBERG-MURDOCH trail (Our Time Press)
 The #1 question is that given News Corp. is now headquartered in NYC and owns the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and almost every local newspaper in Brooklyn, along with local television and radio outlets, is it possible they have used the same type of influence peddling and possible illegal doings here in New York City.

Hot Days in the City in the 60s' and Today

How Hot Is 104? New York Counts the Miseries(NYT) * Energy Use Soars in City Under Grip of Scorcher(NYT) * NYC SIZZLES: City breaks record, hits 104 degrees(NYDN)

Cuomo Now Owns the Radioactive MTA

 Everyone Blame Walder for Cutbacks.  Nobody Had His Back City Council member Robert Jackson joins students to protest school MetroCard cuts * Tell Albany to Stop Stealing Dedicated Funds from the MTA ...

As Transit Chief Leaves Post, Challenges for Agency Persist(NYT) * Cuomo Faces a Rough Ride(WSJ) * Why Walder Left: Bigger Salary, Richer Transit System(WSJ) * City looks to fill MTA top spot after boss quits(NYDN) * MTA sidetracked Boss exit leaves tech upgrades in doubt(NYP)

MTA Job Posting 

Wanted, politically savvy transit manager willing to preside over the gradual re-collapse of New York City's transit system due to deferred maintenance while denying it is occuring, be publicly blamed for the consequences by those actually responsible (all of whom drive everywhere to parking spaces reserved for them by placard), and hated by the suckers who believe them. In exchange for decent pay, little work, and a fat pension. (Littlefield, Room Eight)

Markowitz Takes the Walmart Money and Run His Mouth Off On Both Sides Of the Dispute
Money the company gave to Markowtiz’s concerts called a “bribe.” He gets slammed for taking the money and not staying “bought.”
How not to bribe a beep(NYP) Walmart coughed up some $150,000 to sponsor Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's summer Rev. Martin Luther King concert series. He also insisted that he's not "philosophically opposed" to having the company open stores in New York.  Yet Markowitz has also sucked up to Big Labor, which rejects any of Walmart's non-union stores in the city. Indeed, no sooner did he accept the company's cash than he also demanded that it "show a commitment to Brooklyn by paying a fair wage, offering health benefits [and] using union workers in any construction projects in New York City." 
 Loan ++ AEG . . .  AEG . . .  AEG
Meeks Business Associate Jailed by FBI .  Edul Ahmad  a key figure in an ongoing probees of the "loan" Meeks forgot to repay for 31/2 years until the Daily News exposed it.

State Housing Official Arrested After Car Crash The New York State housing commissioner, Darryl C. Towns, was arrested over the Fourth of July weekend on a charge of driving while intoxicated after he crashed his car in Westchester County, the police said.  * Darryl Towns Flashback(Brooklyn Political Blog)

Bushwick Gentrification 

Bushwick Finds Too Much of an Audience Like those in SoHo and the Lower East Side in previous decades, prices in Williamsburg jumped during the last decade as a wave of new developments replaced its older industrial buildings, pushing many residents east into Bushwick.(WSJ)

 Some NY1 Koch Exclusive

Daily News Blog Told of Koch's Endorsement of Turner 4 Hours Before NY1 Breaking Announcement
NY1 Posted the Koch endorsement story of Turner at 9:17 PM and called it there exclusive.  The Daily News Katz posted the Koch story on her blog at 5:23 PM Breaking: Ed Koch To Back Bob Turner Over David Weprin In NY-9: Updated x 3 Liz Benjamin linked to the NY1 Exclusive on her blog.  Which goes to tell you when you work for the same company you give the fake exclusive to the company that signs your check.  NY1 Exclusive: Former Mayor Ed Koch To Endorse Republican Candidate Bob Turner(NY1)

Poverty: “According to the [Children's Defense Fund] a child is born into poverty every 17 minutes in the city. Yet, the budget adopted in June punishes the poorest New Yorkers by axing $5.2 billion from anti-poverty programs.” [Albor / Daily News]

The Big Dump is Stopped 

Amid High Temperatures, Workers Stop Sewage Plant’s Flow Into River(NYT) * Official: Raw sewage stops spilling into NY river(WSJ) * Sewage Spill Closes Beaches Over Hot Weekend(WSJ) * Questions Linger Following Wastewater Treatment Plant Fire(NY1)


City's Pay to Play Boiler Inspectors

Boiler 'bribery'(NYP) 

Murdoch's son James may have misled hacking probe(NYDN)

The Travails of Ms. Warren She took all the flak from Congressional Republicans, but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now a reality.



Greatest Train Station Gets Classy High Tech Company

Apple's 'Grand' opening(NYP)



Law and Order Sunday 

Surveillance Video Shows Suspect In Upper East Side Assaults (NY1) * NYPD detective critically wounded in Miami(NYDN) * 19 y/o Bronx man shot dead after Brooklyn party(NYDN) * Drunk driver leaves Harlem dad to die after hit and run(NYDN) * Brooklyn monster Levi Aron gets new attorney(NYDN) * Cops grab Leiby evidence trove(NYP) * 'Jail escapee' keeps Posted(NYP) * Pipsqueak ruled out as groper(NYP) 

 Saturday  Defense Shifts in Kletzky Murder(WSJ) * Brooklyn monster Levi Aron gets new attorney(NYDN)Groping Suspect Arrested in Central Park (WSJ) * 'Groper' caught 'short'(NYP) * Man arrested for striking girlfriend with a samurai sword(NYDN) * Drunk driver leaves Harlem dad to die after hit and run(NYDN) *Cabdriver flees stroller horror(NYDN) * Former jeweler to the stars gets six years for $48 million fraud scheme(NYDN) * Star jeweler, 71, off to jail(NYP) * iAttack choke charge(NYP) * Police Seek Driver Who Fled Brooklyn Accident Scene (NY1) *  One dead, teen girl injured in Brooklyn shooting(NYP)

Terrorism  Terrorist’s Father Is Convicted of Lying(NYT) * Jury Convicts Zazi's Father in Train Plot(WSJ) * Father Of Admitted Subway Bomb Plotter Found Guilty(NY1)


Roughly 90 people feared dead after Norway attacks; suspect held(NYP) * Soldiers Secure Oslo as Search for Island Victims Continues (NYT) * Striking video from the moment of the blast & onward in the area. *Police Say Oslo Suspect Admits to ‘Facts’ in Massacre(NYT) * Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right Wing in Europe(NYT) *  Gay Marriage | With a Kiss and a Vow, the Day Begins(NYT)