Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat; Ticket Fixing Plea; Subway Meltdown; Loss for NAACP and UFT; Weiner 3 some; Murdoch Scandal: Coming to America; Coney Island Nude?

NYC Blackout 1965, 1977, 2003 . . . 2011?





 The Secret Ticket Fixing Scandal See It First Major Plea

A Turn to Internal Punishments in Ticket-Fixing Cases(NYT) * PBA big's tix-fix slap(NYP) * Official: Cop pleads guilty in ticket fixing probe(WABC)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Reporting Drip Drip Drip (True News)

Is Walder Leaving A Sinking Ship Or Did the Gov Want His Own Guy?

"The albany legislature has starved their budget" said in discussing departure of 's Walder

Straphangers' loss(NYP Ed) * M.T.A. Chief Is Resigning to Take a Job in Hong Kong(NYT) * MTA's Walder on New Track(WSJ) * MTA Chief Jay Walder to Run Hong Kong Transit System(WSJ)  * MTA Chairman Jay Walder announces resignation(NYDN) *  Few more valuable public officials in NY than MTA chief Jay Walder, and he's the one we're losing(NYDN Ed) * Split Response Follows MTA Chairman Jay Walder's Resignation(NY1) * 

“I don’t think Jay [Walder] has ever been comfortable in a highly political environment,” said Richard Brodsky.

As MTA Chairman Jay Walder yesterday basked in praise for what he did in two years running the agency, some transit insiders say he was leaving at just the right time. He had just announced $2 billion in savings from the MTA's capital plan, but there's still a $9 billion hole to fill by the end of the year with no obvious way to do it. "In the back of his mind, he must have been thinking there's no way out," said someone who spoke with Walder yesterday. If the head of the MTA doesn't see an easy way to pay for transit, his departure puts even more pressure on Cuomo to come up with one. * Sources tell the DN’s Pete Donohue departing MTA head Jay Walder was neither pushed out nor looking for an exit.


Columbus Circle Subway Renovation Shows What New York Can No Longer Afford (Huff Post)

Black Assemblymembers Camara and Jeffries Rooted Against NAACP

A judge last night rejected a lawsuit by the United Federation of Teachers and the NAACP, allowing the city to close 22 schools and install charter schools inside 15 others

Why we rooted against the NAACP, as black students continue to struggle in New York City schools(NYDN Op Ed)


Weiner Ménage à trois With Hillary To Save Marriage 

"My problem is that I have 3 women I have to convince that I'm cured: Huma, her mother - and Hillary."  Weiner

Ex-rep in therapy; says hard part will be convincing Hillary Clinton he's recovered(NYP)


9th Congressional Race

Koch Back GOP Candidate

Breaking: Koch To Back Turner Over Weprin In NY-9: Updated x 3(NYDN)Bob Turner: I Would Vote ‘No’ on Ryan Plan(NYO) *  Dems: Turner Doesn’t Like Ryan Plan Because It Doesn’t Go Far Enough(NYO)

New Ford Model Approved to Be a Taxi(NYT)

Crown of porn Drivers vexed by vulgar ads on cabs(NYP)


Who Says Murdoch is the Only One Who Fixes the News

Remember All Three Papers Working to Overturn Term Limits to Re Elect Bloomberg

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)


Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's proposal to get rid of City Council member items and distribute money through mayoral agencies was widely seen as a slap at Speaker Christine Quinn, but rivals wondered if he really thought through the consequences. "If this is about real reform and not about targeting Quinn, why turn it over to one of the most secretive administrations in history?" asked one source close to a 2013 candidate, citing Bloomberg's own questionable uses of discretionary cash in 2009 ( Stringer's office contends it has been working on the report since January: "We believe strongly in its recommendations and will not engage distractions that have nothing to do with the issue at hand."


Profiling Gov. Cuomo's Donors 





The Beast Kruger Destroys All That Comes in His Path

Scott still has $trings attached(NYP)





Rep. Charlie Rangel, no longer radioactive

Rangel's Birthday Fund-Raiser Regains Its Popularity(NYT)


 A Coney Island Nude Beach?

 Nudists: Don't get flesh ideas(NYP)







 Mazel Tov: 823 Getting Married Sunday Morning 

In Marriage Lottery, City Expects to Meet Demand(NYT) * Wedding Lottery Draws 823 Couples(WSJ) * It'll be a whole lotto gay nups(NYP) * City Hopes To Accommodate All Sunday Marriage Lottery Applicants(NY1) * As of yesterday, 3,145 couples had preregistered to receive NYC marriage licenses this weekend. Of that, about 2,200 are estimated to be same-sex couples.* Same-sex couples break tradition with their pre-post wedding celebrations.* Same-Sex Couples Celebrate Bachelor Parties, Showers In …(WCBS) * Same-Sex Marriage: “[I]f they cross the border to PA, their marriage is not valid. And under federal law, their marriage doesn’t count.” [Marnie Eisenstadt / Post-Standard] * Same-Sex Marriage: Rabbi who was told "You're not a Jew" will perform ceremonies on Sunday. * The White House has certified the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’ Tell.



Citizen Bloomberg  How our mayor has given us the business


 Boating Ban on Hudson River

After Blaze, Sewage Floods City Rivers(NYT) * Sewage spill! Stay out of NY waters for recreational activities * NYC in beach sewage alert(NYP) * Four City Beaches May Be Contaminated By Hudson Sewage Spill(NY1) * Video of Sewage in Hudson River(NBC) * Mayor: Progress on Fixing Hudson Sewage Spill as Swimmers Sweat Out Steamy Day (NBC)



de Blasio Loser
Winners & Losers here! Get your fresh Winners & Losers!(CHN)

New State Contract = Higher Health Care Costs

Some 40,000 state retirees are upset they have no vote on proposed new labor contracts that would raise monthly health care payments for family coverage as high as $331 from the current $250, the Times Union reports:

The Post celebrates Opening Dayat the Saratoga Racetrack by suggesting the obliteration of NYRA.

Two roads, a stream and a lake in upstate New York have names that include the n-word, so the state Department of Environmental Conservation is scrubbing the racial epithet from its regulations, the Wall Street Journal reports:

The Post continues to beat the drum for . Latest 'Frack, Baby, Frack!' editorial touts industry-backed study.

It's a ga$! New study fuels fracking backing(NYP) Mayor Gives $50 Million to Anti-Coal Campaign(NYT) * Fracking: Cuomo spokesman cites Penn State study. [Fred Dicker / NY Post] * Fracking: Penn State isn’t entirely a neutral agent in this debate. [This American Life]


Laid Off On Wall Street: Lowest-Paid Workers Losing Jobs(Huff Post)



Another Victory for Political Machines The Internal Revenue Service should continue its investigation on gift donations made by political partisan groups. (NYT Ed)




Staten Island day-care owner who bribed NYC worker to get subsidies is jailed, ordered to pay back $10K(SI Advance)

Murdoch Scandal: Coming to America

Feds reportedly eye possible News Corp. bribes, hacks in the U.S.(NYDN) * Testimony of Murdoch’s Son Is Disputed(NYT) * James Murdoch contradicted by his ex-legal manager (AP) * Justice Department Prepares Subpoenas In News Corp. Inquiry(Huff Post) * James Murdoch accused of lying(Wash Post)

"Murdoch's consigliere Joe Klien" - Ben Smith -






Media: Olbermann notes MSNBC hired Sharpton, after he gave an executive there an award. *  Keith Olbermann Trashes MSNBC Over Rev. Sharpton Hire, Suggests Quid Pro Quo * Inside Cable News In Depth: MSNBC’s ‘We’re Insiders’ Problem…





Media: Allon says he's looking to sell New York Press. "[D]ays are numbered for New York City's other alternative weekly" says rival. [Joe Coscarelli / Village Voice]

Some red losses for a Gray Lady(NYP)




Can't top this(NYP)






Guerrilla Librarians Make Noise Around New York While public libraries continue to struggle financially and bookstore chains succumb to the e-revolution, privately funded micro-libraries are popping up around the city.(WSJ)


Memorial Fund for Slain Boy(NYT) *  He can ID a car by its hubcaps, and that's how he helped bust young Leiby Kletzky's killer(NYDN) * Lawyer for accused butcher of young Leiby Kletzky abruptly resigns(NYDN) * Leiby Kletzky's family aims to raise $1M on memorial website(NYDN) * Police Haul Bags Of Evidence From Alleged Killer's House In Connection With Kletzky Murder(NY1) * Parents Of Murder Victim Leiby Kletzky Break Their Silence …(WCBS) * Leiby Kletzky's parents release statement(WABC)

Wants charge against her tossed on technicality(NYP)



Subway fight: Two women and a baby(NYDN) * Subway Fight Draws Attention(NBC)


 Law and Order

Probe of Ex-IMF Chief Is Widened(WSJ) * DSK: Vance wants to interview French woman who accused Strauss-Kahn of rape. * Bronx cop allegedly smacked 17-year-old across the face with badge(WSJ) * Cops arrest knife-wielding mugger at a Staten Island shopping …(SI Advance) * lawyer says NYPD cop beating handcuffed teen is caught on tape.

 Ronald Tackman: Ex-con can't escape prison time(NYDN) * No escape for slick robber(NYP) 


Terrorism Guilty

'Terror dad' found guilty of lying to feds, obstruction of justice in subway bomb plot'Terror dad' found guilty of lying to feds, obstruction of justice in subway bomb plot(NYP)