Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner's Checkers Speech: Its A Virtual Political Sex Scandal

All That Was Missing Yesterday Was A Dog

NYP, NYT* and Daily News Call on Weiner to Resign
Let us declare with certitude the obvious: Rep. Anthony Weiner has disgraced his office, and himself, and he needs to quit. Never mind that he went before the TV cameras yesterday, cried on cue and assumed "responsibility" for a litany of offenses to common decency -- including sending lewd messages and revealing photos to young women on Twitter, and then lying about it. Repeatedly and egregiously. Because there is a difference between taking rhetorical responsibility for what one has done, and accepting the full consequences of those actions -- which in Weiner's case would require his resignation. 

 I Could Have Been A Mayoral Contender
  Erections have consequences(NYP) * ‘I Don’t Know What I Was Thinking’ If the House ethics investigation shows that Representative Weiner broke any House rules in his Internet relationships with women, he should resign. (NYT Ed) * If Anthony Weiner's secret, sordid Internet life doesn't end his political career, his lies should (NYDN Ed) *Anthony Weiner: Stick in a fork in him, he's done(CNN)

Where His Shame? It All About His Lies

Bares betrayal and lie, refuses to resign(NYP)  * Some Say Scandal-Slammed Anthony Weiner Should Quit Congress While He Has The Chance * Weiner Admits He Sent Lewd Photos; Seeks Not to Resign(NYT) * Weiner Now Says He Sent Photos(WSJ) * Weiner Says He Sent Photos, Won't Resign(WSJ) * Video: Weiner Apologizes

Human Growth Hormone?

No Moral Leadership From Pols Who Hide

For Weiner, Few Allies, Even Among Democrats(NYT) * Democrats Shy From Weiner as G.O.P. Seizes on Scandal (NYT) * Anthony Weiner cops to racy photos, messages, but is not resigning(NYDN) * Anthony Weiner Takes Full Responsibility ... Whatever That Means (NPR) * Fellow Democrats refuse to defend Rep. Anthony Weiner, while the GOP seeks to profit from the lawmaker's troubles:(AP)

Makes NYC and America Look Like A Joke Liar, liar, big boob's pants ARE on fire(NYP) * Watch your back, Anthony Weiner! (Salon) * Majority find that congressman should leave office following scandal: poll(NYP)




Weiner's only ever worked in govt. If he resigned, can't go to law firm, not liked enough to be a lobbyist - and certainly not PR.

Will GOP Use Weiner to Keep Control of the House?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was “deeply disappointed and saddened” by Rep. Anthony Weiner’s admissions and called for a House ethics probe. The congressman said he will cooperate fully. * Democrats now view Weiner as a liability and would likely prefer it if he goes quietly. Vito Lopez Supports Weiner * Pelosi calls on the House ethics committee to investigate the Weiner case.(Wash Post) * Supporting Weiner: Congressional support “crumble.” He “embarrassed” the House said Rep. Israel, of DCCC.  * James Carville: Rep. Weiner Wasn't Popular In Congress Before And Now Nancy Pelosi Is 'Furious' (video) * RNC Chairman Calls for Weiner to Resign  * Weiner Facing Mounting Ethics And Legal Questions Over Sexting Scandal(TPM) * Bloomberg, Quinn React to Weiner Scandal(NBC) * Weiner has 'issues with impulse control,' says woman who exchanged texts with him

If You Do Not Respect Your Wife You Do Not Respect the Voters

Weiner a 'caped crusader' in sext chats(NYP) * Snake slithers when Huma globetrotting with Hill(NYP) * Wife Knew of Online Past, but Not Photo Post, Weiner Says (NYT)Opposites in Many Ways, but Seemingly Melded Well(NYT) * Part of Weiner believes he is still wandering halls of high school, not halls of Congress * Beautiful wife is notably absent from Anthony Weiner's tearful sexting confession  * Yet Again, a Politician's Instinct Is to Lie (NYT) * From Anthony Weiner, Confession and Apology, Long and Late (NYT) * Timeline of the Weiner scandal * People who know the couple were particularly shocked by Weiner’s behavior due to his persistent wooing of Abedin and habit of doting on her.* Schumer said Weiner remains a “talented and committed public servant.” * Weiner admits he sent lewd picture; won't resign(WABC) * Weiner & wife Huma worlds apartSnake slithers when Huma is globetrotting with Hill(NYP) * For Rep. Anthony Weiner, a dramatic fall via social media(USA Today)*  Who Is Weiner's Catch of a Wife? (Newser) *  Imaginary Eavesdropping on Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin (NY Magazine) *  The Twitter Typo That Exposed Anthony Weiner(Huff Post) * Weiner’s Prophecy: Three weeks before the scandal, tells reporter “With absolutely metaphysical certitude, I will say that I will offend somebody or make a mistake once in a while.”

Weiner told porn actress pal to lie, offered PR advice 

Ginger Lee

"Do you need to talk to a professional PR type person to give u advice? I can have someone on my team call."

Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help(TMZ)

The Women Of Weinergate Emerge(NYDN)* A 40-year-old blackjack dealer in Las Vegas said she sexted with the congressman for nine months and once engaged in phone sex with him. She claims he used House resources to cover up his bad behavior.* Meagan Broussard: Woman behind Rep. Weiner picture scandal(WPIX) * Corresponding with Weiner: “you give good head” he reportedly asked one 40-year-old woman. * Weiner's sexting partners out themselves(NYDN)* One of Weiner's online women speaks to ABC News(WABC)*  Online Flirtation With Weiner Started With One Word (NYT) * Anthony Weiner Was a 'Real-Life Cosmo Bachelor' in 1986 (Village Voice) * Report: Anthony Weiner coached woman to lie (Politico) * Rep. Anthony Weiner said yesterday he had never met any of the women he exchanged explicit messages with in person, but he talked about a face-to-face get together with at least one of them.* More Words: The transcript between Weiner and the woman in Nevada.

Final message from the woman: 
"u owe me big time for keeping this all quiet." 
Radar Online has published the entire transcript of Rep. Anthony Weiner's nine-month cyber sex relationship with a 40-year-old Las Vegas blackjack dealer.  

Weiner and Nevada gal exchanged raunchy messages, planned to meet(NYP) * Meghan McCain Unfollowed Rep. Weiner On Twitter Because Her Mom Was ‘Uncomfortable’ About It

Will the Dumb Down Voters Support Weiner?

Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal gets big thumbs down in Queens, Brooklyn(NYDN)'Pig' pol is spanked by the voters(NYP)  * Weiner's Future in Mayoral, National Politics in Doubt After Scandal (NBC) *Experts say Rep. Anthony Weiner's career likely over as Nancy Pelosi demands probe(NYDN) 

Congressman's constituents post sign calling for him to resign(NYDN)Local Fallout From Rep. Anthony Weiner's Mea Culpa(WPIX) * New York Republicans plan to mount a vigorous challenge to Weiner in 2012 (assuming he makes it that far) and are hoping for national assistance. * Weiner’s District: More Democrats than Republicans, but they’re socially conservativeThe dirty trick that launched Anthony Weiner's career A career that could end with a dumb online picture scandal was launched with race-baiting(Salon)


Weiners Lies to the Press Gives and Attempt to Blame Andrew Breitbart Give the Conservative Blogger Legitimacy

Breitbart on the Today Show

A Conservative Blogger Looks for Legitimacy (NYT) * Breitbart says he still has an x-rated Weiner photo, but won’t release it unless the congressman tries to retaliate against him.* Blogger: I won’t release ‘X-rated’ Weiner photo(Today Show) * Rebuking Breitbart: Reporter denies saying what Breitbart said she said.* On The Guy Yelling At Weiner's Press Conference * Blogger Andrew Breitbart explains how he broke the Rep. Weiner sexting scandal. Video(CNN) *What Weinergate says about us(TV Newser)


Understanding The Mind of the Weiner

Weiner's sexting, lewd emails was for the thrills, experts say(NYDN)* Watching Weiner: He “could not seem to stop talking, as if the questioning was somehow therapeutic.” Told Margolis, Kaye and Benenson he lied to them.


Stephen Colbert: Weiner’s Sadly Delicious Sordid Saga Proves Dems Don’t Share GOP Values

“By the Chris Lee standard, these are offenses that merit resignation,” David Birdsell, dean of Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs in New York City, said of the latest chapter


Rep. Weiner Gets A Freebie: Jon Stewart Reflects On How ‘Ripped’ His Friend Is

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Calls For Rep. Weiner To Resign: ‘Take One For The Team’ * Spitzer called Weiner’s scandal a “cringe-worthy saga”, adding: “Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.”  * Jon Stewart gives up on Anthony Weiner (Salon) 


Cops Testify in Droves Against Brethren in Ticket-Fixing Probe (Weiss, DNA-INFO)


Will A New Ethic Law With Holes Tame the Albany Wild Ones?

Though Hailed, Albany Ethics Deal Is Seen as Having Weaknesses(NYT) * Ethics Reform, Albany Style Important transparency requirements were included in a new ethics bill, but its enforcement commission has no teeth. (NYT Ed) * Ethics victory? Not yet, Gov: Andrew Cuomo has a long road ahead before ethical reform comes true(NYDN) * The ethics bill got a new name after members of the Legislature objected to the “Clean Up Albany Act.” * Ethics reform, Albany-style: The new JCOPE could vote 11-3 to investigate a legislator and still see no probe. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said the disclosure requirements in the ethics bill won’t cause him to change his business practices. Other lawmakers might not say the same.* The agreement we have reached today ensures that current lawmakers will keep their pensions even when they go to jail. * Here’s The Cuomo Ethics Bill(YNN) * Behold the Public Integrity Reform Act (TU) * Cuomo’s Wording: The ethics bill.* Cuomo’s Loophole: Ethics probe snafu won’t stop a probe of legislatures sole third-party member.

Fake Sheldon Silver

State and Federal Cuts Lack of Economic Plan to Grow the City's Economy the Councilmembers Scream Like A Weiner
City budget big blasted for $lashes(NYP) Furious City Council members lashed out at Mayor Bloomberg's budget director yesterday, blaming him for cuts to libraries, firehouses and child care.(NYP) *  Contractors Are Focus as Council Offers Cuts(NYT) * A Luxury Housing Subsidy New Yorkers Can't Afford(Pratt Center)
In State Parks, the Sharpest Ax Is the Budget’s (NYT)
NYC Dept. of Parks and Rec confirms that the New York Philharmonic won't hold its traditional free concerts in parks this summer

A bad pick for SUNY The selection of a SUNY chairman should be driven by policy considerations, not politics(NYP)

Hudson cro$$ to bear Tolls to rise 25%(NYP) *  Port Authority looks to hike Hudson River tolls (WABC) * Report: Toll Hike Floated On Hudson River Crossings(NY1)

Program Gives Investors Chance at Visa  As traditional financing options have dried up, developers have turned to an unusual source of funding: immigrants who invest $500,000 for a shot at a short-cut to permanent residency.  (WSJ)

Markowitz Video to the Chinese

City Assisting Food Industry With Space and Money (NYT)


Racial Mud Thrown On Parents of Charter School Parents 

NAACP's 'slave' shock Naacp leader Hazel Dukes blasted a pro-charter-school parent from The Bronx as "doing the business of slave masters" in a shocking e-mail defending the civil-rights organization's lawsuit against city plans to expand charters.(NYP) * NAACP head defends telling charter school parent she's doing work of "slave masters." 

FDNY meeting with city officials for firetrap hearing(NYDN) * Hearing To Put NYC Officials On Firetrap Hot Seat(NYDN) * Eyeing new FDNY test (NYP) 

Christine Quinn




NYC Maids Protest DSK Frog  

DSK pleads not guilty as maids protest IMF 'perv' faces wrath of irate cleaning ladies(NYP) * Housekeeper Will Testify on Sex Assault, Lawyer Says (NYT)


 Law and Order

VIDEO: Sicko rape suspect hunted by cops is caught on tape(NYDN)

Furor as NYPD squeezes clubs for ID scanners(NYP)

Judge rips 'monster' dad for baby-shake slay (NYP) * 4 charged in ATM skim scam (NYP) * Hero NYPD cop Angel Cruz faces attacker who stabbed him in the brain (NYDN) * Cop-stabber sues for $45M (NYP)  * Officers told to get suspects' tattoo info by top narcotics cop(NYDN)Voodoo mom gets 17 years in prison for setting daughter on fire(NYDN) * Cops bust student after stunning string of laptop thefts from Bronx schools.(NYDN) * Teenager Arrested in Theft of Laptops From New York City Schools (NYT) *  4 Charged In NYC ATM Scam(Fox 5) * Cops Arrest Man in Brooklyn Sex Attacks(NBC)

Photos released of livery cab robbery suspects(WABC)

Trade Center

 NYPD Prepares To Deploy World Trade Center Unit(WCBS) 





Deal Eases New Jersey Out of Public Broadcasting(NYT) * Christie Drops State-Owned Broadcasting (WSJ)

Why Bill Keller Stepped Down As Times Executive Editor(NYT)