Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Damaged Mayor Wants to Choose New York's Next Mayor

Backhanded Attack on 3 Possible 2013 Mayoral Candidates

Mike redirects 'flier' ire at pols The mayor called it an "outrage" when fellow politicians run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for illegally attaching campaign posters to public property and then get off on technicalities. Comptroller John Liu has succeeded in overturning more illegal-postering summonses than anyone -- 7,269 tickets worth $545,175 issued during the 2009 campaign. Two other candidates in 2009 races -- former Comptroller Bill Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio -- together owe nearly $1 million in poster penalties. Both are in the process of appeals. * Mayor lays down the law on illegal campaign signage (NYDN) * Campaign Signs: John Liu gets out of major fine, due to a technicality.


 Where Are They Now

Mug Shot Is Released of Inmate Hevesi








Why Did 1 Million Middle Class New Yorkers and 300,000 Business More Out of the City in the Last Decade?

 Ticket Fixing Part of NYPD Culture

 “The practice of just calling up and saying ‘can you fix a ticket for me,’ really isn’t possible anymore once something is in the database" Bloomberg

 How It is Done: Tickets disappear before they are entered into the date base or license plate numbers are changed before they are entered

Highway cops eyed in tix-fix scandal ( NYP) * Ticket-Fixing Inquiry Puts a Light on Union Delegates (NYT) * Ticket Probe Reverberates Outside Court(WSJ) * Bloomberg Unviels New Resource To Combat Ticket Fixing By Police (NY1)

Court slams WFP branch A state Supreme Court justice has slapped the electioneering arm of the labor-backed Working Families Party for failing to comply with his orders more than a year ago that it become independent of the party.  Working chutzpah Party(NYP Ed) The Working Families Party is calling for . . . cleaner government by calling for public financed campaigns.  A rich irony: Violating campaign-finance rules is precisely what the WFP itself has been repeatedly accused of doing.  Lingering Questions On The WFP (CHN)

Almost No Coverage of the Deutsche Fire
'We were rats in cage' say firemean at Deutsche fire(NYDN)




Ridiculed for reform That New York Times sure dropped a snide bomb yesterday on public-school reformers who never happened to attend public schools themselves.(NYP Ed) *  In Private School Admissions, a Firm Creates Fans and Skeptics (NYT) * Stakes high for charter hopefuls, but 98% will lose out (NYDN)

The City's Guerrilla War With the Unions Takes A Hit

City puts brakes on hiring Smithsonian fleet manager Bill Griffiths after he flunks background check Lacked claimed education credentials. Bill Griffith raised unions' ire with plans to outsource the supply of repair parts at the city's 125 repair shops, and possibly to sell the cars to private vendors who will maintain them and lease them back. (NYDN)

After Budget Cuts: Meet The New Poor of New York

 While everyone is happy at how nice and clean the budget was cut in Albany, the media is not looking at what those cuts will mean to the poor and sick who depend on the discontinued programs

The Prisoners  Lawsuit is Delaying Redistricting

Real Prisoners, Phantom Residents State lawmakers have challenged a law that bans prison-based gerrymandering. The court should dismiss the suit. (NYT Ed)

Legislators appear to be okay with Governor Cuomo picking the prisons that should be closed.






A Backlash Against Bars The Community Board representing the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, which have seen an explosion of new bars and restaurants, is considering a moratorium on new liquor licenses. (WSJ) * Radegast Hall & Beer Garden




 Patronage Filled Port Authority Has Not Fixed Overcrowded Bus Terminal and the As Trump Says Third World Conditions At the Airports

Bus Terminal Hits Its Limits The Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan is the knot in a ribbon of roads that carries about 6,000 buses underneath the Hudson River every day. But the bus system feeding into the terminal has reached its limits. (WSJ)





Do You Think A Generation Of American Wimps Will Help With Our Trading Skills With the Chinese?

Wiffle Ball is  too dangerous according to the state health department

Classic kids games like kickball deemed unsafe by state in effort to increase summer camp regulation (NYDN) * Albany is creating needless day-camp rules in mania for passing laws about everything non-essential (NYDN Ed)

Deregulated: State Health officials revoke their one-day old regulation about dodge ball and other games.

Matio: NY cabbie rep defends racial profiling: 'I'm tired of going to funerals

Firm's in‘vest’ment Gives away body armor to cabbies (NYP)

Extra! Extra! Sweet Corn Defeats Onion (YNN)

ProPublica Wins First Digital Only Pulitzer

ProPublica writers Jake Bernstein and Jesse Eisinger won the Pulitzer for National Reporting  for their look at how some Wall Street banks and hedge funds made the financial crisis worse. The fact that their pieces never appeared in print means that digital only publications are breaking new ground and getting respected like never before.


Cops: Suspect fled bloody apt. for Russia (NYP) * Woman, Daughter Found Slain in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Sicko flees to Russia after grisly slay of girlfriend and her daughter (NYDN) * Mother, Daughter Found Stabbed To Death In Brooklyn Home(NYDN) * Mother & daughter nurses stabbed to death (NYDN)* Police Looking For Nikolai Rakossi In Stabbing Of Mother, Daughter In Sheepshead Bay (WCBS) * Mother, daughter found stabbed to death in Brooklyn (WABC)

Victim: 'I heard 2 voices' (NYP) * Lawyers for Officers in Rape Trial Try to Stir Doubt Over Details (NYT) * Defense Attorneys Attempt To Show Inconsistencies In Rape Accuser's Testimony (NY1) * Accuser In NYPD Rape Trial Leaves Witness Stand (WCBS)


Law and Order Gotti's plan to whack me (NYP) * At a Mob Trial, Testimony Focuses on the Knife and Fork (NYP) * Mob snitch admits to taping girlfriend and himself in sexual act (NYDN) * Love triangle spurred pizza slice-up (NYP) * All bets off as feds bust poker 'money man'(NYP) * WATCH: Man kills teen in cold blood, and calmly walks away (NYDN) * Correction officer busted as cops crack 11-year-old murder case (NYDN) * Deliberations Continue In Transit Officers' Beating Trial (NY1) * Mother of murder vic to confront killer (NYDN) * Bike-by slashing (NYP) * Suspect Sought In Fatal Brooklyn Shooting Of 18-Year-Old Andre Pitts (WCBS) * Lebovits larceny! Man busted for bribing sex abuse rabbi (WCBS)* Axed janitor guilty of killing boss (NYP) * Murder Caught On Video (Fox 5) * Brownsville shooting caught on camera (WABC) * Russian "Rambo" on the loose: Brooklyn double-murder suspect an elite soldier, says friend (NYDN) * Homeless man stabs a woman in the head with a pen after she scolds him for smoking on the subway. 

Despite of Pols Promises More and More American Jobs Continue Being Sent Overseas

U.S. Firms Shift Hiring Abroad U.S. multinational corporations, the big brand-name companies that employ a fifth of all American workers, have been hiring abroad while cutting back at home, sharpening the debate over globalization's effect on the U.S. economy. (WSJ)





Standard and Poor’s warning about US debt is leading newspapers across the country today. Here. Here. Here. * The news is re-shaping the political debate over debt on Capitol Hill.




Robin Williams Tells 'The View' He Was Pulled Over By NYPD While Riding Bike (VIDEO)