Sunday, March 20, 2011

NYPD Force Shrinking, Lowest Number Since the Crime Wave

Do Something Mayor and Future Mayor

During the Dinkins administration a front-page headline in the New York Post had screamed: “Dave do something!”— a direct call to then mayor David Dinkins to get crime down fast. What Dinkins' did with the help of Albany was dramatically increase the size of the NYPD. As the number of NYPD increased during during the next 20 years crime when down to record levels.  With budget cuts this year the number of NYPD will be down to the level before the Dinkins and Giuliani increases.  We have a press and political system that allows mayor and future mayors to chose the issues that are covered in the media.  We know the mayor wants to develop the waterfront, mayoral candidate Quinn wants gay marriage, Weiner wants to yellow at anyone who will get him a headline, Liu wants to drop audit bombs on the mayor to win him points with unions while hiding in the comptroller office, Stringer wants to rebuild the infrastructure and deBlaiso will think of of angles to get in the paper.  Comptroller con (NYP Ed)

 The citizens of NY need to know what the mayor & future mayor are going do when the criminals come for us again?  

By June 30, 2012, the Police Department will have shrunk to 34,060 uniformed personnel, a record low since the 34,825 that were on the force on that same date 20 years ago when crime rates in the city were near epic highs. A new round of citywide budget cuts that will require the NYPD to come up with an extra $101.4 million in savings from its $4.5 billion budget. Looming budget cuts could put the number of city cops at their lowest level since 1992, and mean drastic FDNY company closures, as well.  10,282 firefighters in 2012 — lowest projected total in 30 years (11,374 in 1980). Cuts would force the closure of 20 fire companies citywide. Cop count sinking to 34,000 (NYP)


  Kruger the Gift That Keeps on Giving

 Kruger's campaigns see big 'Net' gains

State Sen. Carl Kruger -- who, the feds charge, directed state money to the Atlantic Yards project, which includes a new Nets arena -- took thousands of dollars in campaign cash from deep-pocketed donors connected to its developer, the team and the arena. (NYP)  Menendez Sheds Some Money Linked to Corruption Case The senator donate to charity some of the campaign donations he received from a developer charged this month in the Kruger corruption scandal* Dorothy Turano, Kruger ally and partner, ducks and weaves at CB18 meeting (Brooklyn Paper)


A Senator’s Shadow Family

 Federal bribery charges have put a spotlight on the mysterious relationships among State Senator Carl Kruger, Dorothy Turano and her sons.

“For more than 25 years, Mr. Kruger and the Turanos of Mill Basin have forged the most unconventional of domestic arrangements – at once public and opaque, widely whispered about and poorly understood,” the NY Times reports on the scandal-scarred senator’s unusual living arrangement. 



Big $$ overrun on City over-Hall




Dirty secrets: City Council members have bent rules (NYP)

Among the findings, to be detailed in The News over three days:
Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Queens) has two outstanding arrest warrants on pending criminal charges. He's also a deadbeat dad who owes more than $27,000.

  • Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) is about to move into a luxury condo building where she used taxpayer dollars to resolve a conflict with a neighboring building over garbage. She's also been sued repeatedly for nonpayment of rent.
  • Councilwoman Inez Dickens (D-Manhattan) owed $100,000 in back-property taxes - some dating to 2009 - and has been cited repeatedly for unsafe conditions in Harlem apartment buildings she owns. She's also been accused of hiding assets to dodge estate taxes.
  • Councilman Eric Dilan (D-Brooklyn) got into affordable housing that's supposed to go to families making no more than $114,000. At the time, he and his wife made $160,000. The building owner is a campaign donor.
  • Councilman Williams twice ignored city inspectors investigating allegations he has an illegally converted apartment in a building he owns.

  • Councilman Larry Seabrook (D-Bronx) is under indictment for running a shakedown scheme and illegally pocketing cash, including collecting $177 in expenses - for a $7 bagel and diet soda - from a political club he runs. He has denied wrongdoing.
  • Several Council members are swimming in debt, including James Sanders (D-Queens), who faces eviction because the $588,000 home he bought with no money down is in foreclosure. Sanders rails against "predatory lenders" without revealing his own precarious situation.
  • Melissa Mark-Viverito (D-Manhattan) has a one-third interest in at least one Puerto Rico rental condo, but reports no income. Members are supposed to report any income over $1,000 per year.

    At first she told The News she was co-owner of two rental condos: a three-bedroom worth as much as $500,000 near the beach in the upscale tourist area of Condado, and a one-bedroom in secluded Punta Las Marias worth up to $250,000.

    Ian Malinow, a real estate broker in San Juan, said the larger unit could get $1,500 to $2,000 a month, the smaller one $1,000 a month.

    Mark-Viverito first said both condos were rentals. Asked why she reported no income, she replied: "You don't have to report income."

    After being told she must report any income over $1,000 a year, she changed her story, saying only one condo generated income, and all of that went to her mother due to an "oral agreement" they had.
  • Seven Council members pay rent to themselves or to entities controlled by relatives for campaign offices.
  • Mixing politics and city business is fairly common. Eight City Council members use Council employees as campaign treasurers; 10 others use city employees to oversee their campaigns. This is legal, although city workers must do all political work on their own time.

Nonprofit boss bootedThe scandal-scarred head of a Washington Heights nonprofit has been permanently booted. According to a court order, Moises Perez can no longer have a role in Alianza Dominicana, a mismanaged social-services agency. The removal of Perez was a necessary condition before state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman would agree to approve... 



Should the Council Get A Pay Raise While We Close Fire Houses and Fire Teachers?

Rushing to the rescue when the mayor failed to convene a commission on politicians' pay


True News Asks

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?

The Dishonor Roll - The Shame of New York Slush fund City Concilmember Bums



 Another Bloomberg's Pot of Gold and Haggerty Eats

'Fraudster' dines on Mike dime

Before one of his trusted political aides was accused of being a crook, Mayor Bloomberg gave him $120,000 to open his own political committee -- which he's now using to dine out at the mayor's expense while under indictment.(NYP)

 MLB Make Us Proud to Be Met Fans Again, Dump Wilpon 

Katz's take sign Family pulled $357M from Madoff: Picard

 To Irving Picard, who represents the Madoff victims, Katz is the brains behind Sterling's investment (Wilpon) portfolio and business operations, it was alleged in an amended complaint filing on Friday.(NYP)

Trustee hits Mets with amended lawsuit demanding $1B Picard  cites a multi-million-dollar interest- and cost-free bridge loan from Madoff to Mets owner Fred Wilpon's Sterling Equities company related to the purchase of the Mets broadcasting rights from Cablevision. (NYP) *  Madoff Trustee: Mets Owners Acted to Shield Assets(WSJ) * Mets' Partners in SNY Won't Allow Stake Sale (WSJ) * Trustee Alleges Madoff Gave Mets An Interest-Free Loan (NY1) * Mets bigs' Bernie hit now $1B


 Bloomberg's Education Sabotage

School-Liaison Office Is Accused of Pushing a Political Cause (NYT)

An office created to help families navigate the school system and to make sure their grievances got to the right ears has been take over by the mayor's operatives to lobby for his political agenda, including LIFO and closing failed schools.



14 Tour Buses Fail Inspection in Manhattan



 Mother Nature Hits City in the Pocket Book     

Mother Nature Hits City Coffers The double punch of this winter's greater-than-usual snowfall and last September's tornado boosted the city government's expenses by nearly $100 million. (WSJ)




A Cuomo Who Is Catholic but Hardly Theological(NYT)

 The Times decries Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s “all cuts budget,” calling for the governor and the Legislature to show some “political courage” and approve relatively painless tax increases.




 Famed Harlem politician and businessman Percy Sutton was investigated by the FBI in the 1980s for allegedly taking a bribe from Genovese capo William "Billy the Butcher" Masselli in exchange for city construction contracts, newly released federal files show. 

From 1986 NY Magazine

The Mob and the Machine The city scandals expose a web of hidden connections.


NYC Lost Blacks 1st Time Since Reconstruction

Escape From New York The 2010 Census is expected to show that New York City has lost black residents for the first time since Reconstruction. The question is: Are they leaving or are they fleeing? (Blow, NYT)





Jury Selection Set For Deutsche Bank Fire Trial


Law and Order

On a Day of Grieving, Duty Ties Two Slain Officers(NYT) * Two Officers Linked by Tragedy(WSJ)NYPD pays respects to fallen comrade (DN) * De Niro, in a Very Limited Engagement, Takes the Witness Stand (NYT) * In Character on the Stand  * Robert De Niro takes stand in trial of gallery director  Bass Butler Charged(WSJ) * Brooklyn toddler nearly beaten to death in horrifying abuse incident, police say (DN) * Memories of similar case of missing wife stirred up in Bronx(DN) * Turnstile jumper found guilty of shooting 2 cops (DN) * Former Goldman programmer gets 8 years in jail for code theft (DN) * Mob boss Vinny Basciano's lawyers argue for mercy * Subway riders brawl after arguing about eating on train - VIDEO * Two KCH workers charged in psych ward death (DN) * Two Teens Charged With Queens Double Shooting (NY1) * Preliminary Hearing Held For Transit Officers Accused Of 2008 Beating (NY1) * Beaten tot's ma is grilled * 'Pill-push' strip plea in works Exotic dancer eyes B'klyn drug-ring deal (NYP) * Judge: Pay up dead-Beat(le) (NYP) * 'Loaded gun' kid in class (NYP) * Latest bust in 2009 TriBeCa 'gay' beatdown (NYP) * Subway 'shove' arrest (NYP) * Police Say Brooklyn Boy Was Probably Beaten (NYT) * Two hurt in Williamsburg party hall shooting (NYP) * Ex-guard tells of inmate lovin' at Rikers * Outcast cops still rake it in (NYP) * 500G Midtown gem robbery (NYP) * Boyfriend of foster mom arrested in brutal beating of 17-month-old (DN) * 3 busted in murder of woman who fought muggers for her purse (DN) * Bronx couple still fighting for justice after fateful punch(DN) * Arrest Made In Beating Of Brooklyn Toddler (NY1)

Terrorism  Ellis Is. honcho in Iran $candal

 Tea Party Attacks Staten Island GOP's Grimm

Feeling Heat From the Right New York Reps. Michael Grimm and Nan Hayworth—who both won office with tea party support—have recently angered some conservatives by voting for a budget compromise with Democrats. (WSJ)



Japan Got Atomic Food  
Japan Reports Radiation in Food by Nuclear Plant (NYT) * Reactor Fight Was Delayed  By by concerns over damaging valuable power assets and by initial passivity on the part of the government. (WSJ) * State Attorney Voices Fears Over Indian Point Plant (NY1)  *Japan's Spinach, Milk And Water Now Radioactive(Gothamist) * Cuomo To Discuss Indian Point With Federal Nuclear Commission (NY1) * Frack, baby, frack!(NYP Ed)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads




Gupta fires back at SEC (NYP)

Buffett reap$ $10 billion on Goldman investment (NYP)


Washington vs. the Merciless In putting off big policy decisions, we are brazenly taunting two unforgiving forces: the market and Mother Nature. (Friedman, NYT)




Marvelous Night for Moondance