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Kruger and His Friends Have Brought the Corruption of the Brooklyn and Queens Democratic Machine to Albany

The Machine Made the Moster Kruger

We have seen how weird Carl Kruger lives and what he expects from Forest City Ratner and other contractors in campaign contribution needs but the media has yet to explore is how the corrupt Brooklyn Democratic Machines helped build the monster corrupt Kruger.

 Kruger and FCR Bruce Bender Are Graduates  of The Corrupt Brooklyn Machine
Indicted Let Off Because of Health

 The Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club: lasting connections to a Brooklyn power base have meant Atlantic Yards support

Founder of the Modern College of Brooklyn Democratic Machine Corruption

  Judge Drops Charges Against an Ailing Meade Esposito 




Clarance Norman

Dean of Corruption Boss Clarence Norman. . . Selling Judgeships 

Former Democratic Leader in Brooklyn Is Convicted - New York Times

Feds Order Vito to Give up Info on his Empire  * Inside Vito’s Long Island Love Nest * House organ! Vito and allies have their own state-financed newspaper * Architect draws $1 million in business after working on Vito Lopez's home * This is supposed to be a senior center. It’s actually Vito Lopez’s clubhouse* Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez has secret army - uses senior center staff for political machine * Feds eye Lopez low-rise plan as Hasid favor * Vito Lopez scandal group got $24M to fix '$10' houses * Fine, Probation And No Jail Time For Parker(YNN)


Current Dem Boss Vito Lopez Corruption Machine King

More Kruger Corruption(True News) 

  Daily News Show Law Makers are the Law Breakers . . . 

Some City Council members cutting corners to obtain affordable housing

Who Knew Being Elected to the City Council Was A Tax Shelter From the Law

Illegal Tax Breakes
Councilmen Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx), Peter Koo (R-Queens) and Matthieu Eugene (D-Brooklyn) all got tax breaks by claiming to live somewhere outside their council districts. Council members must live in their district, but these four claim homes they own elsewhere as "primary residences." That entitles them to School Tax Relief (STAR), which trims hundreds of dollars off their property taxes.

 Darlene Mealy's 3-bedroom co-op in Bushwick is intended only for low-income families
In 1999, then MTA-employee Mealy and her sister, Louise, moved into a three-bedroom, low income co-op on Hancock St., available only to families making no more than $15,200 a year. Maintenance was $380 a month. Within two years, Mealy and her sister were able to buy a $90,000 two-family brownstone on nearby Herkimer St. with a $14,000 down payment. Mealy is registered to vote at Hancock St. The councilwoman won't say precisely where she lives or explain how she was able to buy a brownstone shortly after claiming such a low income. "It's all public information," she said93. City Council members cutting corners to obtain affordable housing (DN)

 City Councilwoman Inez Dickens' properties have been subject of numerous complaints

Candidate for Next Council Speaker Does Not Pay Her Taxes
City Councilwoman Inez Dickens co-owns four Harlem apartment buildings that have for months owed the city more than $100,000 in property taxes. Dickens' properties have also been the subject of numerous building and housing-code complaints in the last few years, a Daily News investigation found. Pol's properties have been subject of numerous complaints (DN) * “It’s going to be really hard to get reelected when you burn the building down.” *  Harlem City Councilwoman Rejects Slumlord Claims (WPIX)

With Council Filder Residence is Not Always Primary

Councilman Fidler was the lawyer who prepared Councilman Williams mortages that listed his home outside his district as his primary residents.  A few years back he did the same thing with his friend Wellington Sharpe and Sharpe a candidate for office at that time was removed from the ballot for living outside the district.

Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him

Besides his questionable tax break, Williams twice ignored city inspectors investigating allegations of an illegally converted apartment.  Williams declined to say if there was an illegal conversion at the time of the complaint: "I'm not commenting on any of that, and I know that there are no tenants there now."

 Quinn is My Number #1 Special Interest

 On April 28, 2011 the Council Slush Fund Investigation Enters Its Forth Year

Its 1057 Days Since the City Council Hired Lawyers To Defend Themselves From Member Items Slush Fund Crime

* Entire City Council That Was In Office On April 28, 2009

 "Politicians in New York City and Albany really enjoy giving away the public’s money and making it seem like their own largess. As the latest news out of the New York City Council attests, these grants are, at best, a political trick intended to buy voter loyalty. At worst, they have led to outright theft." (April 29, 2008, NYT Editorial)

Lawyers for Council Seen as a Departure (The Sun) * CITY TO PAY FOR COUNCIL'S LAWYERS - New York Post  * Common Cause Blog :: Slush Fund Follies in New York  * - NYC Taxpayers Petition For Slush Fund Inquiry  * Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed - June 20 ...  * BLOOMBERG HAS HIS OWN SLUSH FUND - New York Post* Phony Allocations by City Council Reported - New York Times  * New York’s Slush Addiction - New York Times - EditorialSLUSH-FUND SHENANIGANS - NY Post Editorial  * QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME - New York Post

In the 60's Our Leaders Talked of Moral Leadership. Today Our Leaders Protect Their Elected Gang Members, Until They are Locked Up, Then Its Total Silence

Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Chris Quinn Push Back Against Daily News Investigations (DN)








 Thanks to a little-known quirk in the tax laws, co-ops are being assessed at a fraction of their worth.

Life at ritzy bldg. hardly taxing Assess quirk saves city's poshest address a bundle (NYP) *  The politics of unfair property taxes - Crain’s New York Business Without a change in real estate taxes, developers say, construction of mixed market-rate and affordable rental housing in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn will come to a screeching halt Luxe locales get out from under heavy levies (NYP)

 Daily News Slams NYT'S Councilman Ruben Wills

Last week the NYT runs a puff on Councilman Ruben Wills

Yesterday as part of there ITeam investigation the Daily News reports that Wills is a dead beat dad and has two bench warrants. Queens pol has skeletons in closet, News finds(DN)

Today the NYT Does Damage Control on Wills  2 Decade-Old Arrest Warrants for Queens Councilman Councilman Ruben W. Wills acknowledged that he had failed to resolve an outstanding arrest warrant for a misdemeanor charge related to a business dispute. (NYT)  What they should both look at was a CHN report last years on how  Huntley Steered $33,000 Member Item To Top Aide Wills Now Running For Council * Charity pol probed AG eyeing Huntley over shady nonprofit

NYC Councilman Ruben Wills Finally Shows Up At Court To Face 1996 Criminal Charges (DN)



   What Will the NYP Say, If Anything

State Senator Gets Probation for Assaulting New York Post Photog

The judge also ordered the defendant undergo anger management counseling and issued an order of protection for the photographer, which requires the defendant avoid any contact with him. In a sentence memorandum, ADA DiGiovianni noted the defendant showed no remorse for his actions and asked the judge to consider the defendant’s history of abusive behavior. GOP will knock Parker out of the senate if they think they can gain a second seat in Brooklyn with the Boro Park Jewish vote. * State Senator Receives 3 Years’ Probation (NYT) * Parker Gets Probation, Not Jail 


  Leaks and Positioning From Albany's Three Men in the Room - 10 Days to Go

Silver's $$ demands threaten shutdown (Dicker, NYP)

Lawyer pol John DeFrancisco urges attorney malpractice fee boost (DN) *Lawyer pol bids for higher malpractice fees (NYP)$2,000 Rent-Deregulation Limit Up in the Air(WSJ) * The Post urges Cuomo to stand firm on capping med-mal payments.* The WSJ sides with Cuomo and the Senate GOP in the millionaire’s tax fight.* The Senate and governor are also facing off against the Assembly and NYSUT over $32.5 million in funding for 125 teacher training centers.* REBNY is open to raising the $2,000 limit on vacancy decontrol – a significant development in the rent control negotiations.* Mandate relief has proved a tough sell for Cuomo.* Taxes: Editors urge Cuomo to do more than stop the 'tax the rich' plans. [WSJ]  * Disclosure: Requiring links from elected officials web site to their campaign finance reports. *  DeFrancisco Defends Bill He Stands To Benefit From (YNN) * 'Tribal Politics' Remark by Cuomo Official Draws Criticism

Then, earlier this month, Carl Kruger of Brooklyn was indicted for bribery, putting an instant freeze on his $2 million campaign war chest, which Gianaris had hoped to tap to pay off nearly $3 million in Senate Democratic debts.

NYC Councilman On Cuomo’s ‘Close Relationship’ With A Certain Reporter(YNN)

Dicker shoved by Assembly aide, 1987 [VIDEO]



 NYP'S Dicker: Shelly's World Out of Touch

 State Budget: Administration source tells Fred Dicker "Shelly's vision doesn't extend beyond his conference and the people who give him the money to keep his conference in power." [NY Post]


 The Cuomo Budget is Good . . .  The Cuomo Budget is Good. . .  The Cuomo Budget is Good

The Committee to Save NY has spent some $2.6 million to back Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget proposal.  * Said committee spokesman Bill Cunningham (whose firm has earned $80,000 to date): “If you want to communicate with the people of the state of New York, it’s expensive.” Without GNYHA and 1199 SEIU in the mix, opponents have spent less- about $1.9 million.* CSNY Mails On Superintendents’ Salary Cap (YNN) * CSNY Mails On Superintendents' Salary Cap - The pro-Cuomo Committee to Save NY is backing up a recent TV spot suppor...  


How Dumb Are We?  

NEWSWEEK gave 1,000 Americans the U.S. Citizenship Test—38 percent failed. The country's future is imperiled by our ignorance. In this week’s issue, Andrew Romano looks at the risks involved in America’s ignorance.




Jury Selection Set For Deutsche Bank Fire Trial (NY1)

Judge: Deutsche Bank Fire Trial Could Last Four Months (WCBS TV)

Private Schools Contribute Books to Public Schools; Liu Audits BOE Projects

Second Life of School Books Teachers stocked up at Project Cicero's recent book drive, which takes gently used materials from private schools and redistributes them to needy public schools. (WSJ) * City Controller Liu orders Ed Dept. projects audited (DN)


What About CityTime Contract Corruption? Goldsmith

Privatization NYC: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith's plan. [Adam Lisberg]

Unions Drop Savings Pact A much-heralded cost reduction program launched two years ago by New York unions and contractors to stimulate construction has come to a halt ahead of a major round of contract negotiations. (WSJ)

Fewest Officers Since 1992 While $22 Million Goes To 'Rubber Rooms' (Huff Post)

  Manhattan Grid Map Happy 200th

200th Birthday for the Map That Made New York(NYT)No Hero in 1811, Street Grid’s Father Was Showered With Produce, Not Praise (NYT)

Lawyer Up Wilpon Spins the Press
Mets Owners Rebut Charges in Madoff Suit (NYT) * Mets Owners Fire Back at Madoff Trustee(WSJ) * Mets take swing at Madoff victims trustee (DN)

Law and Order  Arrest Made in Beating of a Child in Brooklyn (NYT) * 3 Youths Held in Killing of Woman Over Purse (NYT) * Teenagers Charged in Woman's Death(WSJ)Cops Tasered me three times for arguing parking ticket, Brooklyn man claims (DN) * Potentially-incriminating tape could sink cops in rape trial(DN) * Police spoil Festival of Colors by seizing powder, community leaders say(DN) * Leandra's Law means more drunk driving convictions, stats show (DN) * Manhattan DA Cy Vance's proposal to make serial domestic abuse a felony must become law (DN Ed) * Arrest Made In Beating Of Brooklyn Toddler (NY1) * 'Wife slay' scrutiny (NYP) * Couple sues 'beat' cops * JFK bust for credit 'con man' (NYP) * The DN backs Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr.’s push to make aggravated domestic assault a new category of felony crime.* Police Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man in Bronx, Authorities Say *New Charges Against 2 Officers in Village Rape Case(NYT) * Counts come as prosecutors say cops made more visits to woman's apartment (NYP)
 Medicaid Waste and Fraud                                  

It's $ick transit Millions in Medicaid rides to little doc shops (NYP) * Etienne Allonce, accused of bilking Medicaid for up to $10.7M, on new fraud most-wanted list(DN)





racking down on parking placard abuse

From the Queens Chronicle:





  City may lay off scores of medical examiner staffer

And CUNY's Professional Staff Congress Weighs In On The State Budget Too (DN)

NYPD Has $22 Million 'Rubber Room' of Its Own (Village Voice)

Bail Out: $4 million price tag for state buying homes damaged by leak in NYC drinking-water tunnel. (NYO) * NYC Budget: City "may have to slash another 2 percent from schools and uniformed services, and 4 percent from other agencies."

 Planners for Ground Zero mosque sue Burlington Coat Factory (DN)

New York's Atomic Meltdown

How meltdown-proof is New York's Indian Point plant? (DN) * Workers evacuated from Fukushima plant after gray smoke rises at reactor unit

Allies Target Qaddafi’s Ground Forces (NYT)

New York Times confirms reporters freed in Libya (NYP) 

Howard Kurtz: Where's Media's Skepticism On Libya?

* Foreign News Suddenly A Top TV Priority Again

Don Imus To Rep. Weiner: ‘Don’t Be Mean To Me Like You Are To Megyn Kelly’


AIG, Fed in Subprime-Bond Standoff (WSJ)  * Nasdaq Bid Seen as Tough Sell(WSJ) * Rajaratnam pocketed $4M on Hilton deal: feds * Home Sales Plummet As Housing Market May Have Further To Fall (Huff Post)