Friday, February 11, 2011

The Daily News' Juan Gonzalez Keeps Investigative Journalism Alive Single Handily in This City

Gonzalez Owns the  CityTime Scandal Story

CityTime scandal grows, as does the number of scammer squealing to gov't (Gonzalez, DN)

Comptroller Liu would not be fighting the mayor on the CityTime contract without the good work of journalist Gonzalez.  It is very questionable if the 80 million dollar scandal would been investigated by the feds in the first place if it was not for this the work by the Daily News journalist.

Today Gonzalez reports prosecutors have not accused anyone from CitiTime subcontractors Technodyne or SAIC, one of the country's biggest defense contractors, of wrongdoing yet. He goes on to report that Virginia-based Science Applications International Corp. ousted systems engineer Carl Bell after an internal review found he approved timesheets for a highly paid CityTime consultant for years even though the consultant did no work on the project.  Gonzalez's says a person who knows him well said Bell flew out of the country this week for an extended stay in Trinidad. * Defendant In CityTime Scandal Pleads Guilty (NY1)Guilty Plea in CityTime Fraud Scheme (WSJ) *  CityTime: “[Turncoat Victor Natanzon's] cooperation is a turning point as DOI looks into whether Bloomberg administration officials broke any laws as CityTime’s pricetag rose from $63 million to $700 million.” (

Yesterday True News Wrote 
Who Lost Wall Street?

Today both the Daily News and the NYP agreed with True News Wall Street Owned by A German Company: Game Changer for NYC 

Daily News Move Hurtful to NYC
"The prospect is an unnerving reminder that New York's once-dominant status as the financial capital of the globe is slipping away."

Daily News Agree NY Pol's Clueless or Just to Dumb to Understand the Effects of Wall Street Development

"The many elected officials who are inclined to target Wall Street with soak-the-rich tax schemes must recognize that the state's economy would wither without the vast wealth generated by the financial pros who live or do business here. The stock transfer tax, for example, is a great idea - if you want stocks transferred to Germany."

The Daily News owned by the rich Wall Street trader thinks the sale is good New York Stock Exchange's German merger talks show securities industry isn't bound by borders (DN Ed)


NYP'S Charles Gasparino Says 'Wall Strasse': City loses big No more NYSE guys

But the merger (slated to be announced on Tuesday, I'm told) is even sadder for New Yorkers. What little is left of our economic dominance as the "Empire State" has now been shattered by a deadly combination of global competition that is ruthless in picking winners and losers and the high taxes and vast spending of the New York nanny state. Despite these burdens, the financial sector -- the big banks and investment houses and the NYSE -- managed to survive, providing plentiful jobs for blue-collar and back-office workers, as well as highly paid bankers and traders.

 Pols Clueless Jerks
But recent regulations, including those in the name of "financial reform," have imposed so many fees and costs on investment houses that operating in the New York area, with its high taxes on business and individuals, has become increasingly difficult even for the biggest big banks that still call New York their home. In response, these institutions have either moved out of New York or transferred major chunks of their businesses to lower-cost areas -- or, as the NYSE is trying to do, simply sold to a larger, more competitive foreign player. The saddest part of this sad story is that there appears little anyone can do, given the clueless crew in Albany.

True News PM News Update
News After the Morning Papers

Protesters celebrate in Cairo after Mubarak steps down * Organizer of "Revolution 2.0" Wants to Meet Mark Zuckerberg 


The revolution was televised, tweeted, Facebooked, YouTubed, and Xeroxed 

All possible Mubarak bank accounts in Switzerland have been frozen. *  President Obama: United States Will Continue To Be Friend And Partner To Egypt (Mediaite)
Why Does New York See So Many Sex Scandals? (Huff Post) * Christopher Lee gets the Taiwan treatment (TU)Municipal hospital system admits records were stolen(NYP) * 1.7 Million Medical Records From Bronx Hospitals Are StolenThe City Attacks a Judge, and the Judge Digs In (NYT) * With Wal-Mart Silent on Plans, Critics Focus on Rumored Site (NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg's (Un)Greatest Hits (DN) * Cuomo Lays the Groundwork for 2014  (DN)* Borders Filing for Bankruptcy (The Daily Beast) * This week's political winners and losers. (CHN) * State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says the "Long Island Nine" won’t hold back the budget over cuts to education. (LoHud) * When Bloomberg LP’s press and political interests converge *A who’s who of the Committee to Save NY.* Justice Goodman vs. Bloomberg administration, Round ? * Top Public High Schools Admit Fewer Blacks and Hispanics *The ban on smoking on beaches and parks will be enforced by the very thing that got people into smoking in the first place: peer pressure. 

Cuomo's Show Down Threat

Albany struggles to agree on an ethics bill.

In Albany, Finger Pointing Over Ethics Reform (WNYC)

Tensions over an ethics reform bill that’s being negotiated in private between Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders spilled into the open this week, as finger pointing began over which side was holding up the legislation.


David Paterson: “I don’t have to to wonder what went wrong that is going to get blamed on me.” (

 Former Governor David Paterson to Teach at  




Frozen Over

NYP Protecting Firefighter Pensions Against Mike?   

Bad idea, Mike Stop trying to pick the pockets of retired firefighters and cops.(NYP Ed)* Privately, Public Employees See Cuts as Inevitable(NYT)* Police unions say 12G cop payouts for new hires on negotiating table, but not veterans (DN)

Mario Cuomo HS
Can Mario Cuomo Save the Mets (Ponzi Owners?)

Mario Cuomo to Mediate Mets-Madoff Case (NYT) * Madoff woes may hurt Mets' attendance (NYP)


 Bloomberg: Up the Irish

 After a Quip By Bloomberg, Irish Jaws Are Dropping (NYT) * Irish Joke Followed by Mayoral Apology (WSJ) *  Irish eyes not smiling on Bloomy after drinking joke (DN)* Brian O’Dwyer And NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn think the city’s Irish are willing to forgive Mayor Bloomberg for his insensitiveness. * Bloomberg’s Apology: “I certainly did not mean to offend anybody.” (Wall Street Journal Blogs)


Bloomberg's Loss Leader

The Nation says Bloomberg LP's "journalistic operations lose money, & they always have"

Washington Funds Big Banks, Big Business That Sends Jobs Overseas and Now Pedro Espada

Pedro Espada says that his health clinics have been approved for over  $1 million in new federal funds.

 New Sound of the City
The screaming police sirens that have become an expected part of New York City's daily soundscape will be gradually fading out over the coming years and replaced by a whooping vibration-siren system.(WSJ) * (NY1)

After Cuts This is What is left of the City's New Housing Program

Snow way! Man sleeps in igloo he built outside of his Queens apartment (DN * Crime Down, Bills Up: How Snow Affects the City (NYT)

There is Overbilling in Medicaid? . . .  Shocking

State Probing Medicaid Overbilling(WSJ) * State auditors are investigating whether Visiting Nurse Service of New York, a $1 billion home-care company, overbilled the Medicaid program.


Queens State Sen. Jose Peralta Goes On The Defensive Over Parking Placard

Peralta and his wife--whose cars have state senate license plates--appear to be parking on metered street for free



 More Unemployed Mothers

More Cuts Seen to City's Day-Care Operation(WSJ)

SUNY CUNY want control over their tuition

SUNY Leaders Argue for Regular, Modest Tuition Rises (NYT) 



Magic Says Good to School 

Schools Use Celebrity Wake-Up Calls to Battle Truancy (NYT) * City enlisting celebs to fight chronic truancy (DN) * Mayor Launches Multimedia Campaign Against Cutting Class (NY1) * Celebs to 'ring up' truants (NYP)

Out-of-State Owners Could Face Tax Bill Connecticut and New Jersey residents with a Hamptons summer cottage or a Manhattan pied-a-terre are about to get a nasty surprise: New York state wants more taxes from them.(WSJ) *  Taxing Vacationers: “New York tax experts say the new ruling is the first they recall that counts summer homes as permanent residences.” (Wall Street Journal)

Central Park Bike Ticket Blitz Next . . . Pricey Message for Park Bikers The police department has a message for bicycle riders in Central Park: Traffic rules do, indeed, apply. (WSJ)

Law and Order  About 15% of all arrests in NYC were for marijuana. * Man brings flowers to ex, then shoots her in the face (NYP) *Pharmacy horror: Jilted man gives bouquet, bullets to former love before taking own life (DN) * Assisting Suicide to Be Focus of Trial in Motivational Speaker’s Death (NYT) * Gang Suspects Under Arrest(WSJ) * 3 arrested in attack on student at NY school(WSJ) * Accused Little League molester used kids as campaign props (DN) * Marijuana busts were a lot higher in New York City in 2010 (DN) * Queens Man Fatally Shoots Pharmacy Worker, Commits Suicide (NY1) * Imprisoned actor Lillo Brancato beats up inmate who wouldn't cut short phone call (NYP) * Widow's fine art filched 250G Hamptons heist (NYP) * Autistic 'attack' bus-t (NYP) * 'Sex and stocks' plea deal (NYP) * Freed Aussie to sue date-rape accuser * The city will shell out more than half a million dollars to settle a suit filed by the family of a 60-year-old  inmate killed at Rikers Island *No absolution for child killer (NYP) * B * 4-year-old boy shot, gunman runs into school   * Stepson wanted in stabbing murder of dad (WABC) * 2010 Marijuana Arrests Top 1978-96 Total (NYT) * * BREAKING: 2 women killed, 1 man hurt in Brooklyn stabbing spree * Manhattan Beating Suspect Shot Dead In Florida * Sources: Police Seek Suspect In Stepfather's Fatal Stabbing * *3 killed, 2 hurt in Sheepshead Bay spree (NYP) * Defense seeks change of venue in 2008 nightclub murder case (NYP)


 Media and New Tech WSJ reports that Steve Jobs stays "closely involved" w/ Apple strategy & products, despite med leave.  * City Taxi Commissioner Says He Is Seeking Changes to TV Service in Cabs (NYT)


Just how wide open is the Republican presidential field? Vast enough that Donald Trump may want you to hire him. (Newsday)

Retired Staten Island Ferry Boat Up For Auction On eBay 

Army Appears to Endorse Mubarak's Delegation of Power(NYT) * Egypt's Army Backs Mubarak(WSJ)