Monday, December 20, 2010

Old Media Covers Up City Time Scandal; High Court Rules For Martins, GOP Wins Senate

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High Court Rules For Martins, GOP Wins Senate

When you got them by the short hairs their hearts and minds follow  As They Head to Senate Minority, Democrats * Court Of Appeals Match Point for Jack Martins Means GOP Majority For New York State Senate* State Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos: We Win. Back To Work!


Where is the follow up?

Not one article appeared into today's papers to move the City Time story forward.  Can you imagine what would have happen is the Washington Post stop covering Watergate after reporting the break in?  Only blogger City Hall News today offered more info  Millions In School Contracts Also With Company At Center Of CityTime Scandal (City Hall)

NYP did a follow-up of a banker who killed herself rather than the largest looking of the NYC budget in history. Friends' shock over Citigroup gal's suicide  So did the Daily News  Friends in shock over banker beauty's high-rise suicide And the NYT Woman’s Death at 27 Shocks Her Friends in Banking and Charities

Mayor Bloomberg On CityTime: It Won't Happen Again

Lupica: NYC is great! Mayor Bloomberg ... not so much Michael Bloomberg becomes another mayor who seems almost intoxicated by the power that comes with the office and the title.(DN) * “Bloomberg is keeping himself in the field in case lightning strikes and he decides to run (in 2012),” said a friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid angering the mayor.


Bloomberg The Reformer Moves With Lighting Speed

The Senate Democrats and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch are pushing for reform.  

Yesterdays True News

Bloomberg's Corruption Public Relations Mess
City Time, Steve Rattner and the $700,000 paid to John Haggerty that violated ever campaign law, Caught the Mayor On the Wrong Side of the  Ethics and Coming Corruption War.

A NJ Moment of Budget Reality
Gov Christie Says the Deficit and Economy is Driving the Budget and Taxes Gov. Christie Guest On '60 Minutes'  The NY media covers the deficit like it battle between Cuomo and Silver.  That battle will be over the soon-to-sunset, Silver-backed $4 billion-plus "millionaire" tax, which, while supposedly hitting those earning over $1 million a year, actually imposes higher taxes on some making $200,000. Tax clash looms for Andy & Shel

Students Riot in Europe
New York's Economic Meltdown  With This Tuition Rise, Quieter CUNY Reaction (NYT) * MTA's healthy savings Targets workers illegally getting insurance (NYP) *  Donohue: Frivolous lawsuits brought by straphangers hurt MTA, and you (DN) * ATMs Will Be Curbed(WSJ) * Nearly three years after opening, 'Titanic' Bronx courthouse mired in hazards (DN) * Walmart must be given the same opportunity to operate in New York as any other retailer (DN Ed) * The final report of the Rockfeller Institute’s Ravitch project – this time on structurally unbalanced budgets.* Transit advocates want Cuomo to stop the Legislature from raiding the MTA.

OTB Dominoes
The closure of New York City's Off Track Betting parlors has threatened the survival of the Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens just as Genting Bhd. has begun construction of the city's first legal gaming parlor next door. Parlor Closings Threaten Track (WSJ) * The closure of NYC OTB is threatening the just-getting-off-the-ground Aqueduct revamp.

Housing: Back to the Future?
City Intervenes on Mortgages Facing a spike in the number of apartment buildings going bust in low-income neighborhoods due to heavy debt burdens, the Bloomberg administration is taking an activist approach. (WSJ)

Democrats: Rearranging the deck chair on the titanic 

The economy is the iceberg 

Jeff Klein out, Mike Gianaris in as state Senate Democrats' top political strategist(DN)

 The state’s highest court will hear arguments in the Johnson vs. Martins case today. * The Re-Appearance of Clarence Norman

Samuels: Redistricting Reform Window Closed 


Some Xmass Miracle, More Like NY'S Lose of Clout in Washington

Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand say a newly revised version of the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act likely has the votes needed to reintroduce and pass before the end of the lame-duck session. NY Pols: Revised 9/11 Health Bill Likely To Pass * Did Jon Stewart Turn the Tide on the 9/11 Bill? (Time Magazine)

So Far Nobody Has Gone to Jail For Causing the Wall Street Meltdown . . .   They Got Al Capone On Tax Evasion By Going After His Accounts

Cuomo Goes After Wall Street - Accounts Look the Other Way?   Crisis Dominoes Start Falling With Lehman Auditor (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is about to file civil fraud charges against the giant Ernst & Young accounting firm, accusing it of looking the other way while Lehman Brothers misled investors about its financial health before it collapsed Ernst & Young fraud charges * Ernst & Young Faces Fraud Charge in Lehman Collapse(WSJ) * Ernst & Young May Be Charged In Lehman Collapse (WCBS)

Cuomo Arrests Former State Fair Director

Under house unrest B'klyn pol's feud vs. dad escalates. The elderly dad of City Councilman Vincent Gentile says he knows what he's getting his son for Christmas this year -- a fat lump of coal.

A Practical Push for Civil Legal Services New York State’s chief judge rightly argues for increasing civil legal assistance for low-income people. (NYT Ed)


Paterson was Given the LT Gov Position to Racial Balance Spitzer Ticket and the Political Power of the Harlem Gang of Four

Paterson Worries About Life After Albany (NYT)


CPI Fines Paterson $62,125 In Yankees Tickets Case * Paterson Fined Over Taking Tickets * NYPIRG: Paterson Record ‘Forever Tarnished’ * No such thing as a free ride: Gov. Paterson slapped with $62K fine for free Yankee tix * Remembering Gov. Paterson's ethics veto

Paterson approved a $500,000 member item for an art museum connected to two of his former aides with whom he also has a personal relationship. One of them, Alexandra Stanton, also worked on Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s 2002 campaign.* The TU wants to see the details of the Catskill casino deal inked by the Paterson administration and the Stockbridge-Munsee.* Cindy Adams writes that Paterson is “inhaling meals prior to unemployment.”

Terrorism  Peter King to hold hearings on 'radicalization' of American Muslims (DN) * Britain Detains 12 in Terrorism Raids (NYT) * Three 'Suspicious Package' Incidents In One Day? (Huff Post) * Plaintiffs must cut witness list for Sept. 11 trial: judge (NYP)

Law and Order  Cops launch new push to solve 1987 Brooklyn murder mystery (NYP) * Bx. church bandit bust (NYP) * Rap sales for slain man's kin (NYP) * Mob's wife strife'Killer' boss bids to block pix from a Mrs. Goodfella (NYP) * Honoring Slain Officer, After a Battle (NYT) * Rare Find in Traffic Stop: 500 Pounds of Marijuana (NYT) * Minor Errors, Big Bust(WSJ) * City Settles Discrimination Claim(WSJ) * NYC livery cabbies get bulletproof vests(WSJ)Microscopic traces of DNA, formerly too small to use, can now trap killers * Detective plays Santa at hospital where he recovered from gunshots (DN) *  Defense company donates dulletproofDN) * The Bloomberg administration settled for $40,000 with an Orthodox Jewish nurse who filed a discrimination claim after a city hospital withdrew a job offer because she wouldn’t work on the Sabbath. * Some livery drivers will be outfitted with bullet-proof vests. * Police make arrest in string of church burglaries (WABC) * Police investigate vandalized Jewish cemetery (WABC) * Suspect in String of Church Burglaries Is Arrested (NYT)

Media and New Tech

The Ten Worst Media Disasters of 2010

'SNL' Takes on Zuckerberg, Assange and Time [Watch] * Groupon Clipping - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker*   The 10 Worst TV Shows of 2010

On the Tax Payers Dime

Private Links in Lawmaker’s Trip Abroad (NYT)



Well now it is up the legislature and the governor to do redistricting without massive gerrymandering to get more democracy in NYS
Samuels: Redistricting Reform Window Closed

The Libertarian Party fell just short of the 50,000 mark necessary to obtain official ballot status. 

Monitoring of Citizens Turns to Main St. - Priest & Arkin, Washington Post