Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bloomberg's Watergate; NY Loses 2 Congressional Seats

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NY Loses 2 Congressional Seats (Update) 

Texas will gain four seats, Florida will gain two, while New York and Ohio each lose two. Fourteen other states gained or lost one seat. The gainers included Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina and Utah, and the losers included Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Jersey. * Census Data Show 308 Million People and a Regional Shift * Census 2010 shows red states gaining congressional seats (Wash Post) * New York and New Jersey Will Lose House Seats (NYT) * Census headcount means two fewer House seats for New York as Sun Belt population grows(DN)

"When did Nixon Know and How Much Did He Know"
                 Howard Baker, Congressional Watergate Hearings

It is time for U.S. Attorney to expand his investigation to  City Hall officials to unravel the cover up going on with the City Time contract and people overseeing it.  It is clear from today's stories that the city was warned as far back as 2003 of the largest rip off in New York City's history.  The media which so far has not used its editorial boards to get to the bottom of the biggest scandal since Koch's Parking Agency fraud, must put pressure on Bloomberg's puppet Speaker Quinn and Albany to allow immediate hearing on City Time, so the truth of what happen could come out. It is a joke to allow the city to investigate itself CityTime Scandal Sparks New Probe (NY1)

NYP who never writes about the scandal in the Koch administration, now says the former mayor has a plan to reform Albany.  Koch's group NY Uprising failed to defeat a single incumbent opposed to their reforms and last week was quiet as the deadline past for creating an independent redistricting committee in Albany
Not a Good Time for the Mayor To Take on Another Troubled Agency

EXCLUSIVE: Bloomberg wants control of city's youth justice system (DN)

Alex Pareene says the Bloomberg LP’s new editorials are “the purest expression yet of the pathology of Bloomberg.”

Senate Dems Spend Like Crazy to Win An Election and Nothing Happens . . .  Just Like Budget Negations 

State Senate Democrats are $7M in debt after spending like 'drunken sailors' (DN) * The Senate Democratic conference exceeded its $29 million legislative budget by a whopping $7 million, or 24 percent

Ruling Means Republicans Will Control N.Y. Senate(NYT) * Sen. Craig Johnson congratulated his GOP opponent, Senator-elect Jack Martins, but also left the door open to a future re-match.

There might be more indictments in store for outgoing Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and his son, Pedro G.

NY1 Interviews Evan Stavisky and Ignores He Was the Democrat State Senate Architect of Destruction

On the day the State Senate officially transferred control back to the GOP the new host of Inside City Hall had the chance to ask Stavisky why the Dems lost control of state senate.  Stavisky group Parkside was paid over $2 million by the Dems.  According to City Hall News he wanted more  Secret Senate Democrats’ Contract Guaranteed 80 Percent Of Business To Parkside.

Last week NY1 new host Errol Lewis failed to ask Lobbyist Consultant who was also paid by the Senate Dems if he in his role of Lobbyist for AEG got bidding information from the same senate dems. MEET HANK SHEINKOPF ANOTHER GREEDY PROGRESSIVE AND HIS BUDDIES Lewis should have ask Sheinkopf why he took the 5th before State Inspector General Joseph Fisch investigation the AEG contract.  Or the Anchor could ask Jeff Plaut of Global Strategy about their involvement in pension corruption.  Global Strategy paid the AG $2 million  for illegally receiving $1.3 million for facilitating public pension fund investments in private equity funds.  NY1 allowed Plaut to analysis the debate last night with the AG.Quadrangle Settles with Cuomo, Trashes Rattner; Global Fined Too ... Did NY1 bother to check is Global was doing polling for any of the AG candidates?


 What about the AEG and Johnson Cover up Gov?

Paterson slapped over free Yankee tickets and cover-up (NYP) * Dave's stocking-stuffer(NYP Ed) * Paterson Fined Over Yankees Tickets(WSJ) * Gov. Paterson got hit with the fine - $62,125 - he deserved for Yankee ticket shenanigans(DN Ed)

Here 'lies' Paterson's legacy (Dicker, NYP) "Gov. Paterson is an incorrigible liar whose words, under scrutiny, rarely hold up." * Barry Ginsberg Talks About Paterson Fine (YNN) * Don't let the door hit you, Gov. Paterson (Politico) * $62G fine in ticket scandal (Albany Times Union)


Play to Pay Espada Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. put in for his roughly $9,000 annual state pension.

End of An Era 

In the City’s Subway, Literary Placards Will Soon Be Mere Echoes in the Memory (NYT)

 PCBs In the Classroom?

EPA to Inspect City Classrooms for PCBs(WSJ)

Law and Order  Brooklyn bodega clerk fights off stun-gun thug (NYP)  * City Will Require Police to Report on School Arrests (NYT) * A Suspect Is Arrested in Two Bronx Church Burglaries, and Investigated in More (NYT) * New DA Vance clogging courts with tough stance, critics say (DN) * Ice-pick goon committed crimes to pay for holiday presents: cousin (DN)* Courthouse bathrooms a haven for graffiti artists (DN) * Gotti crony 'Tony Roach' dies at 71 while serving prison sentence (DN) * Immigration crackdown worries Kelly, fears negative impact on cooperation (DN) * MadoffNYP) * Ex-William Morris head Jim Wiatt sues Ken Starr, lawyer for $2M lost in Ponzi schem(NYP) * Columbia 'dealer' dad not so bad (NYP) * Laundromat Worker Is Shot to Death in Brooklyn (NYT) * Brooklyn Frauds Are Playing Out in Polish, Police Say (NYT) * Firefighter turns himself in to police in Brooklyn hit-and-run incident (NYP)

Actor Injured in Fall During Performance of ‘Spider-Man’ (NYT) * Actor Injured in "Spider-Man" Fall(WSJ) *Fourth 'Spider-Man' actor injured (NYP) * Not again! 'Spider-Man' stunt double injured during Monday night's performance (DN)  Media and New Tech 'Net Neutrality' Rules Set to Pass(WSJ) ' after 4th actor injured during show (NYP) * State shuts down 'Spider-Man

New York Leads in Pursuit of Lehman New York's attorney general, rather than federal regulators, is taking the lead in pursuing questionable accounting by banks. (WSJ) * Cuomo sues accounting firm Ernst & Young over Lehman collapse (NYP)


Media and New Tech NY Times Wedding Announcement Causes Quite The Buzz


Judge revokes $5M bond for ex-Madoff worker Annette Bongiorno (NYP)