Thursday, December 2, 2010

Debt Denial As Albany Does Nothing Again, Will the AEG Scandal and Money Give the GOP the State Senate?; Who Will Stand in the Congress Well With Rangel When He Gets It?

Kicking the Can Down the Road Again

Leaving It for the Next Guy A possible power shift in the New York State Senate offers Albany Democrats an excuse for punting on budget cuts. Despite a warning from Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli that this year’s deficit was growing closer to $1 billion. 

Delay and denial are the lifeblood of Albany. As lawmakers refused to wrestle with the budget, they re-elected all of the same leaders and congratulated virtually all of their members on easy re-election.  (NYT Ed)


Will the AEG Scandal and Money Give the GOP the State Senate?

The Senate Democrats spent three times as much as their Republican counterparts on outside consultants, contributing to their $2.4 million worth of campaign debt.* Senate Democratic spokesman Austin Shafran said the conference will “exhaust every resource necessary to ensure every vote is counted,” particularly in the 7th SD, where a hand recount is being sought. *  Helping Build Senate Democrats’ Debt, $6 Million In Outside Consultants And Vendors (City Hall News)

Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others

The Sickness, Arrogance and Detachment of Albany Become Real Clear When These Pigs Would Even Consider A Pay Raise When Hospital are Being Closed, Millions of New Yorkers Are Out of Work and Many of Them Stopped Getting Their Unemployment Check Yesterday.  Senior and education services cut and these bums have the balls to even think of more money.

There’s talk of legislative pay raises again in Albany, and Cuomo says he won’t rule out the possibility for next year.
Will Albany Again Save OTB at the Last Minute?  . . .   Or is This It!

OTB bigs prepare for the end (DN) *   Albany zeros let OTB collapse instead of dealing with its demise, and taxpayers get the bill (DN Ed)

Gov the Real Victims of Your Rule are Justice and New Yorkers 
Gov. David Paterson has grown used to having things done for him and worries he will need to be “retrained” about how to live unaided as a blind person once he’s out of office. 

For everyone's sake, please leave office, Gov. Paterson - NY Daily News (Feb 26, 2010)

1.  You failed the cut the budget despite saying in the press your would. 
2.  You used the power of your office in a case of demestice abuse, let off by Judge Kaye
3.  You hired many of your girlfriends
4.  You signed off on a corrupt AEG deal and your tried to get the support of it main principal
5.  You broke government gift laws

Paterson is Not the Only One to Talk Out of Both Sides of Their Mouth . . .   NYP?

First the NYP wants the gov to go Enough, governor (Feb 26, 2010  NYP)  Now the NYP wants us to feel sorry for him because he is blind? Gov calls tenure 'painful at times' during radio appearance (NYP) * Blind Dave fears new life without gov helpers (NYP)? * No Last Push by Paterson to Legalize Gay Marriage (NYT) * Governor Paterson Has Regrets, Too (NYT)


Who Will Stand in the Congress Well With Rangel When He Gets It?

Rangel Censure Vote Set for Thursday(WSJ) * Rangel Poised To Face Censure Vote (NY1) * Charlie's plea-mail * Rangel sent a last-minute e-mail appeal to supporters, asking them to flood Congress with appeals for him to receive a lesser punishment of reprimand. * In spite of his efforts, Rangel’s censure is “almost certain,” the AP reports.

New York’s House Delegation to Lose One or Two Seats (NYT)

 Election 2013   Manhattan Boro Prez, With Sights on Citywide Office, Heads to Brooklyn

 FDNY: Fatal Fires Down 18 Percent (NY1)



 Dogs Get Lost Not Votes

 BOE Dumb Dumb Dumb 

A Month After Elections, 200,000 Votes Found




Ex-Council Leader Is Guilty in Tax Case (NYT)

When Corruption Worlds Collide
Peggy Lipton was involved in the plea Hevesi took when he pleaded guilty to allowing government cars for personal services.  She is also a Friend of Andrew Stein for pleading guilty today in Manhattan federal court to a misdemeanor charge tied to the Kenneth Starr fraud scheme.

Azi Paybarah
"ANDREW STEIN, former NYC Council President...pled guilty in Manhattan federal court to 1 count of...failing to pay federal income taxes" (Facebook)*  Ex-City Council big Andrew Stein pleads guilty in tax fraud scheme

Shoe Trial On NYP Photo Journalist Attack
State Sen. Kevin Parker had a Cinderella moment after allegedly scuffling with a Post photographer when a police captain found the politician's shoe inside the lensman's damaged car -- and ordered the arrest of the one-shoed senator, the captain testified yesterday. Shoe clue led to pol's bust

New York's Economic Meltdown Children's Aid May Exit Village(WSJ) * Manhattan Home Sales Slide(WSJ) * Council Aims to Reverse Budget Cuts A new analysis of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's budget cuts by advocates for the elderly shows the plan will cause 8,000 senior citizens to lose in-home counseling services and result in 110 layoffs. * Union: Health-Care Reforms Not to Blame for Coverage Woes (WSJ) * Bagel demonstrators protest AIDS funding cuts * Another major battle over Medicaid funding is looming.* The Capitol tour guides are on the chopping block, thanks to budget cuts.


St Vincent's: From Taking Care of the Sick to Taking Care of Real Estate Developers   . . .  No Wonder Why the Pols Duck Trying to Stop the Closing 

Bankrupt St. Vincent’s Moves Toward Selling Hospital Site (NYT)

Law and Order  Drugs and guns are killing NY (DN)  A review of the latest crime statistics shows drugs are a factor in at least half of city homicides.

Hospital Worker Accused of Stealing $3.8 Million in Toner(WSJ) * Trial starts for NYC cop charged in perfume heist(WSJ) * Sex Worker Turned Teacher Faces Disciplinary Charge (WSJ) * EXCLUSIVE: Taking probation to the city streetsWiseguy admits lies - deportation possible (DN) * Defendants In Bronx Bias Attacks Arraigned On Hate Crime Charges The city Probation Department plans to open satellite offices in the roughest neighborhoods. * Upper E. Side thug faces life (NYP) * 'Gay bashers' were victims (NYP) * Clerk's $3.8 mil 'rip-off' (NYP) * Traffic rap for rapper (NYP) * Cyclists swipe cells in ride-by robberies (NYP) *'Stickup' artist strikes city cabs (NYP * Ice pick-wielding man robbing women in elevators (WABC) * Dirty Little Secrets in NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau (Village Voice)* NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly defends his plans to protect the World Trade Center site, which some have called “draconian.”* NYPD cracks down on 'working vacations' (NYP)


Spitzer Never Leaks Negative Stories Against His Opponents

Kathleen Parker demands to bring her blind poodle to work at CNN (NYP) * “Client 9″ is opening Friday.

Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi are sitting ducks and the GOP is taking aim (DN)

David Weigel doesn't understand why Bloomberg's national approval rating is only 19%, since "his favorable rating in the press is roughly 99 percent, give or take 1 percent."Bloomberg says President Obama needs 'better advisors'