Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Albany Kicks the Budget Can Again Down the Road; Cuomo Will Not Fight Alone; One Last Trick From the Old Bull Rangel; Paterson's Emails

Winds of Albany War

The real war will be between Cuomo back ed up by the business establishment and the unions.  Not between Cuomo and the legislators.  Most assembly and senate members will hide under their desk trying to save their jobs. Cuomo accused the Legislature of “failing” the people of New York after it failed to make $315 million worth of mid-year cuts during Monday’s special session. Ditto, says the TU.



Cuomo Will Not Fight Alone Like Spizter

Groups to Back Cuomo as He Tackles Unions With the encouragement of Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo, business leaders and civic groups are planning to raise millions of dollars behind a new effort to blunt the influence of public-sector labor unions over the statehouse.  (WSJ) *  Andrew Cuomo's planned reform of Albany will have to overcome a lot of bad legislative habits(DN Ed) * Cuomo chides NY Legislature for punting on deficit (WSJ) * Albany Update: Dems Outlook Dire as Cuomo Casts Blame * Paterson: Albany’s Not What It Used To Be (Updated) * Speculation about pay raises for state legislators heats up Buffalo News * Paterson Says It Sucked Being Governor, Raspberries Albany (Gothamist)* Gov. David Paterson laments over 'painful' tenure, 'nasty' media in lame-duck ... (DN)


One Last Trick From the Old Bull Carlie
Did Rangel Fire His lawyer to Avoid A Damaging Trial

Rangel faced Trump card Rangel bailed out on his House ethics trial just as committee lawyers were preparing to call a parade of corporate bigwigs who would testify about his fund-raising tactics (NYP) * Rangel's CEO-Studded Trial That Never Was (WSJ) * The House is close to voting on whether to censure Rep. Charlie Rangel, who is angling for a lesser punishment of reprimand. A Rangel source tells NY1′s Grace Rauh the vote is expected to come tomorrow. * Donald Trump and Hank Greenberg were set to testify against Charlie Rangel before he walked out of his ethics committee hearing. * Rep. Charlie Rangel asks supporters to call Capitol switchboard

Rangel Vote Tomorrow Afternoon

       Sometimes Being In Charge Causes Problems. . .  Ask Al 

Can Public Relations Trump A Failed School System Facing Serious Cutback in Funding?

On Her First Day, Black Reads to First Graders (NYT) * New Chancellor Visits Bronx School WSJ) * New School Could Cross Lines(WSJ)  * Publishing greenhorns apply for Black's job at Hearst (DN) * Gonzalez: City Catholic schools fret dark fate (DN) * Cathie Black Visits Classrooms As Incoming Schools Chancellor (NY1)* Schools chief back in hiding? * Drown principal fired (NYP) * New Inquiry Topples a Principal in Trouble (NYT)

Control of the Senate
Grisanti’s win brought the Senate GOP one step closer to winning back the majority.  * The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle thinks the return of Republican control in the Senate could be a good thing.* Just two Senate races remain undecided. *  GOP to Johnson: Do the right thing and give up! (UPDATED) (DN) *  Oppenheimer Up By About 370 Votes

Tale Of The Paterson E-mails “I will separate his head from his body” Communications director wants to plug leak with machete *  Inside the David Paterson Rumor Mill (Gawker) * Read The Private Emails Between Paterson And The Media



OTB the First Bookie to Go Out of Business Without the Help of the Police   

Doomsday looms for dying OTB (NYP) * Let this nag die (NYP) * Albany's dysfunction has city's OTB facing a Friday finish-ed line if inaction continues (DN) * Good riddance, says the Post

NYC OTB to Shut Down


Independent Redistricting Commission Against Leaders Interests Outgoing Assemblyman David Koon on the passage prospects of the independent redistricting commission bill: “If you think leaders in the Senate and the Assembly are going to pass this, you need to think again. They want to have that power over their members.”


 Rattner Spin Machine Working 24/7
 The SEC and Cuomo have been at odds for some time.*  Steve Rattner Has Never Seen Chooch New York Magazine
When Corruption Worlds Collide
Peggy Lipton was involved in the plea Hevesi took when he pleaded guilty to allowing government cars for personal services.  She is also a Friend of Andrew Stein for pleading guilty today in Manhattan federal court to a misdemeanor charge tied to the Kenneth Starr fraud scheme.

Azi Paybarah
"ANDREW STEIN, former NYC Council President...pled guilty in Manhattan federal court to 1 count of...failing to pay federal income taxes" (Facebook)*  Ex-City Council big Andrew Stein pleads guilty in tax fraud scheme

City Layoffs Are Hurting Minorities, Union Says (NYT)


 Fire deaths hit all-time low in NYC (NYP)


Most Judges We Know Are Well Paid

Judges May Get First Raises in Years After Legislature Backs Panel to Set Their Pay(NYT) * New York lawmakers finally stop holding judicial salaries hostage and allow judges a raiseDN ed)


270,000 . . .  To Protect Tom Against Cuomo's Pay to Play Pension Investigation

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli spent a sizable chunk of campaign cash on a white shoe law firm.* Tom DiNapoli spent more than $270,000 on lawyers in case Andrew Cuomo's pay-to-play probe grabbed him.

The Post doesn’t think the governor would keep the details of the Catskills casino deal secret unless he had something to hide. 

Is There Such A Thing As Bomb Proof?

Terrorism Father of NY Bomb-Plotter Faces More Charges  * Immigration rap for subway plotter's father (DN)

Law and Order  Ex-con arrested in E. Side mug spree (NYP) * New tool in battle vs. bikes (NYP) * Judge bashes Probation Dept. over leniency for girls (DN) * Guilty plea in Queens hate-crime bash (DN) * Bronx fire victim positively ID'd as cops hunt for teens (DN) * Police Make Arrest In UES Robbery Spree (NY1)

Who is the Real Whore In Charge?
Fake Fight is a Cheap Trick By Spitz Handlers To Improve Anemic CNN Ratings 
Co-host spittin' mad over Spitz Eliot Spitzer's TV sidekick is so fed up with playing second fiddle to the hooker-loving ex-gov that she's threatening to walk (NYP) * There’s tension on the set of “Parker Spitzer,” which saw its ratings fall yet again. * Talking Tough and Drawing Viewers, Christie Is a YouTube Star (NYT)Google Seeks To Rewrite Books Model (WSJ)

How Come Mighty New York Can't Find One GOP Vote?

Hoping to win over reluctant Republicans, Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand are offering up a “menu” of funding options for the Zadroga bill.  * They just need to convince one GOP senator to vote “yes.”

New York to Lose 1 or 2 Seats in House (NYT) The Times’ Sam Roberts reports the US Census Bureau is poised to announce New York’s congressional delegation will shrink to its smallest size in 200 years in the next round of redistricting – yet another blow to the state’s already diminishing clout in Washington, D.C.

 Schumer'sWSJ) * “(T)here might not have been a Chuck Schumer, as we know him today, if there hadn’t been a Stephen Solarz,” Steve Kornacki writes in a piece about the senior senator’s link to the former Brooklyn congressman, who died this week.

 Two Million Americans Could Lose Their Unemployment Benefits by Christmas (NY Magazine)

Jon Stewart: Julian Assange Underestimates American Cynicism Towards Its Government