Monday, November 8, 2010

Only Internet Explorers Receive Reporting on Albany

Only Internet Explorers Receive Reporting on Albany
Have cutbacks at NYC newspapers because of falling readership and revenue effected reporting?

Is Fred Dicker the Only NYC MSM Reporter Covering Albany? 

Dicker Cuomo's Insider reports Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is on board with Cuomo’s fiscally conservative program.  'No new taxes' as Shel freezes over Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, in a powerful signal to Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo, says he is ready to hold the line on state spending next year * Cuomo Welcomes Silver’s Support (YNN) 

Silver Bends But Says Coup Had Nothing to Do With It Shelly Silver On Assembly Coup Rumblings: It's All Garbage

Upstate Papers Cover Albany Better A property tax balancing act Albany Times Union *It Could be Gridlock Again or Harmony NBC New York - Gabe Pressman * Cuomo not planning big changes on Day One- Buffalo News * Readers not confident Cuomo will bring change to Albany- Rochester Business Journal * Cuomo begins focus on transition, tempers expectations- Ithaca Journal * A property tax balancing act- Albany Times Union * Editorial: Familiar faces, different roles in Albany- Poughkeepsie Journal * Winners, losers in Election 2010 Crain's New York Business * Second chances Rochester Business Journal * New York's Cuomo is smart to ask for Wisconsin's rail cash Capital Times

In Search of Cuomo Plan Cuomo as Leader: Focused, Intense and at Times Alienating (NYT) * To run or not to run: Will Cuomo seek presidency?‎ - Wall Street Journal * Cuomo Emerges, Reluctantly (YNN) * “Andrew plays at a very high level, and he demands really serious commitment and ability from everyone around him. Not everybody made the cut,” said Jon J. Cowan, the governor-elect’s chief of staff during his HUD days. * Cuomo considers Eliot Spitzer an amateur politician and himself a maestro, Chris Smith reports. * Transition Talk Time For Gov. Paterson and Andrew Cuomo(DN)

Silence On Battle For Control of the Senates?  Albany and U.S. Senate  

Sen. Chuck Schumer is worried about redistricting. * Schumer Shuns DSCC, Recommends Laser-Like Focus on Middle Class *  Legal Fight for Biship Seat Is Likely(WSJ) *  I'm party of one, says lone NY GOP rep-elect Grimm (DN) * Embattled state GOP boss Ed Cox may need to ax top aide to save own hide (DN) * The New York GOP didn't capitalize on their best opportunity in years. * Schumer: We Need ‘Some Change’ In The Senate

Joseph Mercurio ‎"In some ways, the only thing that saved the Democratic Party in New York state is the Republican Party in New York state," said Joe Mercurio, a political consultant who works for candidates of both parties, but mostly Democrats. (Yes, a hand full among over 650.)  In a red year, divided GOP fails to win statewide races - Times Union

Polling Malpractice  Some House polls had a real severe bias. The 17 Mark Penn polls for The Hill were biased by 6.2 points toward Democrats on average. The other real bad one was Merriman River Group -- their 7 polls (mostly in CT) had a 7.1 point GOP bias. fivethirtyeight * Pollsters Raise Alarm: Inaccurate Polls May Be Impacting Campaigns

Working Families Party Looks To Better Ballot Placement (obsever)

Quotas A Reality to All But the NYPD Press Spiners
Brooklyn cops told to meet ticket quotas, explosive memos reveal (DN) * Hey, Ms. Traffic Agent, a Break for a Working Stiff? (NYT) * Scofflaw politicians now face same penalty as rest of us (WSJ)

New York Economic Meltdown Study team biased vs. 'living wage,' pols say *  Janitors 'clean up' (NYP) * The state is shutting down Thruway rest stops. * Boards of elections are stuck with more than $1 million worth of unused paper ballots. * "The Bloomberg administration has stacked the deck on a study of whether workers should be paid a "living wage" on city-backed developments, three city pols claim," according to our Adam Lisberg.

Pay to Play AEG  Racino losers' booster promised Jay-Z, Beyoncé gig In a July 8 interview with investigators from state Inspector General Joseph Fisch's office, Kiernan said, "I remember [lobbyist Norman Levy] telling me . . . if AEG won that bid, Beyoncé and Jay-Z would give concerts at the site and they would have 50,000 people on Saturday and they would be a big success." (NYP)

'C'-rated restaurants hiding their grades (NYP)

Law and Order  Off-duty NYPD captain arrests teen for breaking into cars (NYP) * Four Are Killed By Guns in City  (WSJ) *  Suspect Arrested in Diner Shooting (WSJ)  * Weekend gunfire kills three, including Brooklyn teen * Tourist struck by police car, but not deterred * Death payout *  Madison Square Garden has settled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that accused its vendors of "recklessly" continuing to pour beer for a drunken, off-duty cop -- who then went on a death drive that killed a little boy and left his mom with massive (NYP) *  Baby-shower thugs stab deliveryman in Qns.: cops (NYP)* Jurors Vote for Death in Conn. Triple-Murder Case (NYT) * 7 People Killed Since Saturday Night (NYT)

National Politics  A New Leader for the Democrats Is Nancy Pelosi really the best leader the Democrats can come up with as they slip into the minority? *Obama also said the political cost of health care reform was higher than he expected.