Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Newspaper Endorsed Candidate Go Down

DN'S Weasels Elected

Newspaper Endorsed Candidate Go Down
As old media loses circulation it lose influence

The influence of Newspaper endorsement continues to decline.  All three papers supported Wilson over DiNapoli.  The DN and NYP supported loser Dan Donovan.  The NYT won with Eric Schneiderman but lost with Term Limits and Congressmen Michael McMahon and John Hall. Schneiderman KOs Dan in AG race (NYP) *Schneiderman Is Elected New York’s Attorney General (NYT) * Democrat Is Elected 'Sheriff' (WSJ) *Dem Schneiderman to succeed Cuomo as AG (DN) * Dinapoli surges into 'comptrol' (NYP) * Thomas DiNapoli Re-Elected Comptroller in a Tight Race * Controller DiNapoli wins despite Wilson challenge (DN) * Harry Wilson Concedes In Comptroller Race

Not a great not for the Mayor either Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement scorecard: 11 wins, 8 loses and 4 too close to call. Or Koch and Rudy

Election Results 2010 Election results * NY1 * Restless Voters Divide Power in Washington (NYT)


       Cuomo vs Albany
       Cuomo vs The Unions
       Cuomo vs WFP ?

The honeymoon for the new governor is over as all the states problems fall on him. For a candidate who did not mention how he would govern during the campaign. Cuomo now must start running the state, not from day one but from the day after he was elected.  He go lots of problems.  Both the AG Schneiderman and the sucessful campaign of Comptroller DiNapoli were made possible by the same labor groups that Cuomo must fight to cut workers and pension to reduce spending, balance the budget and bail out the states' underfunded and pension corruption.  Cuomo has to understand that it was the public employees labor groups that elected Harry Reid, and the new governor and Senator Boxer in California.

azipaybarah  EJ McMahon says @AndrewCuomo's political fate will hinge on property taxes #nygov  (Facebook)

Rough road is ahead Cuomo, having crushed hapless Carl Paladino, must move swiftly on his pledge to rebuild the state's crippled economy, cut spending and drain state government's notorious cesspool of corruption. (NYP) * Now comes the real fight  Cuomo must confront the special interests (NYP) *Who's Crazy Now? It's Time for Cuomo to Show Off His Policy Prowess (Obsever)Cuomo vows to clean up Albany after pounding Paladino at polls * Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo can't wait even a day to start cleaning up the Albany mess (DN Ed) *

 Ken Sherrill “Cuomo’s good fortune has been that Paladino’s ineptness as a candidate monopolized media attention of the gubernatorial campaign and enabled Cuomo to follow a ‘Rose Garden strategy’ of carefully managed appearances and press releases,” said Ken Sherrill, a political-science professor at Hunter College in Manhattan, before the results were known. (Facebook)

Cuomo Cruises as Democrats Buck Trend (WSJ) * Easily captures dad's old job as gov (NYP) * Cuomo Cruises to Win in New York Governor’s Race (NYT) * Paladino Concedes, With Baseball Bat in Hand (WSJ) * Cuomo, in Victory Speech, Calls for Unity(WSJ) * Andrew Cuomo and Mario Cuomo are New York’s first-ever father-son gubernatorial legacy.* Cuomo’s easy win was “a painstakingly plotted comeback from political ruin nearly a decade ago,” Nick Confessore writes  * Paladino was his own worst enemy in this campaign, says his hometown paper (which endorsed Cuomo).* Speculation over who Cuomo will pick to be his secretary/chief of staff has begun.

From Cuomo's #1 Campaign Contributor
If Cuomo succeeds in New York, there’s “no reason” why Washington, D.C. and a presidential run can’t be in his future, says Fred Dicker.

Nation Goes Tea Party As NY More Liberal Left
With the election of a liberal AG back by the unions and the WFP.  The Green Party Secures Ballot Status right beside the WFP means the liberal forces are major players in the city and state election process. Schneiderman called his win a victory for “activists.” The Democratic-dominated five boroughs played a big role in the wave that carried Democrats to victory.
The nation voted to put the GOP in charge of the House to put pressure on Obama to balance the budget among other things.  In New York as the voters basically voted the Bums (incumbent) back into office the realities of the budget deficit, cleaning up corruption and dysfunction in Albany falls on Cuomo. Talk about man in the middle. If the Republicans had a real governor candidate they might have taken more house seats, picked up AG and/or Comp and a margin in the state Senate. The flipping NY five (and counting?) * Democratic Rep. Michael McMahon conceded defeat to his GOP challenger, “Tea Party darling” Michael Grimm.* Fight Back PAC Declares Victory Gay Rights PAC

With 97% of the Vote in only the Green Party seems to have gain the 50,000 for automatic ballot assess for the next 4 years. Councilman Barron came in last.
Howie HawkinsGrn56,8681.38%
Warren RedlichLib44,6961.09%
Jimmy McMillanOth39,8500.97%
Kristin DavisOth22,7750.55%
Charles BarronFre20,7170.5%
Conservative and WFT Make the 50,000  
Joseph Mercurio I'm told by a veteran vote-counter that the Conservatives have more than cleared the threshold for the 50,000 votes needed to maintain ballot status. So has the Working Families Party, which had also been concerned about that issue. Maggie Haberman (Facebook)

Some Pigs are More Equal Than Others
Can Your Hear Us Bloomberg and Media Owners?
Voters for the Third Times Support Term Limits (2 Terms)
3 terms for Bloomberg, council incumbents and 2 for the others
A voter rollback on their 'terms' (NYP)Once Again, City Voters Approve Term Limits (NYT) * Voters Again Back Term Limits(WSJ)

Control of the State Senate Headed to Court
The Senate is 30/29 Gop with 3 Seats going to court - Johnson, suzi oppenheimer and Antoine M Thompson * Democrats on Verge of Retaining New York State Senate Majority * Where Do We Stand? (YNN)

GOP State House Takeovers
GOP took full control of redistricting in six states: IN, PA, OH, AL, MI, WI, and flipped 15 state leg houses.
Struggle by Democrats to Guard House Seats (NYT) * A Tough Time for Incumbents(WSJ)

It Was Not Your Night Schumer

'Reid it & weep' for Schumer (NYP) * Schumer, Gillibrand roll to election victories (DN)
The future for New Yorkis congressional power does not look to good this morning with Reid's reelection and the dean of the ligation facing ethic hearing of a chamber controlled by the opposition party and the fact that New York will lost 2 of its 29 congressional seats after redistricting
 Joseph Mercurio From exit polls in NV, among those who voted, 55% disapproved of Reid's job performance, 44% approved yet Reid won. (Facebook)

Pension Fallout
Hevesi's son (they one who got the seat via a deal which was the subject of Ray Harding's guilty plea) did very badly in his safe democratic seat. 53% to 40%

Board of Elections' CYA
The corrupt Tammany Hall System which knocks off challengers who run against incumbents is still in place  New Voting System Earns a Passing Grade(WSJ) * Voting Machine Glitches Kept To A Minimum (NY1)* Glitchy voting machines face 2nd test on Election Day (DN)

National Results
Furious voters sweep Dems from power (NYP) * Election 2010  Voters in Tuesday’s elections sent President Obama and Congress a loud message. Will it be heard? (NYT Ed) *  GOP, Boehner take control of House from Pelosi, Democrats (DN) * Editorial: Barack gets bammed (DN) * The GOP picked up at least six governorships on Tuesday night after victories in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. * By 5 a.m., Republican gains hit at least 60 seats. That wiped out all the gains that Democrats made in 2006 and 2008 and slid past the 54 seats the GOP achieved in its 1994 landslide.* FALL ON THE SCALPEL: Few Dems survive healthcare vote...

 Joseph Mercurio Fully half 23 of the 46 Blue Dogs up for re-election went down on Tuesday. (Facebook) * Progressive Caucus largely intact at 72, with only 3 defeated, and 1 retiring, they are nearly 40% of Dem House caucus now. Progressive caucus is now more than three times the size of the Blue Dogs. (Facebook)

High Schools’ Grades Slip Slightly (NYT)

New York Economic Meltdown  24 Sites Cut From City Plan for 290 Parks * Why Is the M.T.A. Always in Trouble? (NYT) * Strains Felt in Health Coverage for Jobless (NYT)

Terrorism Hearing Is Held for Man Accused of Jihadist Ties(NYT) * Jihadist webmaster held without bail in federal court (DN)

Law and Order Polling Officer Nabs Heist Suspect  * NYU big's son shot during weed holdup (DN) * Voting vigilance foils bank robber in Village

Media and New Tech   How Did Taiwan’s NMA News Cover The Election? About As Hilariously As Expected * Local Alaska TV Station Fires Employees Caught Planning Negative Joe Miller Reports * Times UK Paywall: Terrible for Readers, Good for Business?