Monday, November 29, 2010

Bloomberg Folds to State Educations Demands and Wins Black Battle; Silver in Secret Talks With Cuomo; Black Gets Waiver; Rangel's Plan B

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The mayor used the opening given to him by State Education Commissioner David Steiner, the holiday weekend and used his media support to put out the fire of his out of the box school's pick.  Only a successful court ruling  that Steiner used his waver power improperly could stop black appointment.

Lupica: Black may be 'superstar manager' but she's no educator (DN) * Cathie could get go-ahead from state on Monday (DN) * Parents, Community Leaders Urge State To "Deny The Waiver" (NY1) * Cathie may get OK today (NYP) * Eroding mayoral control (NYP Ed) * Critics Blast Compromise On Cathie Black Pick, Urge School Boycotts- Huffington Post * Pols like City Councilman Charles Barron say they'll sue if Bloomberg pushes (DN) * Protests over Cathie Black as schools chancellor (WABC) * City Pol Seeks Block on Schools Chancellor Pick (WNBC) * Three Assembly Democrats are trying to push a bill that would require legislative approval for NYC schools chancellor appointments. *  Bloomberg: 'There Will Be One Person In Charge'

Shelly know when to hold em   
Andy And Shelly holding secret 'peace' talks (Dicker, NYP) * State pols spent $9M in taxpayer money on constituent mailings despite budget deficit (DN) * NY Legislature heads into special session(WSJ) * States Diverting Money From Climate Initiative (NYT) * OTB shutdown looms as Paterson urges action (DN)  * Larry Schwartz and Greg Rayburn warned ofchaos” if the Legislature doesn’t approve the NYC OTB bailout * The 2011 Legislature will convene without some key figures. * NY Legislature Heads Into Special Session (WCBS) * Special session to decide fate of OTB (WABC)

State Senate
Sen. Liz Krueger on prolonged recounts: “(L)ike being in a ring of Dante’s Inferno.  * A new crop of “mavericks” who can’t be counted on to vote down party lines is headed to the state Senate. 

Dumb Statement of the Day?

* Sen Craig Johnson has reportedly said he’ll run in 2012 even if he loses to Jack Martins this fall.

 What Do You Think A Majority GOP Will Do to the Johnson District when   they redraw the lines before the 2012 race?

Dan Janison details the 10 “most enlightening” defeats of 2010.  

Rangel's Plan B

"My ethical violations did not involve taking bribes or sexual misconduct" - Rangel 

Rangel Seeks Less Serious Punishment from House NYT) * Rangel Seeking House Leniency(WSJ) * Rangel Seeks Downgrade In Ethics Punishment (NY1)




Big Tests Of How Much Power New York Has Lost In Congress

Reid Victory Stops Schumer and the Coming GOP House

New York lawmakers are unveiling a display of badges of rescue workers killed in 9/11 to push for the passage of the Zadroga Bill. Emotional 11th-hour pitch for 9/11 health bill (DN) *Senate Republicans must step up and pass Zadroga health bill for Ground Zero responders (DN Ed) * A shuttle for Intrepid(NYP Ed)

New York needs more aid for unemployed: Gillibrand (DN) *  New York needs at least two Republican senators to help head off a mass-transit tax hike (DN Ed)

Report: 15% Of Incoming Members Of Congress Plan To Sleep In Offices (Possibly Braid Hair, Talk About Boys)

Bloomberg Rattner Supporter
Owner of the Charlie Rose Show

A game of softball for Rattner (TU)

New York' s Economic Meltdown  Overtime of his life for JFK cop Bags 30G in 16 days (NYP) *'Hearing' loss costs city board fine funds (NYP) * Budget Cuts Could Mean Fewer Fish (Fox 5) * Diner Diehards Sad To See "Scobee" Go (NY1)* EJ McMahon sees the problems facing Nassau County as a “microcosm of the pathologies now afflicting all levels of government in New York.”

Judge’s Budget Will Seek Big Expansion of Legal Aid to the Poor in Civil Cases (NYT)


Law and Order  Cause Sought in Fatal Fire; 130 Left Homeless in Bronx (NYT) * Teen Charged in Hit and Run(WSJ) * Police: 20-month-old NY boy dies after being shot(WSJ)  * 20-month-old in Upstate NY dies after being shot * Cops seeking teens in fatal Bronx blaze (DN) * Badges honor cops felled by WTC illness (DN) *Donohue: Nothing says Christmas like pocket-picking! * Victim describes attack when mugger smashed her head (DN) * Police Investigate String Of Bronx Church Burglaries (DN) *Hasid attacked in W'burg (NYP) * Exclusive: Religion A Possible Factor In NYC Teacher Beating (WCBS)


Media and New Tech Reading Murdock's ‘The Daily’ The most interesting thing about Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper is what won’t be in its opinion section. * Meet the Un-Mogul Reinventing TV (Advertising Age) * Can, Deep in the Red, Keep the Conversation Going?


Vast Leak Discloses (WSJ) *WikiLeaks is a 'foreign terrorist organization,' Rep. Pete King says (DN) * Leaked Cables Uncloak U.S. Diplomacy (NYT) * Candid Views on Iran, Pakistan and Other Global Crises (NYT) * WikiLeaks documents reveal hidden actions involving US leaders and foreign diplomats (NYP) * The NYT Got WikiLeaks Cables From The Guardian * Clinton assails release; foreign official says, 'You should see what we say about you' (NYP)

 azipaybarah  GOP Rep. Peter King wants #WikiLeaks labeled a "foreign terrorist organization"  (Facebook)