Monday, August 16, 2010

Where Were Any of the Pols to Keep St. Vincent's Hospital Alive?

Warning Times?

The Times Of London Website Loses 1.2 Million Readers Following Paywall

Harry Reid: Mosque Should Not Be Built At Ground Zero

Hospitals Close People Die
Where Were Any of the Pols to Keep St. Vincent's Hospital Alive?
Show outrage after the NYP show a report of highly questionable" spending spree before it closed is just a cover you ass move. St. Vinnie bigs' $plurge sickening: Quinn (NYP) * Lawsuit: St. Vincent's Hospital Squandered Millions, Exaggerated Debts (NY1) * What conflict of interest? Quinn?

Saddle up, Dave Bloomberg thinks Gov. Pater son should don a cowboy hat and play sheriff -- if that's what it takes to collect cigarette taxes from Indian reservations.(NYP ed) * Paterson Signs No-Fault Divorce Bill

Marty Markowitz Uses Chain Gangs to Save Money at Controversial Concert Series | The New York Observ

PBA Scuttles Payments to Officers A 2008 college-loan-reimbursement program used to help induce more than 800 officers to join the New York Police Department has been struck down at the behest of the union that represents them. (WSJ)

Transcript of Ydanis Rodriguez Ethics Hearing on 'Touching' Incident To Be Released Next Week - DNAi

NYP Pours Oil on Fire
Terror group's leader: 'Have to build it' (NYP) * Obama's Mosque Remarks Reverberate Across Country (WSJ) * Ground Zero mosque debate is about common sense, sensitivity to 9/11 vics, not religious freedom (DN) * Area near Ground Zero full of bars, porn, liquor stores (DN) * Texas Sen. John Cornyn, head of the SRCC, says Obama is ”disconnected from mainstream America” on the mosque question and voters will ”render their verdict” this fall. (Ed Rollins agrees).* Bloomberg Defends President's Pro-Mosque Position

Terrorism NY Chemical spill at Viacom building in Times Square causes chaos (NYP) * Bleach Spill Shuts Part of Times Square (NYT) * Help the heroes: Congress owes sick WTC responders a 9/11 health bil (DN)

New York Economic Meltdown
Plastic's now off the menu * Peeling the Apple Middle-class NYers hit hard if Bush cuts go (NYP) * Former Hospital Employees Seek Details Of St. Vincent's Financial Collapse

The state Lottery Division is ready to roll out electronic versions of roulette and baccarat at its VLT parlors – including the one that will soon be under construction at Aqueduct.

Racial Education Gap Still A Problem
Triumph Fades on Racial Gap in City Schools (NYT) * New, harder state exams show wider learning gap (DN)

Election 2010 The left's champ AG hopeful Eric builds liberal cred (NYP) * Espada could emerge triumphant in crowded primary field (DN) * Senate Democrats worry AG Andrew Cuomo’s anti-Albany message will result in the return of GOP control. * A poll commissioned by Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s detractors finds a three-way primary benefits him. The third candidate, Dan Padernacht, so far is refusing to drop out. * An anonymous consultant says all the AG campaigns suffer from “a staggering degree of incompetence.” * Albany vies for interest groups' support * Will wonders never cease: Shady practices from Pedro Espada's campaign finance filings. * Councilman Charles Barron: I Have 43,000 Signatures For Gov * AFL-CIO Abandons McMahon, Meeks

Twitter Joseph Mercurio The amount of cash on hand in AG race: Kathleen Rice: $4.4 million, Sean Coffey: $3.1 million ($3 million personal money), Eric Schneiderman: $2.2 million ($305,000 personal money), Eric Dinallo: $1.63 million, and Richard Brodsky $1.5 million. Advantage Rice, but no one has enough money, which makes it a dangerous lottery.

Law and Order Rabbi's meals 'kosher': city (NYP) *'21-bullet' guy busted (NYP) * Bond big in 'dirty' dance suit (NYP) * An Arrest, 50 Shots and a Week Later (NYT) * New Crime Trend Truly Below the Belt Brooklyn police officers were involved in the ultimate "debriefing" last month when a prisoner being questioned told them about the latest in criminal fashion: underwear with secret pockets.(WSJ) * Lance Stephenson arrested for pushing girlfriend down the stairs (DN) * 'Craigslist Killer' found dead in jail: police (DN) * Cops baffled in drive-by Slurpee slay as case goes cold (DN) * Diamond District jewelry store robbed of $66,000 in loot (DN) * Family Of Alleged Victim Of "Craigslist Killer" To Still Seek Justice (NY1) * Harlem Man Involved With Police Shootout Awaits Arraignment (NY1) * Murder Charge Dropped Against Harlem Man Involved With Police Shootout (NY1)

Media and New Tech Study: iPad Revenues Won’t Save Magazines * Michelle Malkin Plows through THE VIEW, and Doesn't Look Back. * UH-OH: Broadcast TV Audience Aging Faster Than US Population

Steve Israel and Joe Crowley are locking antlers to become head of the DCCC.