Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marty Circus Chain Gang Review

Breaking News Blagojevich Found Guilty of Single Count by Divided Jury

Marty Circus Chain Gang Review
B'klyn Beep has cons work concerts Maybe they can call themselves the Rikers Jailbirds and warm up audiences with a spirited rendition of "Working on the Chain Gang."Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is using free labor for his summer concert series in Coney Island and East Flatbush -- busloads of inmates in red-and-white-striped jumpsuits paying their debt to society by setting up and breaking down 2,000 chairs for the overflow audiences.

Press is Ready for Koch's Close Up
What Koch Reform? NY Uprising Spin

Uprising is all about getting old man Koch's name is the papers on more time. This article about nothing proves there is no substance to his movement beyond getting in the papers and making people think something is being done Brushes With Scandal May Inform Koch’s Reform Effort The parking meter bandits of 1988, a group of collection agents who pilfered thousands of dollars from the city, taught Edward I. Koch the critical lesson of corruption. (NYT)

Koch's Uprising About Nothing
Doesn't Koch Demand Paterson Testify Before the Ethics Committee?
Koch talks about ethics he just does not do anything about it. NY Uprising is about nothing? Are they raising money to throw out the bums? No. It is all about PR for the former manyor. Paterson Skipping Ethics Hearing A state ethics hearing into a lingering controversy over the Paterson administration's solicitation of Yankees tickets will be missing its star attraction: Gov. David A. Paterson. (WSJ)

How are you going to Throw the Bums Out If Nobody is Running
There are 8 incumbents being challenged out of 66 Assembly Districts 24 State Senate District and 13 Congressional districts open this year. That is less than 8% of the incumbents being contested - not a lot of races. Most political consultants think it is the slowest year for this type of election they even seen. With the outrage at Albany that the low number of challengers become dysfunctional. And the press does not cover challengers when they try to run Press Cover the Bums' Challengers(Video)

NY Uprising Direct Brad Tusk
Testimony by former Bloomberg aide (campaign manager) Bradley Tusk is the focus of the jury in former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s trial, which is having trouble coming to a verdict. At the same time Tusk is threatening to throw out the Albany bums he is lobbying them for an Aqueduct bidder? * Tusk casino: Bloomy aide in Aqueduct bid

$200 A Trick Day
Machine Politics At Work Ten loyalists from the Democratic and Republican parties won’t have to wait until Election Day to make some extra money with a $200 per-diem Board of Elections task. (SN) * More from True News about the BOE

Pay to Say Rev. Sharpton
SAY IT AINT SO AL: PLEASE SAY IT AINT SO. (Rock, Room 8) * Bloomberg (not running for president) tries to avoid cheesesteak test

Taking the 5th is Reform
Paterson's 1984 Double Talk Spin

At the same time Paterson skips Ethics hearing he is calling in the NYT for empower prosecutors to investigate public officials. Paterson Is Urged to Empower Prosecutor to Investigate Public Officials (NYT) * Paterson’s attorney says the PIC should wait to address the Yankees tickets scandal until former Chief Judge Judith Kaye has weighed in. Paterson pick the empower prosecutors idea off of AG candidate Eric Dinallo sent a letter to the governor, asking him to give the attorney general’s office the power to investigate public officials. * Gov. Paterson Strikes Out On Ethics Hearing in regards to Yankee World Series Tickets - WPIX

Democrat's Blind Sided
Democrats: We were blindsided by Obama's mosque comments (DN) * O gets a Reid flag on mosque (NYP) * Daddy issues at E. Side institution The Islamic Society of New York, on East 96th Street, opened in 1991 under the leadership of Mohammed Rauf, father of "Ground Zero" mosque leader Feisal Abdul Rauf * Missed mosque moment Does anybody really know what President Obama's position is on the Ground Zero mosque?* G.O.P. Seizes on Mosque Issue Ahead of Elections (NYT) * Sen. Reid Comes Out Against Islamic Center Near Ground Zero (WSJ) * Republicans across the country are intensifying their efforts to use the mosque as a campaign issue as US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came out against the project, breaking with the president and fellow Democrats in the process * Newsday has a rundown of who’s where on the mosque among the Long Island electeds. * Democrats are not pleased that they have to answer questions about Cordoba House. * Mayor Bloomberg knew about the contents of Obama's speech Friday night, but Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand did not. * The New New York Times: Its Columnist Makes the Case for Ethnic Hegemony (Wolff, Newser) * GOP Florida Governor Candidate’s New Campaign Ad: “Obama’s Mosque” * Howard Kurtz - Making of a mosque mess (Wash Post) * ‘Most Famous Community Center In The World’ (YNN) * Gillibrand: It’s OK The President Didn’t Call (YNN) * PMGov. Paterson to discuss Ground Zero Islamic center with imam: report

Mad Anthony dummies up Says Weiner: "This is a dangerous place for a member of Congress to be." Politically dangerous, anyway. * The Constitution and the Mosque President Obama needs to push back even harder against the voices of intolerance regarding the building of a mosque in Lower Manhattan. (NYT Ed) * The Post slams Rep. Anthony Weiner for saying it would be unconstitutional for him to publicly take a stand on the mosque.
Terrorism NY Man Gets 2 ½ Years for Breaking Iran Embargo (NYT) * Secret terrorist tapes found under CIA desk (DN)\

The Same Ending to Spreading Around
Spread the Money Around
AG Donors Hedge Their Bets * Spreading The Money Around In The Attorney General Race Election 2010 B'klyn pol takes aim at Dems, joins race for gov (DN) * Editorial: Good riddance Any change from business as usual in Albany tends to be good, and so it was with the startling news that the 600,000-member New York State United Teachers has withdrawn support for about 30 senators and Assembly members in the fall elections. (DN Ed) * Bill Hammond gives Cuomo props for landing the AFL-CIO without “selling his soul.” * NYC Councilman Lew Fidler pledged to challenge the petitions of his Brooklyn colleague and would-be Freedom Party gubernatorial candidate, Charles Barron, if Cuomo’s doesn’t do it. * Rep. Charlie Rangel hasn’t yet decided if he’ll be debating his primary opponents. * The Niagara GOP is poised to flip from Rick Lazio to Carl Paladino * Candidates for Governor Have Contentious History (NYT) * Vito Lopez In Court Today Trying To Knock Challenger Off The Ballot* Aravella all alone now on the ballot * The futile search for the inner Andrew (Crains NY) * Staten Island DA Dan Donovan says nonprofit member item funding is “not the problem”, the issue is the elected official who might be directing the cash to certain groups for less-than altruistic reasons * Kristin Davis filed 22,000 signatures to secure a a place on the ballot as the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate for governor.

As Parents Protest, Chancellor and Panel Leave Angry parents protested a falloff in test scores at a meeting of a citywide education panel, prompting its members and the schools chancellor to walk out. (NYT) * Test-score protesters disrupt Ed Dept. meeting (DN)

First rip-off cabbies fine-ally off the streets (NYP) * TLC to cheating drivers: Hit the road, hacks! (DN)

Deadliest for Walkers: Male Drivers, Left Turns (NYT) * Map Prompts Street Changes Although New York City already has the lowest traffic fatality rate among big U.S. cities, new data released Monday on pedestrian deaths is prompting street changes. (WSJ) * Study: Men behind wheel in most deaths of pedestrians * NYC hopes countdown clocks will lower pedestrian deaths (DN)

Political Meddling Harms Public Authorities, Albany Panel Finds (NYT) * A new report finds public authorities, which are supposed to operate independently from governors and other elected officials, usually don’t.

Judge Temporarily Blocks City's Plans To End School Bus Service On SI (NY1)

Law and Order 21-shot man spared 'slay' rap in gunfight (NYP)* Hoop star's 'phone frenzy' (NYP) * Reluctantly, Court Upholds a Sexual Abuse Conviction (NYT) * Man Shot by Police Charged With Gun Possession (NYT) * Man Wounded in Harlem Shootout Faces Weapons Charges (WSJ) * Murder Charges Dropped For Harlem Man Involved In Police Shootout (NY1)
* Survivor of 23 gunshot wounds does not know how lucky he is * Detectives complain chief is burying them in paperwork * Judges call on DA to reopen Friedman sex-abuse case* Underwhere?! Crooks using 'secret pocket' to hide stash * Brooklyn broomstick mom sentenced to 16 yrs. (NYP)