Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are Newspapers Giving Us Yesterdays News

Breaking News
Cuomo: WFP = NO (Daily Politics) * Cuomo Takes Pass On WFP Line – For Now (YNN) * Cuomo in Rift With Working Families Party (NYT) * Bloomberg, State Electeds to Congress: Medicaid Funds Need Extending * City Smoking Ads Spark New Lawsuit (NY1)

News in today's newspaper was online yesterday afternoon. How much longer will readers buy papers filled with news they could have read about the day before online? We see what is happen to Newsweek for untimely news. Reader also learn of many of these stories the night before on TV or radio news. Since TV and Radio know from ripping and reading the morning papers are now ripping and reading the blogs, even they can have the news before the morning papers. Has the media cuts hurt the ability to offer original content and investigative stories? Yes. How can they expect readers to keep buying their product?

Teacher Layoffs Averted Yesterday
Mayor to Cancel Teachers’ Raises, Averting Layoffs (NYT) Thursday 2PM Online Bloomberg Avoids Teacher Layoffs, Freezing Salaries Instead Wall Street Journal (blog) * Teacher Layoffs Averted, for Now (WSJ) * Taught a tough lesson: Bloomberg had to ax unaffordable raises for teachers (DN Ed) * Mike nixes ax for teachers (WSJ) * City To Avoid Teacher Layoffs By Halting Raises (NY1)

For his Fifteen Minutes It's—Lazio Lazio Lazio
A Raucous G.O.P. Convention Favors Lazio for Governor (NYT) Thursday 3PM Online Republicans Tap Lazio to Run for Governor, Spurn Levy New York Times (blog)

Paterson Bill Would Begin Overhaul of Youth Prisons (NYT) Thursday 2PM Online Paterson Moves on Juvenile Justice Recommendations Gotham Gazette (blog)

8 Charged in Brooklyn in Sex-Trafficking Case (NYT) Thursday 11AM Online 8 Charged with Sex Trafficking Girls, Women in Brooklyn NBC New York * Sex Assaults on the Rise (WSJ)

Steve Rattner's Time is Up
SEC Seeks 3-Year Ban for Rattner (WSJ) Thursday NYT printed S.E.C. Is Said to Seek to Bar Wall St. Financier (NYT) * Thursday 11AM Online SEC Will Seek To BAN Steven Rattner, Former Car Czar, From Wall Street: New ... Huffington Post (blog) * SEC seeks to ban former 'auto czar' from Wall St. activities for up to 3 years Washington Post * The Morning Leverage: Rattner's Year Not Getting Better (WSJ)

Dead Cop Was Drunk This story first appeared on the internet 2PM Thursday Cop driving car that killed him, 2nd police officer was double the legal limit (DN Online) Today Papers Off-Duty Officer in Fatal Bronx Crash Had an Alcohol Level Twice the Legal Limit (NYT) * Officers in Crash Were Drunk (WSJ) *Cop in fatal Bronx crash was twice legal alchol limit (DN) * Booze to blame (NYP) * Officer Had Twice The Legal Alcohol Limit During Fatal Crash (NY1)

Congressional Ethics?
NYP Meeks at Fault, NYT's Black Caucus
The NYP report that Meeks is being investigated and that he wants to muzzle the independent congressional ethics watchdogs. The NYT editorial report that some some black caucus lawmakers are trying to strip the office of its powers. NYP Meeks' ethics battle Is being probed by the feds for missing charity money and other possible wrongdoing (NYP) NYT They Must Be Doing Their Job The Office of Congressional Ethics was created to repair taxpayer confidence frayed by scandals. Now some are trying to strip the office of its powers (NYT Ed)

Is the WSJ and NYP Sharing Information? Both papers had the same story about overpaid workers at the MTA. $239,000 Conductor Among M.T.A.’s 8,000 Six-Figure Workers The list includes dozens of lower-level employees, including conductors, police officers and engineers, thanks to overtime, sick days and retirement benefit * MTA crews riding OT gravy train (NYP)

NYT & NYP Rip Off the Voice
This Week, in the Voice: Is This Woman Too Hot to Be a Banker? June 2 10AM Todays NYP *Woman says she was fired from bank for being too good-looking (NYP) * Suit: Debrahlee Lorenzana Fired From Citibank For Being 'Too Sexy' - WPIX * Times Follows Voice Exclusive, Stiffs Us on Credit NYPD is so hot for downgrading crime statistics, they've been classifying sexual assaults as misdemeanors

Newspapers are Even Ripping Off Each Others Ads

The NYT even thinks the WSJ is ripping off its ads campaign Times Sends Journal Cease and Desist Letter Over Brand Campaign "Not Just Wall Street. Every Street." That's the language of a new New York Times advertisement. But! On May 26, the Wall Street Journal had a house ad inside its pages, which described the Greater New York section this way: "Not Just Wall Street. Every Street."

Election 2010
Levy's out - Rick Lazio got 59.6% of the weighted vote on the first ballot round, and Steve Levy, got only 28%. * State GOP Chairman Ed Cox insists he’s not going to resign, despite the fact that his preferred candidate for governor, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, was rejected by the party in a “rebuke” to his leadership. * 'Foes' are Andy's best friends (NYP) * Bloomberg Cheers Donovan At GOP * State GOP Wraps Up Convention (NY1) * Ed Cox will try to hang on * Paladino Moves Forward with Candidacy (NYT) * Victorious Long Seeks To Avoid ‘War’ With Cox (YNN)

Old NY Street Game of Piling On
Newspapers Pile on WFP

The Daily News editorial board joins the NYP editorial board which yesterday asked Cuomo not to accept the Workings Families Party ballot line. A mandate for Andrew: Cuomo must reject the Working Families Party ballot line (DN Ed) * Fair warning for Andrew (NYP)

Deja Vu All Over Cleaning Up Albany Again Voters will send next governor to the Capitol to clean it up (DN ED) October 22, 2006 The Promise of Eliot Spitzer' Even if the supercharged Mr. Spitzer is swept into office with an overwhelming mandate. But voters should be able to expect that the nationally known Sheriff of Wall Street will use his formidable talents to kick-start a major overhaul of New York’s shabby, inbred government. His goal — a goal we share as we endorse him for governor in the Nov. 7 election— is nothing short of restoring New York as a model for other states, the way it once was under Al Smith or Nelson Rockefeller or Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Why is this News?
Sliwa Reprises Role as King Cuomo (Politicker NY) * Sliwa An Equal-Opportunity Convention Crasher (YNN)

Instant Runoff Voting in NY? (Politicker NY)

Can New York Voters Get Any Dumber?
We are in the era of Espada and Monserrate, before the felony convictions of Bruno, McLaughlin, Seminerio and a legislature who to this very day refuses to make the hard choices every family in our community makes cutting the budget in hard economic times. Will Nonpartisan Elections Make for Dumber Voters? (WSJ) Opponents charge nonpartisan balloting would make city voters less informed, less likely to vote and would create a less competitive atmosphere in down-ballot races. * Dems challenge idea of non-partisan elections (NYP)

New York Economic Melt Down With cuts looming, MTA's payroll increased (WABC TV) * MTA Salaries Increasing (NY1)
* Paterson slashing state spending from weekly bills (NYP)

For 5th Year, Child Sex Abuse Bill Dies in Legislature All seven Republicans on the Codes Committee and two of the nine Democrats voted no. Senator Jeffrey D. Klein of the Bronx and Westchester the other Senator Neil D. Breslin of Albany. Senator Shirley L. Huntley, a Democrat from Queens, voted “no recommendation. * School chaperon on grope binge, cops say (DN) * Chaperone Accused Of Groping Girls On Field Trip (WCBS TV)

Terrorism NY Times Sq. fiend foreclosed (NYP)

Oil Spill in the Bronx River
BP CEO Tony Hayward: Most hated man in America (DN) * Currents Could Take Oil Up to N. Carolina

Starr's attorney quits case

Law and Order
Sex Assaults on the Rise (WSJ) * Bell cop wants civil suit nixed (NYP) * 'Disgusting' grope cop guilty (NYP) * Booze to blame Double-death crash cop 'loaded' (WSJ) * Hole-in-undies claim bogus, city charges (DN) * DA targets Brooklyn's growing sex trade (DN) *City rebuts a sodomy 'cover-up' NYP)* Pot kingpin ran drug ring from S.I. home: cops (DN) * NYPD's top black cop, Community Affairs Chief Douglas Zeigler, set to retire at end of month (DN) *Police hunt for man who tried to grab girls (WABC TV) *Three shot during violent Bronx home invasion (WABCTV) * City Pays $10 Million to Man Framed for Murder (NYT)

Media and New Tech Nate Silver to Crunch Numbers for The Times * Newsmax Bids For Newsweek... Three Others... * How not to save news Bad gov't ideas for journalism * Washington Post Tries to Shore Up Local News Coverage Ahead of TBD

KIll the Umpire

Jim Joyce's blown call at first robs Armando Galarraga of perfect game, may lead to call for replay (DN) *Selig mulls whether to overturn call that cost perfect game * Suit: Debrahlee Lorenzana Fired From Citibank For Being 'Too Sexy' - WPIX

In Blagojevich Corruption Trial, a Political Window

White House dangled three jobs for Colorado candidate Andrew Romanoff (DN)