Sunday, April 4, 2010

True News Update All Weekend: Voters Mad As Hell At Albany

Easter Sunday in New York (1900's) below Easter Sunday 2010

Voters Mad As Hell At Albany
But Will They Vote the Bums Out? Voters' capital idea: Dump Albany bums Anti-incumbency fervor has reached a fever pitch in New York -- with nearly seven out of 10 voters believing the state would be better off if most Albany legislators were tossed out of office this November, according to a new poll.

Mad As Hell
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New York officials arrested, convicted and investigated for acting like New Jersey politicians
We used to gaze across the Hudson and be glad to be free of cesspool of corruption known as New Jersey.

The Extortion Game
The role of Newspapers and bloggers from here on will be to educate and inform the votes of all the tricks the pols have to make us hate Albany or the council but love our local elected officials. Government funded member items slush funds are the easiest way to explain why legislatures get reelected in spite of the votes hating how government operates. How can anyone hate a pol who gives money to schools, seniors and abused women? Also the shame election law and redistricting which protects incumbents.

It is the Pols Fault The city's economic melt down is the pols fault because they ran a corrupt dysfunctional government for decades. And the resulting increase in crime will also be their fault. Brooklyn fears crime wave as nearly all precincts report spike in felonies

Fake Watch Groups Albany ethics panel says legislators can eat, drink with lobbyists despite 2007 reform law In the latest only-in-Albany outrage, the Legislature's inhouse ethics panel quietly decreed in February that lawmakers can eat, drink and make merry at "widely attended" lobbyist events. And good government groups who protect elected officials Citizens Union watchdog group struggles with cozy government relationships

Schools for scandal: Charters must be kept free of cheap politicians
In Queens, state Sen. Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and Rep. Gregory Meeks got their mitts on two charter schools that have been swept up in a federal grand jury probe of the two officials' finances, which are, umm, complicated (NYDN ED)

Speakers Pushes Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says Democratic leaders pushed hard for Aqueduct racino contract

Investigation Continues Paterson Deputy Is Questioned in Case Involving Another Aide * Road-raging hardhats to gov: Are you crazy? Enraged contractors called Gov. Paterson's very sanity into question yesterday, as they fast-tracked court action over his extraordinary decision to halt funding to construction projects. *** Heat on pols' pal architect Probe amid rich rewards * Cartoonist’s Take on Senate Pay-to-Play Move (Adam Zyglis) * Sen. Padavan's earmarks pale in comparison to Smith, Dems*** Public corruption Senate Dems’ brazenness makes it plain Legislature can’t clean up its own act (Buffalo News Ed) * Alan S. Chartock: Senate Democrats are in trouble Troy Record * AEG as Aqueduct pick becomes more controversial (Queens Crap) * Malcolm's secret 500G land deals

Albany Government Has Stopped 'Everything's on the table' Albany Times Union * Road-raging hardhats to gov: Are you crazy? * Albany Budget Complicated by Rift Rumors Wall Street Journal *** Lisberg: 'No magic bullets' in budget * Contractors To Sue State Government Over Halted Projects * Albany Budget Complicated by Rift Rumors Tension Between New York's Top Two Officials Add to Difficulties as Lawmakers Grapple With Mounting Fiscal Problems* Richardson: Paterson plays a rotten game of 'chicken'

Rockerfeller and Lindsay Stated building the WTC on On August 3, 1966 and finished the second tower on July 1971
WTC stalled extra year * A Deal at Ground Zero? The city, state and Port Authority may have finally agreed on a development plan, but we hope they aren’t patting each other on the back too soon.(NYT Ed)This Domino must not fall: Don't let local politicians scuttle Brooklyn housing * Proposed compensation for Ground Zero workers being called 'unfair and illogical'

Why NY is Going Broke FDNY doc who never fought fires gets 95G 'disability' * The tax-chop champ TW Center mogul among flood of appeals

Schumer + D'Amato and WH A Little

Election 2010 What Makes Gillibrand Scary to Rivals? After a lot of talk, many critics of Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand who said they could beat her will not be trying *** Al Sharpton: New York Senator Must Have 'Mystical Powers' * Governor Candidates Push Big Ideas

New York Economic Melt Down Harlem Arts School Shuts Over Financial Problems * Cry for health care to save St. Vinny's * St. Vincent's needs financial miracle to survive * Bill T. Jones, Dance Theater Workshop to merge * Retirees game MTA payout for voluntary quitters * MTA offers 20,000 to workers who leave voluntarily, retirees take advantage ** NY Parks, Golf Courses To See Admission Hikes (WCBS) * Huge 25% hike for small businesses kills New York jobs * State workers' jobs on budget block: Paterson * LES Tenants Claim NYCHA Neglects Their Housing Complex

Law and Order Boozy onboard party led to subway slays * Officer dodged a bullet * In SoHo Burglaries, a Case of a Taste for the Luxurious Things in Life * Man, 18, Is Fatally Stabbed Near Prospect Park * Letting a killer walk Rookie Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance needs to learn that the best way to get justice is to seek justice.(NYP Ed) * Train slay suspect cries when jailed, claims self-defense * Ex-con shot dead by NYPD officer pulled trigger first: police * Ice heists put stores on edge * Brooklyn precincts report spike in felonies * Are they on drugs? State's top court gives more help to lawbreakers * Six Arrested After Girl, 7, Is Gang-Raped in New Jersey* Meet the mafia's 'judge' Tough guy 'Lefty' ruled on Five Families' blood feudsCommunity Groups That Bite Back In Queens, a Civic Group Flexes Its Muscles * Unsound Facts in Report on Atlantic Yards by Controversial Analysts (Atlantic Yards Report)

How Not to Lay Off Teachers (City Journal) * Lieberman: Trains, buses easy terror targets

The unemployment rate remains steady at 9.7 percent * Long-Term Unemployment Hits All-Time High * Expiring Unemployment Benefits Will Lead to Homeless Spike (Coalition for the Homeless) * Start-Ups, Not Bailouts If we want to bring down unemployment in a sustainable way, we need to create a big bushel of new companies. And fast! (Friedman NYT) * Jobs Data Reveals Public-Private Gap - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post

Citigroup Plans to Raise Salaries Up To 50% * Hedge Funds Make HayBig money managers should have their pay treated as ordinary income, with higher tax rates (NYT Ed) * Looting Main Street(Rolling Stone)
In reversal, Democrats pull in more cash for campaigns than GOP Washington Post * Obama's mission: Saving Gov. Patrick (Politico)* Mark Halperin describes Palin consolidating power * Marc Ambinder gives five reasons the RNC won’t fire Steele

NASA careers may stall w/o shuttles

US delays currency report that could target China: Treasury * Is Obama Giving Up on Stopping Iran? - Greg Sheridan, The Australian * U.S. Just Dodged a Major Crisis With China (The Atlantic)

Death of the White House Press Corps * ABC, CBS Evening News See Worst Ratings EVER While NBC Thrives * WSJ Exec Honored As Publisher Of The Year *** New York Times' Renewed Sense of Competition with New Funding Strategy: Satan *** For Some Aspiring Political Broadcasters, Breaking the Law Does Pay

Justice Stevens: I'll Retire in Obama's Term Most Senior Member of Supreme Court Tells Newspapers He'll Decide Soon on Timing of Retirement (CBSNEWS) * Justice Stevens to leave while Obama in office (AP)* Courting Judges: Obama Shows Signs of Spunk - The Nation

A Tough Easter for the Pope * Pope Celebrates Easter Vigil Amid Abuse Scandal

Why the Collider Matters: In Search of the 'God Particle' (Time)

UNION SQUARE: Thousands Gather for Massive Pillow Fight

IPad Media Circus Apple iPad hits the streets Washington Post* Media iPad Apps: Will These Magazine & Newspaper Apps Save The Industry? * iRefuse: Why I Am Not Buying an iPad (Yet) * Memo: iPad won't save journalism

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How Many Trucks And Workers Does It Take ? D.O.T. Repairs A (Small) Patch On Union Street Bridge (Pardon Me for Asking) *** As demolition proceeds, will they paint the wrecking ball to look like a basketball?(Atlantic Yard Report) *** Interesting commentary on the “Bloomberg Era” Here’s Nathan Kensinger’s take on the past 8 years in Mayor Mike’s New York City… Change is inevitable but how do you feel about the way the city went about transforming itself post 9/11? Was there too much of a focus on expanding real estate development and retail? Has the Mayor worked hard enough to diversify a city economy dependent upon financial services (real estate is included in that sector) and tourism (which produces very few high paying jobs)? Does the creative class still thrive in NYC? What about the middle class? Where are they in this situation? (The Real Fort Green)