Sunday, March 21, 2010

NYT Wimps Out on Gov

What does Paterson have to do for the NYT to demand he leave office?

Today's NYT Editorial
Fleeing a Sinking Governorship
"It’s time for the governor to prove he is worthy of the office. If not, he should resign."

NYT Follows Up NYP Exposure of Congress Meeks

Congressman Cries Poor, but Lifestyle May Disagree

Meeks the life worthy of a jet-setter says the NYT using his campaign funds, government funds and special deals from people who need government favors * luxury hotels * Lexus, leased by the federal government, at a cost of $1,000 a month * Brought a house worth over a million for 830,000 *** Peninsula Preparatory Academy moved to land owned by Malcolm Smith contributor, Benjamin Companies

New York Tea Party Candidate?
Steve Levy declared himself the only candidate with the independence to take on interest groups. Democrat Enters N.Y. Governor Race as Republican ***'Game changer' Levy calls for $$ uprising

This is What Happens When the Pols and Public Accept 10% Unemployment Rate Number of People Living on New York Streets Soars

Getting Off Easy
Taxis A $mack at hack cheats *** Steve steals the show: Levy's vault into governor's race shakes up Albany

Long's Kingdom
Conservative Party endorsed Rick Lazio for governor *** Lazio Endorsed by Conservative Party
Conservative's Mike Long looking for family jobs again? Political PARTIES 4 SALE, Organized Crime Politics

Double Dealing Us All Along?
Citizens Union watchdog group struggles with cozy government relationships