Friday, March 26, 2010

Paterson's Lawyer Does the Talking Now

Paterson's Lawyer Does the Talking Now

In a written statement, Mr. Wells Paterson's Lawyer said: “Governor Paterson will answer all questions on all issues before Judge Kaye at the appropriate time. The governor has not done anything wrong, and he looks forward to the conclusion of Judge Kaye’s investigation. In the meantime, he will not comment on a piecemeal basis to incomplete and often factually inaccurate press reports.”

Gov defended top aide even after hearing about cop report: source It wasn't until later, when the story was about to break, that Paterson finally suspended David Johnson *** Gov helped write statement for Booker to deliver in aide-abuse scandal: sources

"On a radio show on Feb. 18, despite having been made aware of the police report, Mr. Paterson claimed that there had been no recent accusations made against Mr. Johnson. Mr. Paterson first claimed that he was called by Ms. Booker on Feb. 7, but several people with knowledge of the call said that someone reached out to her on the governor’s behalf and told her to call him." Paterson Seen With Key Role in Response to Aide’s Abuse Case Gov. David A. Paterson is said to have helped draft a statement he hoped would be endorsed by his aide’s former companion, asserting there had been no violence in a quarrel. *** Post Star: "Setting new standards for stupidity, cowardice and ignorance of their surroundings, the governor and state Legislative leaders have gone off the deep end." *** Paterson Defended Aide Even After Learning Of Police Report (NBC) *** NYT Prints Another David Paterson 'Bombshell'…Will It Matter? News Trends *** David Paterson Devised Statement That Had Woman Recant Domestic Violence ... DNAinfo *** More Dirt on Paterson's Role in Hushing Up Alleged Assault Gothamist *** More Dirt on Paterson's Role in Hushing Up Alleged Assault Gothamist *** Times: Paterson Helped Draft Statement For Booker To Endorse New York Magazine *** Lawyer: No wrongdoing by Paterson over statement *** Albany Absurdity Threshold Broken Yet Again: Paterson Personally Penned ...
Village Voice

Payoffs Barron blasts Yassky TLC appointment as political reward voted to extend term limits *** 'Consultants' getting $722M a year from city for doomed CityTime computer project

Bloomberg Campaign Vs. Reality
During the campaign calls for free crosstown buses and a quarter billion cut in MTA bureaucracy. Yesterday after all of the mayor's MTA appointees voted to cut 100 million in services and not a single MTA staffer Bloomberg said you have not seen anything yet. Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog ... Aug 3, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg called the MTA's Doomsday service cuts "just the beginning."

$harp MTA ax to up-route New Yorkers ***Bloomberg's budget ax draws fresh blood *** Transit Agency Approves Cuts, and More Bad News Looms *** Paterson and Legislature at Odds as Budget Deadline Nears *** MTA approves $93M in service cuts *** Paterson Predicts 'Phony' Budget Numbers

Breaking News Judge Voids City School Closings

Assemblyman Convicted on Impaired Driving Charge *** Senate President Malcolm Smith hired a criminal defense attorney

Death by a thousand cuts: Paterson, Silver and Sampson's budget betrayals (NYDN Ed) *** Rep. Greg Meeks called his critics partisan.

New York Economic Melt Down New owner of W hotel at Union Sq. files bankruptcy *** Postal Service moves toward 5-day delivery *** Budget cuts threaten 8,500 teachers: Klein *** After-school programs to close due to budget cuts *** As City Squeezes In Housing, Some Perks Are Squeezed Out *** Why the Bad Real Estate Market (Continually) Hurts the M.T.A. *** Average Con Ed Bill to Rise by $10 Over 3 Years *** Hospitals Chief Expects to Cut 3,900 Jobs *** MTA's transit cutbacks leave riders motionless *** The Court of Appeals heard a challenge to New York’s plan to collect cigarette taxes from tribal reservations. (AP) *** Runaway money train MTA eyes $$ raid to close *** Upscale department store Takashimaya closing *** Fannie Mae crimps Battery Park apartment sales *** Con Ed rates are going up *** Once Again, M.T.A.'s West Side Rail Yards Deal Faces Delay

Organizaed Crime Politics House Counsel for Mob Now House Counsel for Senate? Embattled Senate President Malcolm Smith has hired prominent criminal defense lawyer Gerald Shargel to help him deal with mounting investigations.

Pay to Play Albany & City Hall For sale -- and stupid *** ALBANY DEMS OFFER LABOR SEATS AT TABLE - FOR 50G! ***Stench of Senate slime: Democrats totally renege on promise of Albany change *** Mike rips pay-to-play amid push for probe *** Albany Senate to Release Some Files on Aqueduct *** Albany’s Pork Handouts That the leaders of New York’s Legislature get bigger chunks of political pork than lesser members is another reason to oppose earmarks *** MTA Workers The ones who don't suffer (NYP Ed) *** NY Democrats fight subpoenas in Aqueduct probe*** As promised, the Senate Democrats released the AEG-related subpoenas they are seeking to quash *** No parole for former Assemblyman Clarence Norman, who is on work-release *** The Legislature is poised to approve a tax break bill that will benefit the Chelsea co-op complex where Se. Tom Duane lives *** Michael Bloomberg trashed Klein's letter as "pay to play." *** Here's a look at MTA budget cuts *** Gov now says Dems' 'pay for play' scheme is an 'outrage' *** TLC chief: 'Distressed' cabbies snookered passengers out of $8.3M *** Albany Hits A New Low *** Rep. Towns tried to get funds to group that hired his aide *** Lobbyists targeted pols to make soda tax idea go flat *** Senate Democrats offered exclusive access to their conference leaders in exchange for campaign donations. (TU/BN) *** Albany has no $hame *** Former Mayor Ed Koch wants the Albany DA to investigate the Senate Democrats' donor councils fundraising scheme *** The beverage industry spent $3 million on lobbying to kill the so-called fat tax, including $36,000 on Sen. Jeff Klein, who led the effort against the tax *** Judith Hope is accused of misusing money from the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee.

Council Pork Pigs As NY unemployment rate remains over 10%, the city is laying off workers and cutting services, the police department numbers are becoming lower than the time of the Dinkins build up the Council Budget Increases 4.6 Percent Could that be why Citywide Murder Rate Up 23 Percent So Far This Year, NYPD Stats Show *** What fiscal crisis? City Council increases budget

Shady landlord handshakes worth $153M, City Controller Liu's audit finds

Possible G.O.P. Candidate for Senate Will Skip Race

Audit Faults Bookkeeping by Office Under Morgenthau *** Mike's Morgy misfire: Audit completely clears long-time DA of mayor's charges

Citizens Union watchdog group struggles with cozy government relationships *** Bloomberg to Give Out $60 Million *** Bloomberg Is Quietly Ending a Charitable Program

NYT Pays Singapore Leaders Over $100K In Damages, Apologizes *** Journal's New York Section Will Now Debut April 26 *** Press-Boxed: WSJ Adds Sports Beats to Take on The Times *** Ex-NY1 anchor Dominic Carter making way back into media *** Washington Post CEO's Pay CUT IN HALF *** NYT Staffers Furious Over Exec Raises

Ex-Bloomberg LP employees to judge: decide our pregnancy discrimination case *** Three more women joined the class-action lawsuit against Bloomberg L.P.