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NYP Calls NYT NYS Bailout Plan Bozo in a Suit

NYP Calls NYT NYS Bailout Plan Bozo in a Suit

The NYP calls calls Albany bozos and says Ravitch's scheme to borrow $6 billion to reform state spending "doesn't pass the laugh test." the NYT editorial calls it reasonable? What do you expect from a newspaper that is using borrowing to keep itself alive with a Mexican billionaire who became the richest man in the word has a monopoly down there? Will Carlos Slim Save The New York Times? - BusinessWeek The Daily News sides with the NYT and calls Ravitch budget plan is New York's only hope for a future A first step only.

Can't trust these bozos to fix the mess they created (Dicker NYP)*** A Way to Bail Out New York (NYT Editioral)

Let's go, Nets! Go Were?
there record is the worst in the NBA. 57 loses with just 7 wins so far. The city would save a lot of money and Rattner would lose million if they just bury the entire team at Atlantic and Flatbush then build a stadium Hoop reality comes to Brooklyn with arena groundbreaking *** That's my corpse! Funeral director scrambles to retrieve body after tow truck hooks his minivan

Government Do Over Again and Again
When we were kids and we did not like the outcome of a game, we bullied our way to do it over. Now our kids behavior has become the way Albany operates. Slot Machines at Aqueduct? No, Not Yet *** Queens Crap: Aqueduct deal dead again

Now MTA now mulling a 2010 hike December 3, 2009 MTA Boss Says No Fare Hike In 2010 -- Daily Intel *** MTA Hearings Over, Crisis Continues

NY Economic Melt Down Kelly: Police will have to continue to do more with less *** Port Authority chief wants tolls for upkeep *** State cuts threaten GED test funding

Hiram heckled during debate against Peralta

Ground Zero Workers Reach Deal Over Health Claims

After Years of Controversy, Ceremonial Shovels Come Out

Civil suit: Richard Izquierdo Arroyo failed to protect student in alleged harassment by teacher

Al-Qaida seen eyeing less complex attacks on U.S.

Spitzer ex-confidant tells all *** In a speech at SUNY New Paltz, ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer said no progress has been made in regulating banks since the financial crisis. (Daily Freeman)

NYP edit board slams cuomo for handing paterson probe to judith kaye. *** Smith: Timing of Cuomo’s Investigation Recusal Suspicious *** Cuomo's Poll Numbers Took Beating On Paterson Case *** Cuomo dropped 22 points in poll among non-whites while handling the Paterson probe.

Cuomo Will Recuse Himself From Paterson Investigations ***Andy gets off Dave's case *** Judge Judy's new friend (NYPEd) *** Cuomo Hands Paterson Case to an Ex-Judge *** A Veteran Judge, Never a Prosecutor, Is Seen as Well Suited to Investigate the Governor *** Cuomo handed off Gov probe, but got burned by this hot potato

Aqueduct Casino Deal is Dead *** State pulls plug on racino deal *** Back to the starting gate *** The State Lottery Division refused to license Aqueduct Entertainment Group, meaning the contract to put VLTs at Aqueduct Race Track must be re-bid. (TU/NYT)

Zero Based Budgeting Would Force Pols and the Press to Act More Responsively

The Daily News is doing a series of editorials naming elected officials speaking out against MTA student transit pass cuts. Pointing out that these pols are the ones who vote on the MTA budget that calls for the cuts. Yesterday councilmembers spoke out against Fire Department Cutbacks Why didn't today's Daily News call for the council protesters to come up with cuts in other areas of the budget to save the fire houses? Same old story NY pols gain press and public support for attacking government decisions that they were elected to make. What the DN editorials should call for is a form of zero based budgeting in the council. Where no pol can attack cuts without offering an alternative cuts or tax increase to make up for not cutting the service or programs that those pols are protesting should not be made. Or should we just create a new control board like was created in the 70's to give cover to the pols so they will not have to be responsible for any decision to cut government. Ravitch’s plan for the state Albany Is Taking New Budget Proposal Seriously *** Bloomberg, NY state comptroller slam Ravitch's $6B debt plan *** Borrowing trouble (NYP Ed) *** NYS Comptroller: we can't borrow our way out of crisis

Gov of La Mancha Trying Times for Father of New York’s Governor *** Paterson scandal: 'Teflon Dave' may not face tamper charges regarding Booker domestic abuse case

New York Times transitions to iPad and other e-readers, it plans to keep control over its readers' highly lucrative data.">Will Arthur Sulzberger make Steve Jobs blink?

Health care lobbyists unleash ‘Cutzilla' on Albany

David Loglisci Cops Pension Scam Plea, Says 'Senior Officials' Made Him Do It. "It was another bad day in court for that former New York political power couple, consultant Hank Morris, and his top client, former comptroller Alan Hevesi." Loglisci's Plea *** Cuomo Keeps Rattner in Limbo *** Former Hevesi Aide Pleads Guilty in Pension Case *** Pension big pleads guilty

TARP Panel Finds Fault With GMAC Bailouts

Albany Is Taking New Budget Proposal Seriously

District Attorney Raids Office of Construction Company

Problems with NYC Subway Cameras

Aqueduct's Put Down

Will the Fixers Go to Jail?

Backers bail on slots plot at Aqueduct *** Aqueduct slots: all lemons (NYP Ed) *** Greg Meeks' loud silence *** Minister Withdraws as Investor in Aqueduct Casino *** Aqueduct racino deal on verge of getting scratched*** Dave ducks lamely: Gov can run from the Aqueduct mess but he can't hide

New York Economic Melt Down
Ralliers cry against gov's $25M cut for senior centers *** Le Parker Meridien eatery shuts its doors *** Bloomberg on WTC: 'We have to bail out America'

Convicted abuser Hiram Monserrate announces his campaign to reclaim his Senate seat *** Cynthia Nixon fights to keep Monserrate out of office

Meet the scoundrels - 3: More lawmakers who robbed MTA then raged at cuts (DN Ed)

Public Advocate Bill De Blasio advocates Charter transparency

Mob 'bribe' plot at WTC

Ex-Congressman Describes Tickle Fights With Aides

Muslim convert Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad Jane, faces terror charges


Flake, Jay Z drop out of AEG as gov threatens to kill Aqueduct deal *** Paterson Recuses Himself From Racino Project

MTA supervisor stole $150G, handed out contracts: prosecutors

Corbitt's successor quits as State Police chief *** New York Loses Another Police Chief in Scandal’s Wake

Paterson Uses Issue's Cult Politics to Mask Reality
Pols treat issues cults like a dog owner. Throw a stick and they will bring it back to you all happy. Yesterday Paterson agreed with the issue people on their issues and all were so pleased. If a pol agrees with you with gay rights, abortion, union workers or developers the supporters of these issues do not care about what else the pols thinks or does. It is not only with issues listed above, there are hundreds of interest and lobbyist acting the same way. Religion can be used by the pol they same way.Pols like Paterson know this and they exploit this issues culture to the fullest to hid their troubles. Paterson Finds Friends at a Forum on the Budget ***Hammond: A brief glimpse of good David *** Gov. David Paterson met with Archbishop Timothy Dolan. (DN) *** Andrea Peyser was struck by home alone David Paterson looked at a town hall in Brooklyn. (NYP) *** Federal prosecutors looking into the Aqueduct deal are finding the probe has legs. (DN)

Gov of La Mancha Gov. Paterson gulps, pushes for soda levy *** Holy help! Paterson huddles with Archbishop Dolan *** Dave's deficits: Paterson lacks credibility - and the money to pay the state's way *** Hammond: A brief glimpse of good David *** Dave & Mike in 'vitch $lap Gov. Paterson and Mayor Bloomberg each unloaded yesterday on Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch's plan to use borrowed funds to close part of the state's $9 billion deficit. "Deficit borrowing is what got us into this mess,"

Obama group tells Hiram: No, you can't *** Hiram supporters hand out anti-gay flyers *** Maps, Competition and Monserrate's New Logo

District Attorney Blames Greed in Fatal Crane Collapse

New York Economic Melt Down Public Pension Funds Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns *** Unions to Rally to Build Towers at Ground Zero *** The state’s Board of Regents is considering canceling statewide test. (TU)

Brought to U.S., Man Is Charged With Aiding Somali Terrorists

House Democrat Quitting Amid Ethics Inquiry Blames His Party

Media Outs Pols Game of Blaming the Government They are Elected to Run

New York pols are spoiled rotten. They are not judge on the how well they run the government, they are judge by how well they attack the government. This shell game has allow NY pols to get reelected without being judge on how well the government was doing. Both the NYP and DN editorial boards have pointed out today how the pol blame game operates. What they should do next is point out how the public who are very upset about dysfunctional government votes pols back into office because of the member item funds they bring home to the district Speaker Quinn's pander *** Meet the scoundrels - 1: Lawmakers kill student MetroCards and blame MTA

Paterson Hangs In
At Church, Paterson Vows to Stay in Office *Paterson finds sanctuary in friendly church** Lupica: Cuomo has not risen to top - everyone else has plummeted ***'I will not be daunted': Dave *** Paterson set to hold town hall meeting *** NewsGov. Paterson finds sanctuary in Brooklyn's Cornerstone Baptist Church *** Ethics clouds over Rangel and Paterson are the talk of political Harlem Washington Post ***Who, how and if... Questions about how procedure in Paterson allegations would unfold *** Gov. David Paterson will speak to the Republican Senate conference today (DN) *** Juan Gonzalez writes that the Harlem old guard knows Paterson should go. (DN) *** David Paterson and Eliot Spitzer: New Book Reminds Us How We Got Here (Barrett Village Voice) *** Paterson Finds Friends at a Forum on the Budget

Facebook Joseph Mercurio "Notwithstanding all of Paterson's public comments -- he can't say this, he can't say that -- nothing prohibits him from speaking publicly and saying whatever he wants." Albany Law School professor Michael Hutter, a one-time nominee to the Court of Appeals and a recognized expert in criminal law, said flatly, "Any gove...rnment official who is under investigation by the attorney general or any law-enforcement agency has the option to disclose or not to disclose what the person knows. Come clean Paterson. Silence of the sham -

“It is hard to imagine a higher potential for reprisal than being contacted — in this case, three times — by the State Police on behalf of your attacker and then, ultimately, by the state’s most powerful politician,” Denise O’Donnell wrote in the Post. “We will have to wait for the results of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s investigation before we know all the facts. But we don’t have to wait to see this episode as an object lesson to remind us why we pass the laws we pass.” (NYP)

Rangel gets rain check on Dem Committee's endorsement

Show Me the Money
ALBANY -- Nervous state lawmakers, fearing angry voters will kick them out of office in November, are shamelessly pressuring lobbyists more than ever for massive political contributions, lobbyists and lawmakers have told The PostLobbyists feel the $queezeTrial Is Elusive in an Assemblyman’s Drunken-Driving Case *** 55 cops on DWI charges in last decade; nearly all kept their jobs

New York Economic Melt Down Bloomberg Says a Soda Tax ‘Makes Sense’ *** Benjamin: Borrow plan can save state, Ravitch says *** Catholic school students protest closings at St. Pat's *** Gov: Budget failure could cause NY depression *** Construction workers to rally at Ground Zero

Sunday Update

Titanic Paterson
After a week of mutiny by his top staff the SS Titanic Paterson is taking on water. Gov. Paterson's core shrinking after 3 top aides bolt.
*Peter Kauffmann became 'very disillusioned' with Gov. Paterson's lying ways, says source WCBS TV says David Johnson will be interviews by investigators this week

NYP Continues on Paterson by describing Spitzer selection process for Lt. Gov Gov's 'pick me!' path to power Behind Spitzer's fateful decision *Blame Spitzer for Paterson: Our failed guv was chosen by the last one for purely political reasons Joyce Purnick DN** 'Modest' Sherr-una Booker, woman at heart of Paterson scandal, posed in photo shoot 10 years ago (DN) *** Gov. Paterson should've learned from his early days in office that honesty is always best policy (Daly DN) *** Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch calls meeting with Andrew Cuomo to discuss plan if Paterson resigns *** 'Totally incompetent' Paterson viewed as major disappointment for disabled (Bronx Times) *** Quick quit is best bet for Gov. Paterson, say crisis management experts *** Paterson's Legal Problems Mounting *** Paterson faces legal minefield in conduct inquiries ***He's the man in the wings Lt. Gov. Ravitch, veteran of fiscal crises, has credibility with lawmakers (TU) *** Barron: Cuomo should step aside in gov probe *** Paterson uses pulpit to vow he'll finish year in office *** Inside David Paterson's Path to Power New York Magazine

Play to Play Pol's $core next door Clark's charity helps itself most *** The shady Working Families Party hired Judith Kaye and her firm, Skadden Arps, to conduct an internal review of its for-profit arm in hopes of forestalling prosecutors’ criminal probes. NYP Ed *** General Ed: Former Mayor Koch pledges to rout and replace the Albany zeroes *** Scandal-tainted Rep. Charles Rangel returns home to warm welcome from supporters *** Sun setting on Harlem(Politico)Bloomberg supporters Christine Quinn, Helen Marshall oppose plan to retool Charter

NY Economic Melt Down
Students put MTA to test on free cards *** State's soda tax plan bubbling to the surface *** Mayor: Tax sugary drinks *** Protest over Manhattan Catholic schools closing***Kushner's 666 Fifth loan goes to special servicer
GOP: Give us a military trial for 9/11 masterminds ... and we'll shut down Gitmo! *** Iran's Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 Attacks a 'Big Lie' *** American-born al-Qaeda spokesman arrested: officials

Disney Pulls ABC From Cablevision After Deal Fails

Governors Lawyers Negotiate Non Criminal Exit

It all fits. Everyone knows including Paterson that he will go before his term is up. The Governor cconsults with a powerful law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind to handle the charges of jury tampering. His main investigator meets in secret with the man who would become governor Attorney general and lieutenant governor hold secret meeting The father of the AG comes out with a statement that says Mario Cuomo: I want to see Paterson finish his term Is the former gov trying to give his son more time to allow Paterson to pass a budget before resigning. So Andrew can escape getting involved in a budget that will cut millions in services? Keep in mind that this years state budget will be negotiated by Two Men in a Room - Silver and Sampson. Dysfunction Displaces Work in a Distracted Albany

Paterson gets set to meet with investigators Paterson Insists He’ll Clear His Name His ex commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services and deputy secretary of public safety for the state of New York resigned last week because she said about the jury tampering "I cannot condone and will not defend behavior that is the antithesis of what many of us have spent our entire careers working to build. Ex-commish tells of outrage over Paterson abuse-case

Paterson will sign anything they give him. The legislature cannot impeach Paterson. If they try that he will appoint a Seabury type commission to investigate corrupt state legislatures under the Moreland Act. MORELAND ACT DATES BACK TO 1907 *** Moreland Act of 1907: Governors' Strong Suit Remember the problems Rockefeller caused by appointing Nadijari NYT Knifed Nadjari Commission Best Hope Court Reform That why the most powerful man in Albany does not mention impeachment (he also has knowledge of the legal deal in the works) Silver: Answer all the allegations now! Meanwhile the NYP and DN continue to attack Paterson Time to pack it in, Dave (NYP Ed) *** Gov. Paterson's photo op at JFK restaurant opening can't mask his crumbling reputation (DN) Even the Black leaders who met at Sylvia's Thursday night decided are giving him time to negotiate. If they asked him to resign reports are he would have done so, instead they released a statement that Paterson is entitled to the presumption of innocence until the investigation is finished. An investigation they already know will finish the first black governor. Dicker: Impeachment Is Possible

"I, at all times, upheld the oath of my office and never at any point attempted to influence or coerce anyone to do anything they didn't want to do" Paterson

Lawmakers To Ask Cuomo Not To Handle Paterson Probes (NYPaterson finds balm in Harlem Political leaders who have endured the sting of racism urge the governor to stay in office until the investigations are over

Mob Construction
Slay rap due on crane big ***Inspector 'racket' *** Owner of Crane Company Faces Manslaughter Charges *** Ex-Building Inspector Charged With Selling Training Certificates

New York Economic Melt Down
$63M hit from city snowdown *** N.J. Transit Seeks Raise in Its Fares

Law and Order
Qns. duo in $16M real-estate 'buy' scam

Terrorism Obama advisers to recommend military tribunals for 9/11 plotters ***

White House
Closing Gitmo part of military trial deal for 9/11 case
Congress Rep. Eric Massa to resign amid sexual harassment allegations from male staffer*** Congressman Accused of Harassment Resigns

Wall Street and the Economy So Much for Jobs, Jobs, JobsWithout more fiscal aid to the states, layoffs, on the wane in the private sector, will shift to the public sector *** WATCH Arianna on 'Real Time': The Middle Class Is Crumbling

Media and New Tech Cablevision hits Iger *** Christiane Amanpour In Talks For ABC's 'This Week' ***NYT Planning TV-Style Newscasts ***WATCH: Anchors Play ChatRoulette With Jon Stewart