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Goodby Dave: Paterson No Victim, Made His Own Bed

Paterson No Victim
Made His Own Bed

NYC Unemployment 10.4% and the real number is close to 18% are the real victims not Paterson. 16,600 more jobs were lost in NYC last year than previously thought. That means that 147,000 lost their jobs in a city. 160,000 since the crash in August 2008.

Another Victim
Family, friends say Sherr-una booker, woman at center of guv probe, tormented after incident
***Gov. Paterson's support from women is slipping *** Sen. Velmanette Montgomery says every single one of her female colleagues "expressed nothing but anger" over abusegate *** Through his attorney, Paterson aide David Johnson denies he harmed Booker. (DN)

Update Attorney general and lieutenant governor hold secret meeting

Sharpton, other black leaders want Paterson to stay in office (NYP) *Summit grants gov a 'stay'** McCall: ‘It may not be possible’ for Paterson *** Paterson's staff seeks to regroup with pep talks *** A Vote Of Confidence From Black Leaders Pressure-Packed Meeting In Harlem Ends With Rev. Sharpton And Others Saying Governor Should Finish His Term (WCBS) *** Led by Carl McCall, ex-Mayor David Dinkins and Rev. Al Sharpton, Harlem calls Paterson home *** Dean Skelos is giving Paterson a week to prove he can govern. (NYS Public Radio) *** Paterson's Poll Numbers Come Down, More *** Paterson didn't really want those World Series tickets anyway *** Accused of Lying, Will Paterson Lose His Security Clearance? (NBC) *** Paterson to Hold Brooklyn Town Hall Meeting Monday

It is what is good for Me or Us
Not what is good for the people of New York

Is the only standard we judge our elected officials by is innocence until proven guilty?

Do you want to be governed by a man whose moral fiber has worn so thin that he'd perjure himself over baseball tickets?Thou shalt not lie (NYP Ed) *** Gov's media guru quits as more officials say Paterson should resign *** Kruger Floats Potential Paterson Impeachment, Nixes Ravitch-Led Budget Negotiations
Impeach talk too early at Capitol Albany Times Union

And the Daily News Editorial
In good conscience, Dave: Today is the day that Gov. Paterson must resign

Pressure Mounting, Paterson Loses Aide and Consults Lawyer *** Governor Gets Help From Lawyer of Spitzer’s ***Crisis sours image maker *** Gov. Paterson's troubles grow (TU)

Facebook Joseph Mercurio Governor lawyers up. "Mr. Paterson sought the help of a prominent criminal defense lawyer, Theodore V. Wells Jr. of the firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, and as new information emerged indicating that the governor’s contact with Ms. Booker had been more extensive than previously reported."

Paterson Sinking Ship
“…integrity and commitment to public service are values I take seriously. Unfortunately, as recent developments have come to light, I cannot in good conscience continue in my current position. I have notified the Governor that I am resigning as Director of Communications." Peter Kauffmann

Rash of Scandals Tests Democrats at Sensitive Time *** Who Can Clean Up Albany? Koch and Company Will Try *** Rangel, Paterson and a Harlem Political Dynasty's Fall (Time) *** Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras' tires were slashed hours after she sent out a pro-Jose Peralta email

Larry Kudlow Favors CNBC Over U.S. Senate

State buyout fails to hit goal *** Paterson drama keeping New York City's budget decisions out of play *** NJ Transit proposes 30% fare increase *** A Transit Plan Brings Hoots and Hate

Trade Center Financing Rift Still Wide as Deadline Nears

Imam Snared in Terror Plot Admits He Lied to the F.B.I. *** Rep. Peter King believes that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, the pragmatist, has won an internal battle within the Obama administration with Attorney General Eric Holder, the idealist. Congressman: No Terror Trial in NYC

Lloyd Constantine’s new book says that Eliot Spitzer was placed on suicide watch by friends. (DN)

The End of the Old Lion? Sander Levin takes the Ways & Means gavel from Charlie Rangel. (Politico)

President Obama presses Dems on health care reform. (NYT)

Hiram Monserrate Headed for Homo-Hating Victory *** Hiram Monserrate Finds Supporter In Anti-Gay Reverend

Manslaughter indictment on the way for crane company boss *** Ex-city buildings inspector busted for selling fake OSHA safety certificates for high-rise work

Paterson and the Media Lie in the Same Bed

Almost Every Pol In NY Takes Free Sports Tickets

The media who also gets free tickets ignors this special treatment except with the Gov and traped him good. Gov lied about $6,000 Yankee World Series tix in latest scandal The state Commission on Public Integrity yesterday charged Gov. Paterson with illegally snaring free World Series Yankee tickets last year -- as Post State Editor Fredric U. Dicker first reported last November -- and then "swearing falsely" about it under oath.What next? (NYP Ed)**Panel: Paterson lied about freebie Yankee Series tix *** How much is too much for wounded Paterson? -- Page 1 -- Times Union *** The Paterson encampment *** Et tu, Rev. Al? Gov ally's faith shaken as he calls for summit *** "I know of no other time where it’s been alleged by what is basically a police agency that the governor lied under oath," said NYPIRG's Blair HornerUPDATE Paterson's top spokesman quits; third key official to leave

Facebook Michael Rosenkrantz Every day another scandal comes out regarding Governor Patterson. Can someone give this guy a blow job already so we can impeach him. Seriously.

Paterson's Advisors
Stop the insanity, Dave: Paterson's ethics follies must end with a resignation (DN Ed) Daily News to Paterson - Quit. Boro President Position Lives How can you have a charter commission to change the way NYC is run if you hire someone who works for a useless Boro President? Bloomberg taps Marty's chief of staff for charter commission *** New Panel on Charter May Revisit Term Limits

How About Policing New York Political Crime Wave? Political PolicingGov. David Paterson’s political troubles have shed light on problems with the State Police. The Legislature must remake the force. (NYT Ed) *** Prober pulls away from Aqueduct investigation Appointed by Paterson. Fisch wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest because ***
NY governor's protectors show knack for upheaval The Associated Press *** Will scandal hit new top state cop? Albany Times Union *** State Police Superintendent Harry Corbitt will be succeeded (at least temporarily) by his first deputy, Pedro Perez, who is also caught up in abusegate.

Gilly got off easy: Mayor *** Mike names reform panel for term limits

From John (Nixon) Dean to Marissa Shorenstein

Anything To Get Ahead You ever notice the how young people all around you have little understand of right and wrong What is a 30 year old doing as the chief flack for the governor? Marissa Shorenstein, 30, is Governor David Paterson’s top spokeswoman. Not long ago, at her boss’ urging, she reportedly called a woman who had broken up with one of the governor’s aides. Turns out the woman was a victim of domestic violence and had been contacted by the State Police, another aide and even the governor. Now the attorney general is investigating, and Ms. Shorenstein has hired a lawyer. The Last Flack Standing *** S.S. Paterson Hits New Iceberg Henry Stern NY Civic *** The Tragedy of David Paterson and the Future of Democracy Gabe Pressman NBC News

Yankees tickets flap a new headache for Paterson *Paterson’s Ethics Breach Is Turned Over to Prosecutors ** Gov. Paterson won't last beyond next 'several days': source

Facebook Joseph Mercurio "I don't know; I don't know," Democratic county boss Wright responded when I asked if Rangel will be seeking re-election this fall.

EDITORIAL: Governing problems would continue even without Paterson (Newsday)

Brooklyn-based General Linen Supply folding *** Macy's trims gift-wrapping services

A Victory for Online Journalism *** Bloggers File Lawsuit For Access, New York Gives Them Press Passes In Return *** Bloggers Get Access

Book on Spitzer’s Downfall Sets Off Angry Replies

Share-a-Cab Program Draws Few Riders

The Twilight of the Gang of Four Gabe Pressmen NBC

Comptroller John Liu is "decidedly more pessimistic" than Mayor Bloomberg about the city's economic outlook.

Page Six swipes at the Times for failing to mention that Diane Ravitch used to he married to LG Richard Ravitch.

Rangel taking leave from House Ways and Means Committee post *** Public integrity commission charges Paterson over Yankee tickets ***Gov aide in domestic abuse scandal appears at Bronx family court

Gillibrand throws Paterson under the bus

Gillibrand said Paterson should resign if the allegations are proven true. Gillibrand: Paterson must resign if allegations are true *** Black leaders say Gillibrand's call for Gov resignation 'dumb' *** A state employee whose help Gov. David Paterson enlisted in contacting David Johnson's girlfriend was reportedly told to tell her: "(T)he governor wants her to make this go away." Through a spokesman, Paterson denied saying those words *** Criminal-defense attorney Joe Tacopina said prosecutors "don't need to be too creative" to find something to charge Paterson with *** The scandal has "taken the 'function' out of Albany's 'dysfunction,'" the DN's Ken Lovett and Glenn Blain write.

Gov of La Mancha
Stepping down after being questioned in Paterson aide scandal *** Investigators Are Told of Paterson Bid to Quiet Accuser *** Gov. Paterson’s Oath (NYT Ed) *** Now his top cop quits in abuse scandal *** Paterson pleads for more time *** Oath oaf Paterson *** Experts: Gov raps are looming Could face criminal charges *** Gillibrand chimes in as Paterson scandal escalates *** Gov. Paterson's press secretary was pawn: pals *** Better go now, Dave: Only governor's resignation can get Albany back to work *** Democrats Press New York's Paterson to Quit (WSJ) *** David Paterson's Ill-Fated Phone Call: Was He Playing Good Cop/Bad Cop with ... Village Voice (blog) *** NY chapter of National Organization for Women calls for gov to resign*** Paterson: ‘I don’t think that I’ve been accused of anything’

Charlie On the Brink
Rangel likely to 'temporarily' relinquish Ways and Means chair *** Under Fire, Rangel Appears to Be Losing Grip of Committee *** Radioactive Rangel on the brink of exit *** Rangel has testy meeting with Pelosi, is told he has to quit perch on top of House Ways and Means
*** Congressman Charlie Rangel blames staff for personal finance crisis

Pay to Play City Council Nonprofit gal in slush-mess 'fess The scam also diverted $15,000 from SBCC, which runs two low-income apartment buildings, for the "benefit" of Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo (D-Bronx) and her daughter, Bronx Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Manhattan federal prosecutors said *** Ex-Bronx non-profit leader pleads guilty to stealing $50K Pay to Play Aqueduct Ex-racino guy on board of nonprofit tied to Aqueduct project*** Albany at a standstill as pols wait and watch
Paterson 18 Minute Gap
A Rosemary Woods Watergate Coverup

Dave told state workers to call aide's 'beaten' gal pal *** Daly: Gov continues to show he can't handle the truth *** In Paterson's Attempt to Reassure the Public, a Flashback to That '70s Show*** Governor Paterson: Still in Charge
***Insiders say Paterson helped end complaint

Barry Goldwater Visits Nixon Silver, Sampson visit governor's mansion as calls for Paterson's resignation grow

So it transpires that Gov. Paterson not only had advance knowledge of efforts to "counsel" a woman who was seeking protection from one of his closest aides, he was personally involved in the scandal. Does he still think he can govern New York state He can't. One more nail (NYP ed) *** 911 calls reveal Paterson aide's ex pleaded for help as 'victim of violence' *** Lame duck Paterson missing in quacktion *Gov. accused of involvement in incident** Paterson Is Said to Have Ordered Calls in Abuse CaseFlake and pals face a grilling ** Paterson told two female aides to contact alleged domestic violence victim Sherr-una Booker: source *** Richard Ravitch declined to defend the governor. (BN)

Jay-Z's Aqueduct racino pal is lawsuit target *** Flake and pals face a grilling
ACORN set up by vidiots: DA *** Simmons 'suggests Jay-Z corrupt dealings' Digital Spy
*** This Is Not About Me or Jay-Z by Russell Simmons

All-out war breaks out between Dem & Shelly

Probe's peek at Charlie in paradise

Ford Recall/Mort Next? Ford at screeching halt in Senate race *** Ford Decides Not to Run for Senate Seat *** His departure is a sign that Mort Zuckerman may enter the race as a Republican. (Politico)

Ford Decides Not to Run for New York Senate Seat *** Why I’m Not Running for the Senate *** Lauder Declines Spot On Charter Revision Commission *** Hynes: 'No Criminality' In ACORN Case (Updated)

New York Economic Meltdown MTA way cheaper than $1B for school buses *Public hearings on MTA service cuts begin** Judge Orders New York City to Move Mentally Ill Out of Large, Institutional Housing *** State Proposes Closing 55 Parks and Historic Sites *** Pet shelters need donations after funding slashed

Monserrate Joins Contest for Old Seat in Senate

Some Black Democrats Suggest Race Is Factor in Pressure on the Governor Why is the City Council and Quinn Protected by the MEDIA?

Sen. Bunning blocking checks to 8,000 unemployed NYers

Slim's private times Stock pops on rumors

10.6% Unemployed New Yorkers * Hospitals Closing * MTA Train Wreck * Taxes and Fees Going UP

Marty Parties, Paterson Play Victim

Pols such as Markowitz raise cash, then throw big bash

Has the Gov Lost It? Gov says domestic violence probe involves aide, 'not me' Will he play Reagan and deny any knowledge. Hard to do since he made a phone call to the woman *** Defiant Paterson: I'm The Victim Of 'Hysteria' *** Senator attacks Silver as 'modern-day Napoleon'

911 calls reveal Paterson aide's ex pleaded for help as 'victim of violence' (NYP) *** W'chester mayor in 'wife assault' *** Paterson feels betrayed by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver *** Governors’ Troopers Pressured by Duty and Politics (NYT) Paterson finally finds way to keep attorney general out of gov. race A source confirms that Cuomo won't announce until Paterson probe is over *Paterson on State Police Chief Corbitt: No Comment* Paterson Says He Will Not Resign* Lupica: Ravitch as 'savior' is a scary thought *Paterson: Furloughs Not Off the Table** Can lame-duck Gov achieve anything - and will he try?*** A two-bit hustler: Al D'Amato scammed WTC Memorial Foundation for 50G * The money game in Albany: Campaign contribution loopholes * Founders of the Friends of the High Line have already given endorsements to Mayor Bloomberg and board members have contributed over $100,000 to Speaker Christine Quinn *** Christine Quinn gives your cash to West Side project - and gets campaign money

In apparent viola tion of the law, a top adviser to Gov. Paterson's now-ended campaign provided thousands of dollars' worth of services to the governor for free while lobbying him for the controversial Aqueduct casino contract. Bill Lynch, a prominent Democratic operative and longtime Paterson associate, was signed to a $7,500-a- month contract by would-be Aqueduct operator SL Green on Nov. 1 for the purpose of "assisting in the venture's bid for a license to operate the video lottery facility at Aqueduct," a copy of the contract filed with the Public Integrity Commission (PIC) shows.Lobbyist's 'bad' advice * Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno's old consulting firm, CMA, got another big state contract.
Organized Crime Politics

Paterson said at the announcement where he said he was not going to run that he would support Cuomo whenever the time was right. Wonder why? Cuomo team quizzes Paterson aide's ex to launch probe *** Probers eye how woman at center of Paterson scandal got a $40K Lexus before dropping domestic-violence case *** Daly: State police boss sounds like mob boss *** N.Y. State Troopers Again Linked To Controversy (WCBS) *** Paterson's Friends Factor In Fall (Fox5) *** Gov. Paterson's Troopers Again Linked to Controversy (WINS)

Dem doom mood at scandal summit It was a Harlem "leadership summit" to discuss an agenda for the rest of Gov. Paterson's lame-duck term. Except the governor wasn't even invited.

Paterson’s Ability to Lead Is Questioned (NYT) *** Paterson's aides tell of gov's laziness, tantrums and deceits

Congressman Charles Rangel Relieve the Chairman of His Gavel Congressman Charles Rangel should be removed from his position as chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. *** Charlie the coward (NYP Ed)*** Welcome to Rangelworld: On this planet, Charlie is never at fault*** Rangel vows reelection bid despite uproar over alleged ethics violations
Congressman Gregory Meeks Pols' 'charity' $acks Queens pee-wee football players More than $400,000 raised by a nonprofit started by Congressman Gregory Meeks and state Sen. Malcolm Smith was never given to the community they represent, including a youth football league that requested a donation, a Post investigation has found.

Two-faced Tom State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli wants to have it both ways. He wants to reap the benefits of the increased tax revenues that come from higher Wall Street bonuses. But he also wants to score political points by railing against those same bonuses like some prairie populist. There’s a word for that: hypocritc.

Mayor Bloomberg Lisberg: Bloomberg's money was able to buy silence concerning possible election miscues. The mysterious $750,000 shell company that ran his Election Day poll-watching operation was paid by the state Independence Party, using $1.2 million Bloomberg gave from his own pocket. Not a penny of it was disclosed until January. All the headlines about how operative John Haggerty can't account for the $750,000 came out after the election was over.

Ravitch is being kept out of loop

Show us the money, Bill: DiBlasio must make Council reveal its slush funds (DN Ed)

Scofflaw pols roll right past 6G debt Leading the pack was freshman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn), who ran up a tab of $1,699.50 on 17 summonses, including nine that date back to Sept. 4 and are in judgment, according to the Department of Finance

New York Economic Melt Down Liening on NY homeowners Chase and law firm draw scrutiny over tactics in foreclosure case *** Citing costs, Bloomberg to nix some street fairs *** Airfare to soar as JFK runway is grounded *** Hochfelder’s Fast Rise and Fall in Real Estate *** Mayor Bloomberg's MillionTreeNYC plan could cost homeowners ***City parks eye splash $lash

Rangel, Ford butt heads in Harlem, say sources

Promised Change Does Not Alway Bring Change

The Promise of Eliot Spitzer According to the NYT

Published: October 22, 2006 in the NYT "The grand theme of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s campaign for New York governor this year has been that on “Day 1, everything changes.” Nobody really believes New York State’s many political embarrassments will magically disappear on Jan. 1 — even if the supercharged Mr. Spitzer is swept into office with an overwhelming mandate. But voters should be able to expect that the nationally known Sheriff of Wall Street will use his formidable talents to kick-start a major overhaul of New York’s shabby, inbred government. His goal — a goal we share as we endorse him for governor in the Nov. 7 election— is nothing short of restoring New York as a model for other states, the way it once was under Al Smith or Nelson Rockefeller or Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Targeted tax cuts would be a good thing, but the most important fiscal priority has to be getting control of the mountain of state debt and a looming budget gap of almost $14 billion over the next two years. The new governor must propose his first state budget almost immediately after taking office. Already Mr. Spitzer has sent some of the right signals in his pre-election statements that he will not be pressured by the usual special interests in Albany: the lobbyists for corporations or labor who have been scandalously invited into secret budget negotiations in recent years.

If voters elect Mr. Spitzer with the kind of mandate the polls are predicting, he will have the political influence to press for priorities he has been stressing throughout the campaign — improving access to health care, reforming Medicaid and expanding education financing. He must offer hope for more job creation upstate and spur development at ground zero and other sites in the city. He should make sure that the court system is finally revamped and consolidated, if necessary through a constitutional amendment.

But of all the promises on Mr. Spitzer’s long and impressive list, the reforms of the political system and the state bureaucracy are among the most critical. He has said he wants to ban contributions to state candidates and gifts to state employees from those who do business with the state. And in a speech earlier this year, he sent a chill through the legislative crowd by promising to end what he called “lifetime appointments to the State Legislature” that are created through gerrymandered Assembly and Senate districts. Drastically revamping the system for financing state campaigns and creating an independent redistricting commission are two changes that should stay at the top of Mr. Spitzer’s priority list. If he can really force Albany’s entrenched legislators to make these changes — even by the end of Year 4 — that could stand as a major monument to his administration.

We not only endorse Mr. Spitzer, we also hope his victory is big enough to use as a cudgel in the State Capitol. As attorney general, he has been fearless and dogged in his pursuit of justice. We are eager to see what happens when he applies those attributes to Albany’s immobile Legislature, which has a long, sad history in wearing would-be reformers down, waiting them out. Imposing change will take the kind of herculean effort New Yorkers have come to expect from Eliot Spitzer."

Yes we can! Hiram using Obama's slogan in bid to regain seat

Today's NYT Editorial "Mr. Paterson has 308 more days at the helm of a big state in the midst of disruptive and tough times. There is an $8 billion hole in the state budget, which must be balanced by March 31. And the abysmal ethical culture in Albany is still desperately in need of reforming — from a freewheeling Legislature that lives by its own twisted rules, to a State Police force that clearly needs a housecleaning, to, apparently, the governor’s office itself."

NYT Editorial After Eliot Spitzer Published: March 13, 2008

"Mr. Paterson clearly has the intellect and the experience to rise to the task. We wish him well. And we urge him to move quickly to bring in a top-flight and tough-minded team. He should also persuade Mr. Spitzer’s best appointees to stay. He has a lot to do in a very short time, starting with a state budget that must be passed by April 1.

Perhaps the first task for Mr. Paterson will be to assure New Yorkers that he is as committed to reform as his predecessor — and has no intention of taking the state backward to business as usual. Instead, he should use any momentary good will in Albany to revive Mr. Spitzer’s better programs and policies.

Mr. Spitzer’s proposal for higher education, and his plans for stabilizing Medicaid costs and making the government more transparent all deserve continued and energetic support. Mr. Paterson must also press hard to fix Albany’s two biggest scandals: the unfair campaign finance system and the mapping of political districts to protect incumbents.

We had high hopes for Mr. Spitzer, and we still believe in his ideas for fixing Albany’s broken political system. It is now Mr. Paterson’s chance — and his responsibility — to make those reforms happen." 'Client 9' Eliot now seethes at his old No. 2 David

Dems tell Paterson: hey, great, now resign!