Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New York Pols Governs by Blinders Enabled by the Media Who Write with Blinders

New York Pols Governs by Blinders Enabled by the Media Who Write with Blinders

Governing by blinders simply means making budget decision disconnected from a single narrative which both the pols and the media are failing to give city residence. The media has allowed the pols to create a new culture that allows them to deliver government to their supports or good causes without taking responsibility for those actions on the city budget or the economic health of New York It means paying a developer $95 million while cutting the police force. Since 2001 the police force shrunk by over 6000 cops to 34,304 members and we had to wait until after the election to find out what the city will cut because of the recession. We used to have police classes of thousands of new office a year today we are down to a couple of hundred a year. We are paying over a billion on a new police academy as we cut police officers.

New Yorkers want to pay a fair wage Paterson Prepares Wage Bill for Construction Sites We are good people. It make sense to pay people not to go to work sick during the swine flu winter Making business sicker We even hate traffic tickets Traffic Agents and Politicians Debate Value of 5 Minutes. Bloomberg is using the ticket blitz to pay for city services that would otherwise be cut. What is the cost of the council's parking bill and what will the council cut to make up the debt is never discussed. In other words the pols get away with being irresponsible to the city budget. Daily News Edit shows that the council bill to make a parking hour 65 minutes, does not even help motorists Parking space cadets: City Council pretends to befriend beleaguered motorists
Media Hatred of Sara is Her Strength Thousands line up for Sarah Palin book signing in Grand Rapids Why do millions of Americans support a Sara who has been attacked by the media daily? Rogue American Woman - Maureen Dowd, New York Times , Women's groups silent, torn on Palin 'sexism' claim, The Persecution of Sarah Palin (WSJ) Inspector Clouseau FDNY brass hit for ducking building check that became mandatory after Deutsche Bank fire tragedy Bank Robbery Handled as PR Problem God work yesterday today "We Made Mistakes." $500 Million and Apology From Goldman We are still giving ourselves $23 billion of bonuses suckers. Thanks for the $10 billion in Tarp funds suckers Newspapers Trumped Post said he got the art of the deal with his Atlantic City bankrupt Trump Entertainment Resorts companyTrumps trump claim (NYP) the NYT said he settled Trump Settles for 10% of Casino Company (NYT) Zuckerman at the Daily News must not get alone with the Donald because that paper said Trumps walk away from Trump Entertainment Resorts (NYDN) Unethical Actions by Albany's Lawyers . . . Begets Corruption The Bruno trial continues with confirmation that Capitol politicians were advised not to use the mail to submit their ethics forms due to concern that it might result in a federal beef. (TU, DN) * State of Shame: Parade of dirty pols leaving Albany grows larger NYS Silverville New York has the country's most lawsuit-friendly court system, a new study found. Why Sheldon Silver Is Objectionable, Inevitable

The Real Newspaper Racket Tough Guys and Wiseguys in the Truck Drivers Union (2001). If the newspapers cannot get the mob out or their own companies who do they expect or demand that the mob leave the city's building department? The Luchese crime family has controlled for generations the distribution of all the papers in the city and the building department. Newspaper Union Chief Accused of Corruption (1993) City’s Largest Dailies Raided in Deliverers’ Union Inquiry (2009) *** Stars celebrate the installation of our state-of-the-art presses If the newspapers cannot get the mob out or their own companies who do they expect or demand that the mob level the city's construction business? Equal Opportunity Raiders Hit All NYC Dailies (Robbins Village Voice) NYPD Changes we wonders if this had anything to do with the newspaper raids by the NYPD Organized-crime overhaul by Kelly and this Nearly two dozen 'mobsters' busted in bookie, loansharking ring , NYC Company Faces Trial over Questioned Concrete Tests , Sanitation Chief Among 22 Arrested On Mob Charges Newspapers Trumped Post said he got the art of the deal with his Atlantic City bankrupt Trump Entertainment Resorts companyTrumps trump claim (NYP) the NYT said he settled Trump Settles for 10% of Casino Company (NYT) Zuckerman at the Daily News must not get alone with the Donald because that paper said Trumps walk away from Trump Entertainment Resorts (NYDN) Jersey City Daily News? Is the New York Daily News ashamed of the location of its new presses in Jersey City? In today Daily News a report about the celebration with the mayor and other New York VIP for the new presses said that by the end of the year all copies of the Daily News in the New York area will be printed on the new presses, which have been installed in a new facility near the Statue of Liberty Stars come out to celebrate installation of our state-of-the-art presses.

Inside City Hall Bloomberg? Humble? Experts Suggest How Mayor Could Try *** Mayor Bloomberg nixes armory project's pay mandate *** By a City Council vote of 47 to 2 an hour is now 65 minutes *** Comptroller-elected John Liu employed a physics analogy when asked to predict his working relationship with Bloomberg *** Mike lean$ on unions *** Dennis Gallagher's New Calling *** John Liu Says It's All Business *** Avella Wants More Oversight of Mayoral Appointments *** Thompson On The Cash Advantage *** Comptroller Bill Thompson Talks About His Plans For The Future (WPIX) ***Mike's Next Best Chance (Gotham Gazette) *** Bloomberg, who initially opposed public authorities reform, voiced support for the deal.

New York Economic Melt Down
NY suer system stinks *** Mike lean$ on unions *** NYC Agencies Told To Cut $1.75 Billion In Expenses WCBS *** A Flood of Applicants to a Shrinking Police Dept. *** Advertising: A Local Push, Timed to Holidays, to Loosen Wallets *** Drake Hotel’s Prime Space Remains Undeveloped *** Carroll Gardens locals fret over halted condo project*** To revive New York's economy, attack lawsuit abuse *** Free ride on your dime: More than 2,400 workers commute in city's cars *** City workers who reported the most personal use of their city cars *** SUNY trustees approved a budget request that seeks a 2 percent tuition increase ***New York's fiscal logjam worsens despite Wall Street profits Reuters*** 11/18: Voters Worried NYS Will Run Out of Money Marist Poll *** Bagel Shop Owner Is Indicted *** MTA: No fare hikes, service cuts in 2010 *** Comptroller says the city has lost 60,000 communications jobs *** The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is at odds with the borough's Council delegation over paid sick leave *** Silverstein Wants $2.6 B. in WTC Bonds—But for What?

New York's Terror Trial 9/11 trial decision splits city, nation *** Harder time urged for jailbound Lynne Stewart *** Conviction of Sheik’s Lawyer for Assisting Terrorism Is Upheld *** Town Divided Over Terror Suspects *** Tough job for prosecutors to get death for 9/11 mastermind *** Terrorists Don't Have Same Rights as Civilians - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe ***Holder: No Need to Fear 'Coward' KSM *** Ex-Detainee Can't Keep Military Lawyers, Judge Rules *** Giuliani warns Obama on NYC trial *** Will Osama Bin Laden Be Read Miranda Rights? - Sen. Lindsey Graham *** Eric Holder's Grave Mistake - Michael Gerson, Washington Post *** Conservative Fearmongering on Trials - Adam Blickstein, Huffington Post *** AG Distorts Real Issue: Giving Terrorists Rights - Andy McCarthy, NRO
Gov of La Mancha Albany Only fools think he's a bandit Paterson stands alone against the 911 trials in NYC. Daily News Goodwin asks why? *** New York Is Set for Strict Stand on D.W.I. Cases *** Lazio: Force fiscal sanity on Albany *** Leandra's legacy: Law is a memorial to her life and a tribute to dad Lenny Rosado (DN Ed) *** Paterson won’t rule out worker furloughs or payment delays if the impasse continues. (DN) *** Viewed through a strictly political lens, Paterson is putting all his chips on the deficit fight, but the risks are steep. (NY Pubic Radio) *** Gov. Paterson, Legislature remain far apart on budget as countdown looms *** Waiting state legislators strive to stay busy *** David Paterson is not consistently on message about terrorist trials in Manhattan *** Conservatives are trying to box out Rudy Giuliani *** Paterson conceded the new license plate mandate was a "revenue grab." *** Other papers weigh in New York State Legislature inaction The Post-Standard *** Paterson, legislative leaders spar over lowering deficit Newsday *** Saturday Night Payback? *** Paterson Signs Nation's Toughest DWI Law *** Here's video of Assemblyman Richard Brodsky discussing the long-awaited deal on public authorities reform

Pay to Play Bruno Joe's sour note His sticky-fingered former secretary testified yesterday that the once-powerful Senate leader was such an abusive boss, he even scolded her for failing to fetch a $1,000 bill -- when they're not even made anymore *** Prosecutors in Bruno Case Turn Heat on 2 Ex-Aides *** No mail use for Bruno *** Pataki, DiNapoli gave OK to Bruno in '93 *** Then-Sen. George Pataki and then-Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli signed off on Sen. Bruno’s career as a consultant. (TU) *** The Senate Democrats are getting more Wall Street cash now that they're in the majority.
Law and Order
Shot That Hit Bronx Bystander May Have Been Fired in a Revenge Attack *** Jail fight sparked shooting of 15-year-old Vada Vasquez, hit by stray bullet *** Attorney General Andrew Cuomo sets up a database to apprise charitable givers which telemarketing firms are more likely to give unto themselves. (TU) *** The headline of Charles Sifton's obit in the Washington Post cites a case he ruled on in New York *** Five Men Charged In Shooting Of Bronx Teen (NY1) *** Cuomo and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly took down a Staten Island organized crime ring.
More City News Lost-corpse kin sue city *** Court Upholds Restriction on Fifth Avenue Parades *** Pedicabbies feet to fire *** Not Quite a Trump or Helmsley, a Landlord Is a Kingpin in the Bronx *** A Library's Century of 'Hungering Imagination' *** No Safe Harbor for New York Tugboat Union Crew cuts mean a tug-of-war for new leaders

White House Cheney's shot across Barack's 'bow' *** Veep car in fender bender *** Obama Says He Is Close to Afghan War Decision *** China Holds Firm on Major Issues in Obama’s Visit *** During Visit, Obama Skirts Chinese Political Sensitivities *** Pakistani Successes May Sway U.S. Troop Decision ***Clinton arrives in Kabul for Karzai inauguration *** Military leader alarmed by suicides as two wars drag on *** Biden: Few laughs, gaffes *** The White House assembles an A-Team to look into financial shenanigans. (LAT) *** John Edwards try to horsetrade for the VP slot. (Politico) *** Obama's China Visit a Stark Contrast to Past - Higgins & Kornblut, WP *** Why Obama Can't Wait to Get Home - Richard Wolffe, The Daily Beast *** Afghan Handoff May Take 4-5 Years - Sen. John Kerry, USA Today *** If We're Not in to Win, Then Get Out - Tony Blankley, Washington Times *** Mr. President, Bring the Troops Home - Ed Koch, RealClearPolitics *** And Now, On to Immigration Reform - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets *** How Copenhagen Died on Obama's Trip - Steve Clemons, Politico *** Quinnipiac: Obama Approval Under 50 for First Time *** Obama visits China's Great Wall *** Obama Leaves China (New Yorker) *** Obama: Professed 9/11 Mastermind Will Be Convicted *** Obama 'Angrier than Bob Gates' *** Obama: Gitmo Won't Close in Time *** Obama Web Site Claims Stimulus Jobs in Non-Existent Places - McClatchy *** Obama Warns Debt Could Fuel 'Double-Dip Recession' (fox) *** Obama Calls Potentially Harmful Israeli Settlement Building in East Jerusalem (Fox) *** Obama’s Asia Trip: Not Much Adulation *** Administration Faces Credibility Gap on Jobs - Rick Klein, ABC News

Congress 3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate *** House to Turn Up the Heat on Jobs *** Republicans Seek Inquiry on Fort Hood *** House Considers Impeachment of Federal Judge *** Capital Waits as Budget Chief Crunches Numbers *** Taint of Corruption Is No Barrier to U.S. Visa *** A Congressional investigation into the Fort Hood shootings will wait for the official probe to conclude. (WashTimes) *** House Dems are weighing the costs and benefits of a new jobs bill. (AP) *** Jim Florio makes an argument that isn't helpful to Michael Bloomberg. "Now most of the people who run for U.S. Senate are millionaires who self-finance. It makes a campaign no longer honest in the public's mind." *** GOP Flip-Flop on Judicial Filibusters - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** Worse Than Taxes: The Spending - John Stossel, RealClearPolitics *** The Dems' 'Doc Fix' Would Shock Bernie Madoff - Wall Street Journal *** Fed & Congress: Staying the Course on The Buck - Randall Forsyth, Barron's *** Senate Cools on Climate Change *** Byrd Sets Congress Record *** GAO Finds Lapses on the Job at Federal Protective Service - Washington Post *** How a Committee Post Morphs Into Cash Clout - Congressional Quarterly *** Fannie, Freddie Woes Hurt Apartments - Wall Steet Journal ($) *** Jobless Benefits Set to Expire Unless Congress Acts *** Talk of Plan B -- a Power Plant-Only Climate Bill -- Emerges in Senate *** Lieberman may subpoena officials over shooting spree at Fort Hood (The Hill) *** Centrist Dem holdouts sit down with Reid *** Senate Prepares to Work Through Next Wednesday (Roll Call) *** Schumer Advocates for Many on Panel *** Reid scrambles for 60 health votes *** Obama lawyers want Siegelman jailed *** Report: Senate Health Bill to Cost $849B

Pay to Play Washington Retired Military Officers Cash In As Well-Paid Consultants - USA Today

Health Care
Health bill dead heat Poll of nation*** Many Doctors to Stay Course on Breast Exams for Now *** Medical Schools Quizzed on Ghostwriting *** Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade - Jeffrey Flier, Wall Street Journal *** The Uproar Over Mammograms - Washington Post *** Health Insurance Rates Soar as Oregon Regulators Nod - The Oregonian *** GOP women rip mammogram study *** Michael Moore slams Democrats' health care bill *** That Darn ObamaCare Mandate - Shikha Dalmia, Forbes

Wall Street Ferrero in Cadbury mix *** U.S. Home Building Fell in October *** $500 Million and Apology From Goldman *** New Leader at Lazard Is an Insider *** Wall Street on Track for Record in Profits *** Foxwoods Resort Casino struggling to pay off debts *** A Tale of Two American Economies - Nouriel Roubini, Globe and Mail *** Another Round of Regulatory Reform - New York Times *** Home-starts fall in October (Washington Post) *** Unnecessary Concessions Given To AIG Partners By New York Fed *** Moody's cuts UBS to 'Aa3'; outlook negative *** Downturn cost U.S. metro areas all recent job growth *** Biden: Even rattlesnakes are more popular than bankers

Pay to Play Wall Street Madoff's 700G ship comes in *** It's BofA-foonery! *** Goldman CEO offers mea culpa *** 14,700 Disclosed Offshore Accounts *** Was 'Screw The Shareholders' BofA's Attitude? - William Cohan, Fortune *** Economists Opposing Fed Audit Have Undisclosed Fed Ties

National Philadelphia Gives Homeowners a Way to Stay Put *** Money for a Once and Future Candidate Jerry Brown *** 'Unfriend' is word of year, according to dictionary *** Republican Governors Seek to Build on '09 Successes *** Proposed Water Bond Is Laden With Sweeteners For Lawmakers - LA Times *** Despite Bailout, Some Calif. Banks Struggle - Sacramento Bee *** Schwarzenegger Will Not Be Back *** California Bans Energy-Hogging TVs State Energy Regulators Pass First-in-the-Nation Mandate to Lower Electricity Demand *** America's 10 Best College Presidents (Time Magazine) *** CA faces $21 billion budget deficit
International Iraqi Vice President Vetoes Election Law *** No Change in China - The Telegraph *** Iran Will Not Ship Uranium Abroad, Minister Says *** Afghan corruption a political obstacle (BBC News) ***Veto of Iraq’s Election Law Could Force Delay in Vote *** Mossad learned of Syrian nuke facility from laptop's hard drive *** Iran may have more nuke sites

Media and New Tech
Battle of anchors at ABC *** EMI on shaky ground *** Deputy at Time Magazine to Be BusinessWeek Editor ***Luxury Firms Move to Make Web Work for Them *** Maureen Dowd defends Katie Couric: "Despite Palin's all-American paranoia, it is common practice to ask presidential candidates what they read."***Big Obama Book Deal ***FCC Looking For Input on Using Broadband to Promote "Digital Democracy" *** Modern Warfare 2 tops entertainment industry, not just games ***Everyman Offers New Directions in Online Maps - ***Sarah Palin Gives Oprah Highest Ratings In Two Years ***Reader's Digest moving to NYC