Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brother Can You Spear A Dime: Goldman's Turkey

Breaking News: Senate Votes to Open Health Care Debate * 9/11 fiends to use trial as soapbox (NYP)

Goldman's Turkey

Brother Can You Spear A Dime * Song
Goldman Sachs better get a better PR firm if they think that giving out turkeys will turn around what the public thinks of the corrupt way the company does business and the billions they get from Washington Gobble gobble Goldman ,Wall Street Rich Prosper: While the City Goes Out of Work, Again * Goldman’s Non-Apology If Goldman Sachs really wants to help small businesses, its recent pledge would have to be in the billions, not millions, and aimed more directly at taxpayers (NYT Ed) , Investors to Goldman: Stop being so greedy! , Wall Street's Spin Game - Graham Bowley, New York Times

Jobless New York
Teflon' Pols
We just gone through a mayoral campaign with almost no talk of what to do about New Yorkers losing their jobs. We now have the highest unemployment in the city in 25 years without a single pol coming up with a solution to the growing problem. Now the city is cutting jobs out of media and public sight City Hall Budget Maneuver Quietly Encourages Job Cuts

More Media Blinders How did the rating firms miss the deal going on at the bankrupt Lehman Brothers or a Bear Stern, Citibank or the dozens of other banks and financial houses who destroyed the nations economy. Have these rating firms every heard of a derivative? With California and now Ohio suing the rating companies it real amazing that there is not more media coverage of what caused the economic melt down Ohio Sues Rating Firms for Losses in Funds

NY1 Ponders . . .
Is there more to the relationship of NY1 and Dominic Carter. Did he tell the station of he legal problems when they happened over a year ago? It is hard to see after the judge statement and ruling how Carter can continue as a journalist. Justice Arnold Etelson convicted Carter after ruling he did not believe his wife, Marilyn, when she blame her injuries on an unknown day laborer.The claim was "nothing short of preposterous," Etelson ruled. Former NY1 anchor Dominic Carter found guilty of misdemeanor attempted assault for beating up wife (Daily News) , NY1 anchor preps for jail , Former NY1 anchor Dominic Carter wept over guilty verdict in wife assault

McDonalds No: Pay to Play Institutionalized Extortion in Albany
Today's NYP says Nearly half of Albany's pols have 2nd jobs. Not to mention wives, children or other family members on the government payroll or working for those funded by government. None of these people are flipping fries at McDonalds. There working at jobs they got by using their elective office as the pleas of Brian Mclaughlin and Tony Seminario and trial of Bruno prove. "Former state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno allegedly pitched a friend Jared Abbruzzese on a $30,000-a-month consultant job because he saw Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver making big bucks as a lawyer -- and he too wanted in on the side-gig action. "He started talking about Sheldon Silver and how Sheldon Silver was getting paid 40, 50, 60 thousand a month from the trial lawyers association," Abbruzzese, whose relationship with Bruno kicked off a far-flung FBI probe, said on the stand Pal says Bruno wanted his own 'Shel game', Clients really do Shel out $$ , Joe Bruno golf outing with Cablevision's Jim Dolan may have derailed West Side Stadium plan
True News Telling It Like It Is Before the Media and Pols

November 11, 2009 The Greatest Generation vs. Today's Take Albany Generation

Today “When you look at the avoidance behavior and the almost denial that many of the legislators seem to be in, you recognize that they have let their political issues usurp doing what’s right for the people,” Governor Paterson New York Lawmakers Put Themselves Before State, Paterson Says Bloomberg
Calif. Pension Board Member Directed Funds to Firm With Ties to His - LA Times
Gov. Bill Richardson’s Link to Alleged Ponzi Schemer - Forbes
New York Economic Crisis The price is wrong: How city stores nickel and dime us *** The sky is falling: Debris peril up as hi-rise projects stall *** Brooklyn storefronts empty after rents increase *** 58% Increase of Illegally Inflated Weights and Measures by City Stores
*** Saturday allPaterson threatens furloughs, layoffs amid budget crisis *** 5 Post Offices in City, Not 14, Are Now at Risk of Closing ***Albany threatened with credit crunch *** The sky is falling: Debris peril up as hi-rise projects stall

Gov of La Mancha Albany Gov. Paterson sounds off again on dire budget *** Truth and consequences: Legislature must not play games with the state's credit rating (NYDN Ed) *** Grace period for muni-meter more than 5 mins *** Pearls and sweater-set pol flashes brass *** Paterson Pressures State Legislators To Approve Budget Cuts (NY1) *** Paterson threatens big budget cuts (WABC) *** The Legislators Guide to a Hierarchy of Political Attitude *** With the help of some celebrity A-listers, the DN calls on Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson to pass the farm workers rights bill *** PM Paterson's letter to the legislators
*** Saturday Mystery of the gov's pool party *** State’s Credit Rating Could Be Lowered, Investors Service Says *** DiNapoli joins Gov. in dire outlook on state budget *** Guv warns of layoffs if $3.2B budget gap not closed *** Education Advocates Pressure the Assembly *** Thanksgiving With the Senate? (Gotham Gazette) *** Moody's: Failure to Cut Deficit Could Hurt New York's Credit Rating WNYC *** Moody's to Albany: Cut Spending or We'll Cut Credit Rating WNBC TV) *** Albany Challenges Authorities(NYT Ed) *** The Post decries the public authorities bill for a clause it says is a giveaway for unions

Pay to Play Bruno Pal says Joe wanted his own 'Shel game' Senator's shocking 'sleaze' excuse *** Today's Bruno Scam Lesson: No E-mails! *** Bruno Won’t Take Stand at His Corruption Trial *** Citizen Bruno, Unbound *** Business Associate: NY's Bruno Hired For Contacts (WCBS Tv) *** Bruno Wanted to Be Like Shel: Business Associate (WNBC)

2010 Rudy Giuliani stays mum on Senate run *** Tom Wrobleski has notes on Giuliani's appearance in Staten Island last Monday

Inside City Hall $10B city boost for unions *** Lisberg: Bloomberg hid plenty while campaigning
*** Saturday At Gracie Mansion, Bloomberg Deplores Youth Violence ***Deaths lead to 911 system fix *** Steps Taken to Reduce Mistakes on 911 Fire Calls *** New system to cut down on FDNY 911-call mistakes *** Bloomy to educate DC *** Labor's love lost for Working Families Party

New York and TerrorismSchools' Iran $$ pipeline *** Fort Hood: facing facts shooting were casualties of war (NYP Ed) *** Poll: Majority of NYers support death penalty in terror caseAnd two-thirds of city residents say they'd be unafraid to serve on the jury *** Miami, FL - Leader of Sears Tower Plot Sentenced to 13 Years Despite Request From Prosecutor for More *** NYC Wants Death Penalty In Terror Trials, Germany Doesn't *** Defense Atty: Hasan Won't Plead Guilty, May Use Insanity Defense (ABC News) *** In New York, Flanked by Lawyers - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
*** Saturday
WTC imam: I'm no terrorist *** Political Correctness & Institutional Stupidity - Steve Hayes, Weekly Std *** New Nidal Hasan Emails Could Indicate Fort Hood Shooting Was A Terrorist Plot *** Was Ft. Hood Shooting a Terrorist Plot? *** Hasan had intensified contact with cleric (Washington Post) *** 200 Web sites spread al-Qaida's message in English AP *** In Defense of New York Questioning whether New York City can handle the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is an insult. New Yorkers live with the threat of terrorism every day (Blow NYT) *** Germany to Send Observer to 9/11 Trial

Law and Order Subway riders sealed in D train murder car *** Back on the beat William J. Bratton *** High-Tech ‘Ears’ Listen for Shots *** Police crackdown on unregistered pedicabs *** Every stray bullet comes closer to you or the one you love By The Rev. Al Sharpton
*** Saturday
Shot Bx. girl off ventilator *** True target in Vada Vasquez shooting, Tyrone Creighton: 'I'm so sad about what happened to her' *** Gotti's 4th jury divided from start

More City News City gal named a Rhodes scholar *** Chronicle of a Changing City *** Six bizarre ferry crash cases to be heard *** Bronx will have nation's first green block *** The city's best booming bike-friendly lanes *** New York's Russian Tea Room caters to new clientele: kids Los Angeles Times
*** Saturday Brooklyn man wants loud church to repeal its bells *** Bronx Mosque Suspends Request to Amplify Call to Prayer; Residents Remain Unsympathetic *** New York Board of Dunces: Regents must not obstruct great Brooklyn charter school(DN ED) *** FDNY, NYPD Temporarily Change 911 System *** NYC Judge Allows New 'Green' Taxi Lease Rates
*** The bridge that forever changed Staten Island turns 45 today
White House Visceral Has Its Value Barack Obama, who once had his own electric book tour testing the waters for a campaign, could learn a thing or three from Sarah Palin (Dowd NYT) *** Advice From GrandmaA great power that can only produce suboptimal responses to its biggest challenges will, in time, fade from being a great power (Friedman NYT) *** U.S., Mexico take on common foe After long era of mistrust, nations merge training and resources to confront brutal narcotics trade (Wash Post) *** Obama's Afghanistan dilemma (Wash Post) *** Played for fools again: U.S. keeps falling for Iran's nuclear three-card monte game *** Obama Courting Danger w/KSM Trial - Andrew McCarthy, NY Daily News *** Holder's Top Aides Have Conflicts on Detainee Cases - Washington Times *** U.S. Backs Afghan Militias *** Giving Gibbs a C+ (The Atlantic) *** The Obama administration's focus has turned to two moderate Maine Republicans since two centrists have said they oppose the public option *** SNL China would like their money back *** Obama Inspires, Palin Connects - Rex Murphy, Globe & Mail *** For Inspiration, Obama Looks to Reagan - Howard Fineman, Newsweek
*** Saturday Troubled V.A. Agency Will Get a New Chief *** U.S. Enlists Allies in New Surge *** U.S. and India Hone Nuclear Pact *** Obamanomics 101: No Need for Capitalism - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard *** Suggestion for Obama: End the Drug War - John McWhorter, New Republic *** White House Guts Own Argument for 9/11 Trials - Glenn Greenwald, Salo *** How Clinton Came to Be Secretary of State - Jonathan Van Meter, Vogue *** Battlefield in the War of Ideas - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Obama: Asia Trip About Jobs *** $53 Billion for Empty Buildings *** Obama trumpets Asia trip as boost to US economy *** Assessing the China Trip President Obama was elected in part because he promised a more cooperative and pragmatic leadership in world affairs, but he should also be willing to stand up to Beijing (NYT ED)

Senator Cements Role at Heart of Health Debate *** Senate Votes to Open Health Care Debate *** Thrust and Parry on the Senate Floor *** A streetcar named Opportunism Sketch | Sens. Landrieu (D-La.), Lincoln (D-Ark.) hold out for sweeteners in return for backing bill (Wash Post) *** Dems get ready for post-Thanksgiving health care debate*** The $300 Million Louisiana Purchase - Dana Milbank, Washington Post *** A Budget-Buster in the Making - David Broder, Washington Post *** The NEA Reveals Its True Agenda: Power - Chicago Tribune *** Kennedy says RI bishop banned him from Communion *** Sizing up the Kennedy dynasty's next generation *** Democrats hold line, but cracks show (Politico)*** McCain: ‘I enjoyed’ Palin memoir *** Reid spoke to tearful Kennedy widow after vote The Hill *** Schumer, centrists working on public option compromise (The Hill) *** PM Chuck: A public option can pass *** Lieberman on "Meet the Press": "I don't think anybody thinks this bill will pass." *** Schumer Says "Wind Is At Our Back" (CBS) *** Reid's 'Louisiana Purchase'? (NBC)

Political Parties Dems Seek Fundraising Boost in War With Palin *** Enthusiasm for Palin, and Echoes of 2008 Divide *** The Pit Bull in the China ShopSarah Palin is far and away the most important brand in American politics after Barack Obama. Her 15 minutes is far from up (Rich NYT) *** Left Uses Palin as a Weapon of Mass Distraction - Kyle Smith, NY Post *** SNL Video Could This Happen in 2012? President Sarah Palin? *** Armed Pols: A Chicago Tradition - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

Health Care Senate Vote Clears Way for Formal HC Debate - Noam Levey, LA Times *** How Health Care Reform Could Fall Apart - Brown & O'Connor, Politico *** Fat Fees and Smoker Surcharges: Tough-Love Health Incentives (Time Magazine) *** Advocacy Groups May Alter Messages Over Holidays *** Sexual Politics of Health Care
*** Saturday ObamaCare channels NY insurance rates (particularly for folks who buy policies directly) have been rising so rapidly they're all but killing the private health-insurance market *** Hospital Falters as Refuge for Illegal Immigrants *** Signs Swine Flu Wave May Have Peaked in U.S. *** U. of Nebraska Defeats Tighter Limits on Stem Cell Research ***Cost-ectomy needed: All other health reforms will be futile if spending is not contained *** The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery In India, Devi Shetty's heart hospital offers cutting-edge medical care at a fraction of what it costs elsewhere in the world (WSJ) *** Mammogram Advisory Becomes Big Issue - Shear & Eggen, Washington Post *** India's Factory Model for Hospitals *** Opponents turn up the volume (Wash Post)

National Jobless Rate Up in 29 States, Hitting Records in 4 of Them *** Iran's Dangerous Game Enters Next Round - Tony Karon, Time *** An American CatastropheDetroit and its environs are suffering because of policies that resulted in the implosion of crucially important components of America’s manufacturing base (Herbert NYT) *** Struggling Detroit unable to bury its dead... *** Why America Must Learn to Bow - Martin Jacques, The Daily Beast *** Tom Friedman Worries About America's 'Sub-Optimal Solutions And System's Paralysis *** 150 workers evacuated after leak at Three Mile Island *** Despite economy, Iraqi refugees calling Detroit home (NBC) *** 'Reeducating' Future Teachers - Katherine Kersten, Minneapolis Star

International Cleric Wields Religion to Challenge Iran’s Theocracy *** Cubans Still in Agony - Miami Herald *** Israeli aircraft strike Gaza targets AP *** Iran Begins War Games *** In Central America, Coups Still Trump Change (Time Magazine)
*** Saturday U.S. Fears Iraqis Will Not Keep Up Rebuilt Projects *** U.N. Official Seeks Action on Iran *** Iran's Dangerous Game Enters Next Round - Tony Karon, Time *** Scientific Scandal Rocks Climate Change Promoters - Clarice Feldman, AT *** Afghanistan Could Get NATO Boost *** In Ukraine, pandemic is political *** Iran to hold war games to protect nuclear sites AP ***Italian police arrest 2 linked to Mumbai attacks *** NL Predicts the End of the World in 2012 as Sarah Palin is Elected as President