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True News Pension Investigation: The Tail That Wags the Dog Again

Breaking News: Paterson To Convene Special Budget Session City Officials Deny Report On Firehouse Closures
True News Breaking New Ground in the New York Pension Funds Investigation Again

True News: The Tail That Wags the Dog Again

Last Weeks True News reported on how the pension investigation in LA and New Mexico were revealing massive losses, many caused the the same politically connected money managers who also do business with the New York pension funds. Today's NYP reports that New York's
State pension fund's total real-estate investments plunged 32.6 percent in value during its last fiscal year and the City's government's pension-fund real-estate holdings lost 24.7 percent in value in the fiscal year that ended June 30, declining from $1.2 billion to $885 million, reports by City Comptroller Bill Thompson show. The NYP report what True News already published that LA's money losing pension fund has 500 million in invested in Stuyvesant Town which is expected to default next month causing more loses which the California tax payer must make up. Tishman Speyer who is in danger of losing a big chunk of the $5.4 billion they invested in Stuy Town in 2006 apparently uses the New York pension funds as there own piggy bank NYP reports another NYC pension investment Met-Life office building on Park Ave lost money. The city's share of the project dropped 33 percent in value last fiscal year, from $147 million to $100 million.

By NY law, taxpayers must plug the gap if pension funds earn less than 8 percent a year. That means lower real-estate values must be made up out of taxpayers' pockets. The pension funds don't lose, but the city and state winds up losing. The city comptroller's reports don't specify the properties in which city pension funds are invested and Thompson who is running for mayor refused to answer any of the NYP questions. The NYP story Pension bigs' bad Vegas bet reports how Albany pension bosses gambled big on a Las Vegas resort project and lost their $36 million shirt -- one of many nose-diving investments by state and city retirement systems that will sock taxpayers. The NYP does not say who made the Vegas investment. Was it one of the pay to play politically connected money managers that have been fired by the LA pension fund? The ongoing investigation by AG Cuomo, SEC, the FBI, the Pension funds in LA and New Mexico will no doubt tell us a lot more about tell us a lot more in the coming weeks. Meanwhile the who will fight the lack of transparency of New York pension funds, that allow the insiders to use New Yorkers retirement funds as they own piggy banks? More bad news for the NY's Pension Funds We known for a time the the commercial real estate market was in a melt down now with the court ruling Building chaos Stuy-town ruling hits rents citywide , Capmark Financial May File for Bankruptcy

Pension Scandal Saturday Update Calpers ( LA's pension fund) problems with its housing and land investments have likely moved to its large commercial real-estate portfolio, including its $500 million investment in the New York City apartment complex Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village, which is close to defaulting ***New York Delays $959 Million Payment to Pension Fund *** President of LA's largest retirement fund resigns He is the sixth pension appointee of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to quit in six months. Cited a law signed by the governor last week placing stronger limits on private financial work done by pension board members. The law requires board members from selling investment products to other public retirement systems and forces them to disclose work done by middlemen who pitch investments for fees. Says says the restrictions would impair his ability to work in his private equity and real estate professions *** CalPERS reviewing tie with Apollo Management after steep losses *** Editorial: CalPERS agents deserve scrutiny *** New Mexico's Investment Chief Resigns Amid ProbeTrue News Pension Investigation What Will the Pensions Scandal Cost $$$ New York *** Sunday Californians lose to Harrah's Private investors were not willing to invest while CalPERS plunged $4 billion to keep Apollo above water like a floating craps game

To Catch a Thief (Pol)

Seminerio: Think of what I'm saying to you. What the fuck does it mean that we're elected officials? It doesn't mean shit.
To catch modern political corruption tradition methods of campaign records are meaningless. Seminerio and McLaclaughlin both found ways to steal million that had nothing to campaign records. Liberal Party leader Ray Harding got pay off in pension funds for delivering his ballot line to Hevesi. Only sting operations with catch what they are really up by the FBI or a new independent corruption investigation of political corruption which will never happen because the pol have to set it up - We don't even have an investigation how Seminerio and McLaughlin looted the tax payers mone,y as part of their official roles as Assemblyman *** Tony Seminerio: 'What the fuck does it mean that we're elected officials? It doesn't mean shit.' Brian McLaughlin: It's true Ex-Assemblyman McLaughlin Gets 10 Years for Racketeering -

From the FBI Tapes: Seminerio told McLaughlin about how he had secretly become his own lobbyist, getting thousands of dollars in fees from hospitals to push Albany bureaucrats for favors. Fortunately for history, McLaughlin was recording the discussions in an effort to gain leniency for his own crimes (he got ten years anyway). "We don't have no contracts we have handshakes," Seminerio says as they sip coffee on September 28 at the Atlantic Diner in Richmond Hill. McLaughlin salutes his companion's initiative: "Take your wallets there," he says. "Take your wallets there!" responds Seminerio. Seminerio: Think of what I'm saying to you. What the fuck does it mean that we're elected officials? It doesn't mean shit. McLaughlin: It's true. AS: Who was that guy you replaced? BM: That's true. You almost forget after awhile. AS: Who was the guy that you replaced? BM: I guess Doug Prescott was in there in the beginning. AS: But who the fuck even remembers? BM: Yeah. AS: Who remembers anyone? Tell me one good thing he did for anybody. And he must have did a lot of good things (Robbins Village Voice)

Nobody Asked Me, But . . . Posters are used to increase the vote. Years ago the incumbents in the council made them illegal to protect their reelections Thompson plastered with 125G sign fine *** NYP Editorial says Towns locked GOP members of the House committee he chairs in Washington out of their room to prevent them from taking a vote investigate Countrywide Mortgage's of which Town's received a VIP mortgage (he says there was no special treatment), House Oversight Leader Agrees to Subpoena Documents on Mortgage Deals (NYT) *** Not a great week for Tishman first losing the rent case at Stuy Town now A Tishman default in LA can a bankruptcy be coming? The Peter Cooper – Stuyvesant Town Blunder Soon To Be A Bankruptcy lawyering Up Impact of Ruling in Stuyvesant Town Case Could Take Years to Determine Lack of affordable housing in NY A Human Rights Violation? The United Nations sends an investigator to determine if the struggle to find affordable housing in New York constitutes a human-rights violation *** I wonder if the Cracks Emerging in Ramps at New Yankee Stadium have anything to do with the mob's fake NYC Prosecutors Question Tests Of Concrete At Yankee Stadium *** In case you're not convinced that the NY Times is not a mouthpiece for the wealthy elite, the editorial page referred to Chavez's attempt to change term limits by referendum -- I repeat by referendum -- by saying: "Voters should not yield to changing Term Limits. Mr. Chávez needs to be reminded that Venezuelans believe in their democracy and cherish their right to say no." While in today's endorsemant of Bloomberg, they said about his outright reversal of the will of the people by fiat: "we supported his effort"
*** One of the ways the owners of Stuy Town was trying to get old time tenants out
Call all it pig-Stuy town! Older tenants say complex turning into 'Animal House' Fox Wins War UPDATE: Fox News Exec On Attempted Feinberg Interview Snub: We Requested Feinberg Interview, Gibbs Acknowledged Mistake (Huff Post) *** Someone in the fire department got hold of the secret plan to close the city's $5 billion dollar budget group which is not supposed to get out before the mayor's reelection.Sharpening the fire ax 25 FDNY companies eyed for closureThe fire dept union is supporting Thompson which must of help the info to be leaked out. A good guess there are plans for all of the agencies and that the mayor will once it is made clear that bad investments and weak economy has cause huge pension funds loses the mayor will make a speech that this new information not known during the election will make cuts necessary.
Road to City Hall Mayor Bloomberg Breaks Spending Record With $85.2 Million (WCBS) *** Bloomberg Sets Record for His Own Spending on Elections (NYT) *** Democrats, Anticipating Governor’s Race, Wait for Paterson’s Other Shoe to Drop *** A Damp Parade, a Glum Bloomberg and a Joyful Giuliani *** NYT For Mayor of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been a first-rate steady hand during unsteady times *** We Know What He Means Why has Mayor Michael Bloomberg allowed Rudy Giuliani to fan the flames of racial tension while campaigning on his behalf? *** Bloomberg spending $1M a day in re-election push: report (DN)*** The Russian mailers are coming! (DN) *** Councilman Gennaro Carries the Mayor's Water *** $1 million a day v. $90 per donor *** Bloomberg Reaches Deep In Final Push *** Challenging Bloomberg on the Economy(The Nation) *** Bloomberg Spends the Most of His Very Own Money That He Made All By Himself *** Sunday Daily News Endorses Bloomberg making it all three of the city's dailys Make it Mike – again: Voters should cast their mayoral ballot for Bloomberg *** Top bureaucrats grab 45G hybrid 'test' SUVs *** Times Endorses Bloomberg, Credits Management Skills *** Ruiz: Mayoral choice for Dominicans may be nobody *** The Brawl's Bloomberg/Thompson GOTVTOTT *** Mike Bloomberg, International Harvester *** Mayor Bloomberg defends campaign spending, expected to top $100M ***While slamming foe on record, Mayor Bloomberg has short memory about his own tax hike *** mayor_bloomberg_has_short_memory_about_his_own_tax_hike.html#ixzz0Uzg3AM6Q
Bloomberg has short memory about his own tax hike *** Thompson aims slingshot to unseat incumbent Bloomberg *** Asleep at the Wheel: NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson Sleepwalks Through Campaign (Huff Post) *** Bloomberg hits trifecta of edit boards -- UPDATED with Crain's ***He's Quick, That Mike Bloomberg Commercial of all three newspaper endorsment alrady *** Churches Fill With Candidates' Sunday Stumping *** A British journalist thinks the Times has a Daddy Warbucks complex *** Another Look at the Dinkins Administration, and Not by Giuliani

New York Troubled Economy City Officials Deny Plans To Close Firehouses *** New York City Construction Spending Heading Down 20 Percent in 2009; Led by Sharp Decline in Private Sector Building, Accoding to New York Building Congress Construction Outlook
Pay to Play B'klyn pol accepted charity $$ Although he has not had a serious opponent in a decade Cuomo charges that Assemblyman Bill Colton received money from charities he funded with member items Cuomo's pay-to-play rap for nonprofits *** No Kerik 'spring' *** Inside a possible Medicaid fraud at the New York Health Department and SUNY.

Law and Order How Hiram will try to keep his seat *** Send in the troopers: Paterson doesn't need the cavalry to stop Indian buttlegging *** Shoot! Cop guns don't work *** Sunday Crime spike's no walk in the park Crime is up in 20 of the city's biggest parks *** Cops' super-sirens get ready to rumble you soon feel the siren *** $500M mob betting ring busted *** Crime is down around city, but Brooklyn hit by several shootings, say NYPD stats ***Updated list ~ Monserrate must Go List

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New York City Hints at Anti-Drilling Stance *** 13 Bravest hurt as rigs collide in B'klyn *** Foreclosure 101L.I. investor scores with house money *** Fleeing a troubled economy in Ireland, young pros find tough going *** Another $20 Million Towards WTC Sinkhole

MTA Spinning Everything
Implementing the MTA's Capital Plan A report by the Citizen Budget Commission finds that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority does not provide the public or itself with enough information about whether the projects it is undertaking in its five-year plan are progressing as scheduled *** Some MTA booth clerks may need charm school

Gov of La Mancha
Gov claims 'blatant hostility' stems from his disability *** Democrats, Anticipating Governor’s Race, Wait for Paterson’s Other Shoe to Drop
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Break News: Billionaire Madoff Investor Found Dead

Wall Street and the Economy
Goldman claim a shame Wall Street questions firm's Lehman exposure *** 106th US bank fails *** Bernanke Urges Overhaul of Bank Regulatory System *** 65 and Up and Looking for Work *** CIT Warns of Big Losses if Investors Reject Plan *** Time to Bust Up Wall Street's Giants - Diane Francis, National Post *** Business Fights Back - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal *** Morgan Stanley buys into its former guru Barton Biggs *** Learning to Love Insider Trading *** Wall Street 40% bonus rise fuels buying of $43 steaks *** Magic Tricks on Corporate Books - BusinessWeek *** Bernanke's trillion-dollar decision (Politico) *** CIT CEO's Wife Very Angry About Pay Cuts (NY Magazine) *** Sunday Banks profit on handouts *** Lender down Capmark Financial may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy *** The State of Financial Reform Washington has vowed to enact legislation to avoid another financial crisis and to protect consumers, but some of these measures may not do enough *** Can Atlantic City Raise the Survive? *** Learning the Right Lessons of Economic History - Greg Ip, Washington Post *** Time to Bust Up Wall Street's Giants - Diane Francis, National Post

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