Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to the Future: Court and Economy Save Middle Class Housing in the City

Back to the Future
Court and Economy Save Middle Class Housing in the City

The culture of this city's housing market is now about about what is good for business. A half of century ago, new York's leaders thought first about what was good housing policy to make apartments available to the middle class to keep them living in the city. Yesterdays court overcharge decision brings us Back to the Future

The NYT showed their hand when reports first came in about New York's high court decision on Stuyvesant Town & Peter Copper Village rent overcharges Court Deals Blow to Owners of Apartment Complex (NYT). For the current leadership of the NYT it is all about what is good for the owners. If Tishman Speyer have to evict tenants to find new ones at higher rents to make up for the inflated cost that they bought the complex at, that is just business. This effect of the lawsuit was about saving New York's middle class, it was not about rent overcharges which is what the judges ruled on. In a city that the poor and middle class have push out this court decision is the first sign of hope in thirty years. In the end the middle class might not be saved but at least this is a pause on their long march out. Now it is not only the economy that is going to bankrupt Tishman Speyer deal it is also there own greed Commercial Real Estate Watch: Stuyvesant Town Set To Implode

City Leaders Built Stuy Town for Middle Class Tenants, Not Business
MetLife built the project with public subsidies to serve a middle-class of returning veterans, civil servants, nurses, clerks, and families whose children frolicked on the green oases of the project's well-kept lawns. We rightly decry the wanton dislocation of the poor whenever they stood in his way. In 1945, The New York Times called the move of the poor from the site "the greatest and most significant mass movement of families in New York's history" But we should also acknowledge that city leaders at that time believed strongly in retaining a vibrant middle class in the heart of the city. MetLife agreed to limit its profit to 6% for 25 years in exchange for the assessment of the property remaining at its 1943 level. As the 11,232 apartments were built, the waiting list to get in grew so long it seemed that New Yorkers had never so eagerly anticipated something in the city's history. While many critics were horrified by the complex — for reasons stretching from aesthetics to MetLife's racially exclusionary whites-only policies — the public clamored to get in. To be admitted, prospective tenants had not only to get lucky but also had to survive investigations meant to ensure that they met minimal standards of housekeeping competence and such. But it's not hard to see what the appeal of the new developments was. In figures cited by Robert A.M. Stern, Thomas Mellins, and David Fishman in their book "New York 1960" (Monacelli), in the previous housing on the site, 75% of apartments lacked central heating, 66% lacked bathrooms, and 20% lacked private toilets ***Joint Venture Led by Tishman Speyer Agrees to Acquire Stuyvesant Town & Peter... *** The Peter Cooper – Stuyvesant Town Blunder Soon To Be A Bankruptcy ..*** Joy and Questions Among Residents of Complex (NYT) ***Tsk, tsk, Tishman (NYP) *** Why Jerry's $5.4B gamble failed ***Stuyvesant Town Ruling Worries Tenants and Landlords Alike *** Court upholds rent control at NY apartment complex

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Shocking endorsement by the NYP Bloomberg for Mayor

What do we get if he is wrong? Fired? Tax Increase?
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The Master Manipulator or Our Time Bloomberg is a lot more open as a media owner or is that an inner game like his contol over New York;s media and politics, it seems he even plays with Wall Street? Citigroup Taxpayer Ownership Doesn’t Prevent Lobbying ( *** Clyde Haberman compares campaign "quotation-massaging" to the work of Broadway press agents

Why does NY1 pimp there web site on twitter
announcing stories of other news organizations? NY1headlines NY Post Endorses Bloomberg For Mayor. Lots of news organizations think all they have to do for news is copy what is in the morning papers

A Real Leader Hugh Carey, citizen laureate

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