Friday, July 24, 2009

Organized Crime Politics: Kidney for $$$$

Organized Crime Politics Don't Stop with New Jersey (NYP Editorial) New Jersey regained the title of America's most corrupt state yesterday, thanks to a massive takedown of public officials on the take. New York prosecutors must be falling down on the job. If they redouble their efforts, the Empire State would surely be back on top in a blink -- given the extent of the corruption driving Albany's political culture In New Jersey Case, Nervous Jokes and a Cereal Box of Cash *** 44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep *** Syrian Sephardic Communities Shaken by Charges Against a Leading Rabbi *** Life Can Imitate Art: Indictments Describe Deals More Fit for a Crime Movie *** KOSHER NOSTRA & DIRTY JERSEY * RABBIS & TOP POLS AMONG 44 BUSTED* SCHEMES TO SELL KIDNEYS, LAUNDER $$* INFORMANT 'BRIBER' CAUGHT BIGS ON TAPE *** Sweeping federal probe nabs crooked politicians & alleged black-market kidney peddler *** Governor Chris Christie - can this be the begining of a new anti corruption GOP? ANOTHER WOUND FOR WEAKENED CORZINE *** RABBIS IN MONEY WRINGER LAUNDERED MILLIONS IN SYNAGOGUE AND CHARITY SCAM: FEDS *** Comment Inside: Hoboken Mayor: 'I Will Not Resign' *** True News Organized Crime Politics Part 1 *** New York’s Political Mob Wars *** Organize d Crime Politics, Rigged Elections Pay to Play McLaughlin and Madoff are prison neighbors *** Wheels of Justice Slowly Turn in Bruno Case-- As His Lawyers Whine "Not Fair!" *** Amid protest, Aqueduct bidders to meet with state officials *** Pension Fund Scandal New CALPERS Strategy Is Just Begging For Trouble *** Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza is evicting a family from a Bayside apartment that she might want to move into.
On the Road to City Hall Henry Berger has made his money knocking candidates off the ballot because of New York's Tammany Hall election law. Now he got his tits caught in it lol de Blasio gets tossed off ballot The late reformer Alan Zimmerman found cover sheet violations for Andy Stein, Ken Lipper and a couple of other "serious" candidates in 1985. The Court of Appeals ignored all precedent and kept them on the ballot. I suspect that is what will happen with De Blasio too. Any low profile candidate in his situation would be dead. ***FERRER HIT WITH FINE *** BACK OFF, GILLY WARNING SHOT BY MALONEY CAMP *** Bloomberg Faces Check of His Power Over Schools *** Senators get up close to blast Bloomy *** The Bloomberg Dilemma: Favorite? Or Just No Obvious Alternative? *** Could Norman Siegal benefit by getting Brooklyn County Leader Vito Lopez support? Stay tuned De Blasio Off Public Advocate Ballot, Due To Petition Oops *** Manhattan Times out; Linares in *** Ezra Klein sees pandering behind Kirsten Gillibrand’s fight for the public option *** Senate Deal Keeps Mayor in Control of Schools
Wall Street Mess JPMorgan May Raise Bankers Salaries Next Year Fat cats live!
Padro Espada goes off at the press, Video All they need to say is that is my job to tell the people the truth. The press are a bunch of wimps when it comes to this thug *** Round 2: Espada, CBS 2 HD Battle Over Expenditures